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Harry woke up groggily. He blinked a few times before his eyes were able to focus in on the room around him. He seemed to be in some sort of lab. He had seen labs that the sorcerers of this world used before but not this particular one. It looked like it was under ground or possibly in catacombs. The walls were made of stone partially but he could see some areas where it was just packed dirt. Judging by the underground smell, he was somewhere deep too. Across the laboratory, he could see a small staircase that led to a wooden door which seemed to be the only exit. He looked down at his body and saw himself covered in chains that looked to be silver with a small bronze tint to it. They wrapped around all his ligaments and his torso with his arms being held up and chained to the wall.

Harry growled softly at seeing the Dimeritium chains on his body. Vilgefortz seemed to have gone over the top to make sure he didn't escape and he had done a damn good job. Harry knew from experimentation that Dimeritium could stop him from turning into a dragon if in large enough amounts. He had dismissed it though as he doubted any sorcerer would ever think to use so much. Vilgefortz must have been convinced by the power he had shown him in their battle. Harry cursed himself for letting his arrogance blind him enough to let his guard down enough for someone to sneak up on him. It's not like he thought Vilgefortz could kill him but Harry knew better than anyone that there were things out there worse than death.

Harry heard a metallic clank and he looked to the door to see the man of the hour enter. He stopped and made sure not to smirk when he could see that Vilgefortz was still missing an arm from their battle.

"How are you liking your new accommodations?" Vilgefortz asked with a smile that Harry would almost mistake as pleasant if he was a lesser man. He said nothing to rise to the man's bait though. He simply stayed silent as he looked over at the man.

"You would never believe that it's already been seven months since we fought, would you?" Vilgefortz said. That did catch Harry's attention. Seven months? How the hell had it already been seven months!

"I can see the shock in your eyes even if your face doesn't show it. It was quite strange. I tried very hard to kill you yet nothing I did seemed to work. At first, I tried to suck your life force out and use it to empower myself but after weeks of struggling, I could not force it to leave your body. Then, in anger, I tried to cut off your head, only for it to reattach itself before my blade had even fully gone through it. Over and over yet nothing seemed to work. It was then I concluded that you did indeed learn the secrets of immortality. I think you can see where I am going with this?" Vilgefortz asked. Harry heard him but could only think about how he was going to have to make sure he killed the man now.

"I suppose this is where you ask me how to gain such an ability?" Harry asked as he looked at the man with amusement.

"And I suppose your amused response means you won't tell me, which I'm sure you know means that I will have to find out the fun way." Vilgefortz said as he stepped back before walking over to a table. He picked up a rolled cloth and brought it over to him. He unrolled it to reveal a multitude of sharp objects. As a healer, Harry knew the use of almost every one of them. He raised an eyebrow.

"You really think your actually going to find something don't you? You're a fool if you didn't think I made sure that no one would be able to find out my secrets." Harry told him before he zoned out. He knew how to deal with torture. With his skill in Occlumency he was able to retreat deep into his mind and pretty much ignore any physical damage his body sustained. He could still feel it but he could definitely more easily ignore it.

It wasn't long before he felt the chains on his body moving. Vilgefortz seemed smart enough to know not to take any of them off. He did however shift the ones on his torso. A moment later and Harry felt something sharp go through his skin. Vilgefortz had just stabbed into him with a scalpel and was trying to open up his chest cavity. His body naturally healed but anything that wasn't immediately life threatening like getting stabbed in the heart or getting his head chopped off would take longer. It was annoyingly convenient for Vilgefortz.

"Not even a peep. Your mental fortitude is even more impressive than I thought it would be." Vilgefortz said with a smirk. Harry said nothing in response. He knew it would just encourage the man. He wasn't sure but he thought he saw a gleam of what seemed like insanity in his eyes as he cut into him.

Vilgefortz waited for him to heal then repeated the act multiple times. There was probably enough blood on the ground to create and fill a small pool. Harry had continued to say nothing. He could feel his pain receptors trying to tell his brain that he was in pain but he simply ignored it and pressed on.

"Hmmm. It would seem that the cuts always heal but the deadlier it is, the more quickly it heals. How fascinating. How does the body know what to prioritize? Further research is needed." Vilgefortz said out loud as he started writing in a journal of some kind. He continued his little experiment for what felt like hours before finally stopping.

"Well, I think that's enough for today, we shall continue on the morrow. See you then my little prisoner." Vilgefortz said with a grin before sweeping out of the room. As soon as the door closed behind him, all the torches and candles in the room were snuffed out. Harry frowned as his eyes got use to the complete lack of light.

'Well Harry. How are you going to get yourself out of this one?'

As it turned out, Harry couldn't get himself out of his current situation. Vilgefortz was much more careful than he had predicted. He constantly made sure to have Harry checked in on and seemed to not rise to any bait Harry threw at him in order to get him to slip up. Harry had no idea how long he had been in this prison but he knew it must have been a long time. It had taken awhile but enough verbal slips had given him the idea that he was under some sort of castle.

One day, he had also found out that he was not the only prisoner in said castle though he was the most hidden. He had heard a woman distantly screaming from what was most likely torture. Vilgefortz had talked about her and mentioned how he had caught a little raven and was trying to get it to speak on certain manners. Harry had said nothing in response and the man didn't seem to be waiting for on one either. Vilgefortz had just pulled out some tools before continuing on with his sick little experiments.

That's what Harry's life was like for longer than he could keep count. He couldn't even accurately say how much time had passed and it was starting to concern him. Sorcerers lived a very long time compared to humans and he only had a couple years left until he met Ciri. He didn't know how long he had been down here but he needed to really start thinking of a way to leave. The chains made it difficult for sure though. If only there wasn't so many of them as well. His first thought was continuously trying to rip the chains out of the wall to free his hands and arms. Sadly that had not worked. He had tried for what he assumed had been weeks with not even a loosening. The next thing he tried was somehow overpowering his magical restraints. That hadn't worked either.

Harry was just thinking of what his next attempt could be before Vilgefortz entered the room. For once, the sorcerer didn't look to be smiling or have an arrogance plastered all over his face. Instead, he seemed to be scowling deeply as he rushed around the room but had yet to approach or even look at Harry. He watched as Vilgefortz started burning papers and research that he knew had at least partially been about him. He then rushed back to the door where he finally looked back at Harry causing his scowl to deepen. Harry just raised a questioning eyebrow before he shut the door completely and locked it. After he did so, the door glowed a translucent green before disappearing. Harry assumed it was a protection of some kind on the door. That, combined with the fact that the man had just burned many precious hours of his research, led Harry to believing that someone or something was here that Vilgefortz wanted to make sure wouldn't find his notes no matter what.

It didn't take long for his suspicions to be confirmed as he heard the sounds of very distant fighting going on. They must have been here for one of the prisoners…or just to kill the sick fuck. He almost felt conflicted. On one hand, if they killed Vilgefortz then there was a greater chance of him leaving here soon, but if they did kill him then Harry wouldn't be able to do it himself. What a weird position for him to be in.

The sounds of fighting lasted for a good long while before stopping. He waited and strained to hear if anyone would come down near his cell. He knew Vilgefortz had made sure no one outside the room would be able to hear him so he didn't even bother yelling to get their attention. He just waited and hoped they would come investigate. After waiting for what felt like hours, he was forced to conclude that either Vilgefortz was triumphant or the intruders had got what they came for and not bothered to investigate near where he was. It was also possible that Vilgefortz had hidden any entrance that could lead to this room. That's what Harry would have done if he were honest.

After what felt like days, Harry concluded that Vilgefortz was killed. He only had one arm after all thanks to Harry which was extremely bad for a sorcerer of his caliber no matter how powerful. Concluding this, he once again tried to escape his confines. He tried for what he assumed was days before giving up. He bowed his head in frustration. He could not afford to wait for someone to come and rescue him, he needed to escape NOW!

Harry was so deep in his thoughts that he almost didn't notice the magic slowly gathering near him, almost. He turned his head up to the roof of his cell and vaguely felt magic gathering quite high above his head. He wondered if a particularly powerful mage had come to investigate only for the power to keep on increasing. His eyes started to widen as he felt the magical build up. Even fully suppressed, there was no way he would not be able to notice it. He kept feeling it, whoever was doing this would have to at least be his equal in power with the huge amounts he was feeling. Just as he felt it hit a boiling point, he felt it stop then come crashing down. First there was silence, then the noise came like a thousand roars at once. Finally, the shaking started. Harry had been alive for a long time but he had never felt the ground move and shake as much as it was doing right now. The room itself was collapsing around him and he felt frightened for the first time that he was about to spend the rest of his immortal life buried in the ground. Eventually the shaking stopped though it wasn't much help, Harry was buried completely. He could barely move as most of his body had been completely crushed and he needed to wait for it to heal.

While he healed, Harry just laid his head down to rest. It was so quiet yet also peaceful in a way. He could feel the many life forms around the castle and felt them move around in a panic from the magical blast that had just been set off. He could feel three sorceresses in the distance as they opened their portals to leave. At least that answered what had caused the magical blast. He could feel…How could he feel? His magical senses were completely dampened by the…

Harry looked down at his body. The Dimeritium chains that had been holding him for so long were mostly broken and scattered around his body. Most only laid loosely on him…He was free.

He smirked

Harry staggered into an inn quite loudly. He didn't quite know where he was, all he knew was that he was starving. He plopped down on a bench and waited for the wench to come take his order which didn't take long.

"What can I get for you lad?" She asked kindly.

"Everything. Make it quick too." Harry said. He plopped down a bag of coin he had acquired onto the table which was heavy with coin. The wench's eyes widened before she bowed her head in understanding and quickly left.

Soon, Harry was eating an entire tables worth of food by himself with no clear signs of stopping. Just because hunger could not kill him doesn't mean it wasn't something he wished to avoid deeply. He noticed that almost everyone in the inn was looking at him in either horror or fascination for how much food he was consuming. He couldn't bring himself to care about the attention he was getting though. He was just so hungry. The wench kept bringing him food and eventually he was full enough to think about something besides his hunger.

He ate slower as he thought of his next move. The first thing he had done when he got out of the ground was figure out how long he had been there. He was relieved to find it wasn't as long as he had thought. The next was figure out what had happened at Stygga Castle which he had finally found the name of. He had done this by summoning the spirit of Vilgefortz which also confirmed the man was dead. Harry gleefully made him recount his death over and over before allowing him back into the land of the dead. That was really the only true revenge he could get on the man now that he was no longer in the realm of the living which frustrated Harry. His death was too easy. He wanted to fight him and tear him apart between his dragon claws slowly before roasting him alive. Sadly, Geralt had beaten him to the punch.

The next thing to do would be planning how to kill Emhyr for unknowingly causing him this setback. If the asshole wasn't so focused on fucking his own daughter then none of this would have ever happened. He would need to talk to Geralt first. Sadly, he knew that Ciri was with him and Yennefer at the moment which meant that he would need to get the Witcher alone. He also had the problem of finding him but he knew they would most likely be back in the Northern Kingdoms by now.

He finally finished the giant pile of food that the cook had made for him and laid down more coin for the wench to take. He was pretty sure he just gave them the equivalents of a month of food pay but he didn't care. It was the first time he had eaten in who knows how long. He was still being looked at by the other patrons of this establishment. They were all part of the Nilfgaardian Empire, as Harry was still in Ebbing, so they seemed to dress a little nicer than peasants of the Northern Kingdoms. Not much of a surprise. He stood up from his table and walked out feeling a lot more satisfied than when he had come in. Now, all that was left to do was go and vent some steam. He had seen a small Nilfgaardian outpost nearby that looked ripe for burning. He supposed he could go there.

Harry stood outside Rivia in a small forest as he watched his favorite Witcher as he tracked something through the forest. The tracks were fake of course, Harry had planted them to lure him away from prying eyes. Geralt thought he was tracking a Basilisk. When he finally got deep enough into the forest, Harry approached him.

"Hello Geralt, it's been awhile." Harry said as he appeared a few yards behind the man. Geralt smoothly turned around but didn't seem too surprised.

"And where the hell have you been? Haven't seen you since that night on Thanedd." Geralt questioned in his usual gruff manner. Harry frowned at the memories of that night.

"I didn't know you were awake when I had arrived but yes it has been awhile. That night, I was captured by Vilgefortz, or at least by an accomplice of his. I had foolishly believed I had won over the man and had him right where I wanted him, only to ignore the accomplice sneaking up behind me and knocking me out. Quite the embarrassing bluster to be completely honest." Harry said. Geralt was silent at the admittance but Harry had a feeling he was surprised by the information.

"I was then put into chains of Dimeritium and left in a cell under Stygga Castle where I stayed until it was destroyed by a power magical blast." Harry told him.

"Wait, so you were there when…"

"When you stormed the place? Yes, I was. I had hoped you would find me but it seemed it was not to be." Harry said sadly. Geralt looked slightly apologetic at that.

"I'm sorry, had I known you where there-"

"It's fine. I don't blame you and it was actually better that you left me there. It would have brought certain attention on me that I didn't want, but enough about that. I have come to ask you what has happened while I have been gone as well as after your siege on the castle." Harry said to him. With that, they both sat down across from each other as Geralt began his long tale of what he had missed. Harry listened raptly but ended up breathing a sigh of relief. So far, the events didn't seem too different then what he knew was to happen which was good. With Ciri leaving soon, he could stop messing around in the shadows and start taking an active role in this world's future.

"Hmm. You mentioned the emperor. What was you and your companion's opinion of him at the time?" Harry asked. Geralt looked at him for a moment before continuing on.

"Man was a very serious type. Had a strategic mind. Had a strange notion of mercy though it was still better than some other rulers I have seen." Geralt said. Harry nodded. He knew that Ciri never cared much for her father and he just needed to confirm that Geralt didn't either.

"I see, Geralt, this may seem an odd question but what do you think of the Northern kingdoms and their rulers. Do you like the way they're run or do you think they would benefit from Nilfgaardian rule?" Harry asked. Geralt looked at him suspiciously.

"Harry…" Geralt said warningly. Harry brushed it aside.

"Don't get it in your head that I like Nilgaardians or would ever help their rule. I'm just asking a question is all." Harry said to pacify the man. Geralt stopped and thought before answering again.

"I don't like Nilfgaardain's that much but I can't honestly say I like many of the nobles of the Northern Kingdoms either. Their either idiotic or power hungry, sometimes both. Would the people benefit from Nilfgaardian rule? Eventually, when they learned to accept it. There would be a lot of fighting before that though even if Nilfgaard does manage to overthrow the Northern Kings." Geralt said. Harry nodded.

"I agree. Though Nilfgaard has its own problems I suppose. Too bad there is no such thing as a perfect government… That is all I wanted to ask Geralt. I probably won't be seeing you for some time after this, probably years if I am honest" Harry said to him. Geralt raised an eyebrow.

"Going somewhere?"

"Yes. For now, I am going to the Far North. I have some plans I need to put into action." Harry said.

"Far North? Not much out there except untamed wilderness and wild beast. Not many live out there either except hunters and a few other craftsmen. Too cold for anyone else to really live there." Geralt commented. Harry rolled his eyes.

"I'm aware of what the Far North is, thank you Geralt. I would like you to visit if you get the chance though." Harry told the man kindly.

"You expect me to be able to find you in the Far North. I can't even find you in a settled kingdom." Geralt pointed out. Harry rolled his eyes before reaching in his pocket and pulling out what looked like a bracelet.

"Here. Tap the rune carved in the wood piece and say my name. It will help guide you to me if you ever need me. Don't let anyone else take it or they may not have a hand for long." Harry said as he dropped the item into Geralt's hand. Geralt moved it around for a moment before putting it on.

"I appreciate the gesture." Geralt said as he looked at the gift. Harry nodded.

"Well, I must be off. Plenty to do and very little time to do it." Harry said as he apparated away from the Witcher who just watched in amazement as he left him in that small forest.

Harry stood atop the Dragon Mountains as he stared out into the wilderness of what was known as the Far North. He had been into its depths only twice in his time on this world and both times it was out of curiosity. It was a harsh place to live and that was mainly because of the cold. It snowed all year round and ha much smaller populations of animals and people. Even most monsters refused to live up here in such conditions and lived further south. There were a few things that lived out here though. White dragons were the most famous of course. Many thought of them as a rare sub- species of dragons yet Harry knew the truth. There were more white dragons past these mountains than there were regular dragons in the entire Northern Kingdoms. Especially since no one came up here to hunt them. Sure, they started out with an extremely small population but there was now probably close to fifty of them that called the Far North their home.

Harry inhaled deeply before exhaling a cloud of steam into the air as his hot breath met the cold air. This would be his new home for a while. Ciri was probably leaving any week now and he had no idea when she would return. What he did know was that she was going to need allies. He had tried to do it himself but discovered that even he could not be everywhere at once. He needed back up to not only protect Ciri from the Wild Hunt but also the many empires of the continent who desired her as well as others who wished to gain power through her blood. With that in mind, it was time to get her some allies. Here would be his starting ground. He would start a new kingdom here and use it to strike down all the others who dared try and harm Ciri. He would also use it to keep her creep of a father far away from her. He couldn't just kill him sadly as he was still Ciri's father but he could go against him in other ways, such as challenging his empire that he thought was so impressive.

Harry stopped his thoughts on further plans and instead focused in on his current goals. While he could just go around forcing people under his rule, that would make him a tyrant and that's not a label he wished upon himself. He needed to convince people he had a right to rule. Something beyond sweet talking and magic. Something that looked divine to others.

He slowly started writhing and shaking as he grew bigger and scales started appearing on his skin. A moment later, he was in the form of a giant black dragon. He looked out for a moment before roaring over the lands he just claimed for himself. He roared louder than he ever had before and went even further as to enhance his roar with magic. His roar washed over miles and miles of land and he was pretty sure he probably caused somebody to piss themselves in fright but he didn't care. He waited patiently while his eyes scoured the horizon. A minute later, he heard another roar, this one much quieter but still very similar to his. His draconic eyes quickly zeroed in on where he thought he heard the roar before he raised his wings and started flapping. Soon he was in the air and soaring over the vast forest as quickly as he could. Within half an hour, he was in the area he thought he had heard the roar originate from. His eyes scoured the forest floor in search of any movement or heat signatures big enough to be his target. He had only a moment to sense the oncoming danger from above him. He quickly swerved right in the air just in time to watch a white blur shoot down past him towards the floor before spreading its wings and flapping back into the air. Here it was, a white dragon.

Harry started to circle the creature as it did the same to him. He was impressed by what he saw. The white dragon was only half of his size, yet he could see an intelligence in it that was higher than other dragons except for their golden brethren. It also seemed to suppress its presence to a point both physically and magically. It might be why they were so hard to find. While he was sizing the dragon up, the dragon seemed to be doing the same to him. Harry almost wanted to smirk. It had been such a long time since he had battled another dragon, this is exactly what he needed to vent.

With that last thought, Harry took a sharp turn and powered his way straight into the path of the White Dragon. The White tried to dodge but Harry had already predicted such a move from the creature and turned his body in its new path. He slammed right into its torso causing it to stagger and briefly start to freefall before catching itself. Harry was on it, not giving it any chance to recover. The white dragon was smaller and most likely faster than him which was why he needed to keep it engaged in combat, so it could not fly away. The dragon turned to face Harry only to get a stream of molten hot fire straight in its face causing it to roar in both anger and pain before launching its own stream with the exception that it used ice instead. The two streams met between the dragons and successfully managed to keep Harry's attack at bay. Harry cut off his stream as he fully flew past his adversary. He banked right and quickly moved to continue to attack before it could try and escape. The dragon didn't seem to want to try escape at all as it too turned and made to attack. Harry shifted his body so his claws were in front of him and ready to dig into his opponent. He quickly shot a stream of fire into the dragon's face forcing it to turn his head away and therefore become unable to dodge as Harry ran into him once more and dug his sharp claws into its body.

The fact that Harry wouldn't let go of the now injured dragon forced them to fall out of the air and crash though several trees before heavily running into the ground. When they hit the ground, Harry was forced to let go before he got stuck in a tumble with the other dragon. He steadied himself and looked at the other dragon. The white dragon was injured badly on its side form the deep claw marks Harry had left. It was struggling to get up as well showing one of its legs had been injured as they crash landed. Harry walked over to his opponent. The dragon watched him come with defiance and tried to shoot another stream of ice to force Harry away. Harry once more combatted it with a stream of fire though he enhanced it with his own magic this time. The white dragon could not hope to go against the magically enhanced fire that Harry was spewing and was soon overwhelmed with it. When he heard the dragon start to roar in pain from the heat, he cut off the stream. The white dragon's entire head was blackened from his flames and it panted heavily as its body stayed limp on the floor. Harry reached it and put one clawed foot to its throat. He leaned down and roared loudly into the white dragon's face possibly scaring all creatures in a thirty-mile radius away from him. He saw the white dragon flinch from the roar.

Harry looked into the creature's eyes. Dragons didn't really form into packs of any kind but they, even here, could be forced to submit to a much stronger opponent. Once they submitted, Harry could reach into their mind and cement a loyalty to him based off their own instincts. He had gotten the idea from legends in his own world about how Merlin had tamed a dragon. He had tweaked the concept and made a way for himself to use it. It was also much easier for a dragon to think it was submitting to another dragon as its pride was a lot harder to get around when it thought a puny human could beat it. When Harry finished the submission of the creature, he morphed back into his human form. The dragon looked confused and weakly gave him a few sniffs before confirming he was still the same creature that defeated it. Harry smirked as he moved to start healing the dragon's wounds. It didn't try anything as it felt the warm glow of Harry's magic reach out and start to heal it.

It took close to fifteen minutes to fully heal the dragon to his own satisfaction. The dragon moved and weakly tried to sit up which it did manage to do. It looked at Harry and Harry looked right back at the creature.

"I'm not going to give you a name. Despite your obedience belonging to me, you will still be you in a sense so to rename you would be an insult." Harry said. The dragon showed no sign that it understood him but Harry knew that it had because he had also connected their minds so he could communicate with it. "You have no way of knowing this but you will be my first step to achieving the greatest fighting force this world has ever seen. You and some of your other brethren that is. I have a feeling I am going to need more than a few of you to get Emhyr to back off." Harry said almost talking to himself. The dragon growled at the name, picking up its new master's dislike for it. Harry smirked.

"Heh, let's go build an empire."

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