Chapter 1: Enter Spines the Hedgehog

It's been over ten years since the team went on their last adventure and saved the world from evil. However they finally went their separate ways to live their individual lives accordingly.

But during those years...turned out to be something life changing..

"Spines? Wake up, it's time to go to school!" a feminine voice called.

"Coming…" the sleeping hedgehog replied.

The one sleeping in the bed was named Maurice "Spines" Rose, who was described as a tallish blue hedgehog, with emerald green eyes, a light tan muzzle, and a long pointed nose. Spines was noticeably different than other hedgehogs, for one he resemble somewhat closely to a "werehog" and was noticeably more furrier than the average hedgehog. His intimidating appearance made nearly everyone fear him and develop opinions of him, without knowing that Spines was actually a true sweetheart inside.

He yawned before preparing for the school day by dressing up in a red muscle shirt, dark blue jeans, a spiked collar, and black sneakers. He grabbed a backpack and ran downstairs and saw his mother Amy Rose, who was sipping her tea.

"You know you overslept, young man." she pointed out. Amy has matured over the years, she was still the same height but her appearance changed in other ways. Her quills were now down to her butt, her figure was still slender but she developed some curves. Despite being in her thirties, she still appeared to look at least eighteen.

"I know, mom…" Spines replied, slightly annoyed. "I forgot to set my alarm this morning...anyways shouldn't you be at work?" His mother was a waitress who worked at a small diner in the Kingdom of Acorn.

"Well I decided to work the night shift." Amy said as she stood up and approached her son. She marveled at how tall he's gotten. "Why look at've gotten quite tall...I remember when you weren't even taller than my knee!" she cheered.

Spines chuckled slightly and smiled at his mother, rubbing his quills sheepishly. " always told me to eat my vegetables." he joked which made Amy giggle.

"Oh son, you're so funny! Just like your father.." Amy complimneted.

"Yeah...think he's watching us in heaven?" Spines asked. "You know I wish I would've met what you tell me..he seems like an amazing person..

"Oh I know he is!" the pink hedgehog replied. Now did you clean your room?"

"Of course, mom. You know me as "Mr. Neat Freak." Spines replied.

Amy nodded and winked. "I wouldn't have expected less….by the way, have you heard the news?" she asked.

"What news?"

"The bank was robbed this morning...thank goodness the criminals were arrested...but they were just students from your school…" Amy replied.

"I see…"

" I want you to be careful…"

"Mom, you know I will."

"Son, I mean it!" Amy yelled which shocked Spines.


"I'm's just that school is rough..if I could get you into a better school I would, sweetie!" Amy cried.

Spines hugged his mother and allowed her to cry in his chest. "'s okay, mom...I know you do your best…"

Amy wiped her tears and calmed down, she looked at her son with a warm expression. "Thank you….NOW GET TO SCHOOL OR YOU'LL BE LATE!" she yelled.

"Whoa, okay, I'm going! See ya!" Spines replied, shocked by his mother's change of tone. The blue hedgehog ran out the apartment as Amy smiled, watching her boy off.

The pink hedgehog decided to check her mailbox, after unlocking the door she received a bunch of bills but what stood out to her was a yellow flyer. She turned her attention to the flyer that was in the mail pile and scanned through it.

"Chaos District School..located in Knothole.." she read, suddenly the pink hedgehog got an idea...something that will change her son's life…

To be continued…

So relax...