Atlas's Revelation

THIS IS A DISCLAIMER FOR THE ENTIRE STORY! I do not own fallout or Bethesda games. This is simply a fallout universe with some OC of mine. I do not own anything but my OC's. Thanks.

Chapter 1: Enter Atlas

This is taking place in a fallout 4 setting. The character will be the sole survivor but with many changes obviously. This is my first go at a story like this so feel free to give many criticisms and some advice would be appreciated. If I have writer's block I will ask for some ideas from others but until then I think I have this figured out. Enjoy!

I always did like being by myself. It was always peaceful, being in a bliss of solitude, not a problem in the world being able to do what a want when I want.

My parents were so distraught when I left them so early on in life. I hope they forgive me. When the bombs fell in October 23, 2077, I and my fellow neighbors of sanctuary had to go into this nearby vault. Vault 111 had saved me that's for sure. We were put in these chambers that froze us up. I can't remember much but I do know that the Vault staff said they were going to put us in these until the world was safer for us to live on.

Memories, memories, memories, they are hazy and distorted. I can't even remember my name. I can't recall much at all now that I really think about it. Only that I was by myself when the bombs fell and when I awoke from the "Cryo Chamber" I was the only one that remained alive. Everyone else was dead. The Vaults systems droning on and on about the status of the vault.

I had to kill these huge ass Cockroaches when I started searching the vault. Thank god for the scattered vault security equipment that was left by the remains of their previous owner. I was actually alone. It wasn't too vexatious but it might be later on down the road of surviving in this new world.

As I neared the button that brings the elevator up to the world above I found a little device. I took it off of the skeleton and preceded to put it on my wrist and turned it on. It was a pip boy and I didn't have the slightest clue how to use it but I hooked it up into the Vault elevator access panel and it started to come down. I went up the elevator and was greeted by a baron wasteland.

This was definitely hell.

Atlas is now a 22 year old man who moved away from his parents at the age of 19. When the bombs fell he was 20 years old and alone in sanctuary and had no one he really cared for. He knew deep down that his parents were most likely dead.

The year is now 2287 and in legit terms he is 222 years old but Cryo prevented him from being a walking skeleton or even a ghoul.

He has quite a split personality as sometimes he is very calm and collected and showing almost no emotions and other times he is very sentimental, ludicrous, and just outright emotional. Complete opposite of his other self. It's not multiple personalities it's just situational really. It's still him 24/7 just with different reactions to everything.

Since leaving the Cryo chamber it's been shown that he has forgotten a lot of things, including his name. His name is obviously not Atlas and he only uses that name due to the fact that Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology that was condemned to hold up the sky for eternity after the Titanomachy. He feels like he is holding his suppressed feelings for all eternity. He has nothing and he shows nothing at all as if it never bothered him.

After leaving the vault he visited his old house and moved to a gas station called Red Rocket which isn't very far away from his home. Here he has stayed for 2 years building up some turrets and scavenging what he could from nearby concord.

He found a wasteland survival guide which really helped out in his activities but it gave the horrid creatures names. He had faced Radroaches, Mole rats, Bloatflys, Bloodbugs, and Raiders were scattered in concord a plenty. He has seen some rabid dogs and some messed up deer creature called a Radstag but he just didn't bother those things.

He was surviving and that was all that mattered.