Chapter 9: Should've Gone Back

The shot that rang through the streets seemed to startle everyone more so than Atlas pulling the trigger on someone's head. So many mixed feelings were being spread throughout the group after the loud crack of the shot seemed to dissipate. Some spectres had chuckled over Atlas' bold move, others mourned their fallen comrade. Ares, unlike the rest, was shouting so loud his lungs could explode. He told them previously that they were going to capture his old friend and bring him into the light. They were going to convert him, to make him join so that friends could do what they did best. But as soon as Atlas took down one of the soldiers, out of pure instinct another soldier who was focused elsewhere fired right at Atlas, hitting him square in the chest with an armor piercing 5.56 and it went straight through. Like a hot knife on butter. It seems that Ares still had some feelings for his old buddy as after he saw Atlas drop, he felt betrayed and disobeyed.

"YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER!"Ares shouted out with so much anger. So pissed he quickly went over to the soldier and punched him in the stomach with his power fist, sending him back a little bit coughing from the sheer strength of the attack.

"I fucking told you dick bags what the hell we were gonna do with him! I don't think I remember telling you fucks that you could shoot him now did I?! I WANT HIM ALIVE GODDAMMIT!" his manic anger is a major indicator and reminder that the last thing you should do when around this man is to piss him off. There was one person who overruled this, however, as when they are angry they actually are a force of nature. When Atlas's head fell back and his emerald eyes that once shined ever so bright seemed to face skyward with life draining away, all she could feel was emptiness. It had taken her quite a bit before emptiness was replaced. Something far more dangerous coming from a deathclaw. With all of her might, the emotions took over as she roared out into the city, shouting "no" overtop of it.

The group of soldiers was now absolutely terrified as she, despite the immense pain and poison coursing through her body, got up and stared into the eyes of her enemies. Some had stumbled and fell as they tried to back away.

"Oh shit! We are gonna die because of you Mendoza! Fuck! What do we do Major?" one of the soldiers shouted out to Ares.

"Well since you fucks didn't follow orders why don't you this time? Take her down. We can't get her to reason with us now. But if possible don't kill her." they all nodded before beginning to open fire with their assault rifles hashing out rounds. But something they didn't expect was a full frontal assault from the deathclaw. She ripped up a piece of concrete before they finished talking and rushed at them with it placed in front of her as cover. Her legs were moving too fast to count as a good target and everything else was covered by the concrete. She began to swat and bash at the soldiers, sending them flying away as she roared with anger. One of the soldiers she hit so hard that he slammed into a building, leaving his unmoving body to litter the ground. Ares grew angry before shouting out at his soldiers.

"Retreat! We have no choice lets retreat! We'll get some back up next time around let's move it!" he said sternly. They didn't hesitate to turn around and start running even though some were hurt. What they didn't expect was the chunk of concrete getting hurled at them with a loud growl coming from Ruby. The chunk of concrete smashed a soldier into the ground with blood going everywhere. The person who was crushed was the very man who shot Atlas.

One spectre spoke up. "Mendoza and Briggs are down! Fuck! This was a bad idea Major! We should have taken care of the deathclaw before we dealt with h-" he was quickly interrupted as they ran away. "I know you ignorant FUCK! We will be bringing a lot more firepower next time. If that man is dead I will personally drag your dead body by your fucking innards to the guai pits! Now shut the fuck up and move it!" the soldiers along with Ares were seen running off into the distance. Ruby stood up straight and gave out one last mighty roar, with her claws pointing outwards. She took this as a personal message and a declaration of war.

After snorting in anger as their little figures disappeared in the distance she slumped down a bit, the pain returning to her body. The poison had worn off but that doesn't change the fact that she was wounded pretty bad. She didn't care though, so she walked over to Atlas with a slight limp. She almost whined just looking at his lifeless body and eyes. She slowly picked him up and walked over into a nearby alleyway, placing him down on some soft bedding that someone had left.

"Atlas? Please wake up… I scared them off Atlas. You should have seen it. You would have been proud. What am I saying you WILL be proud... You'll see. Just please get up Atlas. Please…" she looked at the blood that had formed on his chest and she began to panic. No matter what she said he wouldn't respond. Out of desperation she took his pack off and reached into a side pocket that held something he placed there earlier.

Not caring about her own wounds is something she knows will make him upset but he wasn't awake to retaliate so she went ahead with it anyway. She grabbed a stimpack using her claws and without any delay, placed the needle into his chest area and let the meds in it flow through his body. She removed the needle and sat back against one of the buildings looking down at him.

"Atlas? I'm sorry I wasn't able to take off when you told me to… whatever he shot me with was seriously dangerous. Because of my hesitation, I wasn't able to get you out of there. All of this is my fault. I'm so sorry dear… Just please get up. I don't know what I will do without you. Please, Atlas." her voice was shaking as she continued to talk to the unresponding man. The fact that he wouldn't move, wouldn't budge, got her to eventually break into a more, sob-filled voice. She wanted to keep talking to him, to make it seem like everything was going to be okay, and that he was actually listening and would respond soon. It was utter denial.

"Atlas please get up… in ainm Dé get up! I don't want to be alone, not after the bond I gained from you. You made this world so much more bearable. I can pursue my dreams when I'm with you… please don't leave me." she slowly and gently placed her giant clawed hand on his chest and it tore her apart, even more, when she didn't feel a heartbeat. Her tears had stopped welling up as all that was left was a lingering gloom as she stared up at the darkening sky.

It had started raining… the heavens above knew that this was too soon. The tear stains were now washed away by the rain. There was an overhang over Atlas so he didn't get wet from the rain. Her wounds were even getting cleaned. But a wound that will never heal is now laying beside her. She knew not of what to do now but she swore she heard something. The lightning was beginning to strike as thunder boomed throughout the city. Everything was coming down in such a short amount of time together. It's all too fast. She would have expected tougher enemies in Vegas or D.C. but she felt even worse because of her ignorance of the significant dangers here. One little demon from his unknown past has come back just to drag him down into the darkness. She was told by plenty of scientists about all the medicines they have nowadays and how they can bring you from the brink of death into an almost perfect state. She hopes that this was one of those meds.

So much time had passed that at this point, Ruby was beginning to lose faith, but for some reason, she decided to cling on. She wants to believe that his body is simply in shock or something. The rain just continued to pound at her draconic body as she sat there, looking at Atlas and then out at the ruined city. Almost at a perfect moment, she heard something, that sounded like thunder but in a pattern, and it was a lot quieter. She almost couldn't believe it as she looked over to Atlas with an exasperated look, what she heard was a heartbeat. His chest was now slowly moving up and down and the color seemed to come back to his eyes. Suddenly almost as if time sped up he jumped up and looked around while panting almost as if the breath came back into his body.

When he sat up, he began to breathe really heavily as he grasped on his chest. The bullet didn't go all the way through his body and miraculously, it missed his heart and lungs. He reached for his pistol but found that it wasn't in its holster. He had left it out on the street but he did not know that yet. After his breathing had steadied he looked into some bright little Ruby eyes staring right at him. He couldn't tell if there was tears or rain going down her draconic cheeks.

"Are you alright Ru-" before finishing his sentence he was snatched up and hugged her chest as she cried on. It's as if the feelings had come back. Tears of sadness but joy were flowing.

"Oh, Atlas! I thought I lost you… I didn't know what i was going to do without you my dearest." it was hard for her to say this with her being so upset. Her sobs were just getting worse. "Please don't leave me ever again… please!" she managed to say all this in between sobs. Even if she has broken down and everything, she still resorts to saying please. She is so well mannered and polite it was beginning to weird him out a bit. Atlas was very lost in the moment as he didn't have any recollection of what just happened. He wanted to ask but for now, he should probably comfort her. For a big, draconic, overgrown lizard, she was really shaken up.

"Hey now, try to calm down Ruby it's okay. I'm here. I don't really remember what happened I'm afraid." he tried to soothe her but it was kinda hard considering how upset she is.

An opportunity arose the more he thought about it. Without even thinking about it he decided to follow up on his comment.

"As if that is surprising, like at all." he chuckled at his own stupid joke and for some reason this caused the rather upset deathclaw to giggle as well. That was something he hasn't heard in a long time and it was needed.

"Oh shut up… you stupid little man. I just… I can't believe I almost lose you." she said with her tone seeming to switch back to a more sadder, somber one. Atlas was happy that he at least got her to cheer up just for a bit. He decided to start pressing the situation. He wanted to know what happened.

"What even happened Ruby? The last thing I remember was getting my ass handed to me while I was still down for the count. No rest for the weary. You had so much momentum built up that you kinda sent me flying with serious whiplash. I should have been able to do something but for some reason, I couldn't get up." he paused his talk and put a hand on his chest. "It seems like all the places he beat me at are now not even pained. But I still have a very sharp almost electric pain right where this blood spot is. Where I was shot. I know it's going to be a bit hard but you need to relive those moments just for a second to tell me what happened. I need to know…" he knew that deep down that casual instinct that Atlas keeps letting kick in had to have come over and did something stupid. He just would like the details.

She hesitated at first and he could tell that she just wanted to remain happy, he was alive! But, she unwillingly pulled away and let the rain wash over her yet again as her Ruby eyes shone away into the ever so dark sky. Lightning had flashed, lighting up the whole area. Soon a boom would follow behind it.

"I tried to get out of there… I really did. But that weapon… it had something coated on it. His precision is much like yours Atlas, as he hit me as soon as I took off." She paused and looked down in shame as she continued on. "My leg just, I don't know tensed up I guess. Then he put one in my arm as well. Something had triggered Atlas, when I peered into your eyes I knew something in you changed. Even though your whole body was messed up from the amount of force that sent you flying like a poor ragdoll. They were stupid, left your handgun right next to you. So you reached for it and shot one of their soldiers. Your pistol has some serious firepower behind it even though it is rather tiny. After that, one of the soldiers was a bit trigger happy and… fired a shot straight into your chest. Their weapons are strong Atlas… it went straight through your armor like it was almost nothing." she had to stop yet again as more sadness began to take over. It was a good thing that the rain was pouring.

Atlas felt kind of ashamed when she told the story. He knew that it was obviously his fault that he got shot. He needs to be more rational in times like that but… his anger just overcame yet again. He placed a finger on the whole that was in his armor. "Even though I may have been shot, the fact that I am here and alive now means you drove them off! Probably killed most of them right?" he tried to make her cheer up by making her seem like an amazing avenger but she was just too downcast to appreciate. it. Ruby looked back at him still keeping her head down.

"Please… don't take this the wrong way when I say this Atlas." Atlas was going to ask what she meant by that but he decided to shut his mouth for once and just listen. "I have had very little acquaintances in my life Atlas, and that is to be expected. The scientists back in the enclave were really nice to me but that's just how they are. They love all forms of life. Plus, they could have been lying and playing nice just to make sure that I stay on their side and be the soldier they created. With so little friends and lots of enemies, lots of time being by myself seeing so much death, it was easy to let it go. I hate to say this but… even when we became friends, I expected your death. I expected it and therefore readied myself for it so that I would not lose myself." Atlas was about to question why she would feel that way but his mind took too long to decide if he should say it or not. She turned away once again as she stared out into the stormy mess of the Diamond area. "But... so many things kept me from being that way. You generally wanted to be my companion. Your childish fantasy held a tight grasp on you and allowed you to keep trying to be my friend. I saw your note that you made due to your forgetfulness. I saw just how hard you tried to make me your number one drive to press on. You generally cared about my existence even though it really is based off if childlike fantasies. I grew to love you little one, just like you do me. We are family. I wouldn't have it any other way. So when I saw you hit the ground, something clicked in me, much like it does with you… The pain no longer held me down to the ground. It killed two of them, including the man who shot you. They ran off and I panicked when I realized that because I am not exactly a doctor, you could end up dead with me having to watch helplessly. I just used that stimpack you found earlier. I sat there and hoped that it really was one of the best meds out there. I began to lose hope after a while but when I heard your heart begin to beat loudly I just about lost it. It really did bring you back to me. I couldn't accept the thought of losing you. And I'm so happy you are alive… please don't leave me ever again."

This story had moved the apathetic man greatly. He knew he couldn't be mad at the fact that she expected his death, in a way he kind of… expected it too. Until Ruby came around he would have been fine with that too. He decided to not even mention this and focused on the now. She does greatly care and he does care for her in return. All of this had made tear flow down his face but it wasn't major or nothing. It was one out of pure happiness. He got up and walked over in front of her even though it was raining. She had looked down at the man with water or tears flowing down her snout. He reached a hand up and grabbed one of her horns to pull her down to his level in which she did. Once she was Atlas removed his hand and placed both on the sides of her scaley head and rubbed it as he touched foreheads with her. He heard a small sob come from her as they both closed their eyes.

"Hey now, there's no need to cry anymore. I'm right here Ruby. You acted at the right time and thanks to you I'm still around. I'll be fine very soon, ready to get moving again. Those stimpacks are hard to come by for a reason. They brought me back to life practically." he chuckled as he continued to rub the side of her head as well as over her snout every now and again.

They pulled back after a few more comforting exchanges. He just wanted it to settle that he was okay. He now knows that he needs to learn to control his actions better than usual, as he almost lost his life for not letting the ball roll. Then again, who knows. Maybe his dumb choice actually saved them.

After peering up at the rainy sky, he pondered on what they should do after that until he realized that they were on their way back. "It's probably best that we inform the mayor about what happened here. Might be able to get some protection within the city border. Or at least some better gear… wait." He walked out of the alleyway and headed back to where he was shot. Ruby decided to stay for just a few more moments to let her wounds settle just a bit longer. He found his pistol and picked that up. In the distance he also found his rifle so he went ahead and grabbed that too but went over to the dead body of the soldier he had shot.

Placing his weapon down, he began to look around on the black sported combat armor with a duster that the soldier wore. It looked a lot sturdier than his leather armor and he had to admit, it was pretty badass. So, like the scavenging bastard that he was, he stripped the dead soldier of his armor, but left on his bare essentials such as underwear and undershirt. He kept his helmet on as well as he had already put a hole through it. Tossing the body aside and holding this heavy armor he, in the middle of the rain and everything, stripped down his armor and put on the newly acquired armor.

A few moments had passed before he got everything on. The gloves were fingerless for better feel for triggers, and they had hard knuckles suited for punching shit in the face. The giant black combat armor with the supported black duster made him look like something he saw from a book. Something along the line of a Ranger Veteran or something? Except those were suited for deserts. This is all black. If he could keep this armor in top condition then maybe he can add some things to make it even more unique. Either way he was really liking this armor. He put his pistol back in the new holster, and slung his rifle back around.

Making his way back into the alleyway Ruby has noticed his change of apparel. Even after all the touching moments she couldn't help but smile. The outfit really fit the man. "Would you like me to tend to those? They still look pretty bad." he said pointing over at her wounds. She took her focus off of his new armor and looked back down at her wounds.

"No, I think that I shall be fine Atlas. The pain has been worn out for quite some time, and the rain had washed them rather well. Worry not." She decided to get up from her little spot as he went over and grabbed his pack with all of his stuff.

"I hope you are right. God forbid you give me a heart attack of my own. If you turn out to not be alright I swear I will destroy half this city to make sure you are okay." He scratched his head a little bit worried as he put on his pack and stretched out into his nice new armor.

"Not that I don't appreciate the gesture but I would prefer if you didn't destroy the city. Too many innocent lives would be taken." She walked out into the streets and took in the scene that she had left behind. A, now stripped, corpse was laying with a bloodied helmet on. Another corpse was buried underneath a whole lot of rubble.

He decided to follow suit behind her and then ended up heading over to the soldier he had just stripped. "You are one of a kind Ruby. That's for damn sure. Don't know what I'm gonna do with you." He chuckled as he picked up the man's rifle as seemed to inspect it. He settled on taking the magazine with all the ammo left as having 5.56 for armor piercing would be nice against some gunners or atom cats.

"Me? That's funny, last time I checked my heart just stopped beating for a whole 10 minutes. I'm definitely the normal one here. Well… besides the fact that I am a giant deathclaw but that matters not." She didn't mean to get a little too uptight about it but she was still out of it. Atlas just shrugged it off, as he knew that she needed some time to recuperate everything that has happened. Life is strange that's for sure.

"We should probably head on back." He said avoiding what she said entirely. A huge sense of paranoia was beginning to set on and it was almost looming in the area. "We need to tell Mayor Brooks just what happened here. Hopefully the news of the super mutants settlement will calm his nerves just a bit but when he hears that there is a big militarized group that is manhunting the area much like the institute, I don't think he'll be very happy."

She turned to look at the man who had already positioned himself to be facing the way back to diamond. These outskirts could still be dangerous with ghouls or mutants still roaming. "Are you sure you want to do that? What if they ambush us on the way back? Are you sure that you are even fit to get moving again? What if we get into another fight?" she said with much concern for the man. Once again she was becoming overprotective and as much as he wants to thank her for it, it did not sit well with him in regards to the fact that it makes him feel a bit weak.

He looked back behind him so his voice could be better heard. "You certainly are one to talk there Ruby. Just look at your arm and leg. Don't think I didn't see the slight limp on you when you were heading out. I'm not that stupid. Give me some credit. If I have to fight them I will. This time I'll be more smart about it. It should be fine. Come on. Let's go." He waved her over and began to walk with his rifle now drawn. His duster looked very nice when it flicked the bits of water off. It seemed that his armor was actually keeping him dry, almost as if it had some water resistant materials or something.

She wanted to protest but at this point she couldn't. She wasn't exactly in the best shape either, and it would probably be safer to be in the actual diamond. "Coming Atlas." She decided to say as she headed up to him. The limp was indeed just a bit noticeable. It made him feel bad to see it and he was starting to wish he had a second stim. All the meds that he normally gets is the simple stuff; alcohol and gauze, maybe some pills. Never the life saving stuff. It also doesn't help that while he was in diamond he decided to give some away for the med bay, hoping it would make him feel good and clear his conscious but of course, now he wants them.

"I'm sorry… but I just think it would be better to just head on back. It surely would calm me down after all the shit that has happened. Maybe when we get there I should tend to those. I could at least cover them up or something." He was hoping this would give her some reassurance and hopefully calm her nerves just a bit.

"I am fine Atlas… really. I don't understand how you can go from knocking on death's door to knocking on the doors of people who need help. You are so selfless at times it's just… odd. I want to protect and take care of you too you know. If I am the cause of nearly killing you again I… I won't know what to do with myself. If I killed you-" she wasn't even allowed to finish when green eyes shot at her Ruby ones.

"Don't say that! You won't! I won't die by your hands I swear by it. If I am ever to die it will be by my own hands and ambitions. I don't want you to bear that if I were to ever pass" seems like he wasn't going to be allowed to finish either as they continued to march to the main entrance.

"I don't want you to pass at all Atlas! Can't you understand that?! I don't want to lose you ever! I have contemplated leaving your side so that I wouldn't put you in harm's way anymore but I know for a fact that you would only destroy everything in your path to find me. This… is so painful and hard for me." He was beginning to feel like such a jackass for shoving aside her feelings. He had to admit that his attempts at bravado were kinda extreme. But he really didn't know better.

"I'm sorry… I guess I never really fully took in just how hard that was for you. I wouldn't be able to take it either if I had hurt you. Forgive me. I'll try my hardest to make sure that both of us stay safe. We will be the best team ever you and me." He ended it off with a smile and that is just what she needed.

"Thank you Atlas. Really. That made me feel a whole lot better. Hopefully the mayor doesn't have a heart attack when we tell him everything." Both Ruby and Atlas chuckled as the diamond city entrance got closer and closer.

"Ain't that the truth. He is a nice guy so I think we should refrain from using extreme vocab when giving him all the details. Hopefully this time when we head to the office those kids won't jump us like they did before. If they do I'm leaving them to you. I'll go to the office by myself. Those little devils are more interested in you than feral ghoul is in a flesh pit." He stated a little bit annoyed.

"Oh come now Atlas. They are just kids. They can't help their interests. They are so young and adorable. What I wouldn't do to be a mother… I just love children. All of them wild and cute. Fun to mess around with. I know it's not all its cracked up to be but come now, being a mother is the greatest thing in the world." she began to drone out in this dreamy tone of hers. Must have been something she longed to be.

"Well good luck finding a deathclaw that isn't a fucking thundercunt. Those things are straight primal and savage compared to you. I don't know what you will be able to do in that department. Unless a clone of you but male comes out of the wetworks I have no idea what will happen." He hoped he didn't come off like an asshole but he was simply stating facts of the situation.

This didn't seem to put her down that much and he was glad for it. "You may be right… but I have to hold my head high and hope that I meet someone incredible, and just like me. Hopefully you will find someone as well. I don't wish for you to be alone in the love department forever." She was a little upset that she had to mention it like that.

"You act as if that's a problem. I don't care anymore if I do end up alone. As long as I got you I'll be fine. Knowing you will be around helps me keep going. If and when you do get someone to be with you I know that you won't be able to hang around with me anymore. That's okay with me. You have a life to move forward with. But knowing you are around will make things bearable. Might drop by every now and again you know? I'll just make a house somewhere, overlooking the world. I'll try to farm. Make my yard look nice and make sure I have food. I'll be far away from civilization and I'll be in the wild. If something comes knocking on my door it will be okay. Looking out at the moon a couple more times as I grow old as shit is one hell of a way to go." He smiled just a little bit thinking about it. He could picture his huge wood house with plants growing and grass prospering in his area. He has wells for water and everything is peaceful. Bliss…

She grew upset upon hearing this but she didn't know how to respond to it. She doesn't wish for him to be alone at all. It would be miserable. She would try to see him as much as possible but who is to say that she wouldn't neglect her own family or neglect him? It would be complicated.

"I… I just… I don't know what to say. Why do you not want someone? Is it because of that woman? She ruined everything for you… You don't even wish to move forward because of what she did." Before she could continue with more venom for the woman she stopped upon seeing his hand come up in a silence type of signal. She did just that.

"It doesn't matter anymore. In a way I can't blame her. I am not desirable by any means. Have way too many flaws. All that matters is that she is happy with her choice. If people are happy with the choices they make for a relationship then by all means. I'll take the pain. I don't care. When karma hits she will realize her happiness came at a cost. Hopefully something good will come my way. Who really knows?" He sighed as he saw the familiar guards posted at little sections with automated turrets. One of the many little blockades before eventually getting to the main gate. Atlas didn't even have to say anything as with the mayor's good word you can pretty much strut around naked.

Ruby was now even more dumbfounded. She had no idea how she could comment on that. Should she raise his spirits by commenting on his looks or by saying a female would be dumb not to come his way or should she comment on the not caring part? That as long as they are happy he will take the pain. She was just at a loss. It was a side of him she didn't really know about. This begins to worry her because if he has sides that she doesn't know of that could mean that he potentially has a more important side that should be addressed but is too hidden to do anything about.

They simply pressed onwards without saying another word. With the silence only being broken by the quiet thuds of her walking and the breathing from her large lungs, it was almost drowning the air. They normally don't go this long without saying something unless tension was in the air. To Atlas, there was no tension. To Ruby, there was a vast amount of sorrow and heartbreak. With the coping of nearly losing a loved one to finding out he still is hiding many controversial things, is breaking her up. Not enough experience had went into it for her to know what to do.

The big gates had entered their visions, as well as three familiar guards with their baseball plated armor. Atlas didn't say a word once again, he just nodded to the leader Jon and Yuri opened up the place for them. The big open diamond market was booming as always. A random guard at start of the market spoke to them. The eyes began to wander on the two yet again but they didn't seem as malicious and weird.

"Hey Atlas. Where are you headed? Mayor Brooks said he wants to talk to you when you get the chance. Nice work on clearing the ambush point. We all owe you big time for that. The whole place knows about you two. Good job." Atlas minded his manners and went ahead with putting his rifle to the side with the sling holding it to his body.

Hey scratched his head kinda nervous for being thanked. "Hey it was no problem don't mention it. It's my one good use out in the world. Anyway I think you caught me at a good time because we need to speak with him too. We are heading there now. Thank you for the word and compliments." The man chuckled and waved at him. "No problem pal. Have a good one." Atlas waved him off and followed the path to get to the mayor's office. Ruby simply waved him off and once again, did not say a word. Her mind was focusing on another area.

Atlas had took the elevator to get to his office while Ruby had to take the scenic route as always. Both wasted no time in hustling over and waiting for the go ahead. Didn't take much time for the clerk to say for them to head in. Both entered with smiles as Brooks spun around in his chair. "Ahhh my humble friends! Diamond welcomes your return. How are you?"

Atlas had wiped the smile off his face and had the most stern attitude he could muster. His anger began to soar through the roof for some reason as he began to wonder how he should explain these baddies to the Mayor. "Time to break the silence" he said to himself.

"Mr. Mayor, we need to talk…"


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