A/N I just couldn't resist typing this up, it's been on my mind for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd put fingers to keys. This is based before Ace had joined the Whitebeard pirates and is still the captain of the Spade pirates.

"Natsu, make sure to wake me up if you guys go anywhere, you know how easily I fall asleep in the sun." Lucy had made the decision earlier on in the day to take her team on a spontaneous trip to the best rated beach in Fiore. Granted Natsu wasn't happy with the amount of travel it took to get there but once they had arrived, the views took her breath away. In Lucy's eyes, it was worth the two hours journey from Magnolia to get there. Definitely worth it.

After buying Gray an ice cream and Natsu a hot dog, they soon shut up with their complaints and she could lose herself to the beauty of the beach they were currently occupying. The beautiful cobalt waves were calling to her, she practically lunged for the lapping water, looking like a woman possessed.

When the water hit her skin, she sighed at how wonderful it felt. She loved the ocean. When she was a child, she could only remember a single time that she had been taken to visit the beach. It was by her mother, so she had happy memories of it. It made her extremely fond of the ocean and everything to do with it. It was also the first time Lucy had ever seen her mother summon a celestial spirit. Aquarius, believe it or not, was actually quite pleasant back then and even played with Lucy.

Natsu, his motion sickness quickly forgotten, saw how much fun Lucy was having and soon followed suit. He leaped into the air, landing a belly flopped into the shallow water. He ended up with a sore stomach and made Lucy look like a drowned rat at the same time. He rubbed his crimson belly and stated that she shouldn't of been in the splash zone. She glared at her best friend and trudged back onto the beach, a huge pout on her face as she plopped herself down next to Erza and Wendy.

After being forced into several splashing fights, Lucy had decided that enough was enough. Leaving her team to make their own fun, she grabbed her pink lilo and pushed herself out onto the calm water. 'A little bit of sun bathing will dry me right off.' She glared at Gray and Natsu who were getting more erratic with their 'Water guns?' She glanced at them with a wary look in her eyes. 'Where the hell did they get water guns from? Sneaky bastard must've packed them when I wasn't looking.'

"Don't even think about shooting me with those things, I know what you're planning so don't. I've got my eye on you idiots." She shouted at the pair who looked disappointed that they had been caught out already. 'Honestly they're such children.' She let out a long yawn at the fatigue that suddenly overwhelmed her. 'Would it hurt if I closed my eyes for a second?' Feeling her heavy lids shutting regardless of the answer, she pulled her sunglasses over her eyes to shield them from the harsh UV rays and fell into a dreamless sleep. The voices of her friends became fainter and fainter.

'Ouch what the hell am I stuck to?' Rolling over, she screamed in shock as she was enveloped in cold water. Her chestnut eyes shots open and was met with the view of endless water. In every direction, just water. No islands, no boats and no Team Natsu. 'Oh no wait, if I look hard enough I can vaguely see the beach.' At least she thought it was the beach, it could just be her eyes playing tricks on her. 'Natsu, that bastard forgot about me, what the hell am I going to do now?'

It was partly her fault for entrusting such a task with that pink haired fool when there were so many distractions around him, such as beating up Gray for example. Lucy regretted not asking Erza or Wendy to wake her or to keep an eye on her. She climbed back onto her lilo and winced at the contact. The plastic was pulling uncomfortably on her sun burnt skin. Another reason to be angry. 'The only place on me that isn't burnt is my boobs and my bum, thanks a lot Natsu. I'm so done with that flaming idiot.'

She glanced around just for good measure, just to make sure that she hadn't missed anything that could help her find her way back to shore before she went with her last resort. Feeling down her bare leg, she felt her waterproof key pouch that she kept strapped around her rain or shine.

After so many circumstances where she had taken her keys off for whatever reason and ended up in danger, she decided that keeping them on her at all times was a necessity. She didn't want to have a weak spot anymore that people could exploit.

Lucy hoped that one day she would be strong enough that she wouldn't need her keys to summon her spirits, her sheer willpower would be enough to reach her them and summon them to her world. The keys would be kept in a safe place just to make sure that the contract with them all stayed in place. Her eyes twinkled at the prospect of being such a strong celestial mage. Everybody had to have a dream to keep them going and that was hers. Not too far fetched right?

Pulling off the dreaded key, she scrunched her face up in preparation for what was about to happen as she said the words that probably dug her own grave. She placed the golden object into the ocean below her and hoped for a miracle.

"Open, gate of the water bearer, Aquarius." A large mass of bubbles formed underneath her, like the water was being exposed to extreme heat and couldn't handle it. 'Oh boy, she must be pissed for it to be reacting like that.'

"What do you want brat? Today isn't one of my days that I'm available. You've got some nerve." Aquarius's pale face broke the surface of the water and glared at her key holder but as soon as her eyes studied Lucy's face, a smile cracked the mermaid spirit's face that soon turned into a mad fit of laughter.

"Oh my god, look at your face." Aquarius held her sides as she rolled around in the water. She flicked her fingers at Lucy's cheek, making the blonde wince in pain, much to her spirits amusement. "You are sporting one hell of a sunburn. I thought you looked uglier than usual." Lucy rolled her eyes at her less than kind words and got straight to the point. "Look, not that you care, I fell asleep on my float, nobody thought to wake me up and I ended up here. I need you to get me back to shore."

Aquarius pressed her face against Lucy's and snarled. "You need? Show some respect for your elders you little brat and ask nicely. I may just think about it if you show some manners." Lucy stuttered out an apology and held her hands up in surrender. 'She's so scary.'

Lucy's body shuddered at the cool air that had settled around them. Since she was only dressed in her white and pink bikini, it was starting to get pretty damn cold and she had nothing to protect her skin from the harsh breeze. The sun had turned into a orange haze in the distance, warning her that if she didn't get back to land soon, she'd be fish food.

"Okay, here I'll get you back to your little friends." Aquarius's smug face was the last thing she saw, as a huge tidal wave appeared behind her. Lucy stared up at the wall of water that was looming over her and gulped. 'Goodbye cruel world.' She hugged her body tightly against her floating lilo and prayed to Mavis that she survived this whole ordeal and if she did, she would make sure kill Natsu. She would give him a slow, painful death.

The huge wave pushed her under the surface of the water but in Aquarius's defense, it did take her in the direction of the shore that she could vaguely see from where she had woken up. Holding her breath, she let the pressure in the lilo pull her to the surface. When she broke through, she gasped for precious air and coughed as some salt water had gone up her nose and was it stinging like a bitch.

"Motherfucker that hurts, everything stings. Mavis help me." She exclaimed as she turned to face the shore, she was floored at the endless sea she was faced with. Now she couldn't see anything at all. Just dark waters. The sun had set and left her alone in the dark. She squealed when she felt something brush up against her calf.

'Sea monsters?' She thought, trying to swallow the feeling of panic that was clawing its way up her throat. "I don't want to die." She cried out as she started to paddle with her arms, towards anything. Just so she wasn't near the monsters hidden beneath the water anymore. She couldn't kid herself and say that it was probably just a piece of seaweed. She was in the middle of the ocean, seaweed didn't grow that long.

"It's so dark, just don't look down Lucy." She was mumbling to herself, trying to keep herself calm. After what felt like hours, her arms had gone numb from the water. She collapsed against her float and closed her eyes. 'I'm going to die a virgin. A sun burnt virgin.'

A ripple in the water wobbled her, pulling her out of her pity party. She grasped onto the edges of the lilo as her eyes shot open. The waves were almost throwing her off her lilo. There, on her right hand side was a ginormous ship. She squealed in delight and started to shout at the top of her lungs, attempting to get the attention of anybody on board. She waved her hands in desperation until a rope ladder was thrown down the side of the ship and it waited for her to climb aboard.

She made a prayer motion before she grabbed the ladder and pulled herself up onto the deck. 'I'm saved.'

"Well well, what do we have here?"

'How the hell did this happen?' Lucy pressed her face against the metal bars of the cell she had been placed in. It reeked of mold and ale, making it hard for Lucy not to retch. If she had anything in her stomach it would've come out by now, that she was certain of.

After she had climbed aboard, several swords were pointed at her and she was interrogated. It turns out that this was a pirate ship and she was far from safe. They thought she was here for less than pure reasons. Whatever they were thinking was wrong.

Lucy attempted to tell them that she had simply strayed too far from the coast and had gotten stuck out here but that just resulted in all of them laughing at her. One of the members stepped forward and smirked down at her, "Sweetie, we're not even slightly near any islands, you're a liar. Take her downstairs. She'll have to wait until he's back." Then they had slung her in the brig to wait until their captain returned to decide what they would do with her.

"It's so fricking cold." Lucy mumbled to herself as she tried to cover her almost naked body with her arms. All she wanted was a nice hot bath and to cuddle up in bed with a book. She wasn't even aware that pirates still existed but here they were in the flesh, threatening to kill her. The floor of the cell she was being kept in was wet and stick so she didn't want to touch it. She didn't even have any shoes on. Her eyes started to fill with tears as the predicament she was in started to really sink in.

A soft glow radiated from the corner of the room, making the air a hell of a lot warmer. Thinking it was Natsu, she blinked away the tears that had accumulated and got angry, really angry. 'Was this whole thing just a big joke?'

"Natsu, this isn't funny. I'm in my bikini and freezing my ass off. If this is a joke, cut it out. I want to go home now."

A soft tut sounded. "I don't know who this Natsu is, but this certainly isn't a joke darling. Now, care to tell me what you're doing on my ship?" The gentleman increased the light, Lucy noticed that it was a flame growing from his hand. No it wasn't growing from his hand, it was his hand. She growled and held the prison bars tightly in her hands, momentarily forgetting how disgustingly grubby they were.

"My name's Lucy and I don't know what I'm doing here. Who the hell are you?"

He bent down in front of her cell and leant his forearms against his thighs. His face was hidden by a leather hat that had two smiling faces pinned on the front of it. Lucy stared at their smirking faces and instantly wanted to punch them. It was like they were mocking her. He lifted a flaming finger and pushed the hat further up his head to reveal his face. Lucy was taken aback, completely at a loss for words at what she saw.

She was expecting a grubby old man that stunk of booze but instead she was faced with a handsome male. His face was rugged and manly, except for a splash of freckles over his cheeks that gave him a boyish charm. A dangerous mix.

He grinned at the blonde girl and tilted his head to the side, examining her face. "My name is Ace, I'm the captain of this vessel."

'Ah, so I got an audience with the captain. How lucky of me.'

"Okay so you can see I don't mean any ill will for any of you so called pirates, so if you could just drop me off at the nearest port I'd be happy to pay you once I get back to Magnolia." She noticed that Ace's face scrunched up. "Magnolia? I've never heard of that place. Where abouts is it located?"

'Is he serious? I know we're on the east side of Fiore but it's not as if Magnolia is a tiny little village. He must be taking the piss out of me.' "I'm bored of these jokes now, just drop me off anywhere as long as it's in Fiore and I'll find my way home."

Now he looked downright confused and it didn't look like he was faking it. A feeling of dread settled in Lucy's stomach as she listened to the words that left Ace's mouth. "We're in the east blue, I've never heard of a place called Fiore." His eyes examined her face for any signs that she was lying or withholding anything, when he found nothing his face softened and his tone of voice changed. "How did you get here sweetheart?"

'Oh no, I'm going down. The floor is so gross' Lucy's vision started to darken as the shock of the situation she was in caused her to black out. Her limp body hit the floor with a fleshy smack, the last thing she heard was the bars of her cage being yanked open and his soft voice comforting her.

"We'll get you home, you're not dangerous. Just lost."