After officially joining Ace's crew, the spade pirates, Lucy was finally introduced to his right hand man and the rest of his crew members. They had put together a small welcoming party for her, since she was the first female crew member, it was sort of a big deal for them. Also it was another excuse for them to have a party and get drunk. They were very similar to Fairy Tail in that sense, it was something she was familiar with.

Some people were not overly pleased about her joining though and they wanted to make that known.

Lucy, Ace and his first mate Samson were sat at their own table in the canteen area of the ship digging into a huge feast that had been prepared for the crew. It was mouthwateringly delicious, she would have to thank the cook personally for creating such a tasty dish for them all.

Ace and Samson were tittering about something when a loud voice echoed across the room, shutting everyone up and capturing their attention.

"I thought we kept whores in our bed, not in our crew." Ace's laughter cut off as he slowly rose to his feet to discover the source of the comment. He pushed his signature hat up further his head and glared at his fellow pirates.

"Now boys, who would you want to say such a thing about our newest recruit? Speak up." A rather large, greasy looking man stood up from the opposite side of the room, he was what Lucy would imagine a pirate to look like, disgusting. He pointed a grubby looking finger at Lucy and spat on the floor.

"Since when were your bitches allowed to become one of us? This ship is a joke and so are you." He ripped off the bandana he was wearing that had the spade pirates emblem on and flicked it onto the table in front of him. "Fire Fist Ace? Pathetic."

Ace's body roared in flames as he propelled himself across the room and stared down at the man that was bad mouthing him and Lucy in front of his crew. Ace's face appeared through the flames as he reached down for the bandana he had ripped off and grasped in his hand. "No need to get so worked up Bando, feel free to leave and take one of the small boats to get to a nearby island. Just don't interrupt the party next time okay?"

And that was that. No violence, just a simple dismissal. Lucy stared in awe at how incredibly well Ace handled the situation and continued to stare at him when he rejoined the table and resumed eating from his giant plate of food. The man could eat, he put Natsu to shame. Lucy stared at Ace's stomach and wondered where he put all of the food he consumed, his abs looked rock solid.

The man called Bando smashed his fist against his table, clearly unhappy at not getting a reaction out of his former captain and screamed at Ace's back.

"Did you not hear me? Are you deaf as well as stupid? I said-" Cutting the man off, Ace made a gun with his fingers, pointed at the man over his shoulder and as he pulled his thumb down, a fireball shot from his digits, hitting Bando square between the eyes.

A pathetic screech that sounded similar to a dying cat came from the pirate as he fell to the floor. Nobody went to his aid, they all ignored his cries and returned to their own conversations. He was not their brother anymore.

Lucy watched as Bando scurried up the stairs, his forehead looked slightly singed but not burnt. 'That must've just been for show, to scare him off. This guy just keeps surprising me.'

"Sorry about that sweetheart, some people just take longer than others to show their true colors." Ace pointed with a chicken bone to Bando's retreating form as it disappeared from sight. "That guy is not what a pirate is about, it's not what being a member of my crew is about. Being respectful where it's due is important. I'm sorry if he's ruined your night."

Samson slapped Ace on the back of his head, knocking his hat down to cover his face. "She's fine Ace, look at her, she's a tough cookie." Lucy laughed as she leant across the table to push Ace's hat back up, mostly just so she could see his attractive face again.

She poked the rim with her finger and smiled. "I'm fine, somebody calling me a whore is hardly offensive is it?"

Ace let out a hearty laugh, clearly happy with her answer and dropped the topic, replacing it with something equally interesting. "So, now that you're a member of my crew, don't you think you should get a tattoo of the spade's flag on you?" Samson started to say something but Ace kicked his shin under the table, successfully silencing him.

"We've got a guy on board that can do it for you, make it official y'know?" Lucy knew that he was only joking but she was shocked that she was actually considering it.

She had looked at Ace's tattoo quite a lot and had always wondered if someone had just spelt his name wrong when they had done it considering his name was spelt with a c and there was a crossed out s. This was the perfect opportunity to ask.

"Why does your tattoo have a crossed out s? Did someone misspell your name when doing it?" She blanched slightly when she saw his face drop, the smile falling from his face, replaced with a haunted look. It made her wish that she hadn't mentioned anything. His hand moved to his arm and rubbed the inked skin, caressing the letter s.

"It's in memory of someone very special to me, someone who I miss dearly." Feeling himself slip into memories he didn't want to, Ace laughed it off and started eating again. "Don't change the subject missy, very sneaky."

'It's clearly a sore subject for him, if he misses them, does that mean they're dead?' Lucy shoved her curiosity away and did something that shocked herself and Ace. "Okay I'll get it tattoo'd on me, but only if it's on my stomach." Lifting up the shirt Ace had forced on her, she pointed to the bare area above her belly button.

"Right here, so where's the guy that can do it? I want it done tonight." Ace called over a pirate and pointed to Lucy. "This one wants the emblem doc, can you fix it on her for me?" Hearing a glass being placed in front of her, she looked at the large shot glass filled with an amber liquid and looked back at the doc, curious at his action.

"Drink up girl, you're going to need it."

Several pain filled hours later, Lucy's stomach was red raw but had a colorful image on it. 'I got a pirate flag tattoo'd on me, oh what would my mother think if she could see me now.'

Lucy giggled as Ace carried her up to bed. "I can't believe you actually got it tattoo'd on you, you're crazier than I thought. I was sure as soon as I called him over you'd bail. What a crazy mother fucker." Lucy must've drunk enough to knock out a horse, that was the problem with not having any pain relief. She had to improvise.

"I'm supposed to be looking after you while you're stuck here." Ace shook his head as Lucy lifted up her top to stare at her newest addition to her body. "I feel like I'm a bad influence on you. I'll just have to be on my best behavior from now on. Dadan would kill me if she knew I'd let something bad happen to someone as sweet as you."

Lucy poked the soft, tender skin as Ace had a conversation with himself about what was right and what was wrong. She'd never been happier. Glancing at her Fairy Tail emblem on the back of her hand, she had an idea about how to cheer up Ace.

"This isn't my first tattoo so stop beating yourself up." She shoved her hand against the fiery man's face, showing him the pink colored skin there. "See? I'm a member of Fairy Tail too." She chuckled as she relaxed her neck and stared at the ceiling. "And now I'm a member of the Spade Pirates. I'm really happy."

Ace's face softened as he kissed the back of her hand where her guild mark was, his lips were soft as they fluttered over her skin. "I'm happy too."

He really wasn't used to being so comfortable and open with someone after knowing them for less than a week but he was a sucker for someone that needed looking after. He could keep her safe, he would keep her safe. He tried not to think about if-

'No, when.' When she would return to her own world. She was like an angel that fell from the sky. Maybe calling her a fairy would be more accurate actually.

"Captain." Someone knocked loudly on Ace's bedroom door, disrupting his sleep and making him extremely grouchy. 'Maybe if I ignore them they'll-'

"Boss, it's important. Don't think about ignoring me." Letting out a sound of frustration at their god damn persistence, he pulled himself away from Lucy's warmth and into the cool air of his room.

"I wasn't ready to get up yet, what's the point of being captain if I can't have a lie in." Ace continued grumbling until he reached the door. Cracking it open slightly, he looked through the gap with a narrowed eye. "What do you want Samson? Don't you know your captain needs his beauty sleep."

His first mate rubbed his neck, an uncomfortable look on his face as he tried to think of way to put what he was trying to say. "Dadan."

Ace raised his left eyebrow, clearly confused. "Dadan? What the hell do you mean Dadan? Where is she?"

Samson shook his head and let out a short laugh. "We docked at the nearest island last night when you and Lucy went to bed. Sorry man, we're at Dawn Island."

"Ace get your butt out here." A booming voice that he hadn't heard in just over a year echo'd across his ship, a voice that burst his eardrums more times than he could count when he was a child. His adoptive mother.

'Oh shit.'

"Ace, what was that?" Slamming the door shut, Ace pressed his back against the wooden frame and tried to think of a way that he could escape, any way at all.

Bang bang bang.

"I know you're in there Ace, get your skinny butt out here." Dadan had cornered him. Ace smiled crookedly at Lucy. "You're about to meet the woman who raised me, good luck."