The next morning Krystal decided to go to the market for some food. She bought apples, bread, and oranges. She started to walk back to her house when someone ran into her and she knew who as soon as she looked up. She started to run but was grabbed by the arm … by Claude.

"Its rude to run away from someone." he said. "Not if that person is insane or crazy," Krystal remarked. "Well, aren't you a challenge," he said getting close to her face. "I try. Now get away from me or I will punch you in the face," she replied and got out of his grip and smacked him in the face. Then went back into the woods, but what she didn't know was that she was being followed by Claude.

When she finally got back Claude jumped down from the tree he was. Since he was on the ground Krystal sensed him and turned around and threw ice daggers at him. He dodged them with ease when she saw he did, she was shocked. He had snuck behind her and held her hands behind her back and said "Well I guess we are the same."

"We are not the same you demon. I am good and you are evil. Totally different things," Krystal said trying to burn his hand. "So what you're saying is that all demons are evil?" he said. "No but all I know is you specifically are evil," she replied and he let go of her hands. She was confused at this and asked "Why did you let me go?" "I let you go because I don't want to leave a bad impression of me on you," He replied. "It's a little too late for that," Krystal said a little annoyed.

She turned around and started walking toward her house, but stopped in her tracks, turned around and said "Oh and by the way I suggest you stay away from me and if you don't I will put you in a world of pain." then turned back around and went into the house. Claude just glared at her until she closed the door and said to himself "I will have you," and with that he left.

Krystal made sure he was actually gone. "Dang I thought he would never leave," she said with relief. Then she heard footsteps coming from behind her. "Well hello madam it's nice to see you again," he said. She knew it was Sebastian. "How did you find me Sebastian?" Krystal asked. Then he replied "Well it was quite easy all I had to do was follow you," "Wait a minute you followed me?" she said angrily. "Yes I'm very sorry if that angers you." he said.

"Well of course I'm angry. You followed me to where I live," Krystal said really annoyed and angry. "Anyway, my master would like to meet you," he said with a smile. "Why does he want to meet me?" Krystal asked a little confused. Then Sebastian replied "He wants to meet you because I told him about you and about how you're different," "What? Me different? I'm just a regular human being," she replied with a fake smile, but he knew she was lying. "Has anyone told you, you are horide liar," Sebastian said. "No, I have been told I'm a great liar," Krystal said almost getting angry. Then she said "You should probably leave before I make you."

Sebastian left without her forcing him, but before he waked out the door he turned around and said, "Please do come to the Phantomhive Manor just because it would be so kind." "I will come just for a little while." Krystal said.

A few minutes later Krystal left her house and remembered the directions Sebastian had told her. She had been walking for a while and finally reached where she was going. She knew it was the place because she saw Sebastian standing outside. As soon as she got closer she saw two other people standing behind him. Then when she got closer she recognized one of them it was Ella.

Krystal was not happy when she finally got close enough to them. She noticed that Ella didn't look right. She realized what she had done to Ella. "Oh my gosh Ella I'm so sorry. I can't believe I did this to you," Krystal said with water in her eyes.

"Krystal don't cry it's not your fault I should have left when you told me to back in Arrendell," Ella said trying make Krystal feel better. All of a sudden Krystal saw something white heading toward them. She looked up to see a man with white wings. She notice that he was getting ready to attack Ciel, Sebastian, and Ella. She guessed that he didn't see her and he wasn't paying attention to her. She threw ice daggers at him but somehow he blocked them with his sword. Then he looked at Krystal, swooped down and grabbed her. "Let me go you idiot," Krystal yelled at him trying to get out of his grip.

"Well I would never think a lady such as yourself would call someone an idiot," the man said with a big grin on his face. Then brought his face closer to her's and when he did she used her free arm to punch him in the face. When her fist collided with his face it caused him to let go of her arm and she fell. When she got close to the ground she used her air bending to stop her and drop her on the ground softly.

"Are you okay Krystal?" Ella asked. "Yeah. Who was that guy?" Krystal asked looking at Sebastian and Ciel, knowing they would know the answer. "That was Ash Landers and he's an angel," Ciel answered. "Wait ...What? Aren't angels supposed to be good, not evil," Krystal said a little confused.

"Did you know this Ella?" she asked. "Yes I did know about this. I've known Ciel for a while," Ella replied. "Anyway, back to business, Krystal is there anyway you can help to get me back to normal," she said changing the subject. "No, I don't sorry," Krystal replied hanging her head. "Come on you have to know. You're the one who did this to her," Ciel yelled at Krystal.

"Well sorry. No one taught me how my powers work," Krystal yelled back. "Then how can you control your powers?" Ciel asked but still yelling at her. "I taught myself. No one else knew how to control my power so I shut myself out from everyone for years and during those years I learned self control," Krystal replied not yelling this time but calmly. "But, even though I taught myself to control my powers so can't hurt anyone my inner demons always take over me," she continued.

"Krystal don't blame yourself for this I should have left when you told me to," Ella said still trying to get Krystal to calm down. "Please Krystal come back to New York we can find someone to help," Ella said trying to convince her. "Sorry Ella that's not going to happen," Krystal said. Then used her powers to teleport to another place.

She did, but it was still the same dimension ...somehow she ended up at another mansion. "I guess my powers aren't ready to work. I guess it will be a while until I can leave," she said to herself. Then out of nowhere appeared a boy with blond hair and ice blue eyes. "Sorry I didn't mean to come," Krystal said starting to walk away.

"Wait. You can't. I want you to be my maid," the boy said. Krystal was confused "Why?" she asked still confused. "Because I need a new maid and you would make a perfect maid," the boy said. Then she backed into someone and I looked back see the man she met a few days ago.

She decided that she could try to fight him. She used her earthbending to make a little earthquake to knock them of balance. Alios fell on his butt and so did Claude. Then Krystal said "I will never be a maid and I suggest you stay away from me." She could feel that her powers were ready to teleport to a different dimension. So, she started to teleport to somewhere else but when she did she felt a shock and then everything went dark.

"Who is she? She doesn't look like she is from here," she heard a voice say. She then opened her eyes and saw a boy with very blond hair … almost white. Krystal jumped out of the bed she was laying in and got into her fighting stance. Then she asked, "Who are you and why did you bring me here?"

"My name is Draco Malfoy. I found you in the woods unconscious and brought here," he said. Then she asked "Where am I exactly?" "You are in the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry," Draco said. "Why did you help me?" she asked. "I helped you because I didn't want to leave you out there to get eaten," he answered.

Krystal stepped out of her stance and stood up straight. She was still a little confused on where she was. "What is your name?" Draco asked. "Why should I tell you?" she replied. " Well I did tell you my name and I did save you," "Fine, my name is Krystal," she said. She looked around the room. "So, how did you get here?" Draco asked. "Well, I have teleportation powers," Krystal replied. "You mean you used a spell," he said a little confused. "No I meant what I said. I have to be going so we might see each other again," she said.

Before she teleported she realized that she didn't have enough energy. "Dang nabit!" Krystal yelled. "What's wrong?" Draco asked. "I don't have enough energy to teleport," she said about to punch something. Then Draco asked "What do you need to get enough energy?" "All I need is to relax for a little while, then I'm on my way," she replied. "Wow really that doesn't take a lot," he said a little shocked. Then Krystal said "Yeah I know ... it's cool." After a few minutes of talking to Draco she knew she finally had enough energy to teleport. "Well I'm pretty sure I have energy to teleport." "Where are you going to go?" asked Draco. "Well I guess wherever my powers take me," she replied. "You're not even a little worried about where you end up?" "No not really," she said. "Well I got to get going, bye Draco." She said. The Draco said "Bye Krystal. Be safe." Krystal focused and teleported … somewhere.