Lucky Raph caught Krystal when she fainted before she hit the ground. "We should take her back to lair." Leo said. Thor laughed and said "Are you serious I think we should take to Asgard where she'll be safe." Raph clutched his hands into fists and gave Thor a very angry look.

Then Ella stepped in and said "We are taking her to the lair. Now stop fighting!" Thor was shocked at what Ella had said but didn't fight her. Then they teleported back to the lair.

When they got to the lair Raph sat Krystal on a couch in the center of the room. It was silent for a while and Splinter said "We should let her rest." Then they all walked to the kitchen. When there was no one in the room with Krystal everything was silent. Then out of nowhere bats appeared, but they weren't ordinary bats they were vampires. When they saw no one was in the room they turned to their human form but they didn't see Krystal.

They started to looking around for something. The boy vampire went in front of the couch. Then he looked down at the couch and saw Krystal. He was a little scared but he also thought she was pretty. Then he said "Ming come here." he had a very deep voice. "What is it Ping?" Ming asked in a very high voice. "Look." "It's a human." Ming said.

Krystal was starting to wake up so they hurried and turned into bats and flew out of the lair. She was a little weak but she got up and headed to the bathroom to splash water in her face. After she dried her face she looked at her reflection. She saw one of her brown eyes were ruby red. "What in the world?" she asked herself. Then she walked out of the bathroom still wondering what happened to her.

Krystal walked to the kitchen where her brothers, father, Ella, and Thor were. She realized that if they see her eye they will worry and freak out. Then she remembered she can use her magic to make her red eye look brown, but she had limited time to talk to them. She then waved her hand over her eye and her ruby red eye turned brown.

When she walked into the room everyone looked at her. It was silent for a while then Splinter broke the silence and said, "Krystal we have to ask you some questions." She gave a confused face then asked "What about?" "About what you did back in Arrindell." Splinter said. "Oh you saw that? I tried to warn you but you just wouldn't listen." Krystal said and ran off into the sewers. All of a sudden Ella started to scream. Thor ran to where Ella was "Ella what's wrong?" He asked as he entered the room. Her hair was turning white and her eyes were glowing white. "What is happening to you?" "I don't know." Ella said. "Wait I think I know what's happening. When Krystal hit me with her power in the heart and now I'm turning to ice." She said. "We have to get her back so she can fix you." Thor said very angrily almost yelling.