Back in the sewers, Krystal was eaves dropping. "I can't believe I hit Ella in the heart with my powers." She said to herself and then fell to the ground and started to cry. Then she said to herself "I shouldn't even exist. I should just leave and never come back, but I can't go to Arrendell. They would know where I am, but if I go to another dimension they can't follow." So she focused her energy and tried to find a dimension that would not judge her for who she is.

She focused and teleported to a somewhere no one could find her. When she got to where her powers took her, she was a little weak from using her power. She had to neal for a couple seconds. When she got her energy back she took a look around ... something was off. "Where am I?" she asked herself.

She decided to hide so nobody would see her. Then she looked around and saw what the girls were wearing. She used her powers to make her cloths to make them look like what everyone else was wearing. Then she realized where she was. She was in another dimension which she was okay with, but she didn't think she had the power to do that. She made herself a cloak with her powers so no one could see her face. Not that people knew her there, but she didn't want to take any chances.

Krystal started to walk around and explore. All of a sudden, someone walked into her. When she stopped from the impact and looked up, the person that ran into her was a tall man with black hair and gold eyes. He said, "My apologies madam." Then he looked down at her and as he did she looked away and said "That's quite alright."

Krystal started to walk away when she felt someone grab her arm and looked back to see it was the same man. The hair that was over her eyes was starting to fall back so she pulled her hood down so he wouldn't see her ruby red eye. "Why are you hiding?" he asked a little confused. "Well um," She was about to say something when he lifted her head up by her chin and said "Why are you hiding your eye."

He was about to to move the rest of her hair away from her eye but then she stepped back and ran. She didn't want anyone to know that she was different. Out of nowhere the man was right in front of her. "Why did you run away?" he asked. She looked around for a way out, but she stuck in the alley with no way out.

He then started to walk closer but she backed up until she was up against the wall. She was about to use her powers, but if she did he would know and probably try to use her for her power. Then she noticed there was a small blond boy behind him "Claude what are doing?" the little blond boy asked.

When Claude turned around she took her chance to escape. She turned invisible and got close to the wall then ran out of the alley. When she was out of view she turned to where people could see her. "Dang what the heck was that about. I should probably find a different place to hide cause this place is weird." She thought to herself. Then she looked up in front of her and the man she tried so hard to get away from was in front of her. Then she yelled "What do want?!"

"It's not what I want it's what my master wants," he replied. "And who is your master may ask?" Krystal asked. "I'm his master," replied the same blond boy from the alley. "I am Alois Trancy of the Trancy manor and I want you to be my maid," he continued.

"Sorry but I'm not going to do that so I am just going to leave and you aren't going to follow ok ... ok?" Krystal said, annoyed that the little brat had wanted her to be his maid. Then she heard someone crying she turned around and saw Alois on the ground crying. Then he said "Why do you not want to be my maid."

"I don't want to be your maid because I'm not one. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I want to pick up after a brat like you!" she replied with a yell and turned around and walked away. Until someone grabbed her arm and she turned around to see Claude once again. Then she yelled at him "What the heck? What part of NO did you not understand!" Then she felt someone coming she immediately knew who it was ... It was Leo.

"Krystal! Get your filthy hands off my sister." Leo said but stayed in the shadows so Claude couldn't see him. "Why should I?" Claude asked with an evil grin on his face. Then Leo threw throwing stars at Claude. Claude let go of Krystal and jumped back. Krystal ran to where Leo was. They ran out of town and into the woods. They were both out of breath from running.

Leo said "Why did you run away? We were worried sick." "I ran away because I heard that I hurt Ella. I'm too dangerous to be around. Thanks for helping me but now you have to leave." Krystal said with tears in her eyes. Then before Leo could fight her she teleported him back home. "Sorry Leo but I can't hurt anyone else if they aren't around me." She said to herself as she started to walk back to town while still being cautious and looking out for Claude.

Once she ran into someone and looked. She was relieved to see it wasn't Claude. "I'm sorry madam I didn't mean to run into you," he said. "It's quite alright." Krystal said. Then took another look at him after brushing off her dress. He had raven black hair, ruby red eyes, and what looked like a butler uniform on. She didn't notice she was staring at him at the time. Until he gave her a grin and she snapped right out of it and said "I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare. May I ask what your name is?" "My name Sebastian Michaelis and what might your name be?" he asked. "My name is Krystal," she said with a bright smile. "Do you not have a last name?" Sebastian asked and she replied "No I don't know what my family's last name was so I don't have one," she said looking at the ground.

"Do you have somewhere to stay?" he asked. "Yeah I'll be fine," she replied. Then started walking back into the woods. "You live in the woods?" he asked. "Yeah I figure it's safer than the city," she replied. He was a little confused but then asked "May I take you home so that you don't get hurt?" "No I'm fine. I can protect myself," she replied. Then started to to walk back to the woods so she could make herself a place to stay. Once she found a place to make a place to live, she started to make it. She made what looked like a little house made out of rock. She used her magic and made it blue and black because those were her favorite colors. Then she walked in and there was a bed, a kitchen, and a living room with a couch. She went to the bed and went to sleep.