Chords of Love: Ballad to Various Loves

Chapter 10

Never in his life did he expect to be in this kind of situation as he made out with Lindsay, her arms draped around his neck as she - and her large breasts - pressed up against his chest. He did his best to keep his hands on her waist but, as they started getting a bit heated he found his hands moved down to her ass….by his other girlfriend

Having two girlfriends was definitely something he knew would take a good amount of time to get used to and the fact that they both seemed to egg things on when he was with the other made things harder to get used to.

If they just watched while he made out with the other that'd be one - still difficult to get used to - thing but they often seemed to almost to help 'push things along' more or less.

He was just thankful they seemed to limit it to his hands on their butt and getting closer when making out. If they did more he wasn't quite sure how he'd handle it.

It wasn't like he was uncomfortable but more just a touch bit shy though he was getting used to it and having a fair bit of fun once he started getting into it.

Sometimes a bit too much as Lindsay's moan snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Sorry, did I do too much?" Naruto asked as he panted a bit from how long they had been making out, only to look down to see Lindsay's skirt hiked up in the back to reveal her light blue thong clad ass that he was groping pretty intensely by how his hands were pretty much buried in her cheeks.

"No, you're doing great which was why I moaned~" Lindsay purred out with a giggle as she pressed her chest up against him more while also pushing her ass against his hands more.

He really couldn't resist temptation as he continued to grope her ass, smiling at the soft moans and cute giggles she let out as he played around with her before Gwen chuckled.

"Okay, okay, as much you two are having fun I believe your five minutes are up Lindsay" Gwen reminded her, getting a cute whine from Lindsay as the blonde stepped back and fixed her skirt.

"Already~ Fine…." Lindsay whined out with a pout before Gwen replaced Lindsay with a happy smile on her face.

"Time flies when having fun after all," Gwen told her, tossing her the timer before turning back to him "and I'm guessing making out with Lindsay and playing with her ass is fun?" she asked as Naruto chuckled and nodded.

"Can't really deny that but the same can definitely be said about making out with you" Naruto assured her as he slid his hands down to her ass, getting a smirk and an eye roll out of her.

"You don't have to always assure the other about that since we know that….but I do like it when you do" she said, smiling as she leaned up to start kissing him.

It was definitely easy to get into things, despite the girl change, as he enjoyed making out with both of them. Though, as Gwen pulled away after a good amount of making out, he couldn't help but smirk at the effect he was having on her with her red face and dazed eyes.

"You're getting too good at this" she chuckled before letting out a cute 'eep'-like moan from him giving her ass a hard squeeze. "And why do you focus so much on our asses?" she asked with a shiver as she bit her lip and looked back at his hands playing with her ass, seeing how he had also hiked her skirt up like Lindsay's.

He smiled a bit at her cute purple panties that honestly looked really hot on her in contrast to her skin tone. He couldn't help but tease her a bit as he pulled at them, getting them to be 'swallowed up' between her cheeks and turn into a thong essentially.

"Well it's mainly cause I feel your breasts are off limits due to worrying it might be too much but also the fact that both of your asses are shaped so nicely makes it hard to keep my hands off" he told her, whispering the last bit into her ear as he grabbed her cheeks a bit harder and spread them which seemed to have a strong effect on her.

"H-How gentlemanly of you but for now 'down boy'" she panted out as the timer rang out, smiling as he took his hands off her ass and softly kissed her forehead.

That was one thing Gwen really liked about Naruto, whenever she told him it was too much he instantly listened and pulled back.

"Though I'm sure Lindsay would be more than happy to let you play with her chest later….especially since she offered it up to me as well" Gwen told him, muttering the last part to herself as she blushed at the memory of Lindsay offering to let her see her breasts.

"Wait, what was that?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow in surprise and interest before she rolled her eyes and gave him a lighthearted shove.

"Nothing! Now come on, we can't be too late to breakfast or else it'll make people suspicious. Lindsay and I will go first, you try to meet up with someone else of your team and come with them" Gwen told him, Naruto nodding as he was getting used to this kind of stuff to keep their obviously unconventional relationship a secret.

Especially since Duncan only knew of him and Gwen. He didn't want to quite imagine how he'd react to Lindsay being with him as well. Personally, he wasn't sure how any of their parents would react to this but then again that was something he'd have to worry about once the show was done.

Naruto could only give a small wave to them with a smile as Gwen led Lindsay away, the bubbly blonde excitedly waving back and blowing a kiss. Gwen was more reserved, rolling her eyes at Lindsay with a smirk and waving back a bit before they left.

After a bit to help him calm down he also made his way to the mess hall, groaning and stretching a bit before heading inside.

"You okay? You sleep weird and get a crick in your neck or something?" Geoff asked as he caught up with him and walked in alongside him.

"Something like that, though it probably didn't help that I leaned up against a tree to rest after my jog" Naruto said, smirking a bit as he noticed Gwen roll her eyes before they got in line for food. "What about you? You look half dead yourself" Naruto asked as he was quick to notice the bags under Geoff's eyes and how he seemed to cringe a bit at any loud noises.

"Look, don't tell anyone but I may have snuck off with the crew last night and partied with them and drank from a keg they snuck onto the island" Geoff whispered to him, giving a thumbs up to the camera crew who seemed to look the other way.

"Well I hope you can handle whatever challenge we have today" Naruto told him as it had been a few days since their last challenge ended and Chris had finally told them they'd be having another one today.

"I should….hopefully" Geoff muttered, not quite looking one hundred percent confident which somewhat worried Naruto as they sat down at their team's table with 'casserole' made from the leftovers of the cooking challenge.

"I swear, if you think I'm gonna let you two get away with locking me in the freezer you have another thing coming!" Heather growled out as Naruto overheard her, looking subtly over his shoulder to see the 'queen bee' glaring at Leshawna and Lindsay(*1). "I am going to make you both sorry that you ever met me" she threatened, Lindsay scooching closer to Gwen while Leshawna scoffed.

"Too late for that" she said with a roll of her eyes, Naruto's attention pulled away as something thumped onto the table in front of him with him turning to see it being DJ's pet rabbit.

"Might want to be careful with the little guy. I think it might be safer to keep him in the cabin" Naruto suggested as he pet the small rabbit, smiling as he always liked animals. "It's not like any of us mind since you seriously trained this thing to use a 'litter box' super quick" he said since it was a surprise DJ had gotten his rabbit to go in a box of sand so quickly.

None of the guys minded given DJ was quick to clean up after it to make sure it didn't stink up the cabin especially given the Harold incident and all.

"I know but for now I like having him around. I'll put him away before the challenge starts" DJ said, getting a nod from Naruto before he and Geoff grew a bit weirded out to see DJ drink some of his casserole before 'baby birding' the rabbit.

Naruto just shook it off and decided to ignore - and somewhat erase - what he just saw as he got up to get some coffee. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit as he saw Duncan stuff a spare coffee cup in his pocket.

"Sorry klepto but I'm gonna need that cup" Naruto joked as he put Duncan in a lighthearted one armed head lock, getting a groan from the punk as he handed it over with a smirk.

"Geez, you sound like my mom" Duncan joked back, elbowing him in the side before Naruto let him go so he could sit down while Naruto got his own coffee.

They thankfully were able to eat their breakfast for a bit before Chris announced to meet at the docks over the PA.


As they arrived at the docks Naruto was thankful that DJ seemingly dropped his rabbit off at the cabin given he arrived a bit late to the docks and he didn't see a rabbit head sticking out of his pocket like it tended to do.

"So, last week's challenge exposed a few Gopher issues and my drama senses are telling me there is something that might spark in the Bass pond one of these days" Chris announced, getting some glares between Leshawna and Heather while the Bass team looked confused since they all felt like things were going great on their team.

"So that's why this week's challenge will be centered around building trust. There will be five challenges, each challenge will involve two people from each time that I pick at random. Due to the numbers four Gophers will go twice and two Bass will do the same" Chris explained to them before holding up three fingers.

"To make things more interesting the first, third, and last challenges will all be blindfolded challenges to really dial up the 'trust' you need to have in your teammates! After all, all good things begin with a little trust!" Chris reminded them with a large grin on his face that they all knew spelled trouble.

-Confession Cam- | Gwen

"Personally, I have a bit of trouble trusting my team….save for Lindsay I guess. Last person I trusted on my team was Trent and he left me buried alive…." Gwen grumbled out with a sigh.

"Though in the end it helped get me to where I am so I guess it wasn't too bad" she admitted, smiling softly before she remembered the camera and covered it with her hand to hide her blush before she left.

-Cam End-

"The first challenge is what I like to call 'Reverse Blind William Tell'" Christ told them as they followed him and arrived at a clearing with a bucket of protective goggles, arrows, and crabapples with an intern handing Chris two blind folds and two slingshots.

"Unlike legendary marksman William Tell you'll instead be knocking arrows off your partner's head with crabapples while blindfolded" he continued, putting an arrow and a pair of goggles on DJ before returning to the bucket of crabapples and putting on one of the blindfolds. "The shooter who knocks off the arrow first - or possibly with the least facial damage - wins" he announced as he pulled back and let a crabapple fly, only for every man in the area to wince as it had hit DJ directly in his….well, 'crabapples'.

"Ahhhhh, nuts!" Chris said as DJ groaned in pain on the floor before smirking at his own pun while pretty much everyone else just rolled their eyes. "Katie and Cody will be one team while Courtney and Bridgette will be the other" he announced as Harold raised his hand.

"I'm violently allergic to apples" he told the host, getting a few raised eyebrows from those around him.

"Okay? You aren't participating in it so why announce it?" Naruto asked as he and Eva helped the gentle giant walk over to the side away from the line of fire since he was incapable of doing anything other than curl up in a ball - a reaction all the guys around him definitely understood.

"So which one do you want to be?" Bridgette asked as they watched Katie take the blindfold and Cody seemingly decide to be the target, even after seeing what happened to DJ.

"I'll shoot the crabapples as I actually did some archery as a CIT, I know it isn't exactly the same but it's something?" Courtney suggested a bit unsure how well it'd carry over while Bridgette shrugged since she figured it was better than nothing.

Both Bridgette and Cody grew a bit nervous as they watched their teammates get blindfolded with an intern beside them ready to supply them with crabapples as needed. "And if everything's ready? Start!" Chris announced as Courtney and Katie pulled back a crabapple ready to fire.

"I'm sorry if I hit you but just try and correct my aim!" Courtney yelled out as the first crabapples flew out from both blind archers.

As the others watched things more or less seemed even as while Katie's aim seemed to be abysmal - her crab apples flying off to knock out a bear, hit a seagull floating nearby, and fly into a random cave somehow - Courtney was going a bit too slow as she took her time to readjust after each miss.

Neither 'target' was coming off unscathed though as with Katie, the ones that did occasionally get close to Cody, ended up mainly hitting him in the chest while Bridgette seemed to be hit a few times after every 'correction'. Though both seemed to be taking it rather well as getting hit was to be expected.

"Props to Bridgette for handling being hit so many times" Eva admitted with an ever so slight wince as an apple hit Bridgette in the chest, dangerously close to her breasts.

"I'm more surprised small fry is still conscious after getting hit….even if it's just every fifth shot that gets to him" Duncan said as Katie's aim was definitely something….

"Come on Katie! I could do better than that!" Heather yelled out, clearly annoyed that it was taking so long though Naruto figured that the yelling definitely wasn't helping.

Everyone continued to watch until, to the surprise of everyone and despite the number of misses and the small amount of crabapples left in her bucket, Katie actually knocked the arrow off Cody's head.

"And with that we have a winner! First point goes to the Screaming Gophers!" Chris announced, getting Courtney to groan as she took her blindfold off.

"Sorry guys, I should have gone faster…." Courtney grumbled with a frown before Eva patted her on the back, slightly pushing her forward from her natural strength.

"Don't worry so much about it as I'm sure Bridgette didn't mind the pace. Plus there are more challenges to go, we can turn this around" Eva encouraged, the others nodding along since one loss wasn't going to screw them over and it was the first of five challenges.

"We'll just have to keep at it with the other challenges to make sure we don't fall behind" DJ assured her which seemed to lighten up her spirits and get a nod from her with a determined look growing on her face.

"Now everyone! Meet me in the mess hall in five minutes for the next challenge!" Chris announced he walked off, giving them a bit of a breather in between challenges which made sense given two contestants were bruised up a bit from crabapples.

"How you holding up?" Naruto asked Bridgette, offering his hand to help her up as she had plopped down on the ground the second Katie had won and had been rubbing a few of the spots where she had been hit.

"I'm fine, just glad I didn't get hit too much" Bridgette admitted before she accepted his hand and he pulled her up to her feet.

"So what do you think the next challenge is going to be?" DJ asked with a worried look on his face as he rubbed his arm a bit.

"I honestly have no idea as I never would've guessed this weird blindfolded reverse challenge if you gave me all day. All I know is that it probably won't be anything simple like a 'trust fall'" Naruto said, sighing a bit as everyone nodded along since challenges were never 'simple' even with a simple theme like 'trust'.

-Mess Hall-

Naruto seriously couldn't stop himself from rolling his eyes as he watched an intern flip through the air and land behind a podium with Chris standing up and acting as if he had just been the one to do it.

A shared look to Eva, who stood beside him at one table while Lindsay and a still somewhat recovering Cody stood beside the other, showed that she also found it to be ridiculous.

"And now round two! The extreme! Cooking! Challenge!" Chris declared one word at a time for 'dramatic effect' while everyone merely watched as the intern crawled out of the room, failing at going unnoticed with silence filling the room until they left.

"Each team must choose who cooks and who eats before we get down to explaining the challenge so take a minute to figure that out" Chris told them with Naruto sighing as he rubbed the back of his head.

"What do you think? I'm down for either since I think we trust each other pretty well already" Naruto asked since no matter who did what he was certain they'd have faith in one another.

"I guess I'll cook then since I kinda had fun with it last time" Eva said, muttering the last part with an ever so slight blush before he chuckled and nodded with a smile to show he was fine with it.

"Ooo! Caleb! I'll be the cook!" Lindsay said excitedly, getting the still dizzy Cody to blush a bit as she put her hands on his shoulder with a smile.

-Confession Cam- | Cody

"Okay, Lindsay might not be the smartest girl here but it's cooking so how bad could she screw things up?" Cody asked the camera before smirking a bit. "Plus, it could get me some brownie points with the hottest girl on the island if we win together" he added with a bit of a chuckle as he rubbed the spot on his shoulder that she had touched.

-Cam End-

"Today you'll be preparing Fugu sashimi, otherwise known as the traditional poisonous Japanese blowfish" Chris revealed to them as Chef rolled two blowfish in an aquarium into the mess hall, a loud gong ringing out before a projector whirred to life.

"The fugu blowfish contains enough lethal toxin to kill 30 people" Chris told them as he pointed to a diagram of the fish with lines on it to show which parts were poisonous and which weren't all while Chef tapped on the glass to get them to puff up.

"Fishies! Meet your maker!" Chef yelled out, grabbing the fishes by their tails before tossing them onto the cutting boards on each table that the interns had just brought out.

"They must be sliced very carefully to cut around the poisonous organs" the host said as Lindsay poked hers with her knife a bit. "The poison paralyzes the nerves and there is no antidote! So no worries" he said, instantly dropping the tension as if it was nothing

"Don't let his words freak you out, there's no antidote as muscle relaxers and a day of rest are the cure. They aren't as poisonous as they seem nowadays" Naruto told Eva quietly, easing her worries while Lindsay's poking sent her fish flying around like an opened balloon which definitely didn't spell good news for Cody….

"And begin!" Chris declared with a laugh while Naruto patted Eva on the back and sat down at the table.

"You seriously aren't worried?" Bridgette asked as she and the others of his team walked over to him.

"Naw, I'm fine. I trust her and it wouldn't be the first time I suffer from dangerous food given my friend's food is more dangerous" Naruto told them, shivering at the memory of the food Fu made.

He mainly relaxed as Eva concentrated, occasionally looking her way or over at Lindsay to see how she was doing. He felt a bit bad for Cody as, bless Lindsay's heart, she definitely wasn't cut out for this as her finished product looked like a big glop of mashed fish with a head, tail, and fin poking out from it and a smiley face of ketchup on top.

Eva on the other hand had impressively made some really good looking pieces of sushi.

"Wow, nice job Eva. Sushi rolling isn't easy but these look professionally made" Naruto told her with a smile, getting her to rub her arm and look away out of embarrassment before he picked one up.

He could literally feel all eyes on him, Chris and Chef most of all, as he put the piece into his mouth and started to eat it. Once swallowed he looked around before chuckling and giving Eva a thumbs up.

"See, knew you could do it" he told her, getting a big smile from her as the team rushed over to congratulate her.

They were quick about it as once they noticed Lindsay putting her plate in front of Cody everyone grew quiet.

"Ta-da!" Lindsay excitedly announced, Cody looking very worried as he picked up a piece of the dish with a fork and brought it up to his mouth. As he swallowed it didn't take long for weird stuff to happen as Cody quickly began hitting himself and screamed before going normal only to quickly tense up and fall to the floor twitching - now a very pale blue color.

"It's cool! Give him a day and he'll be up walking and breathing good as new but with that it's a point to the Bass!" Chris assured them before Chef - who was now disturbingly in a nurse's outfit - carried off a still twitching Cody. "Now follow me for the next blindfolded challenge and trust me, it'll be a doozy!" he said, getting attention back on him as they followed, Naruto grabbing the plate of sushi before they left which got a few eyerolls and weird looks given what had just happened to Cody.

He just figured, since it wasn't poisonous and sushi being one of his favorite foods he's been missing, there was no harm in having more. He even got Courtney and a few others to try some.

"Don't worry about it Lindsay, it looked pretty intense so we don't blame you" Gwen assured her, patting her on the back as others nodded along.

"Like I don't think I would've been able to do it either for sure" Katie said with a frown since it looked way too complex with very little room for error.

"Whatever, just stay focused, we can't lose again! I won't allow it!" Heather hissed out as she stomped past them, glaring at them as Gwen rolled her eyes.

"Don't pay attention to her girl, I know I don't" Leshawna said with a chuckle before they caught back up with the others.

-Forest Clearing-

"And now! The blind trapeze!" Chris announced as they arrived at a makeshift trapeze with two swings to hang from side by side. "To avoid serious injury the trapeze has been set up over this pond….which is full of jellyfish" he continued, getting gasps of fear from some people before tossing Harold and Lindsay blindfolds.

"You two will stand blindfolded on the platform until your partners," Chris said before pointing to Gwen and Geoff "tell you to jump" he explained, getting a bit of a worried look from Lindsay.

"And then?" she asked, getting a chuckle from Chris.

"Then hopefully they catch you or that's going to be one hell of a painful swim" he said with a chuckle as everyone could hear the 'crackling' of the jellyfish as they swam around in the pond.

Naruto tried not to look worried as he subtly met eyes with Gwen and Lindsay, them both clearly a bit worried but seemed to trust one another as they nodded to each other with determined eyes. He doubted they'd be careless given how close the two of them were but this felt like a challenge that could go wrong with the smallest slip up.

"I'm sure she'll be fine as she's not the one jumping" Duncan whispered to him - referring to Gwen only to ease his worries given he didn't know of his relationship with Lindsay - as he patted him on the back. Naruto could only nod as he watched Gwen get on the trapeze and start swinging, the worry not really going away at all given everything.

"Look Lindsay, you're going to have to trust me and jump when I say so. Okay? We can't have you hesitate and miss time things" Gwen told her, getting a nervous nod from Lindsay as she hugged the nearby pole for support.

"I-I trust you, j-just promise you'll catch me?" the clearly nervous Lindsay asked as Gwen nodded.

"I promise so get ready. It'll be on three so jump the second you hear me say it" she told her, getting Lindsay to let go of the pole with a nod as she got ready to jump.

"One….two…." Gwen slowly said, trying to time things just right before she figured it out. "Three!" she yelled, getting Lindsay to instantly leap off the platform towards her.

As she reached out she was quick to grab tightly, as did Lindsay, before they swung across with Lindsay pulling her legs up so they wouldn't skim into the water. Once on the other side interns were quick to grab Lindsay and help both of them get off the trapeze.

Lindsay, the second she was off the platform and unblindfolded, wasted no time in hugging Gwen tightly which resulted in the goth girl's face to be buried in Lindsay's breasts. Naruto couldn't stop from rolling his eyes as he heard Duncan mutter out 'lucky' under his breath which only got some glares from the ladies around them.

He was also quick to give them both a warm smile, happy to see them safe as they noticed but - due to everything and everyone around them - couldn't really respond.

With their team up next the girls stopped being angry and turned their focus on watching as Geoff got on the trapeze and began swinging while Harold put on the blindfold on. Instantly Naruto could feel like something bad was about to happen with how dizzy and out of it Geoff looked.

Naruto almost couldn't look as he watched Geoff shake his head and blink repeatedly, clearly trying to shake off whatever was messing with him. It wasn't a mystery to him given what Geoff had told him, it was obvious the man was hungover and it was getting to him.

"Um Geoff, when do you want me to jump?" Harold nervously asked out after a good deal of silence with Geoff not saying anything to him.

"R-Right, sorry. Give me a second" Geoff told him, remembering where he was as he kept swinging. "Okay um….now!" Geoff yelled out before he widened his eyes. "Wait, no! Not yet!" he quickly corrected once he realized his dizziness was making him misjudge things.

He was too late though as Harold already leapt, completely missing Geoff's arms and splashing directly into the pond.

His screams made everyone wince before Naruto and Duncan helped quickly pull him out once he got close enough to the edge so they could do it without getting stung. Naruto even kicked a jellyfish off Harold since he wore long pants and boots to protect him.

"And that's a point for the Screaming Gophers" Chris announced, still wincing at the sight as the interns helped get Geoff off the trapeze with Chef carrying off the also twitching Harold to the infirmary.

"Dudes, I am so sorry. I just got dizzy up there and mistimed things" Geoff apologized once he rejoined them, Naruto noticing how he wobbled a bit as he ran over.

"I-It's okay dude, we all make mistakes. Plus on a trapeze it's probably really hard to time things" DJ said, trying to assure him despite the sight still being a rough one.

"We still got two more challenges to do and, if things go bad, I plan to make the last one worth three points to spice things up! So come on, off to the next challenge!" Chris announced, once again motioning them to follow.

"He's right, there's still time to turn things around so we can't give up yet" Courtney encouraged as best she could as the others nodded along.

"We'll see about that losers! So far we've been killing the blind challenges so I highly doubt you'll catch up!" Heather yelled out with a big smug smile until a glare from Eva sent her hurrying off.

"Don't let her get to us, if we do then she wins in more than one" Eva grumbled out before walking off after the others with everyone else following alongside her.

Naruto though stayed a bit behind, keeping Geoff back as well with a frown. "Your hangover is worse than you thought, isn't it?" Naruto asked, getting a flinch from Geoff which showed he hit the nail on the head.

"It honestly wasn't this bad until I started swinging. I'm so sorry dude, I really shouldn't have partied last night like that" Geoff apologized as Naruto could only sigh while he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Look man, I'm not gonna lecture you as I've done stupid stuff as well in the past but if you get picked again then just try and make an excuse for why you can't do the challenge. If that doesn't work then just try not to be the one in the main role like this last challenge" Naruto told him, not wanting to bag on him as it'd be demeaning to have it be done by someone his age.

Plus he really didn't have room to talk with stuff he's done in the past while travelling around.

"Got it, I really hope I don't get picked again but if I do I'll do my best" Geoff tried his best to assure him before Naruto nodded.

"That's fine, now let's head back before people start wondering where we wandered off to" Naruto said before they hurried off to catch up with the others since they didn't want to hold things up or make people worried.


"Okay! For the next challenge you'll be doing an extreme freehand rock climbing adventure!" Chris declared as everyone looked up at the tall cliffside in front of them. "DJ and Duncan will play for the Bass while Heather and Leshawna are for the Gophers" he decided, getting a disgruntled look from Leshawna and a glare from Heather as the two looked at one another.

Things were obviously tense between the two of them as the second Chris tossed each team their belays and harnesses Heather was quick to snatch them both away from Leshawna.

"What is your damage girl!?" Leshawna barked out as Heather glared hard at her.

"If you think I'm going to let you hold me up after you locked me in a freezer you are nuts" Heather told her with scoff while Leshawna rolled her eyes at her.

"You won't be holding her up exactly as one camper pulls the slack through the belay as their partner climbs. If the climber falls the belay will stop them from crashing" Chris explained, tossing a rope to Duncan who tugged on it to show how the belay was stopping the rope from being fed through.

"The catch is though that both the side and the base of the mountain are rigged with a few minor distractions like rusty nails, slippery oil slicks, mild explosives, and a few other surprises" the host revealed, once again showing that things were never simple in this show since even some mountain climbing had some chaos mixed in.

"The person on belay must also harness their partner up, it's all about trust people" he continued, DJ and Duncan having no problem with it while Heather and Leshawna were intensely glaring at each other with only a few inches between their faces.

"And remember: never let go of the rope! Your partner's life depends on it!" Chris gravely reminded them….mainly to avoid lawsuits.

"Excuse me, can I trade partners?" Leshawna asked as she raised her hand. "I really don't feel like being dropped on my head today by little miss 'queen bee' over here" she said as Heather scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Puh-lease, as much as I'd love your company I'm not gonna throw a challenge just to kill you….yet" Heather told her, getting shocked looks from everyone while Heather looked unphased by them. "Now spread them" she added, getting a sigh from Leshawna before she decided it was less of a headache to just go along with it.

Chris, obviously, gave them time to strap up the harnesses and - surprisingly enough - even offered advice here and there on how to do it.

"Never tried this before, have you?" DJ asked as he stood still while Duncan worked on getting everything set up.

"Oh yeah, they teach you how to climb walls in prison all the time" he sarcastically replied with a smirk before Naruto chuckled.

"It'll be fine DJ. It's not that big of a cliffside and, all things considered alongside the obstacles, it seems an easy climb" Naruto assured him, getting some eyes on him.

"So you've climbed before?" Harold asked before Naruto nodded and shrugged his shoulders.

"A few times, a couple friends of mine are very athletic so they invited me along a few times. It was fun but this climb seems easy and safe so don't worry" Naruto told him since compared to the insanely steep mountains he's climbed up in the past this looked like something he could do without a harness.

Though he wasn't about to say that due to the risk that Chris might take it as a challenge to crank up the difficulty.

"There, you're all hooked up" Heather said as she finished with Leshawna, it having taken a bit more time due to Leshawna's figure and curves.

"What's the second rope for?" Leshawna asked, immediately not trusting the girl since she knew better.

"It's a backup line as, no offense, I'm a stringbean so I need to make sure the lines stop for sure if you fall" Heather told her, being careful a bit since - while she didn't like Leshawna - she wasn't about to light her fuse given she had seen what she almost did to Harold for saying something like that.

"Uh-huh…" Leshawana said, still not believing her for a moment.

-Confession Cam | Heather

"It's her fault for messing with me" Heather told the viewers with a serious look on her face. "I've got a doctorate in revenge and humiliation and I'm more than happy to use it" she warned them as she wanted pay back for the freezer and she sure as hell was going to get it with this window of opportunity.

-Cam End-

As the climbing started both DJ and Leshawna were pretty much neck and neck, both going at the same pace as they tried to safely climb up the cliffside. Leshawna was able to speed ahead a bit as she found a steady path forward…..only for the cliff to explode a bit, sending her falling off.

"Ow!" Leshawna groaned out as her descent suddenly stopped.

"It's okay! I've got you!" Heather yelled out to her, Leshawna thankful for the save but still grumbling a bit at the suddenness of it before she got back to climbing.

"I promised surprises! Habanero pepper sauce anyone!?" Chris asked as he popped out in front of the camera with a water gun before shooting at Heather, dousing her in it.

"What the hell Chris!?" Heather yelled out in annoyance as she carefully worked to make sure none got in her eyes, letting go of the ropes which in turn caused Leshawna to fall back down with a loud thud.

"Muy caliente~!" Chris said with a smile for the camera before turning his focus to Duncan, shooting at him only to find out the punk had sunglasses and even opened his mouth to drink the pepper sauce like it was nothing.

"Is that really the best you can do?" Duncan asked, smirking as he licked his lips since what Chris didn't know was that he and his friends had once ordered some insanely hot peppers online and messed around eating them.

Due to that this stuff was literally weak sauce to what he had tasted back then.

"Is that the best we can do?" Chris asked the camera in a whisper as, annoyingly, the producers didn't allow him to get ghost pepper sauce due to the blinding effects it had if it got into the eyes.

He thought this was the next best thing but apparently not….

Leshawna wasted no time as she got back to climbing with Heather back to holding her ropes again. Luckily DJ seemed to be having troubles with his side of the cliffside, allowing her to catch back up with him and even start to overtake him again.

"Come on Leshawna! You don't wanna fall….behind!" Heather called out as everyone watched, knowing something was going to happen from the look on her face, before Heather pulled on the second rope.

Everyone could only look in a mix of shock and surprise as the rope ripped a massive chunk out of the back of Leshawna's pants.

It was obvious at first glance just how big her ass was when just looking at Leshawna but now it was very, very clear just how big it was given the chunk removed pretty much exposed all of it to everyone below.

Saying it was fat was an understatement with how incredibly plump and full it looked, especially with how her lacy somewhat see-through panties were being swallowed up between her cheeks to make them look like a thong.

"Whoa, you do not see that every day" Duncan said with a smirk as he stared up above, taking off his glasses as Chris - who wasn't looking due to being an adult while Leshawna was a teenager - merely nodded along.

"No you don't my man" Chris said in a careful tone while he turned the other way.

"Oh hell no! You did not just fucking do that!" Leshawna essentially roared out as she reached behind and snatched the piece of fabric out of the air quicker than anyone expected.

Heather, smartly, was quick to try and run as Leshawna started to scale down the mountain. What she didn't expect was Eva to put her in a full nelson to stop her.

"Girls, you guys stop Leshawna from murdering Heather and I'll keep her from running" Eva told the others, getting nods from Bridgette and Courtney as they hurried off to try and get ready to stop her.

"Y-You can't do this! This is interfering in the challenge!" Heather yelled out as she tried to struggle and free herself from Eva's hold on her, looking to Chris who had a shit eating grin from the drama unfolding as he shook his head.

"Sorry but you ran off and ditched the ropes first. It'd be a totally different thing if she grabbed you while you were still holding the rope" Chris told her with a shrug of his shoulders which only got her to struggle even more.

Expectedly, in Leshawna's rage, she pushed Courtney and Bridgette aside the second they ran to try and stop her. A quick look between Naruto and Eva made it clear that he needed to stop her next the same way Eva had stopped Heather…..even if the back of her pants were torn completely off.

Naruto could only groan as he walked towards Leshawna and cracked his neck while rolling his shoulders a bit to limber up. "Leshawna, please don't hate me for this and girls, please don't think I'm a pervert because of this" Naruto said as he waited for the last second with Leshawna stomping towards him, clearly ready to shove him aside even harder to get him out of the way, before he slipped around her and got her in a full nelson as well.

"Courtney, Bridgette, get Leshawna a towel or something to cover up! Naruto, follow me and make sure she isn't exposed to the cameras!" Eva ordered, everyone pretty much listening to her as - even with Leshawna yelling and struggling - he was able to walk backwards with her after Eva.

Naruto seriously had to use every ounce of power he had to keep from….reacting as he felt Leshawna's incredibly plump ass against him as they walked, her struggling and fighting him made it seriously even more difficult since it caused her ass to press against him even more.

Unsurprisingly he failed - as any straight man would with an ass like Leshawna's - but thankfully they got a forest clearing before it ended up being pressed against her too much.

"Okay Leshawna, if you promise not to kill Heather we'll let you go" Eva told her, snapping Leshawna out of her struggling rage and getting her to meet eyes with her.

"Deal!" Leshawna immediately agreed, getting Heather to widen her eyes in fear.

"W-What!? You can't do this!" Heather yelled out as she furiously tried breaking free to no avail. "Cameramen! She'll get taken off the show if she attacks me! Won't she!?" she asked out, hoping for a way out of it before a cameraman shook his head.

"I mean, if she full on attacks you then yeah but Chris has a clause in the female contracts to allow catfighting for drama's sake" he told her, only making Heather go more pale as - with a shared look - both Eva and Naruto let go.

Though Eva was just a second slower to keep Heather from being able to even think of getting away.

Naruto, as much as he tried to look away, couldn't keep from glancing a few times out of the corner of his eye as Leshawna and Heather fought - though calling it a 'fight' was too much given how one sided it was.

What surprised him, and the other girls who showed up just as the fighting started, was Leshawna's 'payback' against Heather which was very 'eye for an eye' with how she ripped Heather's short shorts completely off. The feat alone was impressive enough to make him stare a bit only to quickly remember after a few seconds that he was staring at two girls in their panties.

Thankfully he was able to look away before any girls noticed he was looking.

Though Naruto did admit that Heather's ass did look pretty nice, very round and bubbly which her black g-string - a very bold choice of panties - showed off completely given there was basically only a string between her cheeks.

"H-Hey! You at least have some pants left to cover yourself! What about me!?" Heather yelled out, her voice very squeaky and her face dark red out of embarrassment before Leshawna tossed her the ripped shreds of her pants.

"Cover yourself up with that and maybe next time you'll think twice about doing something like this to me of all people!" Leshawna barked out as she glared murderously at Heather while wrapping the towel that Courtney and Bridgette brought her around her waist. "Did you seriously think I wouldn't retaliate?" she asked, Heather merely looking away as what looked like tears were forming in the corners of her eyes.

"J-Just shut up! I don't want to hear it! None of you would understand!" Heather yelled back before she stomped off, doing her best to cover up with what little of her shorts remained while some camera guys followed after her.

"Well, if you got this all covered I'm going to go since as a guy I don't feel like I'm supposed to be here" Naruto told the girls as he looked up at the sky to make it clear he wasn't looking anywhere towards them before he turned around. "Sorry again for getting so close to you when you are kind of pantsless" he apologized again before Leshawna chuckled a bit.

"It's fine sugar, it was for the best to keep me from straight up murdering Heather. You go on back to the others" Leshawna assured him with a smile in her tone, getting a thumbs up from him before he hurriedly walked off before she let out a dreamy sigh once he was gone.

"What was that for?" Courtney asked, a bit confused and worried given the dreamy look on Leshawna's face before she chuckled a bit.

"Well, let's just say I felt something hard as he was holding me back and I'm not talking about his abs or muscles~" Leshawna told the others with a wink, smirking as all of them - even the stoic Eva - started to blush. "Can't say I blame him when an ass like mine is pressed up against him~" she purred out, running her hands down her sides before giving her ass a spank and walking off with a very clear sway to her hips while Eva and Courtney couldn't hold back from glaring at her as she left.

"We'd better hurry back to the others before we potentially delay the next challenge" Bridgette said nervously, the intensity of the glares - especially from Eva - making her sweat a bit before they thankfully nodded.


As Naruto arrived at where the cameramen told him the others were waiting he couldn't help but sigh as Duncan quickly draped an arm over his shoulder and pulled him aside. "So how was it~?" he asked with a massive smile on his face before Naruto just rolled his eyes and pulled his arm off of him.

"Stop being a perv and let's just get this challenge over with" Naruto said as he continued to join back up with his team with Courtney, Eva, and Bridgette arriving shortly after. It was obvious that Leshawna and Heather were excused for the rest of the day and given they both had been in challenges already it wouldn't mess anything up.

He had also been told by the cameramen that his team won so they were tied with this as the deciding challenge.

"And now for the final challenge, the blind toboggan race" Chris declared as Chef brought out two toboggans before he leaned them against and started to grease up the bottoms of them which instantly worried everyone. "It's quite simple, each team will have a driver - who is blindfolded - and a navigator who shouts directions" he explained before he looked around for who to pick.

"For the Gophers how about Gwen and Katie while the Bass it'll be DJ and Geoff" Chris decided, getting a worried look from Geoff as he quickly raised his hand.

"Um, dude? Can you maybe pick someone else? I'm feeling a bit sick" Geoff said in hopes that it might get him off the hook only for Chris to chuckle.

"Cool, try not to puke on your partner" he said with a laugh before he directed the others to head back down the mountain which only got grumbles from them, especially those who had just gotten there.

"This is going to go terribly, I can feel it" Courtney groaned out as they arrived at the finish line while Duncan nodded along.

"Yeah, I don't know what's up with him but Geoff's been out of it all day" Duncan said with a sigh as the Bass team sat down on some tree logs and stumps.

"Let's just hope DJ can pull things together with whatever role Geoff gets" Naruto sighed out as he laid down on the ground beside where Eva was sitting, almost not wanting to watch as the cameramen told them the challenge would be starting soon.

-Top of the Mountain-

As the bullhorn blew behind them, a push from Chris and Chef sending them off, DJ was beyond afraid for his safety as he held onto the toboggan as best as he could while Geoff was behind the 'wheel'. It had been a tough choice but, with how dizzy he was with Harold on the trapeze DJ felt having him being blindfolded might be for the best.

Still didn't mean he wasn't still afraid.

"L-Left! No, your other left!" DJ guided Geoff, somewhat panicking when he went right instead of left and corrected barely in time to keep from hitting a tree. "You've gotta listen to me man or else we're gonna seriously die! Now go right!" DJ yelled out, his voice having more of a high-pitched squeak as he panicked due to Geoff's weird behavior with how there almost seemed to be a delay before he actually did anything.

"I'm sorry dude! I'm trying my best! I seriously shouldn't have partied last night!" Geoff yelled out as he steered to the right, the back of the toboggan hitting the tree due to him being slow to turn and nearly sending them into a tailspin before he somehow fixed it.

"You did what!? Also turn left!" DJ asked in shock before yelling out directions, getting a vigorous nod from Geoff before he hung his head in shame seemingly.

"I partied with the interns and got drunk, I've had a hangover all day….just thought you should know in case we crash into a tree!" he cried out before turning but not quite in time as a bit of the right corner of the toboggan shattered from clipping the tree.

Getting the toboggan under control was incredibly difficult, the two of them spinning out for a while as they continued to speed down the mountain. Even when they finally did get it back under control a loud explosion behind them nearly made them jump off the toboggan due to how much it startled them.

"What the hell was that!?" Geoff yelled in shock as more explosions rang out around them before the camera switched over to Chris at the top of the mountain.

"We had a few explosives leftover and I just hate to waste" Chris said with a smirk as he pushed down on a detonation plunger a few times, each time causing an explosion as he chuckled at the mayhem.

"It's Chris being crazy now just shut up and let me drive! I don't care if we get disqualified, I refuse to die here!" DJ yelled out as he reached forward and started to steer the toboggan on his own.

-At the Finish Line-

"How are we doing?" Naruto asked as he could hear explosions and still refused to watch the race, his arms crossed over his eyes as he laid on the ground to avoid looking.

"Well our toboggan got a bit shattered by a tree and now DJ is steering so I'm guessing we're disqualified as DJ didn't want to die….can't say I blame him" Courtney said with a sigh since she might not know why DJ suddenly decided to do it she was willing to believe it was for a good reason.

"Katie and Gwen are doing amazingly though, can't say I expected anything else" Duncan said, shrugging since neither girl were really the 'butting heads' type afterall.

"Just tell me when it's over" Naruto sighed out as another explosion rang out.

"Well, I think it's just about to" Bridgette said in surprise, getting Naruto's attention as he moved his arms and looked over just in time to see DJ and Geoff literally fall from the sky and land on the finish line with Katie and Gwen arriving seconds later.

He, and everyone else around, had to cover and shield themselves with their hands and arms as bits of the toboggan shattered off from the force of the fall.

"And with that the Bass are the winners of the toboggan race!" Chris announced over a megaphone as he drove up on a golf cart.

"Yay! Wait….why are you all celebrating?" Lindsay asked as she was the only Gopher around other than Katie and Gwen due to Cody being injured and both Heather and Leshawna off due to wardrobe issues.

"Because there's clearly a 'but' coming" Naruto told her, already sensing it was coming which got a smirk from Chris.

"But indeed, no pun intended" Chris started off with a chuckle. "Due to DJ taking up the job as driver he broke the rules of the challenge so the Bass forfeit the challenge and the Gophers are the winners!" he declared, expecting some cheers only for silence until they heard a cheer.

"Finally! We finally beat you all! It's about time!" Heather cheered out as she seemingly had arrived just as Chris announced the results. Courtney couldn't help but chuckle though as Heather was wearing a pair of grey sweatpants.

"What's up with the sweatpants?" Duncan asked only to get a fiery glare from Heather.

"Mind your own damn business punk! That's what's up with them!" she snapped back, getting Duncan to hold his hands up in defense as he stepped back.

"Easy there, no need to bite my head off" he said before he walked over to Naruto. "What peed in her cheerios?" Duncan asked since he was the one who dragged Leshawna off after everything.

"Best to just leave her be for now, she's just pissed off that no one here likes her" Leshawna answered as she walked up, wearing a pair of sweatpants as well before eyeing Heather calmly with a bit of a smirk on her face even as Heather sent back a furious glare.

The stare off went on for a bit before Heather stomped off which only made Leshawna smirk a bit more at until Chris blew an airhorn to get attention back on him.

"Now Bass, for the first time in a long while you'll be having an elimination ceremony so think long and hard about who you are going to send home. Everyone else just try to relax and recover as today's challenges were a doozy, on both sides" Chris said with a chuckle as both sides were definitely a bit beaten up due to the challenges.

As the Gophers left, Naruto sent Gwen and Lindsay a subtle smile as they looked his way in hopes that it'd help them not worry too much about him. After all he was fairly confident he was in good standings with his team right now.

He couldn't help but blush a bit though as Leshawna gave him a wink with a smirk before she walked off and he felt a bit bad as he eyes were a bit glued to her ass while she left, him noticing a bit of a sway to her hips before he shook his head and refocused.

"So dude, what the hell is up with you today?" Duncan asked with a sigh as this really wasn't like Geoff.

"Oh I can answer that! Apparently he was out partying with the interns last night and is hungover! That's the reason why I grabbed control of the toboggan!" DJ told them, still a bit shaken up from the scary encounter - not that anyone blamed him for the outburst.

"Okay, doing that was stupid but you can't blame him too much since with Chris' random challenge schedule he had no idea there'd be one the next day plus him coming out and saying that to Chris could've gotten him in trouble" Naruto said in his defense given Chris had quickly ditched the whole 'every three days' for challenges.

The looks from his teammates showed they at least understood a bit though at the same time they still looked upset. Naruto could only give Geoff a shrug of his shoulders and an 'I tried my best' look before the team seemingly split up to individually think things over before the ceremony.

He could only sigh from it all before he headed into the forest to subtly loop around to try and find Gwen and Lindsay without anyone noticing. He was confused, and a bit worried, as he started to hear some rather sad crying of a girl nearby. Curiosity got the better of him as he headed towards the sound while worry made him wonder who it could possibly be given it didn't sound like anyone he really recognized.

It was definitely surprising when he found it to be Heather who was crying as she sat on a rock in a very small clearing - if you could call it that. She definitely seemed a bit on guard, not that he blamed her, as she quickly turned his way the second he walked into the clearing.

"W-What do you want!?" she hissed out while trying to wipe her tears and act like she hadn't just been crying.

This honestly put him in a bit of a tough spot as yes Heather was a mean person, the kind who'd be in the popular clique in highschool, but her crying felt seriously genuine and not fake tears done to try and get sympathy. If she seriously wanted sympathy she would have done it closer to camp, not in the middle of the forest where she couldn't ensure someone would find her.

"You okay?" Naruto asked a bit awkwardly given a tearful Heather wasn't what he expected to find in the slightest.

"As if you care….you're just like everyone else…." she grumbled out, him barely hearing the last part with how she muttered it into her knees as she pulled them up to her chest to hug.

"Look you can't blame everyone else for how they treat you when it's in response to how you acted towards them first" Naruto calmly told her, frowning as her behavior was becoming a bit more clear.

"I don't like being mean all the time….it's just kind of become this habit of mine….Do you think it's fun being the one everyone hates?" she asked him, tearing up again while she watched him walk over and sit on a stump across from her.

"Can't imagine that it is but you do realize acting defensive like this and 'hurting them before they can hurt you' doesn't help you at all, it just leaves you alone like how Beth and Lindsay left you" he told her as he understood that she wasn't a bitch just to be a bitch but because it was a soft of defense mechanism for her despite being a terrible one at that. "You can still change things, I don't think it's too late" he tried to assure her only to get a scoff from her.

"Easy for you to say, you didn't just get your shorts ripped off like they were wrapping paper…." she said before looking over at him, her cheeks growing a bit red from a blush. "You didn't see anything, did you?" she asked, hiding a bit behind her knees as she looked at him.

"A little bit but I quickly looked away so don't worry" he assured her as he looked to the side before sighing and looking back at her. "Honestly, despite everything, it's never too late to start changing. Sure that was a pretty big thing you did with Leshawna but an apology and slow change afterwards can still fix things. You just have to show, with your actions, that you are changing for the better" he explained, watching as her face was still buried in her legs, unsure she was actually listening until she nodded.

"Why are you helping me like this?" Heather asked as she sniffed, wiping her tears a bit more as she lowered her legs.

"Because no matter how bad someone is, the sight of you crying like this said to me there was some regret about what you had done and that there is another side to you" he explained with a soft smile as he stood up, offering his hand to her to help her up.

"Thanks…." she muttered as she took his hand and let him pull her up to her feet, clearly a bit embarrassed and unsure how to act given she had basically opened up to him more than she had to even her parents.

"Don't worry about it, just do your best and don't get discouraged if things aren't instant" he told her, getting a nod before he nodded back with a soft smile before he started to head back into the forest in search of Gwen and Lindsay.

Thankfully it didn't take long to find them as it seemed Gwen had the same idea about coming to find him with Lindsay happily alongside her, cutely hugging on Gwen's arm.

"Exciting day, eh?" Naruto asked with a chuckle as he walked up to his girlfriends, smiling as he gave each of them a kiss.

"Yeah you can say that, didn't expect to see Leshanwa's butt of all things though you got to do more than see" Gwen teased, getting him to blush before he grumbled a bit and sighed.

"It wasn't intentional, it was either grab her and drag her off or do nothing and let her murder Heather" Naruto told her while she smirked and nodded along, giving him a bit of a look that screamed 'suuuuure'.

"So did you like her butt against you?" Lindsay asked with a giggle, making him blush and look away which only made her giggle more before she and Gwen each grabbed a hand of his.

"Look, we don't blame you given the size of her ass but we're still confident in ours" Gwen said with a flirtatious smirk before they each put the hand they were holding onto their ass, putting theirs over it and squeezing to make him grab them.

"We also heard about what happened to Heather from Leshawna so you need to show us extra attention for seeing and being up against other girls~" Lindsay told him with a big smile as they both pressed up against him and began french kissing him together.

It was definitely a new experience, one he never expected to experience, as Gwen and Lindsay's faces were pretty close to being against one another as they kissed him. He was surprised they were okay with doing something like this given their tongues definitely were brushing up against the other as they kissed him.(*2)

It was seriously enough to get him in a bit of a daze as well once they broke they pulled back and broke the kiss.

"Well, safe to say that got everything he's seen today out of his head" Gwen said with a chuckle as Lindsay nodded happily.

"But let's make extra sure!" she said with a big smile, getting Gwen to smirk and nod in agreement.

-Elimination Ceremony-

"Dude, you okay there? You seem out of it" Duncan asked him with a smirk as he nudged him in the side with his elbow, finally getting his attention as he could see Chris coming up. "Did your girl have too much fun with you?" he asked in a low whisper before Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Today's been an exhausting day, I just wanna get it over with" Naruto assured him, Duncan rolling his eyes as he didn't believe him before he shrugged it off with a smirk just as Chris walked up and picked up the plate of marshmallows.

"So who's hungry for a tasty goodie that represents exemption, security, peace of mind and-" Chris started to list off before Courtney sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Just get on with it!" she groaned out, already tired of his prattling on even if they hadn't heard it in a long while.

"And if you don't get a marshmallow you have to walk the dock of shame and you can never come back. Ever" Chris sped through it before tossing a marshmallow to Duncan.

"One for Duncan, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Harold, and Naruto" he listed off, tossing a marshmallow to each person as he said their name. "And now we only have one left between both DJ and Geoff…." he trailed off, looking between the two of them so the dramatic tension could rise.

"Come on already!" Eva groaned out, just wanting to leave which got an annoyed look from Chris.

"Don't rush me! The audience eats up this kind of dramatic conclusion!" he told them before, after a few more seconds. "DJ" he finally revealed as he tossed the marshmallow out.

"Sorry dude, seems your team couldn't accept how your inebriation inebriated their win so it's off to the dock of shame for you" Chris told Geoff, getting a nod from the party boy as he stood up.

"I don't blame them dude, I messed things up but hey, after this we'll have to party together to make up for it" Geoff said, getting smiles and nods as honestly no one on the team hated Geoff.

It was more he just made the most sense given he did lose them the challenge.

"Sounds awesome man" Naruto said with a smile, getting Geoff to smile back before he ran off to the dock of shame, whooping and hollering like a true party boy which got some chuckles from the team.

"The rest of you are safe….for now" Chris told them ominously before smiling. "So rest up and recharge. Goodnight everybody!" he said before walking off and allowing them to head off back to their cabins.

As they got back Naruto and a few others watched a bit as over at the Gopher cabins Leshawna was staring down Heather with a glare but, surprisingly, Heather was calm and not matching it for once.

The stare off went on for a few seconds before Leshawna gave Heather what almost seemed to be an impressed nod before heading back into the cabin.

"What was that?" Bridgette asked her fellow Bass, confused at what they had just caught the end of, as Courtney shrugged and the others walked into their cabins since the prospect of something happening had disappeared.

Naruto though stayed out a bit longer, smiling over to Heather who noticed him and just gave him a simple nod to show that she had started things and seemingly apologized with the stare down probably being Leshawna eying her down to see if she was serious about it.

They both knew it would take time and effort to show the others she was serious about changing but he felt Heather could manage it since being alone was something that seriously upset her.

He was definitely curious to see how things went with Heather but only time could tell so he'd just have to work to stay in the game which honestly didn't seem too hard.

-Chapter End-

Now normally this would be where the chapter note stuff starts but I want to add something more to this chapter so enjoy this Omake. Explanation about it will be at the end with the chapter note stuff


| ~Omake~ | What if Leshawna did more than just rip off Heather's pants as revenge~? |

"Okay Leshawna, if you promise not to kill Heather we'll let you go" Eva told her, snapping Leshawna out of her struggling rage and getting her to meet eyes with her.

"Deal!" Leshawna immediately agreed, getting Heather to widen her eyes in fear.

"W-What!? You can't do this!" Heather yelled out as she furiously tried breaking free to no avail. "Cameramen! She'll get taken off the show if she attacks me! Won't she!?" she asked out, hoping for a way out of it before a cameraman shook his head.

"I mean, if she full on attacks you then yeah but Chris has a clause in the female contracts to allow catfighting for drama's sake" he told her, only making Heather go more pale as - with a shared look - both Eva and Naruto let go.

Though Eva was just a second slower to keep Heather from being able to even think of getting away.

Naruto, as much as he tried to look away, couldn't keep from glancing a few times out of the corner of his eye as Leshawna and Heather fought - though calling it a 'fight' was too much given how one sided it was.

What surprised him, and the other girls who showed up just as the fighting started, was Leshawna's 'payback' against Heather which was very 'eye for an eye' with how she sat on Heather's back and ripped her short shorts completely off. The feat alone was impressive enough to make him stare a bit only to quickly remember after a few seconds that he was staring at two girls in their panties.

Thankfully he was able to look away before any girls noticed he was looking.

Though Naruto did admit that Heather's ass did look pretty nice, very round and bubbly which her black g-string - a very bold choice of panties - showed off completely given there was basically only a string between her cheeks.

Naruto also was quick to hear the camera men quickly leaving the second Heather's pants came off, not that he blamed them as this wasn't quite something they could record due to the ages of the girls.

Considering the daze he was in he didn't register the fact that one camera guy had put a handheld video camera in his hand or that it was recording and pointed directly at the girls. Seeing two girls on top of each other with their asses on display definitely would make anyone kind of fail to notice anything if it wasn't directly in the way of the two girls….

"Get the hell off me! Your fat ass is too fucking heavy!" Heather yelled out as she struggled under Leshawna, kicking her legs and wiggling as best as she could with Leshawna sitting on her upper back with her exposed ass dangerously close to her face.

"Oh hell no! You did not just call me fat!" Leshawna yelled back with a glare, surprising everyone as she raised her hand and full on slapped Heather's ass. The sound that rang out in the clearing sounded more like a gunshot than a slap with Heather's loud yelp being understandable given her asscheek bright red already.

"W-What the hell! You can't spank me you bitch!" Heather hissed out, struggling harder until Leshawna gave her ass a few more hits, this time more like spanks and a lot less hard.

"It's obvious your momma never did so someone has to teach you a lesson or two! Especially after you flashed my ass to everyone!" she yelled out as she continued spanking Heather's butt.

As bad as it was for him to be watching and not trying to stop them he also couldn't help but enjoy the sight like any straight man would. Especially given how, despite not being that big, Heather's ass did look real nice when it got spanked.

The spanks continued until a sudden and unmistakable noise of Heather letting out a moan stopped Leshawna in her tracks and got Heather's face as red as a tomato.

"Girl did you just moan?" Leshawna asked with a somewhat shit eating grin as she looked back at Heather.

"Y-You're going crazy! There's no way I'd moan from someone spanking me against my will like this you freak!" Heather snapped back, glaring at Leshawna as best as she could despite the woman's ass pretty much blocking all of her view.

"Suuuure, then care to explain why you are drenched between your legs?" Leshawna asked, leaning over to see the queen bee's thong was soaked with juices running down her legs. "Girl you are like a river down here~" Leshawna teased with a smirk as she softly ran a finger over Heather's panties, her smirk growing as she heard Heather let out a soft and surprised moan.

Heather could barely struggle or even say anything as Leshawna kept rubbing her pussy over her panties, the slow strokes and the slight pressure of them was definitely getting to her. "If you are going to enjoy my revenge by spanking your ass then I might as well play around with you as my revenge instead as at least this way I can still dominate this ass" Leshawna told her, somewhat worrying her as she gave her ass a hard spank before Heather gasped, losing her breath and voice essentially as she felt Leshawna pull down her panties and rub her pussy directly.

She let out a mix of a whine and a moan as she felt Leshawna's fingers slip into her, slowly pumping her fingers and curving them just right to hit just the right spot to make her legs quiver. "Don't think you're gonna get all the fun" Leshawna told her as she sat up, flipping Heather onto her back as Heather looked up to see Leshawna strip off her ruined pants as well as her own panties.

The sight of Leshawna's bare ass and pussy were not what Heather - or the captive audience that they seemingly forgot about - expected to see but as Leshawna started to sit back down on Heather's face a part of her accepted it, her hands going to grab the insanely plump ass to help guide her down.

"You've got to make me feel good too so get to licking" she added, Heather merely nodding with a grumble, deep down knowing she couldn't leave or really stop this.

"Whatever, just don't sit fully on me or I won't be able to breathe with this massive ass on top of me" Heather warned her with a glare, giving Leshawna's ass a smack and honestly finding the way it jiggled to be really nice as did the others around them.

"Don't worry, I won't so start licking" she somewhat commanded before she sat down a bit and got back to fingering Heather. She was quick to let out a noise that sounded like a mix of a content sigh and a moan as Heather grabbed her ass and got to work.

"Damn girl you really don't waste any time in hitting the good spots~" she purred out as she started to roll her hips a bit, grinding against Heather's face all while she continued to pump her fingers inside the queen bee's soaked womanhood.

Leshawna was pretty much the same as Heather lapped her tongue over the large woman's drenched lips and inside her soaked folds. She could feel her face was coated in juices though she knew she wasn't any different, easily feeling her legs soaked and hearing the incredibly loud wet noises Leshawna was making as she pumped her fingers.

Heather honestly though was getting annoyed as she ate out Leshawna, hating not only not being in control but also getting the short end of the stick as she was here eating her out while only getting some fingers in return.

"If I'm going to be eating you out, get my face covered in your juices, and have to taste you then the least you can do is the same for me!" Heather growled out as she pulled her legs up and stretched them up before wrapping them around Leshawna's head. The surprise of her doing so was enough to allow her to pull Leshawna down, making her fall forward and shove her face against her pussy.

Leshawna actually wasn't pissed as her face got shoved into Heather's pussy, in fact she respected her a bit for taking a stand a bit as she removed her fingers. "Okay, okay, fine but let up on the legs" Leshawna told her, patting Heather on the thigh to get her to let go so Leshawna could situate herself better between her legs.

Heather couldn't help but let out a soft moan as Leshawna started licking her pussy. Sure her fingers felt nice but this, this was what she was craving given her fingers had been missing a big 'something'. "O-Oh fuck~ Just like that~" Heather moaned out with a smile as the way Leshawna moved her tongue inside her was seriously intense.

"Don't worry girl, I got you so you just focus on my snatch and try not to cum too quickly~" Leshawna teased a bit, getting a smirk from Heather before she leaned up and gave the girl's clit a flick with her tongue which got a sudden and loud moan from her.

"Speak for yourself, with how much you are gushing you seem more likely to cum before I do" she goaded back, giving her lips a long slow lick that got her to quiver and moan.

From there it basically became a challenge between the two of them to make the other cum first as even here they didn't want to lose to the other.

Leshawna went all out, intensely eating Heather out, her hands going to her ass to really help push her face into her pussy and allow her tongue to reach real deep inside. She made sure to really show every part of her pussy attention, making sure to show extra attention to Heather's clit which got a lot of moans from the girl under her.

Heather somewhat did the same, both girls basically just doing what they'd want done to themselves and - as girls who have masturbated - know the location of the general sweet spots. Though, unlike Leshawna, Heather took it a bit of a step forward as her hands focused on playing around with the massive ass on top of her.

She'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy groping, rubbing, and spanking it as it was seriously soft and it jiggled and moved really erotically. It also seemed to be a bit of a weak spot for her as it got a lot of moans out of her each time she squeezed it hard or when she spread her cheeks.

The two seemed to increase their pace even more as they got closer which was obvious given the increase in moans and how they were grinding against one another more and more. As the two of them came their moan was loud and intense, both of them spasming as they clung to one other.

Once their orgasm died down Heather was the first to fall back, panting in exhaustion. "H-Holy fuck. T-That was the strongest orgasm I-I've ever ha…" she started to say before seemingly passing out.

"Same for me girl, same for me" Leshawna panted out as she gave the girl's thigh a comforting pat with a smile.

As things died down not only did the captive audience, who had been stuck to watch the entire thing out of fear of making things even more awkward by trying to leave, realize that Leshawna would notice them but Naruto had the most shocking realization as he finally noticed the camera in his hands.

It was kind of obvious the camera crew must've given it to him in hopes of getting some 'personal footage' so - out of fear of the others noticing and thinking he was a pervert for recording all of this - he was quick to pull the SD card out of the camera before throwing it as hard as he could to the side into the forest. The only downside of doing so was that the noise caught Leshawna's attention, her finally remembering that there were others who had been there for the entire thing.

She looked a bit embarrassed but, as she rubbed the back of her head with a chuckle, it didn't seem she was too much.

"Whoops, forgot you all were there….kinda got a bit too into things there. First time I've ever done anything even close to that" she admitted as she wiped her face a bit before smirking. "Though it seems like someone enjoyed the show" she said as she looked down at Naruto's crotch before looking up to meet his eyes and gave him a wink.

Naruto felt his face heat up a bit as he felt a bit out of place given that, as a guy, he should've left a good while ago before it even started. He was so embarrassed he completely missed how the eyes of all the girls in the clearing - sans the unconscious Heather - were now trained on his crotch and getting various degrees of blush from all three of them.

"Oh don't worry so much sweetness, I definitely don't mind you seeing all of me like this" Leshawna assured him as she ran her hands down her body before spreading her pussy with her fingers and giving him another wink. "Let me know if you wanna have a bit of fun as god damn you are packed~" Leshawna purred out as she licked her lips, her eyes back on his crotch before she turned around to pick up her panties.

She definitely knew what she was doing as she bent over to grab them, spreading her legs a bit to give him a show while grabbing one of her ass cheeks and spreading it before letting it go and giving it a hard spank.

Naruto would be lying if he didn't say he was incredibly interesting but, given he was with Gwen and Lindsay, that thought was dashed very quickly….though that didn't keep him from watching her as she walked off due to the sway of her hips and the way her ass jiggled and bounced.

"S-So what sh-should we do about Heather?" Bridgette squeaked out, her voice cracking while her face was a super dark shade of red before Eva cleared her throat.

"I-I'll carry her….you all just….go" Eva stoically stammered out a bit, refusing to meet anyone's eyes before everyone nodded.

As they left no one went the same direction and no one met the other's eyes. It obviously went without saying to never mention this to anyone and, unbeknownst to anyone else, Naruto was the only one with proof that such an outlandish thing had ever happened.

'Well….I doubt that will leave my mind for a long while unless Lindsay and Gwen made out with one another for me to see' Naruto thought before he quickly shook his head to get the thoughts out of his head.

'That's it, cold showers for a month. Only way to fix this' he decided as he doubted even Hustler would accept such a story - not that he'd ever share it with anyone.

-Omake End-

Killer Bass:

Bridgette, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Harold, Naruto

Screaming Gophers:

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Ezekiel, Owen, Noah, Justin, Sadie, Trent, Izzy, Tyler, Beth, Geoff

*1 = Heather's cold was literally only there for one scene so I just removed the whole her being sick part and I also fixed the direction of Heather's anger since she shouldn't be angry at Gwen given she had no part in locking Heather up (it being Lindsay, Beth, and Leshawna)

*2 = Pretty much a three-way kiss. If you have a hard time picturing it just imagine a 'Y' shape and that should make it a bit clearer.

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I also decided to change up who got their pants ripped as, like I said above, Gwen didn't have anything to do with the freezer so idk why she got targeted/blamed for it by Heather. Instead, she targeted Leshawna – not a really smart move – but hey it got fun/nice results in the end~ ;)

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