Chords of Love: Ballad to Various Loves

Chapter 9

Waking up to the sound of Duncan gagging in disgust was odd and confusing. Though the second he saw why it made sense and honestly kind of made him want to puke. He'd be gagging too if he was near the pair of blue briefs that had the largest skid mark he had ever seen staining them.

"Not cool Harold! Not cool!" Duncan yelled, still finding himself gagging a bit whenever he even slightly looked at the pair underwear on the ground.

"Those aren't mine" Harold denied which only got looks from everyone that made it clear no one believed him.

"Dude, you are always leaving your underwear all over the place" Naruto said with a groan as he hopped out of bed, this so not being the way he wanted to wake up.

"No I'm not, gosh!" Harold yelled before Naruto narrowed his eyes at him.

"Yeah you are dude" Geoff backed him up before Harold got out of bed and crossed his arms.

"You have absolutely no proof" Harold said, defending himself before Naruto scoffed.

"Watch it Napoleon Dynamite, don't get an attitude. You are the only one who wears briefs in this cabin and your mom literally sews your name into all of them so lay off the catchphrase when you know you are being nasty" Naruto said with a glare, getting real sick and tired of his attitude and how Harold thinks he's top shit around here.

"Whatever! I'm going for a shower!" Harold said, turning his nose up at them before grabbing a towel and walking towards the door.

"Don't forget to clean the skid maker!" Duncan yelled out after him before Naruto smirked and using a stick Duncan had been whittling down to a sharp point he picked up Harold's dirty briefs and, while carefully grabbing the waistband, shot them at the back of Harold's head.

Harold quickly freaked out as the briefs hit the back of his head, quickly pulling them off and throwing them on the floor. "Not cool!" he yelled, glaring back at them while Naruto glared back.

"Well then wipe your ass more often why don't you" Naruto calmly told him before Harold walked out, slamming the door behind him with the guys quickly laughing once he was gone.

"I think Harold needs to be taught a lesson boys. Who's with me?" Duncan asked with a smirk while the guys high fived to show they were in.

"I like to think of myself as a veteran prankster and with a target like Harold there is a million and one things we can do to him so I am all in" Naruto told them, the guys knowing a bit of how good he was due to the book swap with Heather and the pepper pellet during her marshmallow ceremony. Plus he's told them a few other various pranks of his as late night 'around the fire' tales.

"Oh he is so dead" Geoff laughed with the guys nodding along before they all got dressed for the day.

"So, how have you and your goth babe been recently?" Duncan asked with a smirk once all the other guys had left, sticking behind as Naruto put on his trench coat.

"We've been good, she liked the deer tail I painted for her despite how ridiculous it is" he said with a chuckle, Duncan also chuckling a bit since he too thought it was odd but still glad she liked it. "I'm trying to think of a way to go on a late night picnic date thing with her. Just have to figure out how to get it all set up and have no one notice…" Naruto told him with a sigh, the punk patting him on the back.

"Relax dude, just let me know when and I'll try to help as best as I can" Duncan said with a smirk before Naruto bumped fists with him.

"Thanks man, hopefully it all goes well….and hopefully today's challenge isn't to exhausting so we'll both be up for it by the end. I mean we are due for a challenge after a week of nothing" Naruto sighed out before he stood up, Duncan nodding since some challenges have been worse than the others.

As he arrived in the mess hall Naruto smiled a bit to Gwen and Lindsay, the two girls talking at the Gopher table, both girls smiling back at him though Lindsay couldn't resist from happily waving at him. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit as he waved back a bit, Gwen rolling her eyes with a smirk at Lindsay before he sat down at his table.

"So Naruto, what was that all about?" DJ teased with a smirk, nudging him with his elbow with as he sat next to him with Geoff sitting on the other side to keep him from escaping.

"What? I can't wave to people?" he asked which only got an eye roll from the two guys.

"No one is saying that dude but they are people from the other team and one of them just so happens to be the hottest girl here. We're just wondering if something is going on between you and one of them~?" Geoff inquired with a wink and a nudge of his own.

"Lindsay is friendly with me due to me helping her get some ice after the dodgeball fiasco. As for Gwen, I don't know, we've just gotten along since the beginning of the show. I've proven myself in challenges so none of you need to worry about anything as stupid as me possibly betraying you all" he told them, rolling his eyes at them while some others sat down.

"So you're saying there's nothing going on between you and either of them?" DJ asked, Naruto shrugging his shoulders with a frown.

"Kind of hard for there to be with them being on another team and all" he told them in hopes to cover things up and throw them off any possible trail.

"Shame cause it's kind of obvious they have a thing for you. Who knows, maybe if you and one of them make it to when the teams dissolve you can get lucky" Geoff teased before he got a shiver down his spine, his body telling him not to look over to the other half of the table.

"And with that I think we should drop the topic, don't want to make our team's ladies feel jealous or like they aren't attractive either" he added, motioning with a tilt of his head over to the girls of the team who were sending glares Geoff's way.

He had nothing against the party guy but he just had a real bad way of saying stuff that got some of the girls a bit annoyed with him.

"Y-Yeah, lets…." Geoff muttered before moving over to the other side of DJ to put some space between him and the ladies.

Naruto shot them an apologetic smile before they all sent him back looks that showed that he was fine, which was good to know. Last thing he needed was to get himself on a woman's bad side, he had seen how scary his mom could be when she got pissed off and he definitely didn't want to try and see if any of these girls could potentially be the same.

"Alright campers! Hurry up with breakfast! I want you down to the beach beside the docks in ten minutes. Today's challenge is going to take up most of the day!" Chris announced, clapping his hands as if to tell them to hurry up.

"Want to try and take a guess what the challenge will be? Last one was a bit of a dud with the paintball so I don't know if it'll be another physical challenge" Naruto asked his team while they had various reactions.

"I wish it would be a physical challenge only this time a good one. The normal challenges are getting boring" Eva grumbled with a frown with the others nodding a bit given they felt the challenges kept going up and down in quality.

"Who knows, the next one might be fun. They might not always be the most exciting but I still think they are fun in their own separate ways" Bridgette said, trying to encourage them to look at it in a 'glass half full' way instead of half empty.

"She does have a point, lets just stay strong and work together like we have been doing so far" Courtney added on, getting everyone at the table to nod along with a smile since they have been doing pretty damn good so far.

With breakfast done the teams left, walking off to the beach where they could see Chris waiting for them.

"Today's challenge will test your minds, your teamwork, and your skills in the kitchen" Chris started to tell them once they were all standing in front of him. "You'll be cooking a three-course meal and serving it me for tasting. The winners get a reward and the losers will send somebody home. Each team will appoint a head chef to create the theme of the meal and to oversee the cooking" Chris said, explaining the challenge to the two groups before motioning behind them.

"To cook you'll need ingredients. Every morning a truck brings us food, today's task starts there" he revealed while a large cargo truck backed up out of the ocean and a dolphin peaked out of the driver's seat to give them a tip of his hat while chirping.

"Uh….is anyone else seeing the dolphin driving the truck?" Naruto asked Bridgette in a whisper while he waved to the dolphin.

"Yeah…best not to dwell on it" Bridgette said, just as confused as he was before they shook it off and caught up with their team.

"So, anyone have any ideas of what we can do with all of this?" Courtney asked while they all looked inside the truck.

"We could do a killer Italian theme with all the tomatoes and salami they have in here? Maybe some pasta and cannoli?" Geoff suggested before Duncan patted the party dude on the back.

"Hello head chef!" Duncan said with a smirk before Geoff looked at him and the others a bit unsure.

"Seriously?" he asked while the others along as no one had any issues with him leading them given he seemingly had a solid plan in mind. "Then let's get grabbing" Geoff instructed as he hopped into the back of the truck with a few others following him in.

"Head chef! Called it!" Heather yelled out while he team walked up to the truck behind the Bass. "Try not to mess up this time, okay?!" Heather growled out to Beth, the girl merely frowning at her.

"Seriously, remember, just ignore her girl" Leshawna told her, rolling her eyes at her attitude once Heather walked on ahead of them.

-Confession Cam-


"I had to take the leadership role. Hello!? We've been on a losing streak for the last three challenges and really everyone else on the team is pretty useless so I'll just have to take charge" Heather said with a roll of her eyes, being beyond tired of her useless team. She figured if they could just listen and obey her for once they'd finally be able to win for once.

-Cam End-

"Everyone got what they were told?" Naruto asked hopping down off the truck before setting his stuff down to help Courtney and Bridgette get out of the truck.

"Yeah, we all double checked with Geoff right?" Courtney asked, everyone nodding before Geoff was the last to hop out of the truck.

"Then let's hit the road!" he told them with them all following him back to the mess hall.

"Okay everyone, get what I tell you all and we can get started. Leshawna ribs, Beth pineapples, Lindsay macadamias, Katie molasses, Gwen tomatoes, Cody mangoes" she listed off, watching as each person walked out to make sure they had what she told them to get.

-Mess Hall-

"Okay we've got like three courses and like eight people including myself so everybody partner up in groups of three, one of the groups will only have two though" Geoff told them, tossing a can that Harold barely caught.

"I can make pasta dough since I've made it before given I make homemade ramen all the time and I'd say I'm pretty good at it" Naruto told Geoff with DJ and Bridgette raising their hands after him.

"I know how to make a mean pasta sauce" DJ offered as he put his hand on Naruto's shoulder before the two of them looked over at Bridgette.

"I can cook pasta" she said, a bit unsure before the two of them shrugged with a smile.

"Sure, why not" Naruto told her which got her to smile and pump a fist in victory, something he couldn't help but chuckle at.

"I can make the cannoli filling" Courtney offered before Duncan shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess I can help with that, shouldn't be too hard but what about the pastry stuff that it goes in?" Duncan asked only to raise an eyebrow as Eva shyly rose her hand.

"I'm…pretty good at that kind of stuff" Eva admitted, feeling a bit embarrassed to tell others. Baking was something someone she had gone to see in the past had suggested to her and honestly it did help her a bit.

Taking her frustration out by beating dough was a nice outlet and she got tasty food at the end of it so it was a win-win.

"Oh nice~! Seems like we got the muscles for our dessert!" Duncan said with a smirk, raising a hand for her to high-five, Eva a bit surprised at first given she expected teasing but quickly high-fived him back while cracking a small smile.

"Guess that leaves me and Harold on the antipasto" Geoff said since that was something he was pretty good at so he's glad he ended up with that dish.

"Yeah, we can so rock the antipasto. I'm like a black belt when it comes to cutting cheese" Harold told them, quickly getting laughs from everyone at his 'cut the cheese' comment. He though was very confused at what they were laughing at.

"Well try not to cut cheese in our direction and I think we'll be fine" Naruto said with a chuckle before the groups got divided to start their dishes.

A quick look between the guys, sans Harold, and a nod from Naruto was the signal for Geoff to slip off to 'get something from the cabin' which was code for the beginning of their pranks on Harold.

If he was going to leave his dirty drawers all over the cabin and refuse to admit they were his then they were going to make sure he regretted it.

The first 'step' to their prank was them taking away all his underwear and pants, clean or dirty except for one item, which was what Geoff was off doing. As he returned, peeking over the swinging doors that led to the kitchen, two thumbs up was DJ's signal to start the next step.

"Uh, where do you want the water Bridgette?" DJ asked holding a pot of water before 'not noticing' Harold and bumping into him, spilling the water all over his pants with an 'oops'.

"Hey! Smooth move Dork-ahontas!" Harold yelled before Geoff walked into the kitchen.

"Oh bummer! You better go change dude" Geoff told him, Harold walking past them and the two of them bumping fists with some snickering between the two as he left.

"What is going on with them?" Bridgette asked with a raised eyebrow while she stood beside Naruto while he started making the pasta dough.

"We are just teaching Harold a valuable life lesson through some pranking. Trust me when I say its well-deserved" Naruto told her, smirking a bit since Harold going to get changed was step two of things. He though didn't dwell on it too much before he took a step back from the dough. "Enough about that though, you want to give kneading a go? It's pretty fun and it can be useful to know how to do" he offered, getting her to frown a bit.

"You sure I won't ruin it?" she asked before he grabbed her hands and pulled her towards the dough.

"You'll be fine, I'll stop you before you even get close to over kneading it so just give it a go" he told her, putting her hands in the dough with his hand over hers as they stood side by side. "Just move your hands like this and you'll be fine" he added as he kneaded the dough with her a few times, entirely missing her dark blush as the girls on the team narrowed their eyes a bit while the boys just smirked and enjoyed the sight.

"I-I think I got it now, th-thanks" Bridgette stammered out a bit before he pulled away with a smile.

"Great! Now just keep at it until I say when" he told her, sitting up on the counter beside her while the Gophers filed into the kitchen.

"Gwen, Lindsay, you're on the citrus macadamia upside-down cake flambé" Heather started as everyone started to set down ingredients.

"Do you know how to make an upside-down flamer thingy?" Lindsay asked after turning towards Gwen who merely shrugged, getting a deadpan from Heather.

"Cody, you and Katie are on ribs" she instructed to the two of them once they walked into the kitchen. "Leshawna and Beth, you're on pineapple skewers and mango dip" she finished while walking over to them.

"Girl let me handle the appetizers. I know a mango chutney that'll melt the socks off the devil!" Leshawna bragged with confidence.

"Oh really? Well that's so great but since I'm head chef we're going to stick to my plan and my plan is pineapples with sticks through them! Got it?" Heather asked, getting up in their faces a bit before Leshawna could only nod with a roll of her eyes.


"Shirt, shirt, shirt…" Harold droned on as he looked through the dresser of his that Chris had provided for each camper. He frowned a bit as all he could find were shirts, no underwear or pants anywhere. The only thing he could find was something he had brought for a potential 'special occasion'.

"Looks like it's your time to shine" Harold said with a smile as he pulled out a rather small red pair of underwear that looked more like a thong mixed with a pair of briefs.

-Mess Hall-

"You so like him don't you?" DJ asked Bridgette in a whisper, not wanting anyone to overhear them and smirking as she quickly blushed. DJ's smirk grew a little more as he watched her look over at Naruto who was juggling three tomatoes after they told him they could handle the pasta sauce.

"W-What? No!...Maybe…." Bridgette said with a sigh, hanging her head a bit while DJ patted her on the back.

"Here, try and get a bit closer" he whispered to her before clearing his throat. "Yo Naruto! You mind filling in for me for a bit? I think we need a few more tomatoes so I'm going to go get some" DJ told him, getting Bridgette to look at him in a bit of shock while Naruto skillfully caught the tomatoes he was juggling.

"You sure? You can use the ones I'm messing around with" Naruto offered before DJ chuckled and waved him off.

"We'll need more than three so I still have to go, you keep chopping for me so we don't waste time" DJ explained, Naruto hopping off the counter with a salute.

"Aye aye my good man" Naruto said with a smile as they bumped fists and he slid into DJ's spot next to Bridgette, missing the 'thank you' look Bridgette was giving DJ.

"So Naruto, how good are you at cooking?" Bridgette asked, smiling over at him while they resumed chopping up tomatoes.

"I'm pretty good, I travel a lot for my job so I've picked up a good number of dishes from places I visit. I like cooking as it's pretty fun and someone in my group of friends has to do it" he told her with a groan and roll of his eyes, the smirk on his face showing he wasn't actually angry.

"Oh really? You travel? Where have you been to?" Bridgette asked since despite being on the same team there was still a lot of stuff they didn't know about him, main thing being his job which he never went into detail about.

"I've been all over Europe, a few places in South America, Africa, and Asia, as well as Australia and my favorite being Japan. Travelling is a sweet part of my job at times and the food I get to eat is also really killer" he told her with a chuckle before she frowned a bit.

"Wait, if you've experienced a lot of food and can cook, why didn't you ask to be head chef?" Bridgette asked, raising an eyebrow at him a bit confused.

"First thing you learn with teamwork, never constantly stand up into the leadership role. My job kind of keeps me in a 'leadership' role if you want to call it that and even then I try to let my friends who are my co-workers have equal say. One thing I've come to learn is that you have to let your team members get some miles in the driver's seat, no one likes a hog. Plus Geoff seemed confident with Italian after he saw all the ingredients so I had faith in his plan" he explained, getting her to nod a bit, noticing again he didn't go anymore in depth with his job.

"Okay seriously what is your job!? You mention it but never say what it is!" Bridgette groaned out which only made him chuckle and hold a finger to his lips.

"That, my dear surfer girl, is a secret for another day" he told her, getting her to groan louder and grumble as she kept chopping tomatoes.

"Careful you don't mash the pastry Duncan" Courtney warned Duncan with a frown, a bit overly worried of them potentially ruining their part of the challenge.

"Relax princess we've got this right Eva?" Duncan asked as he looked over to Eva who nodded in agreement while they continued to roll out the pastry dough. "You focus on the custard and we'll take care of this" he assured her, getting a nod from her.

"You're right, sorry" Courtney apologized as she realized she was worrying too much before she let out a scream of disgust just as Harold walked back into the kitchen wearing the smallest red speedo any of them had ever seen….

"Okay who took all my shorts?" Harold asked, seemingly uncaring about what he was wearing and not the least bit embarrassed as the guys on his team laughed at him and the girls looking at him, visibly uncomfortable.

Even Chris winced in disgust as he walked over to the saloon doors to check on them, only to catch the sight of Harold in his speedo.

"Three hours and counting guys" Chris quickly warned them before walking off, undoubtedly wanting to get away from Harold.


"These slices are totally uneven, switch places with Leshawna" Heather told Beth as she came by to check on them, finding it to be far below her standards.

"What are you talking about? They look fine to me" Leshawna said while she stopped Beth from walking away as she stared down Heather, already knowing that this – like all her conversations with Heather – was going to end with an argument.

"Um I didn't get to be head chef because of poor presentation!" Heather reminded her before taking a step back once Leshawna got in her face.

"No you got to be head chef because you called it! And who you think you fooling with this crispy white apron power trip you on!?" Leshawna yelled out, finding herself constantly sick and tired of the girl's attitude whenever she started talking.

Neither of them really seemed to care or notice as the other team was watching their argument. The Bass were a bit shocked by how into it they were getting but at the same time starting to get use to seeing this happen between these two girls.

"Are you going to be a team player or not!?" Heather yelled back, that comment being enough to make Leshawna snap.

"I'm a team player as I'm helping even while I'm allergic to pineapple! More than I can say about you! All you do is boss the team around from your prissy little high horse only to yell and complain when we lose, due to you not doing a damn thing to help!" Leshawna ranted as she tried to get in Heather's face, making all the girls on her team – which was pretty much her whole team – have to hold her back to keep her from potentially getting in a fight with her.

Heather, a bit afraid for her safety, hurried off which allowed the girls to let go of Leshawna as she seemingly calmed down a little bit.

"I swear I'm this close to wringing that scrawny girl's neck" Leshawna mumbled as Gwen patted her on the back.

"I know and while we'd all love to see it we can't let you get arrested for murder. For now, with the pineapples, just do what you can…" Gwen said with a sigh, getting Leshawna to nod with a sigh of her own before she and Beth got back to work.


"Dude, you gotta put some clothes on" Geoff had to tell Harold, everyone – both boys and girls – finding it difficult to work with Harold in his small speedo. "It's unsanitary to cook in something that…small" he explained, chuckling a bit as he said the word small.

"So give me back my pants then!" Harold yelled, frustrated at their teasing and messing around with him like this.

"Harold's right guys" Duncan said in an all too soft tone for the punk teen. "If you go to the cabin you'll find a clean pair of underwear and shorts waiting" he told Harold, getting an eye roll from the teen before he walked off.

The second he was gone the guys couldn't hold themselves back any longer, bursting out laughing as this was officially part two of their prank on Harold.


Eager to get out of his speedo Harold ran quickly into the cabin, smiling as he saw a pair of shorts and briefs lying on his bed.

"That's more like it" he said with a smile, holding up the briefs and entirely missing the orange stain on it and continued not to notice it even as he slid them on.

It didn't take long, after they were on, for him notice something was wrong. The intense burning sensation was a quick and sudden indicator, unaware that it came from a bottle of insanely hot hot sauce that a certain red head on his team had brought with him.

"My biscuits are burning!" Harold screamed as he quickly bolted from the cabin towards to dock, hoping that water would be able to relieve him of this excruciating pain.

He wasted no time in leaping off the dock, steam actually releasing as he submerged his burning underwear. "Ahhh~ Idiots!" Harold yelled out after a moment of relief, getting more and more annoyed at his teammates messing with him.


"What's wrong?" Heather asked as she walked over to Lindsay and Gwen's station, a bit short and annoyed that she had been called over.

"We used all the flambe start but it won't flambe" Lindsay told her, getting a raised eyebrow from Heather.

"Nothing happened when you lit it?" Heather asked before Lindsay tapped her palm against her forehead.

"Ooh~ right!" Lindsay said, making it clear she forgot to even do that which didn't surprise Heather given how dumb she knew the girl was.

"Pay attention girls. This is how you flambe. Step one, pour the flambe liquid which you did manage" Heather started instructing, Gwen crossing her arms annoyed at being talked down to like this. "Step two, of two, light it" she continued as she lit a lighter in her hand.

'This should be fun' Gwen thought with a smirk as on one hand she wanted to warn Heather about lighting a cake utterly doused in flammable fluid but on the other hand she was annoyed at the queen bee for how snotty she was acting.

In the end she just smirked and watched as it quickly, and literally, exploded in Heather's face.

She had to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing out loud as it seemed, in the explosion, Heather's eyebrows were completely erased by the fire.

Heather, after a second or two of shock, quickly grabbed a nearby pan to see her reflection only to scream as she realized her eyebrows were gone. "My eyebrows! Cody!" Heather yelled out, getting the only remaining boy on their team to run over.

"Hey ladies, what do you need?" Cody asked and Gwen, surprisingly, not sensing any creepy flirting intentions from him as he just calmly looked towards them.

"Go get my make-up bag from the cabin!" Heather ordered him as she pointed her frying pan towards the door with an annoyed glare on her face that could still be seen even without her eyebrows.

Cody, after a second of looking between her and the other girls of his team who gave him a nod, left to get her make-up bag. Sure he might not really get along with Heather, something that everyone on his team could say and be just as true, but he honestly didn't feel like being yelled at by her.

One little errand for her wouldn't make him her errand boy….would it?

"Excuse me?! I need a bathroom break" Leshawna told Heather, tapping her on the shoulder and showing how her arms were covered in large red splotches caused by her allergic reaction to the pineapples Heather was forcing her to handle.

"Well evidently I need new eyebrows! So we don't always get what we want, do we!?" Heather yelled out, getting rather close to Leshawna before moving away and slumping over the table. "I'm on a team of losers!" she groaned out before collapsing on the table, face buried in it in frustration.

-Confession Cam-


"Oh that is it! Someone's got to teach this girl a little respect" Leshawna declared, her patience for Heather being far in the negatives with how she constantly acted to everyone around her.

She's dealt with bossy girls like her in the past and learned you have to really strike back hard and in a way that showed they weren't going to take it any longer.

All she has to do is find the perfect opportunity to do so but she knew she'd know it when she saw it.

-Cam End-


The guys couldn't help but clap as Harold walked back into the kitchen, this time in the only thing he had left to wear, his pajamas.

"Nice jammies" Duncan said with a smirk as Harold walked past him.

"This is all I've got left so if you sickos want to see butt naked hit me with your best shot" Harold told them, his tone tired and defeated as if he didn't care anymore what they could possibly do to him next.

"Well stop leaving your dirty underwear all over the cabin and we'll back off" Naruto told him as he and Bridgette started to make the noodles from the pasta dough that had been resting.

"I told you it wasn't me!" Harold defended and glared at him only for Naruto to raise an eyebrow at him, finding it ridiculous that he was still denying it despite his name being on every dirty pair of underwear they found.

"Well, we tried" Duncan said with a shrug of his shoulders and a roll of his eyes.

"Hey guys, I made some sandwiches so we can chow down while we work" Geoff intervened, seemingly trying to mediate things a bit by changing the topic and bringing over a platter full of sandwiches.

"Oh sweet! I'm seriously starving" Harold said as he hurried over and quickly grabbed a sandwich, wasting no time before he took a bite of it. His face though instantly growing confused as he chewed his bite. "This tastes like sweat and lotion…it's probably the worst sandwich ever" he continued, trying to see what it was made of before his eyes widened a bit as he pulled out a pair of underwear from it that now had a bite taken out of them, the shock of it forced him to swallow his mouthful.

"Gross!" he yelled out in disgust while everyone started to laugh around him.

"We'll return all your shorts and patties when you admit your guilt dude" Geoff told him as he set down the platter of sandwiches, Harold only hanging his head while refusing to answer at all.


Cody panted in exhaustion as he quickly arrived back in the kitchen. "Guys, be careful cause there is a seriously angry hive of bees hanging from one of the cabins and I almost got attacked" Cody warned them as he took a moment or two to catch his breath.

"Don't just stand there! Give it!" Heather demanded, not caring one way or the other about some stupid bees or how he almost got stung. The only thing she wanted was the make-up bag in his hands.

"Fine, geez. Here you go" Cody said with a roll of his eyes before he tossed the bag over to her.

Heather though yelled as Leshawna hip bumped her, knocking her over and catching her make-up bag. She didn't keep it for long, yelling to Beth to catch it before throwing it over to her she stood atop their prep table.

"Gimme!" Heather growled out to Beth before she threw it to someone else, Lindsay ending up catching it and looking around unsure about what to do.

"In the fridge!" Leshawna told her, opening it up for her to throw it into.

Lindsay was still unsure, sure she didn't like Heather but doing this might seriously make her even angrier. Though as Heather impatiently snapped her fingers as if to demand she give it to her and a look to Gwen who merely nodded with a smirk Lindsay grew a smirk of her own.

"Oops~!" she sang out before she threw it behind her and into the fridge with Heather chasing after it instantly.

Leshawna quickly jumped on her 'window of opportunity' and slammed the fridge door shut, loving that this was one only able to be opened from the outside.

"Hey! You can't do this! I'm head chef! I will destroy you!" Heather yelled out from inside the fridge, slamming her hands on the door of the fridge, trying to open it with all her strength.

"Come on guys, leave her to fume in there all she wants. Girl seriously needs to learn how to chill" Leshawna told them, already finding the lack of Heather to be an improvement on her attitude.

Now they can actually try and get things done without worrying about her bossing them around.

-Main Dining Hall-

Beth smiled as she set her team's side of the table since with Heather no longer in control she was able to set it up however she wanted after her team let her. "Your meal is coming right up sir!" she told Chris with a smile as she set her special tiki on the table in the middle of a ring of flowers.

Geoff though decided to set the mood for the fancy Italian meal they were planning, lighting three candles to hopefully do just that. "Back in a sec with your meal dude-I mean, sir" Geoff said, trying to go along with how Beth called Chris 'sir' before bowing out so both of them could head back into the kitchen.

"Okay come on guys! Bring out the first two meals" Geoff instructed, picking up the antipasto while Bridgette smiled as she picked up the pasta with Naruto alongside her before they left, everyone else on the team following behind them.

"Guys we can totally win this! Everyone come on for the first dish, Cody you stay here and guard the ribs since there isn't anywhere to set them down out there" Leshawna told her team, Cody giving a salute before the others followed behind her as Beth carried the pineapple skewers and mango dip.

The Bass were up first, Geoff setting the antipasto down in front of Chris. He couldn't help but watch a bit intently as the host ate it. "Your antipasto passed the testo! Pass the pasta please" Chris said with a smile, giving them a thumbs up before Geoff quickly took the plate and allowed Bridgette and Naruto to serve him the pasta.

Chris only took a bite or two of the pasta, which made sense given he had another three courses to eat. His smile as he finished eating though was a great sign with the classic 'hand kiss' used to show something was perfect only made it even more clear he loved it.

"For your two dishes I'd easily give a 15 out of 20. Great job on the first two courses! Screaming Gophers, you're up next so bring out your first course!" he told them, getting Leshawna to pat Beth on the back to urge her to step forward and put the dish out in front of them.

While Chris was eating Cody stood tall during his 'guard duty' for the ribs although personally he didn't see much need for it….at least until the door to the kitchen was essentially destroyed by a bear claw. (*1)

-Confession Cam-


"Okay so I might have let out a rather girly scream but you guys so cannot blame me. You saw what a bear did you Tyler right!? That so justified my scream….and my running away from it. There was no way I was going to let myself get mauled" Cody said with a bit of an embarrassed blush at his 'unmanly' actions.

Though in the end he'd rather be a bit unmanly than mauled by a bear

-Cam End-

"G-Guys! Bear in the kitchen!" Cody yelled as he ran out of the kitchen, getting as far away from the kitchen that he could without leaving the mess hall.

"Oh hell no! It's eating our ribs!" Leshawna yelled out in frustration, her and everyone else watching from the safety of the mess hall.

"Yeah we figured this might happen with you cooking ribs but don't worry Chef can take care of it. Chef!" Chris called out, getting the large cook to burst in from the front door.

"Bears know better to try this when I'm in the kitchen, damn animals took advantage of you kids being there and are now making a mess of my kitchen! Not for much longer they won't" Chef said in a scarily calm voice as he pulled out a cleaver from his apron.

The bear froze mid bite as Chef kicked open the saloon doors to the kitchen. The campers could see the bear almost sweating as it stared at Chef in fear. A single step towards it was enough to send it running full speed from the kitchen with Chef hot on his trail.

"Welp….might as well bright me what is left over…" Chris said with a bit of a frown as the ribs had been seemingly devoured completely, from where he was sitting he could only see a few pieces of meat still clinging to the bones.

Leshawna could only sigh in frustration and exhaustion as she brought out the bare ribs and set them down in front of Chris. The host had to look around on the ribs for any meat left on the bones and only finding one chunk of meat with the Gophers cringed a bit as he bit into it and tasted it.

"You know what? I've had worse…two points!" Chris said as he finished the chunk of meat that had remained. "As of now the Bass lead 15 to 12. Time for dessert!" he announced, tallying up the scores for everyone and signaling the last course of the meal was up for tasting.

Eva was the one to set their cannoli on the table beside Courtney as they stood there, nervously waiting while Chris gained a thoughtful look as he ate it, as if he was unsure how to score it. Things though quickly looked up for them as he smiled over at them and gave them a thumbs up.

"Real solid attempt, easily a seven" Chris told them with a bit of a smirk as he watched Courtney hug Eva and Eva actually hug her back a bit. "With that the Bass have 22 so the Gophers need all 10 points just to tie it up and I have to say this dessert looks like a winner" he said once Lindsay placed the Gopher's cake on the table in front of him.

Though that potential died out quickly as he stabbed his fork into the cake and the cake then quickly crumbling to ash with only one solid piece intact on his fork.

"Ooo that's not good" Leshawna muttered with a frown, surprised that it had disintegrated like that despite the fact it held together when they iced it.

Things only got worse for the Gophers as once Chris ate the bit that was still solid he quickly started to choke. Thankfully for Chris Naruto was quick to get behind him and start with the Heimlich maneuver.

It didn't take long for Chris to cough up the piece of food he was choking on, revealing it to be a solid grey lump. "What the heck is this!?" Chris asked as he picked up the piece of food and noticed it looked a bit hairy.

"Its Heather's recipe. Oh wait! She's still in the fridge" Lindsay yelled out, running to the fridge as even if she didn't like Heather she knew several hours stuck inside it couldn't be safe.

"What? Girl was making everyone trip" Leshawna told Chris once the host raised an eyebrow at them.

"Oh I hear that" Chris said since, like everyone else in camp, he knew how bad Heather could be most of the time. He though couldn't help but cringe a bit as a completely blue Heather walked out with the thickest drawn on eyebrows he had ever seen.

"Y-Y-You guys are s-s-s-so dead!" Heather stutteringly yelled out at them from how utterly frozen she was. "Is it over?" she asked, looking over to Chris who nodded.

"It is with the Bass win 22 to 13 and it's not just cause I almost died, the ribs the bear ate stank too" Chris told her since the bite of ribs he got had been so small and unflavored.

"Great! That's just great! Why do we keep losing people!?" she yelled at her team before she walked over to the table, noticing something odd. "And what is this!? I didn't approve this!" she asked them, wondering what the hell her team had done while she was locked away.

"I brought it back as a souvenir, you know, from the other island" Beth told them, getting wide eyes from everyone around them.

"You did what!?" Heather asked in shock.

"You mean Boney Island? The deadliest island in Muskoka?! The one I specifically not to take anything from or you'll be cursed!?" Chris told her before she nervously nodded.

"Yeah? I didn't know! I'll put it back!" Beth hurriedly said before running off.

"Okay…with the Bass' win they will be enjoying a reward tonight, a five star dinner under the stars" he told the Bass, moving away from the Beth situation, and revealing the prize for the challenge which only caused the Bass to celebrate more.

As things settled down, Chris telling them that the interns would clean the kitchen up for them, Naruto subtly pulled Duncan aside as this whole challenge along with the reward was just the perfect opportunity.

They literally have a cooking challenge right after he mentioned doing a picnic date with her earlier that morning. If that wasn't a sign he didn't know what was.

"Don't worry man, you don't have to say a word. You set things up with your girl and I'll help you be able to slip away" Duncan said with a smirk, them bumping fists as Naruto smiled at him.

"Thanks man, this going to be great!" Naruto said before hurrying off to find Gwen and see if she'd be down for it.


"I don't know about y'all but Heather has got to go" Leshawna told her team, them all agreeing with her but also feeling the need to point out something a bit bigger.

"Look I don't believe in curses but you have to admit things have been rather crappy for us since Boney Island. I mean a bear just busting into the kitchen is really weird and not normal" Cody brought up with a frown, not wanting to face a real bear for a third time.

"True, you have a point…dear curse please hit Heather next and if possible hit her upside the head!" Leshawna fake prayed before glaring at the end.

Gwen mainly droned them out, deciding to vote for whoever they felt was best, and not really caring one way or another as she stared off into the distance. She couldn't help but perk up and smile a bit as she saw Naruto in the distance subtly calling her over.

"Okay, vote for Beth, got it. Whatever" Gwen said while she waved them off as she walked off towards Naruto, thankful he was in the direction of the bathroom so she didn't have to make an excuse for why she was leaving.

"So, who's getting voted off?" Naruto asked as he leaned against a nearby tree, smiling at her as she walked up.

"Beth because my team believes in curses or whatever" she told him with a roll of her eyes, finding the whole thing ridiculous.

"While I don't believe in curses keep in mind that if people hear of something like that it'll effect them. It's like a placebo effect of sorts" he said with a shrug of her shoulders before she smirked and crossed her arms.

"So did you call me over here just to ask who was being voted off or do you have some other reason?" she asked before blushing a bit as he put his hands on her hips and gently pulled her in closer.

"I do have a reason but can't I just call you over just to see you cause I miss you?" he asked with a smirk, rather enjoying the soft blush on her cheeks and the cute way she avoided looking directly at him.

"I guess you don't always need a reason with our stupid teams keeping us apart" she said with a smile, looking up at him only to get a soft kiss from him which she enjoyed.

"My reason this time is because I want to take you on a date. My team is having a five star dinner and I want to sneak out of it near the end with some of the food so that I can have a picnic with you" he told her, smiling happily as he saw her eyes widen in surprise before she smiled back at him.

"Wow, you really are the romantic type. I really lucked out" Gwen said before leaning up to give him a kiss with a warm smile. "A picnic date sounds really nice actually, you just tell me when and where and I'll be there" she told him with a smile, enjoying how he had pulled her in close to him.

"It'll be after your team's elimination ceremony and I'll find you and walk you there. It's a nice little clearing inside the forest that I found on one of my runs. I asked Chef if bears go around there and he assured me I'd be safe there" he told her, showing her how much he had thought ahead for their first date.

"Sounds perfect but how about we get out of here before my team wanders over and before you have to head off for the five star dinner" she suggest since even if they had a date planned for tonight that didn't mean she didn't still want to spend time with him.

"I know a good area to go to for some guitar practice, you down for it?" he asked, motioning behind him with his head to get her to notice the guitar case that was leaning against a tree.

"Sure thing, just lead the way" Gwen said with a smile, linking her hand with his and allowing him to pick up his case before letting him lead her alongside him.

They had to be a bit careful not to be seen as they walked through camp but even as they ran into someone luck was on their side as it was only Lindsay who, after looking them over and noticing the guitar case, only smiled and bounced happily at the sight while clapping.

"Oh you two are so cute~!" Lindsay giggled out with a smile, giggling a bit more as Naruto started to blush. "You both so don't have to worry, I'll totally cover for Gwen so no one wonders where she went. Gwen and I have been working on excuses" she told him with a smile, getting Naruto to chuckle a bit while Gwen rolled her eyes with a smile at her.

"Glad I can count on your help and actually Lindsay it's perfect that we ran into you. I need to talk to you about something" she told her blonde friend before she gently grabbed her arm to lead her away.

"Look Lindsay, tonight Naruto is taking me on a picnic date in the woods" Gwen told her friend, quickly sighing at the girl's happy squeal as she once again started to bounce excitedly.

"That is so cute and romantic~! If you need to borrow any of my clothes or make-up you totally can take whatever" Lindsay said with a happy smile before Gwen waved her off.

"Thanks for the offer but I'm fine, I brought it up to you because I'm going to bring up the idea of him being with the both of us to him as a hypothetical during our date" Gwen admitted with a bit of a frown. Sure it might not be something she's 100 percent down for but she knew Lindsay was a sweet girl and truly did have feelings for him due to how he's treated her.

"More or less it means that I'll get the idea in his head…from there it's up to him and how he potentially handles it" she continued before she was surprised by Lindsay capturing her in a tight but soft hug.

"Thank you Gwen…I know it's weird but thank you for doing this for me" Lindsay choked out, Gwen frowning as she felt tears landing on her shoulder.

"It's fine Lindsay….I know how much he means to you so I could have worse girls to share him with" Gwen told her with a bit of a chuckle that Lindsay shared with her as Gwen hugged her back, rubbing the girl's back to console her as much as she could.

Naruto was a bit worried as they came back, wanting to ask what happened to make Lindsay cry but the gentle 'don't worry about it' look on Gwen's face somewhat assured him that it was okay.

He though was quick to accept a hug from Lindsay, softly hugging her back as Gwen watched them with a smile before the blonde pulled away with a warm smile on her face despite the tears on her face.

"You guys go enjoy your alone time, I have to go fix my make-up" Lindsay told them before she quickly hurried off.

Naruto would have asked what that was all about but as Gwen squeezed his hand he was assured again that it was okay.

Personally, as they enjoyed their time alone together, they both wished they could spend time together out in the open. But at the same time another part of them really enjoyed these private moments where they were together without anyone around….other than the constant cameras.

"See you're getting better" Naruto told her with a smile as she sat beside him on a tree stump, his guitar in her hands while he continued to try and teach her to play.

"I really don't think so but I'll take your word on it" she said with a smirk while she continued to strum on it a bit like he showed her, finding the noise she made with it to just not sound right.

"You're learning, don't expect to be rocking out at the start. You picked up the finger placements quick and you're making steady progress on the notes and chords so just keep practicing" he assured her, sliding his arm around behind her to her hip and pulling her closer to him with a smile.

"I figure I'd do better if a certain someone lessened up on the breaks to make out" Gwen teased him with a bit of a blush, smirking at him which only got a smirk from him as well.

"Hey, when teaching my girlfriend some breaks to kiss her are to be expected. Especially when she looks even more amazing with a guitar in her hands" he admitted as he leaned in for another kiss which she was more than willing to return.

They had to pull away from each other a bit though as they heard the speakers announce that the Bass' dinner was about to start.

"I'll come and find you after the elimination ceremony, stick around the firepit so I can find you easier" he told her, getting a nod from her as she kissed him again quickly before he really had to leave.

-Elimination Ceremony-

"I've got seven Gophers sitting in front of me tonight but only six fluffy bits of safety in my hands so, good luck" Chris announced as he walked forward, interrupting the tense atmosphere caused by Heather glaring at Leshawna and Beth with the former glaring back even harsher.

"When I call your name come up and get your marshmallow" he told them like always as one by one he named each and every Gopher until only Beth and Heather remained.

"Heather. Beth. Down to you two. Whoever doesn't get this marshmallow must immediately walk the dock of shame and leave on the Boat of Losers. Forever!" the host continued while he looked at the both of them. "The final marshmallow goes to….," he said, drawing it on for as long as he could to build up tension and give the camera to get footage "Heather" he finally announced which got a surprised look from Heather which quickly turned into smugness.

"You heard him, Boat of Losers, that a way" Heather almost sang out with how smugly she said it. "That really was silly of you to take that doll from the island" she added, wanting to rub salt in the girl's wound as she still hadn't forgotten how she disobeyed her in the last challenge and had caused her alliance to crumble.

"See ya girl" Leshawna sadly said as Beth walked off towards the dock.

"That's it for tonight and you might want to burn some sage to get rid of any lingering curse vibes" Chris told the campers since he wasn't sure if just returning it would instantly fix things.

"Cool will Chef give us some sage?" Leshawna asked, getting a chuckle from Chris.

"Nope so….good luck with that" he bluntly told them before he walked off, leaving them to deal with that on their own.


As he heard the engine for the Boat of Losers start up he quickly looked over to Duncan who gave him a quick nod. "Look if I'm not back by the time he goes to sleep you and the others know what to do right?" Naruto asked Duncan, referring to Harold since they still had one final step to their pranking of him to teach him a lesson.

"We all know the plan and if he really doesn't get it after this I'm scared to see what you have in mind but don't worry about that, go see your girl" Duncan said with a smirk, shooing him away before Naruto quickly slipped away, taking the last few bits of food to add to the picnic basket he had gotten for the picnic.

Getting the basket and tupperware as well as all the plates was a bit tricky but all he had to tell Chef was that it was for a lady and he'd personally wash and return every piece of it. Sure the cook still threatened him but it seemed that by him withstanding it he got a few points from the man.

He smiled as he arrived at the fire pit, Gwen quickly noticing him and subtly making her way over to him before greeting him with a kiss.

"How was the five-star dinner?" she asked, smiling as she looked down at the basket he was carrying.

"It was good, lots of good food that I grabbed for us both to enjoy" he told her while he offered her his arm, getting her to quickly link her arm with it. "Personally I feel it'll taste even better with your company" he added, getting her to roll her eyes with a smirk.

"Then lead the way Casanova" she teased before he did a playful bow and started to lead her through the woods.

Gwen didn't know exactly what she was expecting when Naruto told her about the clearing he found for their date but she was instantly amazed by it as they arrived. The clearing felt mystical as the full moon seemed to light it up in a soft blue light with an added stunning view of the night sky.

"Wow…this is better than I expected" Gwen said in awe as she looked around, Naruto smirking to himself as he laid out the blanket for them.

"Trust me, I wouldn't have brought you here if it wasn't somewhere I felt was worthy of being where we have our first date, unless you want our first date to officially count when its off the island" he told her, looking up a bit worriedly at her only for her to shake her head and smile.

"This is perfectly fine for our first date so don't worry so much" Gwen assured him patting his arm as she sat down beside him and watched as he brought out a variety of really good-looking food. "Seems they really did pull out all the stops for the five-star dinner" Gwen said with a smile as Naruto dished her plate for her.

"Yeah seems like they did, some of use honestly thought it'd be slop with a five-star label slapped on it" he joked a bit, smiling at her chuckle before he handed her the plate with a soda that he pulled from the basket.

As their dinner date went on they talked and told each other about various things about themselves from the names of Gwen's friends – Pixie Corpse, Marilyn, and Reaper – and how she can play the drums to him telling her he had dual citizenship in both Japan and Canada and his mom running a dojo that she's had in her family for several generations.

"So you've really never had a girlfriend? You, the singing guitar playing teen, has never had one?" Gwen asked, still finding that hard to believe.

"I'm being 100 percent honest here, I've never had one. Its not like I've never been interested in girls but my job has me travelling a lot and because of it the girls that 'go after me' tend to be the types where you can't be sure if its genuine or cause of my job" he admitted to her a bit with a frown only for it to turn into a smile as he reached over to hold her free hand. "I am though really happy I came on the show since I got to meet you through it" he added, getting her to smile a bit as she gave his hand a squeeze.

"Well I'm glad that I got to you first because it seems others share interest in you" Gwen said, bringing up how Izzy surprised him – and them all – with her kiss back when she had been eliminated. Honestly she was a bit grateful for the crazy girl's actions since now she had a window to try and 'test the waters' before bringing up Lindsay.

"Yeah that kiss from Izzy was….really out of nowhere" Naruto said with a blush, rubbing the back of his head as he remembered the rather intense kiss that the orange haired girl had given him. "I really don't know what made her decide to do that" he told her which only got an eye roll from Gwen with a soft smile.

"It's not that surprising Naruto, you're naturally sweet and kind to people without coming off as like you are trying to be a flirt. I wouldn't be surprised if other girls like you as well" Gwen explained to him, finding his blush to be rather cute as he stared down at the ground.

"Yeah you mentioned that before and it still has me wondering if we should tell the others just to keep stuff like that from happening….last thing I'd want is to hurt someone cause we have to hide" Naruto told her, his response making her smile as it showed he was worried about accidentally hurting other people.

"So you're saying you'd turn them down if they confessed to you?" Gwen asked him, getting him to quickly look over to her and nod.

"I mean isn't that obvious?" he told her as to him this was the only way to answer things.

"True but what if, hypothetically, it was with someone I was okay with? Would you be open to accepting their feelings?" Gwen nervously asked, feeling as if her heart was beating a million times a second since this wasn't in any way, shape, or form something you really asked your boyfriend about and she was afraid.

Sure she was doing this for Lindsay but she was afraid and worried that asking something like this might mess things up for her and Naruto.

"Like, as an example, the feelings of a girl who fell for you because of how you see her for her and not a part of her….feelings that when shot down by me brought her to tears since they, and you, meant a lot to her…" Gwen told him, almost afraid to look over at him as she stared down at the blanket they sat on.

"You might not know it but you really have an impact on a lot of people around here. I know its crazy, trust me I thought so as well, but I came around to it after talking more and more with her and learning how her past with boys have been…." she continued before he stood up, her heart quickly sinking to her stomach, afraid that he had gotten upset with her.

"I can't outright say yes due to how insane this all is but… if it's someone I know and I talk with them then it might be possible to figure something out" he told her, getting her to quickly look up at him to see the blush and nervous look on his face.

"O-Okay! I honestly thought you'd get upset with me or something" she confessed as she honestly expected him to yell at her about how ridiculous all of this was before undoubtedly leaving.

"I'm not upset, if anything floored sounds about right but even with how surprised I am I know you wouldn't have brought up something this….intense, for no reason" he explained to her since this wasn't something that anyone would bring up without thinking it over a lot.

"Just give her a chance to talk, its the least she wants…" Gwen told him while motioning him to stay there before she went off into the woods to quickly grab Lindsay, thankful that she had decided to ask the blonde to wait nearby in case she was needed.

"T-The girl is Lindsay?" Naruto asked with a bit of a blush, surprised and a bit shocked by how someone like Lindsay actually liked him like that. He was a bit amazed he had gotten someone like Gwen so someone else like Lindsay also liking him had him stunned a bit.

"Just let her explain, I'll be towards the edge of the clearing to give you two some privacy" Gwen assured him, guiding Lindsay over to him and sitting her down which in turn got him to sit back down beside her.

Gwen smiled as Naruto merely nodded, leaning down to give him a kiss on the cheek and Lindsay's shoulders a reassuring squeeze before leaving the two of them alone.

Naruto wasn't sure how to start things, trying to think up the right words to say or how to correctly phrase it before he took a deep breath and decided to start things off.

"Honestly, I'm not sure how to handle this or go about this so…how about you tell me why me?" he asked her, getting her to take a deep breath before she seemingly steeled her nerves.

"You are the first guy in like, forever, not to just see me as a walking pair of these" Lindsay started to tell him, grabbing her chest a bit to make it clear what she was referring to. "Back when I was 13 they were a DD and since then guys have only really looked at them instead of me….except you" she said, turning to him with tears in her eyes that honestly surprised him since he'd only seen her smile.

"Your eyes aren't glued to my chest…although I do find it cute when they do catch your eye and you blush and focus on looking away," she teased him a bit, nudging him with her shoulder with a smile despite her eyes still glistening as if she was about to cry "but that's not also have never treated me like an idiot or talked down to me" she admitted before nervously reaching over towards his hand, Naruto meeting her halfway to show her he didn't mind holding her hand.

"I know this is crazy and I barely convinced Gwen so please….you don't have to accept this right away but please…at least think it over" Lindsay choked out, Naruto frowning as he knew she was crying even before he looked over to her.

"Please don't cry Lindsay" he told her softly, reaching over with his free hand to wipe away some tears of hers which thankfully made her smile a bit and lessen her tears a bit.

"I won't deny that this is crazy but to be this emotional about it shows you are really serious about this. I'm also sorry about how you've been treated by guys in the past, we can be pervs at times…myself included although I swear it's not intentional" he defended himself, getting her to giggle a bit before he gave her hand a soft squeeze, smiling at how her tears were stopping.

"I'll be honest I'm not sure how to handle this or go about it but….if you are content with having me despite already being with Gwen then I'd be happy to try this kind of thing out as I'd have to be an idiot and a jerk to turn down a girl who cries over how strongly she feels about me" he told her with a bit of a nervous smile before Lindsay stared at him in shock, quickly surprising him as she leapt at him and wrapped him up in a tight hug.

"T-Thank you, I-I can't believe this. Thank you for giving me a chance" Lindsay cried into his chest as they laid on the ground, her hug knocking him over when she leapt at him.

Naruto could only blush a bit with a soft smile as he rubbed Lindsay's back to console her a bit. Looking around he could see Gwen watching them with a smile before she started to walk towards them.

"I take it you accepted her feelings?" Gwen asked, Naruto hearing a nervousness to her tone which made sense given what she had sprung on him.

"I'm willing to give this a go if you felt so strongly about it to bring it up to me and that it meant enough to Lindsay to cry like this….I don't know how to go with this so we'll have to take it one step at a time" he told the both of them while he gently pet Lindsay's head, sitting up and allowing her to still hug on him and giving the top of it a soft kiss which only made the blonde girl smile happily at and blush at.

"Oh! I should probably get going and let you two enjoy your cute date" Lindsay said, trying to stand up only for Gwen to stop her.

"You're a part of this now so you have every right to stay here and enjoy this cute little picnic he set up" Gwen told her while patting her on the back before sitting down on the other side of Naruto with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Lindsay asked, a bit nervous until Naruto handed her a plate with a smile.

"If I'm dating you alongside Gwen then you deserve to be included in the date as well. Plus it'll help me get to know you even more" he told her in an attempt to assure her that she was completely fine being here.

Afterall it'd be very weird and awkward to have her leave after everything that had just happened and that he had just agreed to.

The date with the three of them wasn't nearly as awkward or difficult as he thought it'd be probably one part due to Lindsay and Gwen being good friends and the other part due to him getting along with each girl on their own.

They all might get along normally but the tone around things was more than just a regular get together so it definitely still felt like a date.

As he walked the girls back to their cabin, or at least as far as he could go without risk of someone seeing them, he couldn't help but blush as Lindsay was hugging his arm on one side while Gwen held the hand of his free arm.

"Someone seems awfully cuddly over there" Gwen teased, making Lindsay blush and almost pull away before Gwen gently stopped her with a hand on her back.

"Sorry, I'm just so happy~! Its either this or pinching myself to make sure its real" Lindsay giggled out with a happy smile, giving his arm another squeeze while Gwen rubbed her back a bit with a smirk of her own.

"Well I don't think he minds that much" Gwen said, bumping her hip against Naruto to get Lindsay to notice the blush on his face. "For such a natural charmer he sure is weak to some things" she added before she in turn hugged his other arm which only got an eye roll from him.

"Well sorry my job makes it tricky to be with girls but honestly any guy would get flustered by being hugged by one girl this pretty, let alone two" he told them, getting them both to laugh a bit at and hug him tighter.

"If anything I like it, makes you different from all the other guys" Gwen admitted with Lindsay happily nodding along.

"Yeah! He's just so cute when he gets all flustered and really focuses not to look" Lindsay agreed with a giggle, finding his cute blush only proving her point and getting her, and now Gwen, to hug his arms more.

"Yes, yes, very funny. Glad you two enjoy teasing me and as much as I'd love for it to continue I think this is as far as I can go alongside you two ladies" he told them, his tone a bit playfully dry to show he wasn't actually annoyed at them.

"Yeah I bet you would love for it to continue with Lindsay's chest against you like that. They are an I cup by the way~" Gwen whispered into his ear with a smirk, getting his eyes to instantly shoot over to Lindsay's cleavage only to shake his head and narrow his eyes at her.

"Knew that'd get your attention" she laughed a bit before she kissed him, happy as he returned the kiss with an arm of his wrapped around her waist to pull her up against him to crank up the intensity of it. "I'll see you tomorrow, try not to spend too much time kissing your new girlfriend' she added with a playful smirk before walking off, looking back over her shoulder and enjoying the fact he was watching her leave.

With Gwen gone Naruto could only look over at Lindsay who was still happily hugging his arm with a smile as she looked up at him.

"I knew you two would be great together.…I'm just happy I also get to be with you" Lindsay said with a giddy tone as if she still couldn't believe it, her hugging his arm tightly showing him that she still had to almost remind herself that it was real.

"I'm glad your happy Lindsay as seeing you cry and get emotional like that was intense, and not in a good way" he told her while linking his hand with hers and giving it a squeeze, getting a squeeze back from her hand before she rested her head against his shoulder.

"I was being truthful back there Naruto so thank you…for accepting my feelings" Lindsay said softly as she slowly started to lean up towards him, them both blushing a bit as their lips met for their first kiss.

Lindsay found herself thankful she was holding onto his arm as the moment they begun their kiss she felt an intense bolt of electricity shoot through her that was enough to make her legs weak. The electricity coursing through her only got more intense as the kiss went on and from the way he cupped her cheek gently.

Unknown to Lindsay she wasn't the only one affected by the kiss as Naruto found himself seriously having to reign things in to keep from evolving the kiss to French kiss. While Gwen's lips were soft Lindsay's were easily just as soft, making him want to just keep kissing and enjoying Lindsay's lips.

In the end they both ended up breaking the kiss at the same time, a panting Lindsay having to grab onto his shirt to keep herself upright while an equally panting Naruto had his hands on her waist to help her and somewhat ground himself.

"W-Wow t-that was amazing~. Even better than I imagined" Lindsay panted out in a bit of a daze, giggling a bit as she smiled happily up at him and now a bit proud of herself as she saw she wasn't the only one like this from the kiss.

"Y-Yeah, that was pretty intense" he said with a bit of a chuckle while he reached up to stroke her cheek gently before giving her another kiss, this one being much softer and gentler than the first. "But even with how nice it is I think you do have to get back to your cabin, there'll be more time to kiss later" he assured her which only got a cute pout and whine out of her that seriously made it hard not to kiss her again.

"No fair~! I just got you! I want to kiss a whole bunch" she whined into his chest as she hugged him tightly which in turn pressed her breasts right up against him.

"I-I promise you'll get more chances to Lindsay, we only just started dating after all" he tried to explain to her, stuttering a bit as she with her nuzzling against his chest her breasts were also somewhat doing the same.

"I'll hold you to it mister" Lindsay said with a smirk as she seemingly caught on to how her chest was making him flustered again before she really started to press it up against him.

Naruto could only quickly kiss her back as she surprised him with a kiss before she ran off, turning around just as she got to the door to excitedly wave to him where an arm – which he figured to be Gwen's – pulled her inside.

Now alone he found himself about to let out the sigh of exhaustion he had been essentially holding in.

It wasn't exactly a sigh of exhaustion but more one brought upon by just how insane a situation he found himself in as now he had not only one but TWO girlfriends and they were both okay with it.

If he didn't know any better he'd expect this kind of thing to be some sort of 'staged acting' to try and blackmail him. Though he knew that wasn't the case as neither girl were even remotely like that and neither of them knew of his job which would have given them the possible incentive to do this if – again – they were those kinds of girls.

'Just take it one step at a time…otherwise this'll just overwhelm me' he thought with another sigh before he headed into his cabin to see the guys waiting for him.

"Bout time you got back, you take way too long practicing in the night. Thought you would have shown up sooner with Duncan already having brought back your guitar for whatever reason" Geoff said with a roll of his eyes, Naruto thankful that this wasn't the first time he's practiced out there and that Duncan was his wingman of sorts.

"Sorry, just got caught up in the moment" Naruto said with a chuckle, noticing the slight smirk that was threatening to break out on Duncan's face before he popped his neck. "We still doing this?" he asked, segueing the conversation away from him as he motioned towards the sleeping Harold.

"Of course we are dude, we already got him prepped. It was a bit tricky getting him naked with the blindfolds but we got it done" Duncan told him with a smirk as they had followed his instructions on the 'final step' of Harold's pranks.

"Good then all that's left is to get him in place" he told them before they grabbed Harold's bunk bed, two on each end, and lifted it up.

'This'll be perfect' Naruto thought with a bit of a chuckle as they carried the bunkbed off to the perfect place for him to wake up at.

-Next Day-

Naruto smirked as he floated alongside the girls from camp as he had invited them to go swimming with him given if the guys from his team were canoeing he might as well enjoy the water in his own way.

Plus it seemed the ladies had the same thing in mind, some of them seemingly having talked about going swimming on their own which just made it perfect.

He though had to explain that Harold's bed was on the dock for a good reason.

"Good morning Harold" Leshawna said to the scrawny boy, being the first to notice he was waking up.

Naruto was a bit surprised it took Harold a good few moments to realize that he was naked, save for a pair of sneakers and socks that he oddly went to bed with on his own, before he had the decency to cover up his junk with a pillow after giving out a rather girly screech.

"So? Learned your lesson yet?" Duncan asked as he and the guys paddled on over in their canoe.

"Yes! Okay, yes!" Harold yelled out, his face beyond red in embarrassment.

"Oh we're going to need more than that man" Naruto told him with a smirk as Harold finally gave in.

"I'll never leave my crusty underwear out again! I swear!" Harold promised, raising a two fingered scout salute which got the guys to finally believe him.

"What the hey, I believe him" Geoff said as he reached into the canoe and tossed Harold over a bag of his clothes. "Pleasure doing business with you!" he yelled out before the guys paddled off with Harold quickly running off to put his clothes back on.

"And that girls is how you prank someone into submission" Naruto explained to them with a smirk as he gave mock bows while floating in the water.

"Did he seriously leave crusty underwear out in your cabin?" Bridgette asked since if that was true then it definitely explained why they all had been messing with Harold so much.

"He's done it for weeks and even with his name being sewed in them he kept refusing to admit they were his. This was the best way to get it to stop but hey, lets not let that…. unsavory sight ruin our morning" he told them as they seemingly agreed, them all going back to what they were doing.

As they enjoyed their morning swim his eyes couldn't help but continuously being drawn towards Gwen and Lindsay, often meeting their eyes as they seemed to be looking his way a good bit as well.

In the end none of them could be blamed since it wasn't everyday this kind of thing happened between three people. He just hoped their set up worked out as this definitely wasn't normal.

He just had to remember 'one step at a time' and hopefully things would go smoothly for them all but only time can tell, especially when they were all on a crazy tv show like this….

-Chapter End-

*1 = After rewatching the episode I seriously started to wonder why the hell wasn't Owen voted off here? He screwed over his team SO MUCH in this challenge by devouring the ribs, curse-shmurse I would have been way more pissed off at Owen for fucking over my team like that. Plus now with a bear having eaten the ribs it makes it seem much more like a curse rather than Owen being fat

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