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My name is Isabella Marie Swan but everyone calls me Bella. I am 17 and I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my mother and her new husband, Phil. I am moving to Forks, Washington to live with my dad so that my mom doesn`t have to stay home with me and my daughter. My daughter is one month old and her name is Elizabeth May Swan.

So here I am packing bags of baby clothes, toys and anything else I was given for her. My carry-on consists of diapers, clothes, bottles, and formula. The only thing I have for me is a laptop, a book, and some headphones. That`s what it`s like when you have a baby, their needs come first.

Once I am done packing I make sure Liz is still asleep in her bassinet then take the bags to the car.

After everything is in the car I pick up Liz and change her clothes along with her diaper then strap her into her pink elephant covered car seat. I hear my mom yell that we have to leave so I pick up the car seat and walk out the door.

The plane ride was a couple hours and Liz woke up when we were about to land in Seattle. When I get to the luggage area I see Charlie standing there looking around. I wave while walking over to him. When I get over to him he gives me a one armed hug and we go get my bags.

The car ride takes over an hour and Liz screamed her head off the whole entire time. She didn't stop crying until I took her out of the car seat and held her on my chest.

When we get to the house Charlie grabs my bags while I get Liz and her car seat. He goes upstairs and to the room that I always used when I came to visit. The only way it has changed over the years is that now there is a full bed, a white crib with pink elephant bedding, and a white changing table. The changing mat is also pink with elephants. I lay Liz down in the crib and put her car seat in the corner next to the desk by the door. Charlie sets my bags on the floor and leaves the room.

I then begin to unpack the bags and I`m almost done when Liz begins to cry. I pick her up and hum softly to her until she goes back to sleep. When she is fully asleep I lay her down on my bed and finish unpacking. When I`m finished I lay down next to Liz and fall asleep to her soft breathing.

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