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Naru is busy filling up the paper in office. Today has been busy not because they had a case or a new client but because Naru is receiving a lot of gifts. From clients and others that just somehow got to know him. Do you know why they giving gifts? Well people it's Valentine's Day. Means in Japan it is custom to give chocolates to the boy you admired, crush or love. Well since our narcissist is a handsome, young and pretty boy, nobody can really resist him.

But sad to say he doesn't really care, he doesn't like sweets after all and the gifts are annoying as hell. Many girls even a little older than him come knocking in the office to ask for a date, a confession and flirt. That's why he close the office and lock himself to his liar as Mai call it, and busied his self with paper work.

"Hello? Naru? Why the office is close" A shout on the front door, it takes Naru out of his work and come out of the office. He had thought Mai was inside since her voice was loud but then found her outside the office as she try to open it.

"How did you know I'm still inside?"

"Well you never really close the office early and I know you wouldn't miss work, workaholic jerk..." Mai said as she enter the office and go to her desk. Then she notices the chocolates that were bundle up in the coffee table. 'So many' thought Mai.

"Why'd you close the office anyway?"

"Chocolates.." his only answer then lock the front door again with the close sign and emerge to his liar." -_-||

"Okay?..." Mai said not really understanding anything. Then Lin comes out of his office and notice Mai, then the chocolates and Mai staring on it.

"Many girls keeps pestering him today giving him chocolates and asking date, he's been in a bad mood since morning because of it" Lin said then go the Naru office to said something then go back to his own office.

Mai made a mouthed 'o' upon realizing then immediately come up with an idea and go to the kitchen. She fills the kettle with water and wait for it to boil. She looks the compartment for tea and prepares the tea cups. As the water boils, she readies the cups with tea and fills with hot water. She add a little honey on Lin while she make it strong on Naru with a little milk she always add so the tea won't have a bad after taste it was how I like it sorry hehehe). Then she made to her desk where her bag is and pulls out her own homemade chocolates. It was in a small heart box that was covered in black wrapping with blue linings. She made the ribbon small and dark color blue. Then she goes to the kitchen to bring the boys they're drinks.

She knocks on Lin's door first then gets in and hand him his tea. He makes a short brief 'thank-you' then she was out to the door. She inhales first before knocking then as she heard a soft 'come in' she comes in.

"Here's your tea Naru" She said cheerfully then places her box of chocolates beside.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Don't worry this not the chocolates on the table also, I personally made it. It's dark chocolate knowing you I know don't sweet, since you like your tea strong. Also it isn't that sweet too and and..." Mai continue to ramble as she gives her chocolates not giving Naru a time to reply.

He continue looking at Mai being bashful and waving her hand animatedly and going on and on, on how will the chocolates taste with the tea, since she said she specifically made it to match the tea. Natu was amused and watching Mai really makes his day. He keeps looking at her until she notices he isn't replying.

"Ahhh.. Hehehe.. Sorry I rambling again didn't I, it just I do hope you like it. Wait!... Here" she open the box full of mini circle chocolates then take one she handed one on him. He raised an eyebrow at the gesture and Mai roll her eye at that.

"Just taste it please. If you don't want then I'll eat the rest"

"It's my first homemade chocolates so I want to know if it's alright" Mai pleaded.

"You want me to taste it, when you who made haven't tasted it yet? Weren't you supposed to be the one to taste it first?" Ask Naru he was please to know that he was the first that she had given her first homemade chocolate. It makes him fluffy inside. But then she hasn't tasted it yet and he does not want get a stomach ache afterwards if it's bad which he highly doubt.

"Why don't you taste ONE first then, before shoving it to me, then just tells how does it taste..." he said monotony. In the back of him mind he planning of something wicked to tease the bubbly assistant and he was surely sure that he will get a satisfying reaction on her. That is if he able to compose himself after, since it will take a lot of his confidence in which he doesn't have a problem with, and will to stop the moment he began.

As Mai shoved the chocolates in her lovely sweet pinked lip, open her mouth she was in awe. She never really had thought to taste it but it was delicious.

"Hmmmm, ichs delishous" Muffle by the chocolate inside, she was barely able to get the word right.

She then again get another to put it inside her mouth but before doing so he said to Naru that he should really try it and tell her if it tasted good as she taste it. After that she put the chocolate between her upper and lower teeth almost close her lips when he feel something wet and hot in her mouth. Barely able to move, to her surprised Naru move from his desk and come closer to her. Too close for her comfort. He darted his tongue to get the chocolate from her mouth, their lips brushing slightly together at the closeness.

He swiftly able to get the chocolate out of mouth and to tease her further he slightly enter to feel her upper teeth rim, and slightly brush her upper lip. It takes all of his willpower to back up, since he his forcing himself not to kiss her senseless. 'It will be a dream come true' he thought but he know not too move fast and, knows his boundaries and the issue with his decease twin with her. So he pull back and there as he saw her face was much more satisfying and priceless. He never thought that she was able to blush too much.

Mai face was aflame from her ear to her forehead up to her neck. He was sure that her chest is beating red too. She wasn't expecting that. I mean she can't even form a coherent thought as that happen. Her mind keeps replaying the scene and in that moment it shut down. She was daze and hot and blushing madly crazy. Her reverie was cut as Naru said something it was enough to have her fuming with embarrassment and anger. And become redder at that.

"I just said you could only taste 'one' Mai, or you are really an idiot not to understand a simply instruction I've given to you." He said the teasing smirk she love so much plaster against his beautiful handsome face.

"Ohh, by the way.." As he sip his tea while doing so then put a chocolate on his mouth with his tongue again, then close his face to Mai. "The chocolate from your mouth is tasted well than the others... and Mai...Tea" He said teasingly. Then go back to his desk

Mai exploded, and her face was completely red from that. She didn't how she can even stand after that but with all her might, she puff her cheek and shouted.


As then she bolted out of the office. Headed to the kitchen and make the goddamned tea.

"Yeah Happy Valentine's indeed" As he enjoy Mai's lovely homemade chocolate just for him with his tea.

Lin come out of the office to know what's the ruckus then he saw Taniyama-san going to the kitchen fuminf with anger, but the most he was intrigue about was how red she was. She almost looks like she has fever. He then peek at Naru's slightly open office door to see was he doing then then smirk as he saw his charge smile and appreciating the box of chocolates that sitting in his table.

"Aahh.,, Valentine's day," He then go back to the office and make sure to called his Madoka.


Its a One-shot Valentine Special.