It's only 6:45 in the morning and I already want to go back to bad. My first day of my Senior year at my new school and its already terrible. There was no hot water for my morning shower, nothing to eat for breakfast, my mother of course is nowhere to be found and my car wont start, which of course means I'm going to be late and the last thing I want to do is draw any attention to myself. Determined not to be late my first day I start making my way to school, what should be 20 a minute drive has now turned into an hour long walk.

Just as luck would have it, since it seems as though the gods are determined to make my life a living hell, twenty minutes into my walk the skies opened up and it started to rain cats and dogs. Not only am I frustrated, and tired I am now soaking wet, I stare up at the clouds and think "Honestly could this day get any worse?!" Just as I start to walk again a beautiful sleek black Camaro with blacked out wheels speeds past me through a puddle, throwing water all over me.

"Ugh! Screw you Asshole!" I scream flipping them off and throwing my hands in the air.

Perfect just freaking perfect my terrible day just continues to get progressively worse. Its so very tempting to just turn around and say to hell with all of it, and now even bother showing up to school. But just as I go to turn around the very same Camaro pulls up beside me rolling down the drivers window. I look to my right and couldn't help but stare. The most gorgeous man to walk this Earth sits in the drivers seat. Golden blonde hair the kind of hair the looks like he just got done having sex, with some pieces hanging across his forehead. Piercing golden eyes like pools of melted amber. Golden tanned skin as if he'd just been kissed by the sun. Muscular arms encased in a dark leather jacket with a tight white t-shirt underneath. He was truly a sight to see.

"Listen if you're done staring, I was going to apologize for soaking you with dirty rain water, but it seems as though me driving through the puddle didn't make much of a difference." He said with a cocky smirk and a chuckle.

I just stared at him. Not only was he ungodly sexy, he had a slight britishn accent to go with his good looks. Unfortunately it was accompanied with a cocky egotistical attitude.

"Listen whether or not it made much difference you should still apologize for driving like a dipshit. Seriously as if my day couldn't get worse, you had to come along and ensure I was completely soaked before getting to school. Thanks really appreciate it!" I said flipping him off and starting to turn on my heel to walk the opposite direction.

"Wait!" He yelled jumping out of the car and running after me. " Let me drive you where you need to go, consider it my way of apologizing." He said seeming genuinely empathetic to my shitty day.

" I'm on my way to Idris High, do you know where that is?" I asked.

"Yeah as a matter of fact I'm headed there myself, so it wouldn't be a problem to give you a lift." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Ok, well I guess it IS the least you could do for getting me soaking wet." I said letting the innuendo sit in the air giving him a smirk, insinuating I meant it in more than one way.

He blushed! He actually blushed just barely a red tint to his cheeks and looked away from me, I could not believe this guy was embarrassed just from a smile. I just smirked and started walking towards the passenger side of his car. He rushed ahead of me and opened my door for me.

"Thanks." I said moving ahead. Before i could slide into the car, he grabbed my wrist spinning me towards him, trapping me between his hard chest and the car.

"So I never did get your name." He said staring at my lips instead of my eyes.

" Names Clary. Clary Fray, yours?" I asked wishing he'd just shut up and kiss me. No wait what the hell am I thinking I don't even know this guy, I don't even know his name for cheese itz sake! I shook my head looking up into his eyes, waiting for an answer.

"Names Jace, Jace Herondale. Nice to meet you." He said stepping back and allowing me to slide into the seat, waiting to close my door for me. Well he's chivalrous I suppose. I thought to myself. Though he's probably just looking for an opening to jump in my pants. I thought sardonically

The drive to school was thankfully warm and silent, but not that awkward kind of silent, that peaceful content silence. I kept sneaking glances in his direction, I just couldn't help staring at him, he was gorgeous. I sat there taking in his many attractive qualities, long eye lashes, sexy hair even when wet. He was wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt with a black leather jacket to accompany over tight blackwash jeans over black boots. Definitely your typical bad boy appearance, but I just get the feeling that he doesn't fit that persona, he seemed way to nice and apologetic. Bad boys just don't apologize so openly.

I hadn't realized I was staring while eye raping him, and never noticed we pulled into the school parking lot, and he was now staring at me, smiling and chuckling. "Are you done eye raping me now?" He asked with a cocky smile.

"I.. uh I... I was not eye raping you, Maybe I just have a staring problem." I said stammering over my words like a moron. Way to go Clary just shut up and get out of the car. I said to myself quickly turning in my seat and trying to rush out of the car. But before I could get out of the car the locks turned and trapped me in place. I turned back towards him and he was smirking at me. God he's such a dick!

"Ahh Ahh, not so fast Love." He said leaning towards me.

"Yes?" I said trying to avoid looking at him at all costs.

"Would you like me to show you to the office or I don't know maybe get together over lunch." He asked. " You intrigue me, not quite the good girl based on how you dress, but definitely not a badass, so where do you fit in? "He asked looking me up and down, now he was eye raping me. I couldn't blame him though. I was wearing tight black leggings, with knee high lace up black boots, a long blood red mid thigh camisole dress, with my black hooded leather jacket, with my grey messenger bag slung over my shoulder.

" Yeah sure, that'd be nice. Maybe we'll have some classes together." I said sounding slightly hopeful, and mentally face palming myself for seeming to eager.

"Great, lets get going we can get in early before the sharks arrive." He said chuckling to himself, making me smile.

We made our way towards the school and I noticed there were little to no cars in the lot. I smiled to myself, thankful that I get to keep him to myself for just a little while longer. He looked down at me smiling, jeez he had to be at least 6ft 4in, he seemed giant compared to my 5ft 4in frame. I was definitely right that he was built, built like a brick building, I mean DAMN. He caught me staring again, and I looked away blushing furiously. I could faintly hear him chuckling at me over the sound of blood rushing to my face.

"Hey we're at the office." he said as i kept walking like the idiot I am, which only made me blush harder and duck my head in the door.

"Hey Mr. Garroway This is Clary Fray, she needs her class schedule and don't bother with a map, I'll be showing her around today." He said smiling town at the man standing at the desk.

"You? Since when do you do things out of the kindness of your heart Jace?" Mr. Garroway asked skeptically. Making me just slightly nervous, maybe he was a bad boy after all.

" Can we just have her schedule please?" He asked slightly irritated, while glaring at him. His eyes had hardened over in annoyance and his lips were set in a firm line of agitation. I was slightly scared of him when he looked like this, I didn't know what to think of him now.

Mr. Garroway handed Jace my schedule and turned away from him in annoyance. Obviously there was some tension between the two of them, probably because he caused him enough shit during the day to keep him on his toes. Boy he was in for a surprise with me, considering it seemed like I was genetically engineered to start shit. I was a drama magnet unfortunately.

Jace made his way to the door dragging me with him. We hastily made our way down the halls towards I'm assuming my locker, at least I hoped so I was getting tired of lugging around this bag full of crap. Soon enough we came to stop in front of my locker, which Jace opened for me. Great now he's got my locker combination, oh well whatever at least I know who to go to if something's missing. I shoved my stuff inside and turned towards him. He was leaning against the lockers next to mine just staring at me.

"What?" I asked looking around.

"Nothing just waiting, you take forever." He said seeming annoyed.

"Listen assface I didn't ask you to show me around this was your choice not mine." I said giving him back the same attitude he'd given me.

"Whatever, Ill show you to homeroom then your on your own." He said storming off down the hall. We got to my homeroom and I just stared at him holding my hand out. He just kept looking at me like I had three heads.

"You still have my schedule and I need it so, maybe hand it over so i can get on with my day." I said annoyance lacing my voice.

"Right. Here" He said throwing my schedule at me and storming off down the hallway.

Fucking bipolar asshole. Seriously what crawled up his ass and died. I didn't do a damn thing to him and he's going to be nasty to me. I decided to just let it go and sit in homeroom and wait for school to start. I looked up at the clock and realized I still had another 20 minutes before the bell rang. Great and my shitty day continues. Guess I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs. I thought sarcastically to myself.