Hey everyone! I'm back! Reread this story last night and the ideas just came flowing in! So hopefully I'll be able to get a few good chapters out today for you guys! I know everyone could use some good reading material amidst this nasty pandemic! I hope you are all doing well and stay healthy!

-Shadow J


"Clary?!" Was all I was able to get out before her head fell to the ground and her eyes shut.

Panicking I ran to her and wrapped my jacket around her naked body and scooped her up into my arms and ran for the stairs. Reaching the staircase, the scene below me was chaotic. Alec was grappling with Valentine on the ground just at the bottom of the stairs and Simon and Magnus had the other man pinned to the ground unconscious. Carefully I made my way down the stairs cradling Clarys still unconscious body to my chest, stepping around Valentine and Alec's struggling forms I ran outside to Alecs 4Runner. Izzy sat in the backseat looking anxious and scared. Seeing me run towards her Izzy threw the door open.

"OH God, Jace! What happened to her?" Izzy pleads tears streaming down her face.

"I don't know Izzy but, its nothing good," I say placing Clary in her lap. " Are you okay with her for now? I've got to go help the guys inside." I asked nervously not wanting to leave them alone.

"Go, we'll be ok, I'll take good care of her," Izzy said confidently.

Nodding I turned to make my way back into the house hesitating just slightly to look back over my shoulder at the two girls I loved most in this world.

"Go, Jace! We have to get her out of here as fast as we can!" Izzy yelled. Nodding I ran to the house calling 911 as I went.

"911, what's your emergency?" A pleasant voice said over the phone.

"My name is Jace Herondale, and I am in Berkley Heights in an abandoned house, there is a grey 4Runner out front, I managed to track my kidnapped girlfriend here and we found here= and currently have the two people responsible detained, we need emergency assistance, my girlfriends not doing well.' I rushed out over the phone. '

"Okay, Sir please remain on the line and I will dispatch an officer and paramedic team to your location." She spoke quickly as she typed and radioed ahead.

"Thank you," I said walking into the house, only to see both Valentine and the other man unconscious on the ground.

"Thank you. " I said again to the guys, "Now who is this guy?" I asked looking at Simon and pointing to the platinum blonde who'd been stalking Clary and me down the shore.

"Well, it depends on which of his personalities you're talking to. If he's angry bitter and just plain mean, it's Sebastian, if he's sweet friendly and cool to be around then it's Jonathan. Both of them are Clary's brother." Simon said

"I'm sorry Clary's who?" I asked. "Last I knew Clary said her brother died when she was little."

"That's what her family wanted her to believe, he's been locked in an institution because he is dangerous, but only towards Clary, he feels like she's an obstacle in the way of any meaningful relationship he could ever form. One personality loves her unconditionally, the other wants her gone." Simon said sounding disgusted.

"Yet you helped this maniac?!" I yelled angrily approaching him.

"He threatened Izzy and my sister, I had no other choice," Simon said disappointed.

Before I could say anything more we heard police sirens coming down the street. Making my way to the door, I saw three police cars and an ambulance speeding down the street. Looking back at the guys I said,

"The only people responsible for this are the two men unconscious on the ground, no one is to utter Simons name, Am I understood?" I asked eyeing each of them. They all nodded in understanding and Simon looked dumbfounded.

"I'd have done the same thing for the ones I loved, but you'll have to make your amends with Clary, I can't forgive you for her. Plus my niece or nephew doesn't deserve a relationship with a parent in prison." I said walking out the door to greet the officers.