Niles and Rachel said their goodbyes, both pretty sure that they would meet soon again in the resort and Niles knew that he really needed to search the family. To be fair, he still didn't tell Rachel about him being a butler and he was hoping to somehow hide it, even when he was together with the whole family. He would tell it, eventually, if he had figured out how. The domestic found the Sheffields and Miss Babcock further away in the big hall of the airport. Well, they found him. With the help of Mrs Sheffield 'charming' voice, Niles was able to locate them as well and soon they were reunited together, time to get the bags. Now, Maxwell Sheffield might sometimes not be the brightest and little dense, he did at least understood that Niles wasn't some kind of superhero and that caring more than seven bags, even though with complete difference in size, was a little bit too much for the butler, so everyone was caring something. Even Babcock, although she rather had the help doing it, but she figured as much that Maxwell wouldn't be happy with her if she threw all of her stuff at Niles. Talking about the Devil, Rubbermaid seemed quite happy about something, as he was whispering the whole time. She wonder what got his mood in such highlights, so did Nanny Fine.

"You sound happy, Niles'' the nasal voice spoke while they were searching for the rented car. Niles looked up, completely lost in thoughts actually and nodded smiling at his best friend. "Just in a good mood'' he answered shortly, not wanting to go in details right then. Lucky enough for him, Maxwell had just found their car. It was a Van, a lot of space for their bags and of course themselves. Master Brighton and Niles had both decided that it would be a good idea to have a car with enough space, but not necessary a limousine. When everything and everyone was loaded in the Van, they could finally go. It was already getting dark and by time they reached La Sirena the night would have fallen already.

Normally a trip with the whole family would be a big cosy pleasure, but since everyone was too tired from the trip, it was now mainly sleeping children and two soft talking lovers. C.C was actually sitting next to Niles and was looking out of the window, looking at all the things they came by. Spain was a beautiful place to be and it had been a long time since she had. She stole a glance at Niles, who was driving. In the soft lights of the passing cars and streets she saw the features of his voice. He looked tired as well, but also determined to get to their destiny. She was still wondering why he was so happy at the airport, but too tired to ask about it and probably getting them both in a banter with no use, she decided to let it go for now. C.C turned away from him and closed her eyes, not seeing that the butler took a quick glance at the beautiful woman sitting next to him. Rachel was like a fresh breeze, like he had finally open a window in a hot room, but Miss Babcock was the heat in that room. Something he couldn't get rid of and actually didn't want to. Perhaps that was the reason he hadn't open the window in the first place, because he didn't want to use the heat. Well, there was sure a lot of heat between them.

It was indeed dark when they had arrived at the place they would stay two long weeks. Good, dark wasn't actually right. If the lights of the city didn't light up the place enough, the stars surely would. It was a beautiful night and the family was first stargazing for a long period, until Brighton asked if they shouldn't get inside or if the plan was to sleep in the Van tonight. Of course, a boy his age with no special interest in the galaxy was more quickly to turn awa from the sight above them, but the others did agree with him. The outside air did a good job and they weren't that tired anymore, which was a very good thing to Niles, as he still had useful help carrying the bags inside. There were two receptisonists, a young and for the time of the day very energetic and happy going man and a older, little bit moody, but soft woman. It made Niles wonder when Rachel would be working here again, she did say that she was going to start her work very quick actually. The woman, Estrelle, helped them at the desk and gave a explanation about how things worked in the resort, while the boy filled in their information in the computer. When he turned over to give the keys, Niles read his name as well. Tobias. Miss Magrartet seemed to be impressed by the way Tobias handed the keys and wished them a nice stay. Niles saw that and hoped for her that they either worked with three at the desk or that when Rachel came back, it would be Estrelle to leave the desk. Of course, to do others things around the hotel.

Miss Babcock got the call when she was already laying in bed and actually first thought that it was someone from America, but when she answered it, if was her aunt. "Sorry, darling for the late call. I got something I have to intend too. Do you mind coming over later, like three days, I think it should be fine by than". Her aunt was always straight to the subject and at the time a sleepy C.C had to progess the words first. Oh... Alright.