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Soldiering On

Now there was one thing that Clara knew for sure and that was that her situation wasn't ideal. She knew that it was definitely not right to be lying in the arms of her boyfriend when she was thinking about what her lover was doing in that moment.

There were a few things that she had never expected to happen in her life. The first was that she was going to be tied between two men. The second was that they were both military men.

Clara sighed as she waited for her alarm to go off. She knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep any longer but knew that she wouldn't be able to get out of her boyfriend's arms until the alarm sounded. The minutes seemed to go by slowly.

"Morning." Danny said as he kissed her on the cheek as he placed her breakfast in front of her.

"You didn't have to make me breakfast." She said.

"I got up the same time as you. I have no reason to be up. So I might as well make sure that you start of the day right."

"It is rather sweet of you." Clara dug into it.

They had meet through a friend of a friend of the family. Danny was a very sweet guy. He was extremely thoughtful and a romantic. Being a Sergeant in the army meant that the time that they had together between tours and training was little and he spent every waking moment making up for the fact that he wasn't there. It didn't worry Clara one bit. She enjoyed the space that they could have.

Danny was … just not someone she would have chosen to go out with. There was nothing to say that he wasn't a good boyfriend just, to her, he seemed like a safe choice for a boyfriend.

She kinda felt obligated to give him a chance when her step-mum kept going on about him and how he was such a nice guy. Now she had been with him for just over two years. There just always felt like there was something missing from their relationship. She just couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Her phone buzzed and she couldn't help but smile at the name that popped up on her phone. She read the text from John inviting her out that night. She felt bad but she sent him one back saying that Danny got home last night and she could see him wanting to spend it with her.

She picked up her plate and placed it by the sink before rising up and giving Danny a kiss on the cheek.

"Sorry got to go to work." She said as she grabbed her bag.

Tomorrow night? John texted her back.

"Have fun." Danny called after her.

We will see. She replied to him. "Will do." She shouted over her shoulder before she closed the door behind her.

Usually place?

Clara couldn't help but smile widely as John leant against the wall, halfway on her way to work. He returned it before handing her one of the coffees in his hands. She rose up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"How have you been?" She asked.

"Same old, same old." John replied.

John had been in Clara's life as long as she could remember. He had met her dad at university and they had become good friends, always having each others backs. He joined the army when he was 25 and had risen to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Whenever he wasn't on tour, he used to live with her parents, arguing that there was no point him buying his own place when he would only be there for a few weeks of the year.

He had become Uncle John to her. Someone that she could speak to when she couldn't turn to her parents. That all changed when she gained a weird crush on him when she was 13. She blamed it on a number of things but it became embarrassing to ask him anything or to just be alone with him. She distanced herself from him in some hope that her childish crush would disappear.

The thing was that never happened and they grew closer again when her mum died. He was just someone that she could talk about the good times they shared together who would tell her that he knew it was hard but it would get better. Everything got better with time.

He even saved her when, at her 16th birthday party, her boyfriend-at-the-time tried to pressurise her into having sex with him. She could remember John pulling the guy off her and threatening him before telling him to leave. He had made sure she was alright before he sneaked off back to his room. There was another incident which lead to him moving out and them losing contact.

"Still teaching then? I actually don't know how you do it." John said.

"It isn't actually too bad." Clara said, sipping on her coffee. "It must be like training new recruits."

"God that is the worse part of my job."

She giggled next to him.

They had bumped into each other in London just before she finished university. They had this big catch up where she had said that she was hoping to become a teacher but there was a part of her that wished to travel. John had told her that she didn't need to go into teaching straight away and had taken her on a trip to some of the places that he had found fantasising.

The only problem was that old feelings had returned and they seemed stronger than ever. She was still sure that he would never had told her properly how he felt if it wasn't for some waiter calling her his daughter. She could still hear him say 'Would I do this with my daughter?' before he cupped her face and kissed her.

The thing was, they had been seeing each other ever since. She knew that it wasn't fair on Danny but it wasn't fair on John as well. She had been dating him longer. She just couldn't let her dad know. Not after the incident.

"I have been summoned to the head office. It seems like I am going to be up there all weekend."

She frowned as she looked up at him. "But … I have been looking forward to this weekend. Do you know how long you will up there?"

"I hope just the weekend. We will have to rearrange. Definitely before my next tour though. It was the reason I wanted to take you out for dinner tonight. I wanted to make up for changing your plans last minute."

"Tomorrow. It will give me a little bit of time to think about what to tell Danny."

John sighed.

"I know you don't like me mentioning him."

"It's not that, just … all this creeping around. It just doesn't seem right. Especially with Danny in the picture."

She gave him a kiss on the corner of his mouth as they reached the school gate. "I know, I feel bad as well. I will text you."

Clara knew that John wanted to wrap his arms around her waist and bring her towards him to kiss her properly. She would have loved him just do it. But there was something always holding them back around people they knew. Maybe she was always scared that someone may mention it to Danny.

"I will look forward to it." He replied.

"Thanks for the coffee."

"It was my pleasure."

She smiled at him before turning, walking into the gates of the school. She turned back to see him still staring at her before turning away and going to wherever he needed to be.

She knew that her situation wasn't ideal but she had no idea how to get out of it without hurting someone badly.