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Life hadn't really been the same since.

Danny had broken off their engagement and had started to look for his own flat. Clara was sure that if he was still in the army, he would have been living at the barracks. Except he wasn't and they were both living separate lives in one tiny flat.

Everyday started to feel the same for Clara. She would get up and make herself some breakfast before sorting out Alec. By that time Danny would have joined them in the kitchen to make his breakfast. She would always offer him a lift to work on her motorbike, which he would always decline. Clara would take Alec to the childminder in their block of flats, telling her that she would be back by four for him. Then she would go to work, teach before picking Alec up and returning home. She would do a little bit of marking while Alec had a nap before cooking dinner and having some downtime with him. Danny would usually walk through the door about seven after staying at work to do his marking. She would always ask him if he had a good day, to which he would huff at her before walking into the spare room.

She knew it was her fault that things were the way that they were but it just made her wish that John was still out there, alive somehow.

Every step made him take in a sharp breath but he didn't need any more medical attention that they were trying to throw at him. It was healing. It would take time to heal. They definitely wouldn't recommend what he was doing now but he had to do it.

John slowly made his way into Coal Hill, dropping his rucksack as he reached reception, grateful for something to lean on to take the weight off his leg. He looked down at himself and realised that he probably should have gone home to get changed before coming but he had to see her, even if she had married Pink.

"May I help you?" The woman said.

"Is Clara available? I'm an old friend and I was in the area and I need to see her."

She typed on her keyboard. "Umm, not at the moment unfortunately, Miss Oswald is teaching at the moment."

He let out a sigh of relief. She hadn't got married. He smiled widely. He would have thought that they would have, her thinking that she only had one choice now.

"No way."

John turned to see Adrian standing there.


"You've come home." He said in amazement.

"I have told Clara that I always bounce back. I'm guessing she didn't believe it this time."

"She was told that you were missing, presumed dead."

"I need to see her."

Adrian nodded. "I will see what I can do."

Clara had always loved teaching but she was finding it boring. The students reading in the same tone, maybe mumbling because they don't actually want to read out loud. She knew that she was only finding it boring because her life now seemed to hit a dead end but she couldn't find the strength to try and make it exciting.

She was slightly relieved by the knock on the door and Adrian's head popping in.

"Is it okay if I had a word?" He said.

"Carry on reading." She said as she got up and walked over to the door.

She didn't miss Adrian gesturing to the students to come over.

"What do you want?"

"I don't want anything but he does." He said, nodding his head over her shoulder.

Clara could fill her heart start to race. The smile that Adrian gave her meant that he knew what she was thinking. She slowly turned around to see John standing at the other end of the corridor. She exhaled sharply.

She could still remember all the times when he used to come home when she was younger. He would always catch the train and a bus to surprise them and he would always try and make it so that it was when she was on the way home from school.

As the memory of her seven years old self came back to her, she felt herself copying her movements. She started to run towards him. John opened his arms up for her. In her memory he also crouched down, throwing his bag to one side.

She could always remember the feeling of running into him before he spun her around. She would shout his name and tell him that she was glad that he was home. She had never been so happy to see him.

Clara reached John in real time and jumped into his arms. She felt him take a few steps back, regaining his balance. His arms were tight around her and she buried her nose into the crook of his neck.

"Oh, Clara. My Clara."

"I thought you were dead."

"You won't get rid of me that easily."

For the first time in months, she found something to laugh about. There was something good that had happened.

She felt him gently place her back on the floor. She leant back to see him smiling down at her. She was lost in the moment of it all when she pulled him down to kiss him. The man that she wanted to be with was alive and well and with her. It was like someone had answered her after the months of heartbreak.


John sat on one of the tables while Clara was stood next to him, biting the skin around her thumb.

"Danny?" She said when she couldn't take the silence any longer.

"You were having an affair with the Doctor."

"That's why my dad was angry at him. I have always had this crush on him and I was trying to see whether he felt the same. I tried to get him to have sex with me but he didn't. My dad just thought we had."

"How long?"

John was actually worried about what Clara was going to say. From the way that the conversation was going, it seemed like they weren't going to be together any longer if they were even together in the first place.

"We started dating … when I was 22." She said.

"Our whole relationship has been a lie."


"Clara, don't even bother. If you were sorry, you would have told me on the first date or told me before that. You definitely wouldn't wait till you were engaged and had a child, which is not theirs."

John looked at Danny. Did he just insinuate that Alec wasn't his?

"I am sorry." Clara said before Danny stormed out

4 years later

Clara sighed as she dropped her bags down by the door and leant against it for a few moments. She had just got home from the craziness of work to the craziness of her home. She could hear John and Alec from the kitchen.

Her eye caught the photo on the table. She picked it up and smiled as she looked at it. Their wedding day may have only been two years ago but it was one of the happiest days of her life, joint with learning that John wasn't dead.

She placed it back down before she walked down the corridor to join her family.

"Mummy." Alec said, running towards her.

She smiled and picked the boy up as he reached her.

"Look, I got all my spellings right. I got a gold star. Look."

Clara took the piece of paper off of him and looked at him. She turned back to him beaming.

"Well done Alec." She kissed his cheek. "If I was you I would go and put it somewhere safe so you can show Granddad when he comes down at the weekend."

Alec took the paper off her and ran to his room when she put him down.

She watched him before walking over to her husband and hugging him from behind as he made dinner.

"Good day?" He asked.

"Yeah." She said.

John had decided to leave the army after he got back. He told Clara how he was lucky to escape with his life and was grateful for the refugees that had saved his life but he knew what he wanted. He wouldn't always bounce back and he was scared about leaving her. He was now a stay-at-home dad, at the beck and call of their two children.

She rose up on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. "How have they been?"

"Well Alec has been like he was high on sugar because of his gold star. Grace hasn't been so bad. I took her to the park today so she is napping now because I wore her out. Not her brother though."

Clara giggled. "Sounds like someone else I know." She sighed. "Better get on with some marking before dinner. Hopefully Alec doesn't decide to help again."

"Didn't your students like the pink felt tip and smiley faces?"

"Some of them did. Some of them thought it was hilarious. Some of them sat there stressing because he hadn't really helped at all. I had to sit with ten of them to explain that my son had said that he wanted to be like me and I didn't realise what he was then going to do."

John chuckled. "I suppose it was a bit of a laugh."

She left him go before heading off to do as she said. She was surprised when he grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him.

"I think I will give you this now." He said, giving her a present. "Happy anniversary."

She smiled up at him before rising up and kissing him. "Thank you."

It may have been a rather roundabout way but she was with the man that she wanted to be with and have the family that she wanted. Life was good and she hoped that it would remain that way.