In the darkness of Sasuke and Hinata's shared bedroom, a heart pounded. Sasuke's heart achingly pounded as he stared at his sleeping wife, who covered herself with a longed sleeved pyjama top and long pants.

As a deprived Sasuke laid down beside Hinata, a thought entered his mind.

He looked down at the outline of her generous bosom. Its alluring rise and fall reinforcing the thought, as he loses more self-control.

His hand went to reach the top button of his wife's pyjama and carefully undid it.

'It should be alright.' Sasuke thought as he went on to undo the next few buttons.

'She's my wife, afterall…' Sasuke reasoned to justify his actions. 'I've been waiting for her, for far too long.'

A hand lifted the collar of Hinata's pyjama and Sasuke happily peeked inside to see the soft looking mounds.

He bit his bottom lip. His length twitched in excitement.

How long has it been since he last saw her fully naked?

Maybe a month ago at their honeymoon?

He remembered feeling guilt that day. Because Hinata had cried. She was a virgin. And he was very happy about that.

He also remembered how beautiful she looked underneath him, writhing in the pleasure that he brought her. How her body bounced at his powerful thrusts.

That's why he couldn't understand. He couldn't understand why–after their first intimacy, after he asked for her warmth again–did she ask to be given time, time to get used to the idea, when she seemed to have enjoyed it.

Sasuke caressed Hinata's face with his adoring and sultry eyes, as he slithered a hand inside her half buttoned pyjama. He filled his hand with her big and soft breast.

He gave a squeeze, which intensified his passion. He found himself grinding on the side of her hips. His eyes shut and his forehead buried on the space beside her head. She smelled so delicious.

"M-mm…" Hinata's soft and soothing voice made Sasuke look up at her, his eyes dazed.

She was still asleep, he saw. Her eyes were still closed.

He went in and kissed her cheek.

Hinata stirred a bit, but it didn't faze Sasuke.

He kissed her on her luscious lips. Nibbled on her top lip. Then felt her lashes brush his closed eyelid.

He opened his eyes and saw the pearly lavender orbs of his wife.

Her eyes went wide.

Suddenly, Hinata pushed him away as she hastily stood up, her hands covering her mouth. She looked like she was about to puke.

Sasuke also stood up and followed her in their connected bathroom.

"Are you alright?" He asked in concern.

Hinata looked at him as she kneeled in front of their toilet bowl, her hand still cupping her mouth, and nodded, trying to control her sour face.

Then she let it out.

Sasuke went to gather her hair. His earlier intention forgotten, and his length shortening and going soft.

His mind raced as to why Hinata was in that state.

'Could it be…?' His heart pounded for another reason, and he was suddenly overcome with excitement.

"Hinata, are you pregnant?" He asked gently, not letting out any trace of his excitement.

She shook her head vigorously, which worsened her condition. She let out some more.

So quickly was Sasuke's bubble popped.

Sasuke let out a disappointed, "Oh…"

The sun came and Hinata looked like she felt better.

Sasuke went in the kitchen, where Hinata's back faced him as she prepared their breakfast. She wore her baggy clothes.

A soft "tsk" and a shook of his head showed how he detested those clothes.

Still, he went right behind her and hugged her from behind. He looked down at her and she looked up at him, giving him a pretty smile.

"What did you eat last night?" Sasuke asked. Hinata had said it was food poisoning.

At his question, Sasuke felt guilt run through him. He didn't know what she ate for dinner. If he had come home earlier, he would've known. Instead, he…

Her pink hair kind of ruined his mood. It made it hard for him to imagine Hinata…

"I-I forgot what it's called…" Hinata said as Sasuke felt her shifting in his embrace.

"Y-You're holding me too tight, Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke looked down at his arms. They were indeed in a tight lock.

He loosened his hold. "I'm sorry." He said regretfully, as he recounted his many nights together with Sakura. But he was not regretful enough to think of stopping.

How could he stop, when his own wife refuses him. Especially after she got him addicted to it. Just one night with her got him addicted to sex.

"What's this?" Hinata held up a small silver dress, giving it a scandalised look, because of its provocative cut.

"That's what you'll be wearing at the shinobi party tonight." Sasuke gave her a mischievous smirk. Already imagining her looking sexy in the dress.

"What's wrong with my outfit?" Hinata pouted as she gave herself a once over. She had already worn the straight-cut and modest dress that she bought. It reached the floor, had long sleeves and high neck. She was covered well.

Sasuke gave a tired sigh. He detested that long and overly modest dress, too.

He remembered when they were only just dating, how she had no problem in showing her curves. But after their first love making, she had took to covering herself all the time.

"I just want to show off my beautiful wife." I just want to perve on you. Is what he actually meant. Sasuke gave a small smile as he caressed her cheek.

Hinata looked on the side as she seemed to be in deep thought. She then directed her gaze at him, and with a hesitant look, she said "OK"

"Hn." Sasuke cheered inside, excited to see her in the dress.

"Anyway, I have to train." Sasuke said as he leaned in to kiss her on the lips.

"O-Oh!"Hinata suddenly jumped and turned her head on the side, as if she just remembered something.

Sasuke's eye twitched, annoyed at how he only got to kiss her cheek.

Hinata had already ran to the kitchen.

'Was she still cooking something?' Sasuke couldn't remember.

From the kitchen, Hinata gave him a soft shout of a farewell.

"C-Come back home safe!"

An exasperated sigh and frustrated raking of his hair ensued. He turned to leave.

They had just arrived at the party, and people were already staring at them.

"Hm" He huffed proudly, giving a slight smirk as he gazed at his wife from the corner of his eyes.

She had let her hair down. It flowed beautifully in soft waves. She had went to the salon for it. She did her own make-up though, which brought out and enhanced her elegant beauty, which was again enhanced by the body hugging and tight silver dress that he bought for her. It had a very low and v-shaped neckline, only covering her nipples and the outer sides of her breasts. The skirt part reached her knees, but still managed to be very sensual, as the shape of her butt and legs were much defined.

Sasuke wanted to fuck her so much.

He frowned at that thought, as he remembered what happened before they left their house…

He had been so turned on and asked her to lay in the bed with him quickly. He hoped she would finally say yes, seeing how he got her to wear a sexy outfit again, but she refused.

As always.

So it left him very hungry for a release.

"O-Oh, hi Sakura-chan." Hinata greeted happily.

Sasuke tensed. He looked to where Hinata was facing and saw Sakura wearing a skimpy red dress. It hugged her 12-year-old-looking body. The body that he used whenever he wanted Hinata.

Speaking of Hinata, he felt her walking away towards her teammates. Then he felt something bump him.

He looked at Sakura, who walked towards the toilet as she gave him a hopeful glance, wanting him to follow her…

Hinata removed her hand from her eyes as the veins surrounding her eyes receded. She tried to hide her small victorious smile.

"Hey Hinata-chan!" Kiba greeted as he rested an arm around her shoulders.

"H-Hey Kiba-kun" Hinata greeted back, and then quickly got surrounded by other males after seeing her with no husband beside her.

"Shouldn't you be with your husband?" Genma asked as he appreciatively looked her up and down.

"I'm her husband." Sai piped in before Hinata could speak, and then gave his fake smile. "Right, dear?" He asked her, with closed smiling eyes.

Hinata laughed lightly.

"Stop it Sai, that joke is so old!" Kiba complained.

"W-Well, Sai-kun does look like Sasuke-kun…" Hinata said, which prompted Sai to continue in his impersonation by snaking an arm around her waist and bringing her closer, causing her to blush.

Much protest from the other males ensued. Some of it Hinata blocked out, as she looked at the bar, where a blond head bobbed at downing a glass of alcohol.

'Poor Naruto-kun…' Hinata thought as she stared at him worriedly. Sakura leaving him did that.

Naruto and Sakura was a thing. Then Sakura left Naruto and started an affair with her husband.

Hinata knew all about it, and she couldn't be happier at how it turned out. This would hopefully give her an easy way out of her marriage.

Hinata absentmindedly rubbed her belly.

Then she hesitated about her plan to divorce Sasuke.

Would she really want her baby to grow up without a father?

Another look at Naruto. She stared at him longingly.

He must've felt her gaze this time because of the intensity of it, for he turned to look at her direction, a confused look was on his face at first. Then he saw her, looking at him with something in her eyes. It brought shivers down his spine. Made stronger by the allure of her delicious, curvy body. She looked so beautiful.