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The Little Princess - 5

Mandy: Okay, break's over! Next scene! Wait…..we're missing some cats….where's Tugger?

Misto: I think I saw he and Bomby are backstage making out…

Bomby: No…I'm right here, and Tugger's right there…*points as the aforementioned Tugger comes through the door*

Misto: Then…..who did I see making out?

(At that moment, Jenny and Skimble appear together from backstage, looking flushed and a bit out of breath. The cats blink for a moment, then some of the younger ones start snickering.)

Skimble: *straightening his vest out* Erm…well, let's get on with it, shall we?

Tugger: *elbows Skimble in the ribs teasingly* I think you already got it on, bud.

Jennyanydots: *indignantly* I don't know what you all were thinking, but it's most definitely....not....*trails off, blushing violently as the other cats snicker and smirk*

Mandy: *throws her script behind her shoulder* There goes my G rating.

(Scene changes to a crowded hospital. Gus is sitting in a wheelchair at the end of a bed, talking to Admetus.)

Admetus: He is suffering from amnesia…one of the rarer side effects from the gases…

Gus: He's not my John.

Admetus: *looks slightly shocked* I…I'm sorry, sir…but your son was the only name unaccounted for, we assumed this must be him…I am sorry, sir…*he walks away*

Pounce: ASSUME makes an a-

Jelly: Watch the language!

Pounce: ….out of YOU and ME.

Misto: Talk about corny…

(Gus continues acting as though he didn't hear the side comments…of course, the way his hearing is, he may not have heard them.)

Gus: I suppose you must think me a fool….all the hoping…

Coricopat: *in an Indian accent* Is it your wish to be wise, sahim?

Gus: I don't know….I suppose a wise man would never have come here.

Coricopat: But if he had, he would have looked closer upon a soldier's face.

Gus: And…what would he have seen?

Coricopat: Pain, sahim. He needs to be cared for.

Gus: Ach, it's not my responsibility.

Coricopat: A wise man would remember that this soldier was in John's regiment. Perhaps if he regains his memory….he could tell sahim what happened to his son.

(Scene changes back to the inside of the Seminary. Rumpelteazer, Electra, Bombalurina, Cassandra, and Allie are stationed at various places throughout the halls.)

Pounce: Wait….who's Allie?

Allie: I am! *runs over and hugs Mandy*

Mandy: Alliesissysweetie! *hugs* Glad you made it!

Old D: I'm just going to assume this is another one of your friends. Let's get this over with, shall we?

Jelly: *from inside her office* Now if the plumber comes while I'm gone to the bank, show him the problem. And for Heaviside's sakes, don't stand there blabbering with him all day, they charge by the hour.

Jenny: *stuttering* Y-y-yes, sister…

(Jelly leaves the office and goes out the door with her hat and coat on. The girls motion to each other in turn, mouthing the words "Now!". As the last queen points, Etcetera starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Back in the office, Jenny throws up the magazine she was reading, startled, then gets up and starts running up the stairs.)

Jenny: Oh no, Ettie, not again…

(As soon as she's out of sight, the other four queens run into the office and start searching through drawers and cabinets. At the top of the stairs, Jenny is squatted down on Etcetera's level, inching forward and hesitantly holding out a paw.)

Pounce: Ha! She looks like a duck!

Jenny: *glares at him*

Mandy: Please..let's just finish this…

Etcetera: *snaps at Jenny's paw*

Jenny: Ahh! That HURT, Etcy!

Mandy: Ecty, you weren't actually supposed to bite her, just snap!

Etcetera: I didn't mean to! Sorry!

Mandy: Okay…..just get back into character….

(Jenny gets up and runs down to the kitchens to get Jemima.)

Jenny: Jemrah, come quick! It's Ettie, I think she's possessed!

(Outside, Jelly has realized she's forgotten one of her gloves and starts back towards the house to get it. She comes in through the door just as Jenny is running towards the stairs with Jemima. Etcetera is still screaming loudly.)

Jelly: Will you PLEASE get that child under control?

Jenny: *nods quickly and starts up the stairs with Jemi*

(Inside the office, Electra holds up the locket.)

Electra: I got it!

(Jelly opens the door and starts into the office. Electra, Bombalurina, Cassandra and Allie freeze, the locket still dangling from Electra's paw. Just before Jelly goes in, Rumpel shrieks loudly, causing Jelly to stop and look at her.)

Rumpel: Oi…..Oi……Oi…..Oi……Oi…*she watches as the queens sneak out of the office. Electra closes the door behind her* Oi….Oi…

Jelly: Well what is it??

Rumpel: *as the last queen disappears* I thought I saw a mouse.

(Jelly rolls her eyes and starts through the door, which she already opened, only to run right into it.)

Jelly: Ow….this is a very dangerous play, y'know?

Jenny: Really! Jelly's twisted her ankle and banged her nose, Jemima's fallen down the stairs

Jemima: And been stepped on!

Jenny:…. I've been bitten, kicked, and had my paws mashed, Munkustrap was nearly burned, and who knows what else!

Mandy: Jenny, dear….I'm afraid the worst hasn't come yet, for you and Skimble anyway.

Jenny: *looks worried* What do you mean?

Mandy: You haven't read the entire script, have you?

(Jenny grabs a script and starts reading over it, while Skimbleshanks peers over her shoulder. They both gasp.)

Jenny: WHAT?? There's no way!

Skimble: One of us is bound to be killed! *pauses* *rereads the scene* And it's more than likely going to be ME!

Mandy: Shush! Don't worry about it, nothing will go wrong, I promise! Now let's just get on with this…we're really close to being done with this whole thing!

(At the top of the stairs, Etcetera has quit screaming and skips down just as Jemima and Jenny get to the top.)

Etcetera: Oh well!

Jenny: *sinks down on the stair and starts to hyperventilate, fanning herself frantically* I swear, that child has a pact with Satan to destroy me! I'm just not cut out for this job! I have no patience with children….and teaching! All those horrible facts to remember! I don't like it at all!
:mutters* This is SO not me…

Jemima: You like Skances, don't you?

Jenny: *looks at her in shock* What? Of course not! How dare you!

Jemima: I think he likes you, too.

Jenny: *eyes light up* You do? Really?

Jemima: I think you should run away together and get married! It'd be terribly romantic!

Jenny: *dazed look* What an extraordinary thing to say….I…..I….I…*shakes her head sadly* Well….my sister would be furious if she found out…

Jemima: So? You'd be LONG gone by then! Living in some exotic paradise…with that dashing young milkman….*stands up* Well, better get back to work.

(Jemima exits, leaving Jenny staring off blissfully, her head tilted to one side.)

(Scene changes to the attic. Rumpel has her paw over Jemima's eyes as the five queens who helped get the locket back come in.)

Jemima: *as her eyes are uncovered* What's going on?

(As each queen speaks, she passes something in her paw to the next in line.)

Electra: *curtsies* Princess Jemrah, we'd like to present you with something we rescued

Allie: ..in a dangerous crusade…

Bomb: Our very own adventure!

Cassandra: Risking all our lives!

Etcetera: And mine too! *holds out the locket to Jemima*

Jemima: *takes it, breathless* I..I don't know what to say….you all are the BEST friend's anyone could ever have!

(The glass door leading to the outside of the building bangs open, and a little monkey runs in. The five queens squeal and hide behind the bed.)

Jemima: Um…wait…when did we get a monkey? I thought we were skipping this scene…

Mandy: *hugs her monkey*

Cats: *raise an eyebrow*

Mandy: It's an inside joke. The monkey is my sissy Kate. Really, she is.

Monkey: *makes monkey noises and waves*

Cats: *begin to back away slowly*

Mandy: No, don't worry, it's all right, she's my monkey. Don't worry about it, just play along..

Jemima: *gives Mandy a weird look, but gets back into character* It's all right, it's just my little monkey friend.

Etcetera: Wh…where….did she come from?

Rumpel: Roight next door! Look!

Jemima: She comes to visit me all the time! Say hello to all my friends.

(The monkey stands on her shoulder and squeaks, causing the queens to giggle loudly. Down below, Jelly is turning off the lights in the hallways. She stops and listens for a moment, then shrugs and continues on her way. On another part of the stage, Victoria is brushing her fur. She stops and looks at the brush to see large clumps of fur in it. She stares for a moment, then faints dead away.)

Demeter: Um…Mandy…I think her fur is actually coming out….and I think she actually fainted…

Mandy: What?? Don't tell me that curse actually worked! Oy…well….there's nothing we can do about it right now. Let's just continue with this, okay?

(Back up in the attic, and being acted out on the side of the stage…)

Jemima: After Ramastrap came back to life, he raced towards the tower to rescue Demtra. But then….Macvana appeared!

Macavity: Mwahahahahahaha!

(The queens scream loudly, and Jemima quickly clamps a paw over the closest two's mouths. Downstairs, Jelly frowns slightly and looks up at the ceiling.)

Jemima: I think we'd better save the rest of the story for later….

(She stands and sets the monkey down, which promptly scurries along a drainpipe to the opposite house and up onto Coricopat's shoulder. Smiling, Cori bows to the queens, who giggle and return the bow. While they are all bowed down, Jelly comes in the door.)

Jelly: What is the meaning of this???

Jemima: It wasn't their fault, Miss Minchin, I asked them to come!

Pounce: Hey…..no she didn't…

Mandy: *sighs* I guess I should be grateful that you've at least been paying attention….

Jelly: You five, downstairs! I'll deal with you later! Recky, back to your room. You will remain locked there tomorrow without meals! Go!

Rumpel: *quickly runs out the door*

Jelly: *turns to Jemima* And as for YOU, you will do all of Recky's chores in addition to your own, without breakfast, lunch, or supper! It's time you learned, Jemrah Crewe, that real life isn't about your little fantasy games. It's a cruel, nasty world out there, and it's our duty to make the best of it! *she pauses as Jemima stares at her* Do you understand what I'm saying?

Jemima: Yes ma'am.

Jelly: GOOD. *sneering, she turns to leave*

Jemima: *quietly* But I don't believe in it.

Jelly: Don't tell me you still fancy yourself a PRINCESS?? Good God, girl, look around you! Or better yet, look in the MIRROR.

Tugger: Ooo….Jelly's getting VICIOUS with this…

Mandy: Tugger, hush! This is one of my favorite scenes!

Jemima: *her voice rising with each sentence* I am a princess! All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics! Even if they dress in RAGS! Even if they're not PRETTY, or SMART, or YOUNG. We're still princesses! All of us! Didn't your father ever tell you that??? DIDN'T HE??

Gus: Of course I did!

Mandy: Hush, dear.

Jelly: *her face crumpled as though she's fighting back tears* If I catch you up here with any of the girls again, I'll throw you out in the STREETS!

(She storms out, locking both Jemima and Rumpel's doors behind her. A very muffled, almost inaudible sobbing sound can be heard. Jelly turns back around and pauses at the top of the stairs, her shoulders trembling slightly. She reaches up and wipes a tear from her face, then heads down the stairs, sobbing quietly.)

Mungo: Erm…whoi was she cryin'?

Jemima: Because her father never told her she was special. He never told her she was a princess.

Mandy: *sniffles* That scene ALWAYS gets to me….I don't like Miss Minchin all through the show, except in that one scene I feel so horribly sorry for her.. *sniff* Okay…let's get on with this…

Rumpel: *entering Jemima's room through the loose board* Wot are we gonna do? A whole day wi'out food…

Jemima: Don't cry, Recky, it'll be all right.

Rumpel: Jemrah, Oi'm scared! If Minchen throws me out, OI got no place ta go!

Jemima: You have me, Recky….I've always kind of though of us as sisters. Let's make a pact to always take care of each other, no matter what.

Rumpel: It's a promise. *they hug* Wot're we gonna do about food?

Jemima: I know! We'll have a great feast before we go to sleep tonight, and it'll hold us over for tomorrow!

Rumpel: A feast? Where?

Jemima: Just look around, Recky…..see that table over there? It's covered in a long cloth, with silver candlesticks.

Rumpel: *stares at the table a moment* Oi dun see anything!

Jemima: Try, Recky! Remember what you told me about the magic? Come on, what kind of foods are on the table?

Rumpel: Um…muffins?

Jemima: Good! What kind?

Rumpel: All koinds! Ev'ry kind o' muffin da Everlastin' Cat ever made!

(This goes on for awhile, with the girls describing the various foods on the table and things like that. The scene fades out, and attention is drawn back to the side of the stage where the whole damsel in distress plot is going on. Munkustrap shoots a suction cup arrow at Macavity, and it hits him square in the forehead. Mac looks up at the arrow, rolls his eyes, then falls down. Demeter runs down from the "tower" and into Munkustrap's arms.)

Pounce: What was the point of that?

Mandy: I think it's to show the demon is about to be defeated….I'm not really sure….anyway, let's get on with this. Jenny, Skimble, get ready to do your last scene..

Skimble: Do we HAVE to do this, Mandy?

Mandy: Please? It's for the sake of theatre!

Jenny: *sighs* I don't know why I'm doing this, other than the fact I think this is kind of a fun role….

(Morning. Scene opens on Jemima and Rumpelteazer asleep next to each other, surrounded by lush curtains and tapestries, with a table full of food at the foot of the bed. Jemima wakes up and looks around her in amazement. She gets up and puts on the robe and slippers left on her side of the bed, just as Rumpel wakes up.)

Rumpel: Oh my….Oi think yew went a lil' too far this time…

Jemima: It wasn't me!

Recky: *looking at the food* Oi'm a lil' scared about all this….

Jemima: Me too…do you think we shouldn't eat it?

Recky: Oi'm not that scared!

(They sit down and eat breakfast, giggling. Scene changes to the house next door. Coricopat brings a tray with breakfast on it to Asparagus, who has his head wrapped in a bandage.)

Asparagus: Thank you for all your kindness….

Coricopat: It was nothing, sahim.

Asparagus: That word….it sounds so familiar…and yet I don't know what it means.

Coricopat: It is not English. We use it where I am from….India.

Asparagus: India…

Coricopat: You know it?

Asparagus: *pauses, then sighs* No…it's all just a blur…maybe someday I'll sort it out.

Coricopat: You will, sahim. You will.

(Scene changes again to nighttime. Jenny is coming down the stairs to the front door, wearing an overcoat and a large hat, and carrying two suitcases. She starts towards the door, then stops when she hears footsteps and hides behind a bookcase. Jelly comes and locks the door securely. Jenny bites her lip, then heads back up the stairs. Outside, Skimbleshanks is getting out of his milktruck.)

Skimbleshanks: *attempt to whistle, but can't* Erm…..yoohoo?

(He waits a moment, but gets no answer. Dejected, he turns away and starts to walk off when the window to a third story room opens up)

Jenny: Psst, Skances!

Skimble: *smiles, taking off his hat*

Jenny: One minute. *she goes back into the room*

(Skimble looks down at himself, straightening his clothes out, when a suitcase sails out of the window and lands smack in the middle of his chest, causing him to fall down.)

Skimble Oof! *the second suitcase lands*
OW! WHAT is in these blasted things?

(Jenny closes her eyes and kneels in the windowsill, her back facing the street.)

Skimble: Oh my God….

Jenny: *
mumbles* Please don't let me die…*lets herself fall backwards out of the window, landing squarely on Skimbleshanks*

Skimble: *moans*

Jenny: *opens one eye hesitantly* Am I dead?

Mandy: No, that was great, now get back into character!

Jenny: *still on top of Skimble* Skances?

(They both get up and walk….)

Mandy: Ahem, Skimble, get up and walk.

Jenny: *kneeling beside Skimble and shaking him*

Jemima: *screams at Mandy* YOU KILLED HIM!

Skimble: *sits up woozily* No….I'm not dead…

Mandy: *breaths a sigh of relief* Okay, that's a good thing....

Jenny: *glares at Mandy* We could both have been killed!

Mandy: I said I was sorry! Let's just finish this, can we?

(Jemima is upstairs --)

Jemima: Did I ever mention how much I hate stairs...

( -- watching the scene below from her window. Suddenly, Jelly bursts in.)

Jelly: WHERE IS IT? Where's the locket? Give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!

(Jemima hurriedly starts to take the locket off, when Jelly suddenly notices the elaborate décor of the room.)

Jelly: What's all this? Where did it come from?

Jemima: I don't know, I just woke up and it was here!

Jelly: You stole it, didn't you!? Just like you stole the locket!

Jemima: No!!

Jelly: You're nothing but a little THEIF….it's my duty to protect the children of this school from animals like you!

Jemima: I didn't DO it!

Jelly: Pack your things! You'll be leaving with the authorities VERY SHORTLY! *she leaves, slamming and locking the door behind her*

Jemima: *pounding on the door* NOO! MISS MICHIN, I DIDN'T DO IT!!! I DIDN'T DO IT MISS MINCHIN!!

Tugger: *paws over his ears* Whoa…

Griz: And they accuse ME of overacting!

(In the house next door, Asparagus blindly gets up and shuts the outside glass door of his room. Slowly, he unwraps the bandages from his head, and a clap of thunder is heard outside.)

Mandy: Thanks to Misto for the special effects!

(Scene changes to Jelly talking on the phone.)

Jelly: You heard me! I want her picked up IMMEDIATELY!

(She slams the phone down, then picks up the locket and looks at the smiling faces inside. Her face crumpling in hidden tears again, she throws the necklace down roughly onto the table as another crash of thunder and a flash of lightning comes.)

Munk: Is it just me, or does this woman have some mental issues?

Mac: Talk about your troubled childhood…

Mandy: Yeah. I think she needs therapy….a visit to Dr. Mau would--

Demeter, Munk and Mac: DON'T MENTION THAT AGAIN!

(Scene changes to the inside of Mr. Randolph's house. Gus and Cori are sitting by the fire when Asparagus walks in.)

Gus: Ah, I see you've decided to take the bandages off!

Asparagus: Didn't seem to be much point to it, really. I can see fine.

Gus: Ah, well, come on in and have a brandy.

(Scene changes--)

Misto: AGAIN?

(--to Rumpel and Jemima in the attic.)

Rumpel: Don't worry….Oi'm sure they'll believe yew!

Jemima: *crying* No, Recky, I have to get out!

Rumpel: But 'ow? Moi room's locked too!

(They hug each other, when suddenly the little monkey bursts in through the outside door. Rumpel goes to close it again, when she looks down at the street.)

Rumpel: Look! The police are 'ere!

(The monkey runs along the drainpipe and back into Mr. Randolph's house, seemingly beckoning to Jemima.)

Jemima: Recky, help me with this board!

(They grab a long board lying around in the attic and somehow manage to set it between the ledges of the two houses, creating a shaky bridge of sorts.)

Rumpel: Jemrah, no, it's too dangerous!

Jemima: I have to, Recky. I'll come back for you, I promise. *she hugs Rumpel*

(Jemima starts to walk unsteadily across the wobbling board. She gets a few feet away from the ledge when Jelly bursts in with Macavity, Mungojerrie, Admetus and Plato right behind her.)

Mac: I can't BELIEVE you cast Mungojerrie and I as police officers, of all things…

Mandy: *shrugs* Hey, you were the one complaining about type-casting.

Mac: True.

Jelly: *ignoring the side comments* Oh good Heaviside, what's she DOING? Get back in here!

(Jelly tries to grab onto Jemima's skirt, but she only succeeds in making Jemima slip and almost fall off the board.)

Jemima: *whimpering* Can we please oh please oh PLEASE skip this part? There's absolutely NO WAY I can grab on to that ledge after falling…

Mandy: Okay..this IS pretty dangerous.

Jenny: And jumping out a window isn't?

(Anyway, Jemima eventually gets into the neighboring house.)

Jelly: *to the officers* Don't just STAND there, go next door and FIND her! *grabs Rumpel and shoves her towards them* And take this one, while you're at it!

(Next door, Jemima quickly makes her way downstairs and starts to go out the door when she sees Jellylorum and the officers standing outside. She hides behind a post as Coricopat goes to open the door.)

Jelly: A child from the school has escaped into your house!

Gus: *wheeling towards the door in his wheelchair* Cor Dass, what's going on?

Jelly: I'm sorry, sir, but a child is hiding in your house unlawfully. Check the upstairs rooms!

(Suddenly, the power goes out. While everyone else is running around looking for candles and Jemima, she slips into the parlor, shutting the door behind her. The only light is that from a fire.)

Asparagus: *softly* Is someone there?

(Jemima realizes there's someone else in the room and she's trapped. She backs into a corner and sinks down, hugging her knees to her chest and crying softly.)

Asparagus: *almost whispering* What is it, why are you crying? Please tell me, I won't hurt you….won't you tell me your name?

Jemima: *after a long pause* Jemrah.

Asparagus: Jemrah…that's a very pretty name…

(The lights come back on, and Jemima looks up. She stares at Asparagus, disbelief written on her face.)

Jemima: *whispers* Papa…*she stands up slowly* Papa…

Asparagus: *frowns, puzzled* What did you say?

Jemima: *runs to him and tries to hug him* Papa! Papa it's me, Jemrah! Don't you remember me?

Asparagus: *trying to push her away* I…I'm sorry….do you know me?

Jelly's voice: (offstage) She must be in here!!

Jemima: Papa, Papa it's me! Remember India? *she starts tugging frantically at his coat* Remember Maya, and Emily, and the locket with Mama's picture in it??

Asparagus: *desperately trying to get her off him* No!

(Everyone else in the house comes into the room.)

Jelly: Jemrah!

Jemima: *screaming* Papa, PLEASE!!! Papa TELL THEM!

Gus: Do you know this man?

(Jelly obviously recognizes Asparagus, but shakes her head.)

Jelly: No. This child has no father. Take her away!

Jemima: *as Mungo drags her away* NOOOOO! PAPAAA!!

Asparagus: I'm so sorry….I'm so sorry, I wish I did remember…

(As they drag Jemima away, Coricopat moves to stand next to Asparagus, who seems to be desperately searching his mind for any memory that could help the child. Suddenly, a strange look comes onto his face, and he runs outside where Jemima and Rumpel are being shoved into the police car. He stops right outside the door.)

Asparagus: JEMRAH!

(Everyone freezes for a moment, then Jemima and Asparagus run to each other. He takes her up in her arms in a tight hug.)

Jemima: *crying hysterically* Papa, don't ever leave me!!!

Asparagus: Jemrah! Oh Jemrah, I love you…..

(Jellylorum knows now that things are beyond her control. Casting an envious glance towards Jemima and her father, she slowly walks away.)

(By now, all of the queens and a good part of the toms are bawling hysterically.)

Mandy: *wiping her eyes* We…we can't take a break now…..th…there's….just one more scene left…places, everyone…

(The scene changes to the front of the green house, only now the sign by the door says "The Randolph School for Queens." Asparagus walks over to Gus in his wheelchair, Coricopat standing by his side with the monkey perched on his shoulder.)

Gus: Well well, I hardly recognized you! I'm glad you got everything straightened out.

Asparagus: The government released all my property back to me. I just came to say goodbye, and thank you for everything you've done for me. *he shakes Gus' paw*

Gus: It was no more than you tried to do for my son.

Asparagus: *glances to Coricopat* Thank you….

(Cori smiles, then nods in the direction that laughter is coming from. Asparagus turns and smiles, walking over to where Jemima and the other school girls are crowded, except for Victoria and Demeter, who are standing by the steps. Jemima and Rumpel are both dressed in bright yellow frocks.)

Jemima: I have a surprise for you all…*she holds out her doll to Etcetera*

Etcetera: Emily! *takes the doll and hugs her*

Jemima: Whenever you hug Emily, you'll really be getting a hug from me.

Electra: Then we'll hug her every day…*steps foreward and hugs Jemima tightly*

(Jemima pauses a moment, then walks over to Victoria. The two stand facing each other for a moment. Suddenly, Victoria reaches forward and hugs Jemima tightly. Jemima returns the hug, then pulls away and touches the fur on Victoria's head. They both giggle at the 'curse'.)

Victoria: *mutters* I HOPE that was just a fluke that my fur came out….

Mandy: *says nothing but shifts nervously*

(Asparagus walks up and takes Jemima and Rumpel each by the paw. They get into a carraige and drive away, with the queens waving to them.)

Tugger: *eagerly* Is it over now?

Mandy: Nope, one more short scene.

Tugger: But you said that was the last one!

Mandy: I lied. Get over it.

Jemima: What are YOU complaining about, anyway? You didn't have to be IN almost every scene..

Tugger: No, but I had to WATCH!

Mandy: ONE more scene, people, can't we do this ONE more scene? Just...just HUSH!

(Scene changes to Jelly, dressed in rags and covered in soot. She's holding a chimney brush and watching Jemima, Rumpelteazer, and Asparagus leave in a carraige.)

Pouncival: *whistles sharply*

Jelly: Yeah, I'm comin', I'm comin'.

Pounce: I've been lookin' for you, Minchin, now pick up the buckets and get back to work!

Jelly: When do I get my break? *picks up a coal bucket and walks off, muttering* Whaddya put in here, rocks?

Mandy: And that's a wrap!

Cats: *cheer tiredly*

Mandy: *brightly* All right, everyone, go home and make sure you get plenty of rest. The cast list for Anne of Green Gables should be up by next week!

Pouncival: And there was much rejoicing.

Cats: *VERY unenthusiastically wave little flags* Yay.

(And so, the cats exit, most of them limping slightly and/or rubbing various wounds they received during the production. Pouncival runs back in after everyone else is gone and holds up a cardboard sign that reads.....)