Haruhi stormed down the hallway quickly her cheeks red with exhaustion and embarrassment. She had put this off for long enough and now it was time to bite the bullet. She had avoided this subject for months and now it was finally time to pull herself together and say it.

In the past, she had found relationships to be petty, time consuming and a brief form of happiness caused by the brain's chemicals. However, over time these feelings had collected and become stronger for one person; Kyon.

No matter how hard she tried she could not get Kyon out of her head. Seeing him getting close to another girl like Mikuru or Yuki only filled with unknown rage and other feelings. Besides it's not like he would find a girl better than her. She was fucking amazing and any guy would kill to be in his position; the amount of confessions she had rejected was endless.

He should feel lucky that a girl like her was rejecting the confessions of other men for someone as boring as him. There were plenty of guys willing to take his place as her boyfriend instead. However nobody seemed to piss her off more than Kyo; his words always seemed to bother her the most and now she knew why.

From what she recalled he would be in the club room after hours. Yuki and Mikuru were busy with after school jobs and clubs to earn money. Plus, around winter jobs were busier. This meant she could talk to him alone without any interference and finally be able to get these feelings off her chest. It had been bugging her for too long now anyway.


Kyon rubbed his eyes sleepily and collected his things quietly. His body was still half asleep due to napping for too long. His bag, duffel coat and scarf were neatly folded over the chair. They didn't have coat hangers in the club room so it was the only alternative he seemed to have.

He placed his tea cup by the sink as he poured the last of his cold tea down the drain. However, it had been a good cup when he first started it but the cooling temperature had altered the taste. There was something truly off putting about cold tea and people who drank it made him shiver with disgust.

He gazed outside the window at the gentle falling snow and the condensation on the windows. Winter break started today so he looked forward to having a month off to enjoy the festive season.

He had no part time job but could relax and watch TV, catch up with his studies for after break, spend time with his friend and family and best of all…have a break from Haruhi. He had no doubt in his mind she would pester him with Christmas parties and other events. In all honesty, he would be glad to get away from her even if it was a month.

Itsuki gazed fondly at the darker brown haired male in a content manner. He had been somewhat disappointed that he could no longer gaze at the sleeping face of Kyon anymore. However, seeing him groggy and still half asleep was just as cute. His golden-brown eyes still hazy from sleep and yet filled with so many complex emotions.

While Kyon was adorable in everyday life he was even cuter asleep. His usually annoyed face calmed and more relaxed by sleep; it made a nice change compared to his usual personality. However he didn't hate that side of Kyon; in fact he found it even more adorable.

"So Kyon? You have any plans during winter break?" Itsuki asked curiously. He had been hoping to use this time to get to know Kyon better. The Esper had noticed for some time he had developed feelings for Kyon. Ones that extended friendship and reached into romantic levels of attraction.

He found himself getting lost in those golden-brown eyes, longing to run his hands through his dark brown locks, kiss his soft lips and feel his body against his own. While he knew, what he felt was taboo in modern era; two men loving each other. But he could deny it no further; he was attracted to and in love with Kyon.

Kyon was quite thrown off by his comment. He had half expected Itsuki to have business with his ESP group or management who spied on Haruhi. Weren't they busy all year round keeping the world safe from her stretch of capabilities in other universes?

However, he wasn't angry about it; in fact, for the longest time he had found himself crushing on Itsuki. However, he had no idea of how to tell the Esper how he felt about him. The fact that whenever he was around him body seemed to react and his heart raced a mile a minute; or he got butterflies in his stomach.

"Itsuki…." Kyon started hesitantly. Though he was used to spending every day with him at the club and sometimes meeting up for hours after high school; he had never done so in a romantic manner.

Suddenly the club room door slammed open with a loud bang. Haruhi stood outside the door still in her uniform and wearing a coat and scarf; carrying her bag. Her face was red and flushed from running here for whatever reason. She looked more upset than usual; which said a lot as Haruhi was often annoyed.

Haruhi looked up at Kyon her face red and her heart racing in her chest. God while she had pumped herself for this on the way her nerves were now kicking in. But she wasn't a coward and she would not be giving up so easy.

How the hell was she supposed to say "Kyon I love you" without making herself look like an idiot. Hell, how was she supposed to say it in the first place; such words were alien to her. She was not known for being lovey dovey or romantic in any way whatsoever.

Itsuki and Kyon said nothing simply staring at the young goddess quietly both of them baffled. Usually Haruhi was the first one to leave and not the type to hang around after hours.

She would march home fast as she could and do whatever she did on a regular basis at home. She had made it blatantly obvious many times just how much she hated school.

"KYON!" Haruhi yelled loudly her voice laced with nerves. God her heart was in her throat and she could feel herself shaking a little. Why couldn't she get a hold of herself?! Why was she acting like such a bumbling idiot?

Kyon frowned at her tone; could she never just once be civilized and ask nicely? He didn't care if she was god; manners couldn't hurt, could they? She just ordered him around as if speaking to a dog or servant.

"I need to talk to you now" She retorted impatiently. The longer she left it; the worse she felt. She needed to say what was on her mind now before she went insane. It was already pissing her off as it was that she even felt such feelings for him.

Kyon scoffed at her rude attitude "Just tell me here; I doubt Itsuki would care about whatever you have to say" he retorted defiantly. Haruhi irked as her temper finally wore out. Storming into the room she walked up to Kyon and grabbed his necktie; then proceeding to drag him out of the room.

Itsuki stared in confusion and sadness as the boy he loved was dragged out of the room by god. Slamming the door for privacy in his face; showing she didn't want to be disturbed. Itsuki could not help but feel jealousy and sadness; no matter how strong his feelings for Kyon. He could not compete with the power of God; or Haruhi.


Kyon winced and panicked as he found himself slammed against the wall and pinned there in place by Haruhi. Just what the hell was she planning to do to him? Was she going to blackmail him into doing something dodgy?!

Haruhi glared up at Kyon her gaze adamant and her face redder than a pomegranate. She had to do it now; she had to say it now before she lost her courage. This was so fucking awkward and embarrassing; no wonder other girls always seemed so relieved afterwards.

Kyon backed himself up a little; for once in his life he was quite intimidated by Haruhi. While he was used to being dragged around he worried she may actually hit him. His back ached from being slammed against the wall and his neck throbbed from being dragged out of the room by his tie like a leash.

Haruhi took a deep breath "Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked sternly her tone straightforward. There she finally said it. She had noticed for a while Kyon was close to Mikuru and Yuki; of course, guys liked Mikuru because of her tits and being a Moe. But Nagato? What did she see in Kyon?

Kyon stiffened his cheeks adorning a gentle blush; why the hell was she so interested in his love life all of a sudden? She never seemed to care about him before; just forcing him to obey her orders like some dictator.

I mean he had an intense crush on Itsuki but had kept it a secret since they had first started working together. There was just something about him that drew him in like a moth to the flame. He was like a prince amongst commoners; he stood out like a sore thumb.

However, he didn't want rumours spreading about him or Itsuki being gay. His feelings didn't come down to Itsuki's gender; more his personality instead. If his friends found out they would only tease the crap out of him mercilessly. Haruhi would laugh at him or even become one of those obsessed Fujoshi fan girls.

Haruhi clicked her teeth in frustration at his lack of an answer to her question. "Damn it Kyon! I said do you have a girlfriend!" she snapped angrily. She was losing patience with him avoiding the question. Did he have someone he liked already? Was he seeing someone else in secret or what?!

Kyon felt embarrassment and anger welling up inside him. What business of hers was his relationships?! They weren't lovers nor were they friends! They were fucking classmates. He was so fucking sick of her bossing him around and acting like she was his pet dog. Why the hell she thought she could suddenly ask about his love life was beyond him.

"No! I don't have a girlfriend" Kyon growled in annoyance. How dare she butt into his personal life like this; didn't she have any shame whatsoever? Who he dated, who he fucked, who he was attracted to was none of her business. It was his own and he would like to keep it that way thank you very much.

Haruhi went quiet suddenly and bowed her head; however, she began to shake nervously but didn't budge. Ok time to say it; time to tell him how she felt. She could just get it over with; like pulling off a band aid. Quick and easy; no dodging and just getting the words out and tell him how she felt.

"K…. Kyon…. I…. I…like…." she stammered shyly. God her heart was racing in her chest and she felt a little sick; this is why she hated love with a passion. It made your feelings and behaviour not your own. Your body filled with chemicals and your behaviour pattern changed dramatically.

Suddenly before she could answer the club room door opened suddenly with a loud slam. This scared both Haruhi and Kyon causing them to separate from one another. She even let out a little cry of surprise due to shock.

Itsuki then appeared from the classroom his head bowed and a very unhappy aura about him. His expression was pained and he looked annoyed; which was odd for him. He briefly looked at the two but said nothing. He then walked past the two quietly not looking either of them in the eyes whatsoever.

However, as he got close to Kyon he looked the darker haired male in the eyes quietly. He forced himself to wear a hurt smile as he looked upon the boy he loved. "That's me off Kyon; I hope you have a good Christmas" he said in a pained manner trying to hide the heartbreak in his tone. Why did he ever think Kyon would be his?

Kyon felt his heart fill with despair and sadness; he could tell that the pain in Itsuki's heart was genuine. Seeing the boy, he loved look so heartbroken because of Haruhi's confession hurt him deeply.

Haruhi blinked as she watched Itsuki vanish down the hallway "Geez? What got into him?" she grumbled crossly. He was usually so easy going and nice. Just what had happened to him to piss him off?

Kyon stiffened anger filling him; it was all her fault. It was Haruhi's fucking fault that Itsuki was so unhappy. Because she was god she got anything her little heart desired. Nothing that anyone else wanted seemed to matter to her. Well fuck what god wanted; he was going to act on his own self-interest not hers.

He gripped his fists tightly and pushed past Haruhi and stormed into the club room shocking him. He then grabbed his things and prepared to head home. He didn't know what he was more upset about; Haruhi being so damn nosy or the fact that Itsuki had been so upset.

Haruhi was quite stunned in his sudden bad mood. Just what in the hell had gotten into him? "K…Kyon?" she asked hesitantly.

Kyon grabbed his things and stormed out of the room ignoring her completely. He had nothing to say to her right now; he was too angry. "Happy Christmas" he muttered under his breath as he walked away. It's not like god was ever bored over Christmas anyway.

Haruhi was left in the hallway confused and alone; she had no idea of what had just happened. Why was Kyon so mad? Why was Itsuki so mad? It made no sense. "What...what was that about?" she muttered to herself.


Kyon was laid on his bed quietly curled up and his head buried under one of his arms. He was wearing a white shirt with long black sleeves, baggy jeans and white socks. He hadn't bothered eating; he had just changed and laid on his bed quietly since he got home. He was too upset to do anything else but ponder on what happened.

There was no doubt Itsuki had heard Haruhi's damn confession from the club room. His expression upon leaving had said it all without him speaking. His chest tightened as Itsuki's expression appeared in his head. How pained and truly close to tears he had looked upon leaving; forcing himself to smile as he left.

He had never seen Itsuki so upset and he knew why. It was obvious Itsuki felt the same way about him and upon hearing Haruhi confess had left out of being upset. That only made him have more resentment to the dimensional high school goddess.

Suddenly his little sister came into the room but he didn't budge. He wasn't in the mood for whatever she wanted right now; he just wanted to be alone.

She stood in the doorway quietly a look of concern on her face. Kyon had come back in a very bad mood; what was worse, he hadn't eaten and had spent nearly an hour in his room sulking.

Kyon never got upset; at least not to this extent. He usually brushed everything off so easy and took it like a champ; but now he was really upset. She approached the bed quietly walking slowly. As she reached the bed she sat down beside him hesitantly afraid of what to say to him.

"Onii-chan…. Are you ok?" she asked quietly her tone squeaky. She was doing her best to be a big girl and not cry. But she didn't understand why he was so unhappy. Kyon never got unhappy; he was always so calm and quiet.

Kyon rolled over to look at her and felt his anger subside a little. His sister really looked upset and he felt like shit for it. He had worried her with his own personal problems without meaning to.

It wasn't her fault about what happened and yet she was worried about him. He shouldn't have made her feel this way despite what happened. He sat up quietly and smiled fondly ruffling her head to reassure her "Onii-chan is ok. I'm just a little stressed out right now is all" he explained kindly.

His sister perked up a little but still looked worried "You promise?" she asked curiously. She worried she had done something to upset him.

Kyon hummed gently "Yeah I promise" he said kindly. He was upset about what happened but worrying his sister would do him no good at all. He would just have to put it out of his mind and enjoy his Christmas. However, he only hoped he would see Itsuki again; if only to explain what happened.