A mysterious man with unknown motives, and more than one old life, appears in Star City after Sara's soul is restored thanks to John Constantine. Ancient magic is brewing in Star City, and he is somehow linked to it all...

However the last few months had gone, Oliver Queen had hardly expected to end up here, with the love of his life pointing a gun at her unconscious sister.

"You were right, there's nothing left inside her!" She said brokenly, hands shaking as she held the gun.

"Then… Let's get her soul back." Oliver said somewhat gently, slowly pushing her hands downwards with his own, so she was no longer aiming at Sara.

"What?" Laurel said in confusion while he pulled out a phone from his pocket, and dialed a number.

"Oliver." A voice answered, and Oliver couldn't help but slightly smile at hearing the voice of his old friend.

"John." He replied.

"It's been a dog's age, mate." John said, with as close as his voice could go to warmth.

"More than." Oliver agreed. "Look, I could use some help with something."

"Course you do." John half-joked.

"How quickly can you get to Star City?"


"So, just to be clear, Oliver…" Diggle muttered as he paced around the 'lounge' area of their new – and much more roomy – base. Oliver sat in a chair nearby, but Laurel was busy, and Thea was still recovering in the hospital. "You have a friend who's a 'master of the dark arts', and will help us get Sara's soul back? Is there anyone you didn't meet on the island?"

"He goes by 'petty dabbler' these days." Oliver shrugged, before growing serious. "But John Constantine is our best option right now."

"Then I guess we are bringing someone's soul back. How will our lives get weirder after this…" Diggle joked. "How long do you think your friend will take, before he gets here?"

"A couple days. In the meantime, we may as well try to keep this city from falling apart." Oliver suggested grimly. "Since Darhk started sending H.I.V.E agents to upset Star City, people are getting desperate. Let's use this time to fight back."


An arrow flew past the night sky, as it pierced into the leg of a fleeing man in a balaclava.

The criminal fell onto the hard concrete of the alley, desperately reaching for his gun. Just as his hand finally got close to the pistol that had fallen from his jacket, another arrow flew into his arm.

He screamed, and his fear increased when he saw The Green Arrow calmly drop from a perch above the alley, landing on his feet nearby.

"Alexei Keith." The infamous vigilante intoned. "You have failed this city."

Before Alexei could even think to say anything, the Green Arrow walked past him, calmly punching the criminal in the face as he passed by.

"Diggle." The vigilante said, having placed a hand on his earpiece. "I got Keith. Where are you with the partner?"

"I'm…" Diggle muttered, pulling a black mask over his face as he stared at the man through the window. "… Making progress."

The former bodyguard pulled out his rifle, attaching the scope and a silencer before placing the gun on the edge of the roof, his hand ready on the trigger. Diggle zoomed in on his target, who was nervously loading a pistol.

In full view via a window.

"Idiot." Diggle scoffed, and he took his shot.

Before Derrick Girvin even knew what was happening, a bullet had shattered his window. As the man went to move away from the broken window, Diggle had reloaded his weapon, replacing the bullets with tranquilizer rounds, and hitting Derrick in the back as he ran.

"I got him." Diggle reported as he dis-assembled his sniper rifle, quickly placing the pieces back into his duffel bag.

"Good." The Green Arrow said as he climbed onto his bike. "Canary, how's the last robber doing?"

"One sec." The Black Canary said hurriedly.

She was in a run-down apartment with a woman aiming a gun at her from across the room. The criminal started firing, and the Canary ran to the couch nearby, sliding behind it. The improvised cover did its job, the bullets not fully penetrating the surface.

When she heard the distinctive sound of a trigger being pulled, but not the sound of bullets firing, she grinned.

The Black Canary rose back up, jumping over the couch and rushing towards the woman. When she got close, the criminal threw a punch, but the Canary ducked, then responded with an uppercut. The criminal snarled and pulled out a switchblade, swinging it at the vigilante.

The Black Canary jumped backwards to avoid the dangerous blade, pulling out her baton and blocking the blade. The woman realized that the switchblade was stuck in the baton, and tried in vain to pull it out, before giving up and running away.

Before she could get far, the Black Canary opened her mouth, and screamed.

The Canary Cry hit the criminal hard, and she fell to her knees, before falling unconscious.

"I got him, Mr. Green." The Black Canary said playfully.

"Are you okay?" The Green Arrow asked in concern.

"Yeah, nothing I couldn't handle." She insisted. "So that's a trio of Museum robbers stopped?"

"Captain Lance will have the evidence by now." Diggle informed.

"So what's next?" She asked.

"That's some more good news." Diggle said.

"For once." The Green Arrow grumbled.

"Our supernatural friend is in town, apparently." The former bodyguard explained.

"Does that mean…" The Black Canary asked carefully.

"Yes." The Green Arrow confirmed. "It's time to bring back your sister's soul."


The group of vigilantes, along with Captain Quentin Lance, waited by the elevator doors. After a moment, a 'ping' could be heard, and John Constantine walked out of the elevator, immediately grabbing Oliver and giving him a manly hug.

"Good to see you again, mate." Constantine said, looking around the new base after the embrace was finished. "Nice place. Much better than the cave."

"The cave?" Thea questioned. She still wasn't completely okay after the attack, but she had insisted that she had to be there when they brought Sara's soul back.

"Where your brother and I hunted down some… Artifacts on the island." Constantine informed casually. "This place is a definite improvement. How do you build a place like this without like, fifty other people knowing your 'secret identity', mate?"

"We have resourceful friends at S.T.A.R Labs." Oliver said evasively.

"… Sure." Constantine said sarcastically. "But now, to business. You have a soul that needs re-acquainting with a body?"

"Yup." Oliver said simply. "I'm no expert on the supernatural, but I assume this doesn't count as a resurrection, or an exorcism?"

"Correct!" Constantine said almost cheerfully. "It is a restitutionem, the restoration of her soul, to her body."

"I assume you have a list?" Oliver asked.

"Apologies mate, I didn't have time to translate this from the original Aramaic." The 'Dabbler of the Dark Arts' said, passing the paper over to Oliver. "You know Oliver, if I knew that you were surrounded by so many attractive friends, I would've come by sooner."

Oliver just sighed and walked away with the list, Laurel going with him to help out. Thea pulled up a chair and sat nearby, and Constantine pulled out some chalk and walked to the sort of 'central computer area' that the new base had.

As he finished making the pentagram, Constantine heard footsteps behind him. He turned around to see Captain Lance.

"Can you really do it?" Quentin asked, not having the patience to beat around the bush. "Can you save my daughter's soul?"

"With a bit of help from you people, yeah." Constantine promised.

"I've already lost her twice before, and my daughters have already lost their brother." Lance said grimly. "I can't lose Sara now."

Constantine walked closer, placing a hand on Quentin's shoulder. "You won't."

"We've got everything from the list!" Oliver announced, him and Laurel each holding cardboard boxes in their arms.

"I still don't get how you can read that list, Ollie." Laurel mentioned as they placed the boxes by the pentagram.

"It's a long story." Oliver said cryptically. "So, similar placings to that man in the cave?"

"Yup." Constantine said, grabbing a bunch of things from the boxes, as did Oliver. The two of them placed strange objects in specific places as the rest of the team watched, with Diggle walking over holding Sara over his shoulder, and placing the woman on the middle of the pentagram.

"Okay." Constantine announced to the others. "I have enough juice to bring myself and two others to the other side, so…"

Thea stepped forward. "I should go. I mean, I'm the whole reason she's like this."

"No offence love, but you're not exactly bringing out the best in Sara right now, are you?" The 'Dabbler of the Dark Arts' pointed out.

"Laurel?" Oliver asked, and his girlfriend nodded.

The couple stepped forward, holding hands.

"Oh, and one more thing…" Constantine muttered. "Whatever's locked Sara's soul away, it's not gonna give it up without a fight. So be ready."

He joined hands with the two, a slightly wicked grin on his face.

"Now, on with the show."

The Dabbler of the Dark Arts began speaking a mystical language, his eyes going strange as he intoned ancient words. Lights began to flicker as the ritual continued, and Sara suddenly began to thrash around, with eyes that were far too white. After a few moments, light surrounded the three, and they were suddenly somewhere else.

Constantine, being the most experienced in the realm of the mystical, woke up first, followed quickly by Oliver.

"Well, I've had worse hangovers." Constantine said jokingly as he and Oliver stood up, Laurel starting to wake as well.

"This is different to last time." Oliver noted, immediately moving over to help Laurel up as she woke.

"Well, we are dealing with something different." Constantine noted, pulling out a zippo lighter and placing it on the ground. "This restitutionem seems to be… Customized to Miss Sara Lance."

He placed his hand over the lighter, once again muttering in an ancient tongue. The lighter rose into the air, spinning around at an incredible speed, before slowing down and eventually stopping, pointing towards one of the many doors.

The three travellers quickly ran into the room, finding themselves in a place that looked quite similar to the League of Assassin's Lazarus Pit, but everything seemed oddly… Distorted.

The team didn't bother to point that out, instead focused on Sara, who seemed to be drowning in the Lazarus Pit. Oliver and Laurel went to run to her, but two beings that looked like members of the League stood in their way, pulling out swords.

Oliver pulled out his bow and fired twice, hitting both men in the chest. However when they were hit, instead of blood, they bled red light.

Confused, Laurel pulled the mask off one of the men, and her eyes widened when she saw a face with blood-red eyes and stretched skin. Oliver sheathed his bow and grabbed a sword off the being closest to him, and thrusted the weapon deep into the being, before pulling out the sword, and removing the being's head.

Laurel shook off her confusion and screamed, the Canary Cry pushing the being backwards. She moved closer and kicked it in the face, and Oliver gave the finishing blow, slicing the head off in the same way.

The couple ran at Sara, but paused momentarily when they heard saw the new being walk into the room. Constantine wasted no time, and threw a punch that the creature avoided.

"Get to the pit, you need to work together to get her out!" Constantine told Oliver. "I'll take care of our friend."

Oliver nodded, and he and Laurel finally got to the pit, where they proceeded to try and pull Sara out. As they did so, Constantine stepped back as another swing of the creature's sword nearly hit him. He looked like he was struggling to fight, but as Oliver and Laurel started to succeed in saving Sara, Constantine splayed out his right hand and pointed it towards the being.

He spoke again in ancient words, and the creature went to strike again with the sword, but found itself suddenly floating slightly in the air. Before it could figure a way out of Constantine's little parlor trick, Constantine grabbed the fallen sword, and stabbed the blade deeply into the creature's chest. As it fell back to the ground, Constantine copied Oliver's move, and decapitated the being.

After a moment, Sara was finally freed from the pit thanks to Oliver and Laurel. A blinding white light suddenly appeared in the room, and suddenly, they were back in the base.

Laurel almost fell to the ground at the feeling of being pulled back to the normal world, as did Oliver, although to a lesser extent. Any comments by Constantine or the other members of the team were interrupted when Sara suddenly woke, sitting up and breathing deeply. Thea gave Oliver a quick hug, as did Quentin to Laurel, before they all quickly knelt down to comfort Sara while Constantine watched, and lit a cigarette.

After many a hug and many hushed words of disbelief and emotion from all, Oliver stood up and joined Constantine in watching from the sidelines.

"Well I'd mark that as one of our greater moments, Oliver." Constantine said dryly, and Oliver let out a slight chuckle.

"Better than what happened in Russia, anyway." Oliver muttered, and they both nodded.

"I sensed something dangerous when I arrived here. Know anything about that?" The Dabbler of the Dark Arts questioned, and Oliver nodded.

"Damien Darhk." He said simply. "I assume you've heard of him. Any advice?"

"Oh, mate…" Constantine muttered darkly. "Not only does Darhk have extremely dangerous magic, but I hear that he was part of that League that you had some trouble with last year."

"Yeah. He was going to be Ra's Al Ghul, once." Oliver said grimly.

Constantine put a hand on Oliver's shoulder, before he sighed and pulled his friend in for a hug. "Oliver, mate. You have your work cut out for you."

"I know. I could use your advice, in times like these." Oliver pointed out.

Constantine sighed. "Look, I'll… Stick around, at least for a little bit, okay? I… Guess I owe you that much."

"John, we are partners." Oliver reminded him as they walked to a more secluded spot in the base. "We don't owe each other anything."

"I guess…" The Dabbler of the Dark Arts said almost reluctantly, and he sighed again. "Fine, I'll stick around, for now."

"Thank you." Oliver said sincerely, and they reached the elevator, Constantine walking into it.

"One last thing, mate." Constantine said quickly. "That light in the other side… It was different. There's something else going on…"

With that cryptic warning, Constantine left the base as the elevator doors closed. Oliver sighed.

"Great, something else to deal with…"


Above the streets and the cars, a man in black robes watched from a rooftop.

He wore an improvised mask, of sorts. It was a black cloth that wrapped across his face, with a gap where his eyes would be. He wore simple black robes, but one could see a chest-plate painted black over the robes, that was mostly covered by the cloth that fell from his mask.

His hands had metal gauntlets that were also black, along with black metal boots. Every piece of armour was at least slightly covered by bits of black cloth from his mask, or the rest of his clothing.

He pulled the gauntlet off his right hand, revealing a scarred hand with strange tattoos. He stared at the central tattoo on the back of his hand, the black still swirling around the outside of the circular marking.

His shoulders dropped slightly, and he placed the gauntlet back on his hand. He pulled the ancient curved blade from his back, and examined it for a moment, swinging at the air quickly, and nodding in satisfaction. He sheathed the blade again, and his shoulders raised once more.

He walked to the very edge of the rooftop, and dropped off the side calmly. But no corpse would be found at the bottom of that drop…

He had a mission now.

After a long time, he had a reason to go forth once more.

Magic had arrived in Star City, in a significant way.

He had one lead.

The Green Arrow.

Yes, the vigilante was his key to the truth…

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