"Sometimes a Miracle is a best thing to ever happen to anyone, but Real Life is a b**ch and sh** can happen to anyone, if you never had a miracle in your life…Make your own Miracle…"

One: The Lion and the Dream

It was dawn, smoke and death was once everywhere, a Great War has been unleashed, the impossible has happened as the strongest of the Empire has reduced to shattered pieces of ice, the Palace is left abandoned and unguarded for whoever once guarded it with their lives now find it hopeless to protect it, the Revolution army has surrounded the Entire Palace, they seek for one last life to take, the life of that fat bastard who started it all, the Root of the evil and corruption in the first place, Prime Minister Honest.

As the thousands of men surround the large construction of the so called, 'Symbol of the Country', a scream was heard from above, they all turn their attention at the huge falling object, as the object crashes to the ground front-first, the army slowly approached him, one of them recognizes the man and becomes engulfed with rage.

"It's him..." he scoffed.

"Kill him!" another scowled.

"Kill him!" yet several more speaks out in anger.

The Prime minister trembles at the sights of the thousand tortured soldiers slowly covering him from the light, above all of this, at the high level floor, a woman views a below, watching the soldiers torturing the Prime Minister, she has long, partially-wild blonde hair, fur covering some parts of her breast, waist and several more, leaving her face cleavage, belly, back, some parts of her thighs an her shoulders human, she simply chuckles at the gruesome yet satisfying sight of the soldiers chopping off the Prime Minister's limbs, and tying the inhumane thing up in a torture board.

"You had that coming..." she speak softly. She slowly turns and walks back to where she dragged the Prime Minister out before.

After the soldiers are done tying up Honest in a torture bed, each men fall in line, with a knife on the table, the first one slowly holds onto the knife and begins the long line of a one-man torturing session. One that people would actually be satisfied with. Leone comes out of the palace and walks away, she holds onto her shoulder and keeps moving on, a young girl calls out to her.

"Hey Akame..." She quickly recognizes her and waves at her with a warm smile.

"Leone you made it!" Akame stutters with joy, as she's a bit out of breath, trying to look for her. "Come on, the others are waiting for us..." She said with so much hopes up.

Leone's emotions took a sudden change, but she still keeps on her smile, "I'm sorry...Akame, but I can't go..." -Leone speaks weakly.

Akame quickly turns at her with worry, "Wh-What do you mean?"-Akame stutters her words.

She feels something is not right, but Leone keeps smiling and hugs Akame, Akame's eyes widen with surprise from Leone's sudden actions.

"Leone?"-Akame stuttered.

"Merging with the Danger-Beast gave me enough time to finish the job, it was nothing short of a miracle." Leone speaks softly at the comrade within her arms.

Akame quickly gaze at Leone.

"But didn't you merge with your teigu as well!?" Akame yells. Leone nodded.

"Then you'll be fine..." Akame said with shock, almost in a mix of panic, "Tatsumi has the same condition but he-"

"Tatsumi's fine? That's great to hear..." Leone cuts Akame off, "The beast within my teigu fused with me to heal me from my fall..." Leone explains.

She remove the part of her belt, revealing the gun wounds she received from Honest during their first encounter.

"But I got a wild lone streak on me, always have, always will."She responded.

Akame's eyes are at Leone's bleeding wound, she was about to say something that could help her, but Leone pats her in the head. She smiles at Akame one last time, but within her feelings, she feels sad, but at the same, in peace.

"So at the very least, let me chose how and where I would die..." Leone said with a bit of joy, she turns at waves at Akame.

"Goodbye my best friend..." Leone greets her fairwell to Akame.

"Goodbye Leone..." Akame spoke softly.

It was already night, Leone is hanging around with a group of her drinking friends and the people she swindled their money from in the past, she has paid them all back and they are all actually enjoying the night, Leone is enjoying it the most, After the party, Leone bids them all goodbye, and they cheer and wave back goodbye at her, as Leone walks into the cold night, she feels her wounds are getting worst, the bleeding is starting to stain her robe, as she walks by, she recognizes one of the entrance of the building, she suddenly has a flashback of Tatsumi being kicked out after trying to join the army but was rejected due to heavy recruitment, she stops for the moment and remembers how it all comes to this and how it would be different without him, she simply laughs at it in gratitude, she suddenly collapses, blood starts to flow over, she could feel that her whole life is coming down slowly, she closes her eyes and smiles, as she is about to accept her fate, a humming tone has been heard from afar, a young man, wearing a black polo and dark blue baggy jeans say her collapse on the floor, the young man also wears a navy blue jacket with a white hood over his head, but he has semi-long blonde hair and blue eyes, as he spots Leone, bleeding to death.

The young man's eyes widen with shock, his instincts tells him to go to her, and he quickly runs towards her and shakes her.

"Hey miss! Are you alright!" the young man shouts.

He continues to shake her, trying to keep Leone's attention at the living, but Leone's senses are becoming dull, she is like falling into a deep and heavy sleep, at the sights of the puddle of blood, the young man begins to panics, he touches her, she's ice cold, he doesn't know what to do, he looks around at for any nearby hospital, and can only remember the ones to far from their current location, but he quickly remembers one.

"Who the hell am I kidding" the young man spills out to himself, "That place is not even for humans..."

He quickly turns his attention back to the dying Leone, he realizes she has animal-like characteristics, mostly, her lion-like ears.

"Ohhh damn, she's not entirely human...maybe she can help..." He stuttered with surprise.

He slowly holds onto Leone with his arms and starts to run, he rushes nonstop, he was out of breathe after running 30 metres, but he has finally made it, he holds onto Leone tightly and slams onto the door, the feminine voice inside shouts loud to be heard from anywhere 10 feet away from there.

"Do you have any idea of what time it is!?" the feminine voice yells, "Go away!"

"But I need help, I have an injured woman here!" the young man yells loud.

The woman opens her door with a frustrated and angry look, "My god Mugen, if this is a prank, I'm gonna-"

Before the woman is about to even finish, she gaze at the man she calls Mugen and the bleeding woman in his arms.

"What the f**k Mugen!?" she yells, "Why didn't you bring her to the hospital or something!?" she screams.

Mugen shouts at her, "I'm too damn far to the nearest one, your clinic is the only nearest place to be!"

"This is a vet you stupid idiot!" the woman yells, "What makes you think helping her is the same with helping animals!?"

Mugen roars in intense anger "Look at her Mashiro! She has no time left!"

The woman looks at Leone and realizes she has lion ears, She soon freaks out from what she noticed.

"What the hell is she!?" the woman screamed.

"I don't care! Can't you do something!?" Mugen yells at her.

She grips onto her temples in frustration.

"Please...I don't know her either...but I can't just let her die there..." Mugen sobered in front of her, "I'm begging you...help her..." The woman breaths out a heavy breath.

"Ohhhh fine..." the woman scowls, "Bring her in and quickly..."

Mugen finally smiles and heads inside.

Hours has passed, Leone is still in her sleep-like state, believing herself to be...well dead, she simply looks around in darkness, and the only thing she can see is her arms.

'If this is heaven...it's kinda darker than I thought it would be...' Leone wondered with confusion.

The pain in her abdomen, the pace where her gun wounds are feels a bit at ease, as if the bullets are no longer there, Leone slowly touches her part, she feels like her wounds are healed.

'I'm not dead...am I...?' Leone wondered with emotion.

She slowly opens her eyes, she sees herself in what it seems to be an operation room, she sees a lot of medical equipment and surgical tools littered around. She slowly rises up from the bed and slowly looks around, she spots a mirror and looks at her reflection, revealing herself in her new human-beast fused form.

"Still in this form huh..." Leone jokes as she looks at her new, fused human beast form.

She looks at her gun wounds, but to her surprise, she slowly and stares at it real hard, but to her shock, in realization.

'It's not there anymore!?' her thought roars into her head.

An unlikely scent was caught within her sense of smell, she sniffs the scent of some fine cooking steam of scent, she slowly thinks about it.

'Am I in someone else's house?' she wondered.

A slow tapping knock on the door caught Leone's attention, the knocking continues, Leone doesn't know if she should even answer it or not, her animalistic instincts urges her to answer, easing Leone's suspicions of the place she is currently in.

"Yeah?" Leone stutters out.

"Ummm...Are you still alive?" Mugen's voice from the other side of the door stutters as well.

Leone is surprised of the man's voice from the other side and simply laughs.

"If I am not alive, I wouldn't have answered, right?" Leone speaks with a joking tone.

"Ohhhh...right..." Mugen speaks in realization of his stupidity, "If you are hungry, foods ready if you want..." Mugen's spoke from the other side of the door, with the following sounds of descending footsteps.

Leone turns her attention back at the mirror, she thought of the stranger's reaction at her appearance.

'The ears can be mistaken for some hairpins, but I can't let them see me like this...' she thought.

She looks around and sees her coat, she wears it on, hoping it would cover some parts of her body that seems to be a bit 'beastly', she walks towards the door, she reaches for the door, she almost have second thoughts of just remaining inside, but the strong feelings of her animal instincts encourages her to go out, or that would be the roaring of her empty stomach, she turns the knob of the door, and gives a gentle push, however, she accidentally rip the door of its hinges, seeing the damage she has done with little effort surprised her, she quickly places the door back to where it was, she breaths out a sigh.

'Here's hoping that they wouldn't know...whoever they are...' she thought.

She sees a light emitting from another room, she quickly walks to the other room several feet away from where she was and on the opposite side, she slowly looks inside, seeing a small round table, Mugen is eating on his bowl with a chopstick, while the woman, Mashiro is simply sipping on her ramen.

Leone simply look at the two, Mashiro has short, messy brown hair, wearing what it seems to be a doctor's lab gown over a simple house gown, Mugen quickly notices Leone.

"Ohh hi... you look well, come on..." Mugen spoke to her surprisingly.

Leone simply stands there. Staring at them both, having no idea of what to do next.

"Just get in here..." Mashiro urges whir with a wide smile.

Leone simply breaths and enters in their dining room, she pulls out one of the chairs and sits on it, she simply looks at the bowl of rice topped with chicken fillet teriyaki, tempura, gyudon, beef stripes, and several more meat. Leone is surprised by the amount of food in one bowl, as Mashiro engulfed another rolled up noodles sips, she turns to Leone.

"We don't really know what you want so I made a lot..." Mashiro speaks with a somewhat kind tone.

Leone simply holds onto her chopsticks and tilts her head a little (Japanese tradition for praying...kinda) and starts dining in. After they have finished what they have eaten, Leone slowly stands up and bows to them both.

"Thank you for the food and the hospitality" she spoke kindly.

Mashiro scratches her head with fluttered blushing in her face.

"Don't mention it..." Mugen smiles. "Though I got to know...who are you? And why are you bleeding when I found you..."

His question surprises Leone, a flash of memory quickly runs to her head, remembering Mugen shaking her and shouting at her inaudibly. Mashiro slaps the back of Mugen's head.

"Oww!" Mugen yelled.

"How stupid of you to ask her THAT question at this kind of time!" Mashiro scolds him.

"Were you the one who brought me here?" Leone asked Mugen.

He simply nodded, Leone has some thoughts in her head.

'What should I tell them? I can't simply tell them that I was actually supposed to wait till I die...And I don't even think they know what I am? HELL! I DON'T even know what I am?' as her thoughts circle around on her head.

Mashiro pats her on her shoulder, Leone quickly comes back into reality, she looks at the shorter woman.

"Uhh yeah sorry...I just have something in my mind..." Leone excuses.

Mashiro nodded, "That's okay, I just wanted to check on your wounds so..."

As she is about to reach out, Leone takes a few steps back, Mashiro chuckles and look at Leone.

"Don't worry, I've kinda seen your body before when you were unconscious" Mashiro said, insuring Leone her trust.

Leone is a bit worried from the situation, she doesn't want to scare the two, but of it is to help her. She removes her coat, revealing her beast-human form, Mashiro didn't even flinch, not even a little, she observes and looks around at Leone, Leone quickly looks at Mugen, who simply gaze at her, not with the eyes of hate or even fear, but with amazement as if he sees something beautiful before, Leone blushes a little at the sight of the blushing Mugen, Mugen tries to dismiss the awkward situation by pretending to fall down.

"Oww..." Mugen tries to let out a convincing tone.

Mashiro simply yells at him, "You idiot, even a dead body can act better than you..."

He simply lets out a tone of disappointment and quickly gets back up, Leone simply chuckles at that moment.

"I can't believe it..." Mashiro breaths out.

Leone and Mugen looked at her, her eyes widen in surprise.

"Your gun wounds, they're gone?" she gasped.

"Wha?" Mugen said with confusion.

"I personally removed those bullets, it would take at least several days to a week to heal those up..." Mashiro explains as she slowly looks up to Leone.

"But for some reason, your body healed it within, I believe, in an hour...how did you do that?" Mashiro simply spoke with amazement.

Leone looks at Mugen.

"You wanted to know who I am, right?" Leone asked him.

He nodded in response, she turns her attention and looks at Mashiro.

"And you wanted to know how I did it?" Leone asked Mashiro, who nodded also.

She exhaled out heavy air.

"I can tell you, but once if I do, you two will see me in a whole different way..." she spoke with a mix of worry.

She is worried that these two might actually turn on her if they know, but she is already here, and they are the ones that saved her, she simply thought of one thing and even she admitted, 'They deserve the answers'.

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