Raven's eyes flew open and she sat up in the bed in a cold sweat, panting and frantically looking around her dark room. "Another dream," she said in between breaths. She heard a knock at the door.

"Raven," Robin's voice said from outside the door. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine," she said, noticing the invisible ancient markings on her grey skin turn orange and glow with a dark chi. "It was just a dream."

"Let me in, Raven," Robin said, banging on the door now. Raven got out of her neat bed and floated across the room with her hood over her head. Ever since that day, she had started wearing it again. Raven touched the door and immediately yanked back. It was hot.

"What's going on out there?" she asked.

"I said let me in," Robin's voice growled with a supernatural undertone. Raven's eyes widened and suddenly the knocking stopped. She heard heavy breathing just beyond the door. She slowly slid the door opened and screamed, seeing Robin's bloody, twisted carcass with his eyeballs removed and ancient runes all over his skin sitting on a pike stuck in the ground. She turned around and three pairs of red eyes opened in front of her;

"Hello, daughter," a deep voice belonging to whoever had the eyes said.

Raven found herself back in her bed in a cold sweat, screaming bloody murder. Was it just another dream? She hopped out of bed and yanked open the door, looking down the halls to make sure everything was real and that she was awake. The other Titans emerged from their rooms in pajamas. Robin had gotten taller and more muscular. His hair was slightly shorter and kept in a neater cut, and his eyes were still just as cold as before. Puberty really did Beast Boy good, with his lean frame turning into wide and solid muscle and a chiseled, pointed jawline and barely prominent cheekbones. He was taller now, the second tallest of the group rivaled with Starfire. The Tamaranean really grew out, her long, straight hair was now poofy and wavy. Her eyes glowed green all the time and her skin became a more prominent orange hue. Her slim body was now muscular and curvy, filling out spandex like no other. That benefitted the team when she would distract the enemy with her assets, albeit unintentionally on her end. Cyborg looked almost the same, save for a small patch of black, curly hair on the skin part of his skull. Raven grew out too, with her toned body squeezed into her black costume gathering Garfield's attention regularly. The demonic markings on her skin became faint scars. "No, go back to bed, it was just another dream."

"Was it about your father?" Starfire asked, floating across the room and putting her arm around her friend.

Raven nodded with a frown and reluctantly accepted the hug from her friend. "Rae," Garfield said, also concerned that these frequent dreams were foreshadowing something worse. You don't just 'get' demonic tattoos you don't remember getting put on. "If your father ever comes back, just know that I'll be the first to take him. You have nothing to worry about as long as we're here."

"Was there anything different in this dream than the last ones?" Robin asked. He had been tracking the events of her dreams, considering how she was a portal and all.

Raven shook her head. "It was the same theme; he's coming back, he kills you all, I'm taken by him."

Robin's brows furrowed. "Damn," he said, hoping that at least something would have changed. "Well, do you need anything? Water?"

"No, no, I'm fine," Raven said; her quick convulsion seconds later said the opposite. She backed up toward the headboard and pointed at the edge of her bed, her eyes glowing red with fear. "Stay away from me!" she snapped.

Beast Boy darted forward and held her arms tightly. "Raven! Raven! Get a hold of yourself! It's not real!" He stared into the eyes of the demon king's daughter and noticed the silhouette of a tall man in the background by the door. "Mister Piccolo!" he exclaimed, getting pushed aside by the tall, green man in purple gi with a white cape and turban.

Piccolo held Raven by the shoulders and glared into her eyes, into the entity attacking her. "As the active Kami of this planet, I command that you leave and never come back." Piccolo gripped Raven's forehead with his hand and slowly pulled back, ripping a small, spindly red demon from her soul. "Hmph. Get lost." He crumpled the squealing imp like a piece of paper and crushed it in his hands. Raven went limp in Garfield's arms.

Beast Boy looked up at the Namekian for help. "It's been pretty bad recently, doing the incantation she taught us hasn't helped very much."

"And her power readings are off the charts," Cyborg said, "whatever's targeting her has been gaining momentum recently."

"They're getting ballsy," Piccolo said, helping Garfield tuck her back into bed. "The Master's presence set something off two years ago, something possibly even worse than the Ma-Djinn or maybe an extension."

Robin recalled what happened after everyone went home. Things were quiet in Jump City for a little while, the Hive Five stayed scarce and the Titans got to continue their training. With Young Justice and the newest metahumans from the tournament among their ranks, dealing with crime across the world the League couldn't cover was made easy. It was a dark day for evil, and despite how much the Titans missed their friend, the correspondence created after his passing built a crime-fighting machine the spiky-haired powerhouse would have been proud of. He waited on Trunks' arrival to put the events in motion to bring him back, but it had been a while. He figured it took more than a bribe and snuffed out cameras to get the time lords to look the other way, or to not see at all. Then the nightmares started. They happened sporadically at first, but over time they became more and more frequent until the Titans would start taking shifts outside her door at night. Her father wouldn't leave her alone. "We need to start fighting it, as soon as Raven wakes up I need all of us to practice our Mafuba."

"This isn't something that can just be contained," the wise mentor of the world's strongest said. "To get this at the source we would need to deliver the fight to Trigon."

"The problem is," Cyborg said, "Trigon hasn't even revealed where he is yet. We would need to be dead to find that out, and that's something I won't be volunteering for."

"I wouldn't put it past you," Robin said, flipping on the light switch. Her room was kept pretty tidy, a little clutter from schoolwork here and there but nothing horribly messy, "I just need to figure out what we would do in the event the portal out of Raven opened." He clenched his fists and looked at Piccolo bitterly. "I hate to say it, but we're not Saiyans."

"Is Trunks coming?" Piccolo asked, following the Titans out of the room.

"He said he would come when the time was the right," Starfire said with a sigh, "but that time has not come. I begin to fear that it may never come."

They walked into the living room and Beast Boy and Cyborg sat around the table with lab notebooks and piles of textbooks sprawled by the cereal boxes guarding the edge. Although their friend was a spouting demonic fountain, midterms seemed a bit scarier. Winter break was in two weeks, and in that time they could devote 100 percent of their time to saving Raven. Robin and Starfire sat on the couch, tired, stressed, and overworked. "Remember that Trunks was his student. He would never abandon him in his time of need," Piccolo said. "These are the Kai of Time we're dealing with. You travel through time and let them notice, their agents will come for you. It's a good thing one of them is a Super Saiyan."

"Does he not realize two years have passed?" Starfire exclaimed, her voice sharp yet frail. "He said he would be here soon! We just want our friend back!"

"Starfire," Robin said sternly yet calmly. "Just relax. If he does come, we will do our damndest to bring him back. If he doesn't, we find another way. If we can't, we press forward and move on."

The Tamaranean let her fists open and slumped back in her seat. "Things were not like this before."

Piccolo stood up. "I have to leave. Just remember that the Mafuba must only be used in extraneous circumstances. If she wakes up again, contact me immediately."

"Thanks, Mister Piccolo," Robin said, seeing Piccolo free fall out the window and sail into the night. Sometimes he was still amazed by the sight of it, a man simply taking off into the air that wasn't a League member, rather a fighter from a time long past. Things had taken a major left turn since the day they met his student, he was thankful for the opportunity of growing with his team through this experience. They didn't want it to be over, and with Trunks' plan set in place, they hoped it wouldn't be.

"I am going back to bed," Starfire said, giving one small reassuring smile to her teammates before returning to her room. She was far more reserved, Robin remembered, for the first three

months or so after the tournament. Superboy had seen Starfire on and off, but she wouldn't open up to him like she would to the deceased.

Robin turned to his teammates continuing their second all-nighter that week. "What are you guys studying?"

"Math 53, multivariable calc," Cyborg droned. "After that we're going over our gen chem notes. You know chem, engineering, and math are back to back on tuesday, right? Finals week is gonna be insane."

"But hey, after Wednesday, we can finally chill," Garfield said hopingly. "We're not premed or anything dude, we just gotta cruise on a 3.3 until grad, get that PhD, and we'll be set." He turned his academic career around his senior year of high school, motivated to get into the same college as the rest of his friends. They all were finishing their first semester at UC Berkeley, just on the other side of the Bay. It was affordable, and Jump City neighbored the campus.

"Let me grab my books," Robin said, heading toward his room, "I think I won't be going back to sleep."

"Cool cool," Beast Boy yawned, looking at the clock on the wall. They had three hours until their 8AM class. "If we fall asleep, just wake us up, okay? Missing lecture is suicide."

"And if you look at the board," the professor in Raven's 11AM Demonology class said, pointing to a list of demon names in Hebrew with a red laser pointer. "You can see where the names get their meaning from. It's almost like they were born to be bad," she laughed in the nearly empty lecture hall for the review session one week before the final. "No? Nothing? Really?"

Raven sat near the back of the class in the large lecture hall, simply swirling her spoon in her tea. She never took notes, it's not like any of this stuff was new. She needed the A in that class to balance Linear Algebra and general chemistry, so she took this one for fun. She wore a blue sweater with "CAL" in golden letters across the chest with a short black skirt, her legs crossed and her entire demeanor exuding boredom. She looked at the Trigon symbol on her wrist to see if it was still growing, maybe she can morph into one of the subjects on the board and eat the class before chemistry lab at one. Her phone buzzed in her pocket as the teacher dismissed the class and she looked at it, seeing a message from Starfire asking her if she wanted lunch before lab. Raven shrugged. She could eat and had about ninety minutes until her next class. She gathered her belongings and left the Greek-styled building spitting her out into a stream of other cramming and stressed students. She put up her hood to fight the sun but for even a scarier purpose: to prevent flyering. She passed under the green gate arch leading onto a flat and open area vital for club to student interaction. Drones, she saw, walking, talking, moving like students, passing out flyers to uninterested passers-by under the observing an uncaring Californian sun countered by the school breeze. She figured they were once students, before they sold their soul to extracurriculars. She walked through with her death glare just sub-demonic and her walk confident and swift- they preyed upon the gullible, the weak, and the slow. The flyerers assaulted her worse than any villain.

"Interested in medicine?" one struck.

"Are you pre-law?" another shot.

"Do you like consulting?" the last one kicked, but Raven knew how to dodge. She slipped through Sproul, the name fitting for the maze of tables sprawled out on the bricks, and headed toward the west side of campus where Starfire and the other Titans sent her snaps of Beast Boy burning his tongue on hot chocolate. She let out a small giggle to the photos and continued up the hill, eventually just getting bored of walking and running faster than the human eye could process all the way to the artsy coffee shop. She saw her friends in the back, with Cyborg and Beast Boy sitting at an adjacent table with a box of pizza.

"There's a pizza place next door," Garfield said, seeing her sit at the edge of the booth next to Starfire and Robin. "Want a slice?"

They had pizza for dinner and breakfast. "No thanks. What's good here?"

Beast Boy shrugged. "Dunno. Apparently Kory's new boyfriend keeps taking her here on dates."

"He is not my boyfriend, Rachel!" Starfire clarified over Garfield's laughing. "Get the latte of vanillas with the croissants from France."

It sounded good. She went up to the unenthused cashier and gave them her name and order, but when she turned around, her team had left the table. "Miss," the cashier said, "would you like your receipt?"

Raven took out her communicator and took the receipt anyway, quickly stepping outside and through a portal to the top of the school's tower where the rest of her team was already waiting. Her stomach growled. "Crime has a positive correlation with hunger, if Math 54 has taught me anything."

"You're right about that, Rae," Victor said, looking over the campus and into Jump City. "Dick, what are we studying?"

"It's the HIVE, a big operation too, down at the Museum of Natural History," Robin said, turning toward the spiral staircases leading down the tower. "We might not need to hit the gym today after all."

The team chuckled and followed their leader outside. He began a slight jog with the following in a tight eagle formation, speeding up until they became five blurs. They took off into the clear blue sky as streaks of white and sailed over the city, landing in front of a three story tall, Greek-styled building with large banners in front of the mosaic windows displaying the latest building was in a dense city block that had already been closed off as the police started moving in. Five black SUVs with the yellow hexagon on the side lined the road just off the entrance by a staircase up. The Titans flew past the police and through the front doors, charging evil head on and leaving evil unmatched.

It had become unpopular for west coast crimes, Robin chuckled, to say his favorite three words around other criminals, some of them seriously hurt. "Teen Titans: Go!" he commanded, bringing back that nostalgic feeling he always got when saying those words. They reminded him of their first outing as a team, but it wasn't the longing for the past that made him a little sad to say it.

There used to be a sixth.