"Damn it," Trunks said, banging the dashboard of his Time Machine as they exited over a dying planet. "It looks like you guys won't have any time to rest after all- I don't have enough fuel to give us the two extra days."

Robin looked out of the window, seeing lava geysers erupting left and right and spilling into the green oceans, turning them into steam. "How are we supposed to leave, then?"

"I have enough power for one sizable jump after we fetch this Time Crystal," Trunks said, "by that time, my mother should have invented the Time Machine, and I would have been there to help them save the world. We'll get plenty of fuel there."

Starfire gasped in horror at the destruction, seeing thin, blue trees get swallowed up into the Earth. "What happened here?" she asked.

Trunks sighed. "Gohan told you about his fight against Frieza, yes?"

Robin's eyes widened. "This is Namek?"

The planet was destroying itself, the skies black and red with small stone villages below burning to ashes. The rocky plateaus sat ablaze, some cracking and shifting from the earthquakes rocking the planet. "Yeah," Trunks said, "things got pretty intense between Frieza and Gohan's dad."

"Intense is an understatement," Starfire said, seeing two trails of pink energy racing toward a white glow on the other side of the planet. "I'm afraid this planet does not have very long."

"There's Mira and Towa!" Robin exclaimed, pointing at the twin pink streaks.

Trunks noticed the pink streaks as well and punched the gas, zooming toward them and leaning out the window. "I see them," he said through gritted teeth. "Robin, take the wheel, you two don't stop until you see Gohan and you grab that Time Crystal. Remember, we need all seven to trick Shenron into wishing him back."

"Don't take them on alone," Starfire said.

"I'm not bargaining with you," Trunks said, diving out of the driver window and stopping the bandits cold. "Mira, Towa! We have some unfinished business!"

"Can you come back later?" Towa asked him with a devious smirk, firing her staff at a dead body wearing armor similar to Vegeta's. "I'm busy!"

Mira let out a battle roar and charged the Saiyan head on. Trunks looked back and felt his face go white as the body rose from his shallow, unmarked graves and followed the car. "Come on, Saiyan!" Mira bellowed, blowing him across the thundering sky with a punch. "Your fight is right here!"

Robin and Starfire watched the yellow light of hope take on the pink rays of destruction with a fight more vicious than they had seen before, but their attention was soon cut with a rumbling blast to the back of the machine. Robin looked in the rearview mirror, seeing one soldier that was fair-skinned with short, red hair and glowing with purple ki like the one that surrounded Vegeta on Earth. "We need to move faster," Robin said, wavering his hand over the immensely complicated panel of buttons. He tapped a shining blue one and he was flattened to his seat with Starfire's screams, sailing over the epicenter of the destruction. A young Gohan with a bowl cut and wearing Saiyan armor was on his knees next to a fallen Piccolo, cradling his head in fear as a fair skinned man of average height and spiky, wild, unkempt black hair all over his head and covered in bloody scratches and bruises heaved angrily at the base of a partially destroyed plateau. The warrior wore a tattered version of the orange and blue gi that had been destroyed in the fight with the short, skinny, white and purple alien with glowing red eyes and a long, white tail standing on the plateau with sprinkling ash falling from the sky all around him.

"Who is that?!" Starfire said, feeling the warrior's power rising with every passing moment. Another jarring rock of the time machine forced them to look behind again, seeing the hypnotized opponent closing in on them even with the increased speed.

"It doesn't matter right now," Robin said, parking it hard behind a plateau and rolling out of the car to land on bending blue grass. "We just have to keep an eye on Gohan, grab the crystal, and get out of here!"

"Not on our watch!" a deep, Russian-like accent bellowed from the sky. The plateau shattered before them from a blast of purple chi and the mountainous warrior that had been trailing them landed in front of them in an outlandish pose. "I'm going to win, Ginyu Force or not!"

He ran several super fast laps around them, stopping next to his partner. "The name's Recoome! It rhymes with doom! And you're gonna be hurtin' all… too… SOON!"

The warrior at the base of the plateau let out a loud scream that stunned the planet, drawing everyone's attention toward it. Starfire gasped at the familiar yellow glow surrounding him, his hair standing up on golden ends with sparkling, emerald eyes that struck fear into the heart of the creature looking down at him from the plateau. "Son Goku?"

"I'll never forgive you, FRIEZA!" Goku exploded, rocking the planet with his raw power.

Gohan looked up in awe and a little fear at his father's transformation, feeling comforted yet intimidated all the same. "D-daddy?!"

From the transformation, Robin noticed the tiny, white glint over Gohan's head and he whipped several Robin-rangs at Recoome's face, making a run for it as Towa dived for it as well overhead. Recoome went to lunge after him, but Starfire's strong grip pulled him back. "Your opponent is me!" she said, knowing she couldn't take him on.

"Then I'll stomp you out in an instant," Recoome said, turning toward her and kicking her into the side of the car. Recoome chuckled seeing her crumple against the car door, but he didn't find it funny when she stood up, spitting into the grass and let out a battle cry. "She's got spunk!"

Robin heard Starfire's clashes of battle behind him and watched Goku and Frieza disappear, shaking the planet from their stunning strikes. "She's got a little more than that, you'll see!" Robin shouted, swiping the crystal just before Towa could and pocketing it. He used his momentum to flip into a drop kick that drew blood from her forehead.

"Wait a minute," Gohan said, "I remember you guys, what are you doing-"

"Get out of here!" Robin shouted, looking back up and staring directly into a pink ki blast that rocketed him into Recoome. Robin and Recoome stood up, seeing Towa brandishing her staff and charging another energy wave. A yellow bolt crashed into her instead followed by Mira, allowing Trunks to save them in the knick of time. "I got it, Trunks!"

"Good, now get back to the ship!" Trunks shouted, turning the grass into ash as the bandits dodged his yellow bolts of Saiyan energy.

"Don't let them get away!" Towa barked, making Recoome crack his knuckles.

Recoome stood in front of the car with a smirk, wagging his finger. He was a block of pure muscle, with a broad chest and arms as thick as tree trunks, spiking his purple aura with another silly pose and a clap. "I'm gonna make you guys into my new gloves!" Recoome roared, rushing forward with great speed for his size and smacking them into the air. "Eraser Gun!" he shouted, firing a pink, wide wave of chi from his mouth. Robin dodged but Starfire could not, crossing her arms to block the attack and whimpering in pain as it burned her arms.

"Starfire!" Robin screamed, turning toward Recoome in rage and rushing down to him. A green glow shot through the attack and Starfire followed, meeting Recoome head on.

Recoome chuckled at his young opponents, swatting them away like flies. "You do well!" he laughed. "You do-" Starfire's Tamaranean wrath swelled in her fist and crashed into Recoome's stomach, doubling him over. "-oh no," he grunted, getting swept to the ground by Robin.

"Let's get to the car, hurry!" Robin said, seeing the monster before them slowly rise unscathed.

"You're not going anywhere!" Recoome said, kicking him in the side of the head.

Robin bounced back from the power, feeling dizzy and weak from the swelling pain in his temple. He never felt a kick that hard in his life, and if he didn't end this quickly, he feared he wouldn't get another opportunity. "Kame…" he said, drawing his hands to his side while Recoome charged. "Hame…" he continued with worry, fueling as much chi as he could. "Ha!" he barked, letting forth a small but strong wave that took Recoome both hands to hold back.

"Really? Is that all?" Recoome taunted, taking in a deep breath. "I'll show you how it's done! Eraser-"

"Galick Gun: Fire!" Starfire shouted, blasting Recoome headfirst into the last broken plateau from the world-ending fights raging above them. "That should hold him for now, we need to find Trunks and get out of here!"

The two Titans scurried into the Time Machine and took off, trailing the yellow bolt of chi barely holding onto the two pink demon streaks through the sky. "Come and catch me, Time Patrol!" Towa taunted, opening a portal into a black void and slipping into it with Mira just out of Trunks' grasp.

"Damn it, lost them again!" Trunks cursed, sliding into the Time Machine and punching in some coordinates before climbing into the back. "Roll the windows up and punch it," he said as the planet started to glow a dangerous white with fountains of lava spouting dangerously fast. "The planet's going to bust," Trunks said as Robin slammed on the gas. "We're going to cut it close!" he shouted, screaming with the two Titans as the planet exploded around them, the back of the car shaking and rattling from the force and the fires just touching the back of the machine as it slipped through a wormhole to their next point in time.

"What could be any worse than that?" Robin said with a terrified expression. "An entire planet just died, Gohan failed to tell us that."

"Cell," Trunks said bluntly, cutting it short. "Cell is much worse. You'll be seeing him soon."

Starfire glared at the side of Robin's head. "You had to ask."

Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg stood at the entrance to a condemned, ugly, brown apartment building in downtown Gotham covered by rolling black clouds on a cold, stormy night. "Are you sure this is where Piccolo wanted us to go?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah, don't you sense the dark energy inside?" Raven said, opening the doors.

"If we could move along," Cyborg said, "The hoodie can only protect me from so much water, you know, cyborg and everything."

The smell of years old mold smacked them in the face as they walked into the small lobby with gray mailboxes on one rotting wall and a green carpet staircase leading up. "Somebody get a can of air freshener or two, this alone is enough to scare me away!" Garfield said, using his shirt to cover his nose as they walked up the stairs. The smell of mold was soon replaced by another musty, piercing smell that stuck to their clothes and made Raven dizzy just walking up the next flight.

"It smells like the dorms on April 20th," Cyborg said through grit teeth, trying to hold his breath with the contact high hitting them all like a truck.

"Oh god…" Raven said in disgust, stopping in front of a creaking, half open apartment door fuming with the dank smelling gas. She knocked on the door, hearing a put upon groan from the inside.

"Like, don't make me get it, man," the surfer voice of a young man whined. "It's open!"

"Jack," Raven said, turning to her friends before they went in. "Sloth," she mouthed, pushing open the door and stepping into the haze. Chill, lo-fi music played from a plugged in smartphone in the corner of the empty living room with only a tattered leather couch opposite a television blasting The Walking Dead. There was no decor to the room at all, the yellowish walls and moldy kitchen behind the three Titans letting them know that Jack was a very low maintenance person, that or just lazy. Given his sin, Cyborg agreed with the latter. "It's me, Raven."

The boys turned to the skinny, tall, pale-skinned man slumped onto the couch holding a bong in one hand and a bowl of popcorn sitting next to him. "Oh, hey, Rae! You here about dad coming back and all?"

Beast Boy noticed his ragged, shaggy look, his dirty, browning clothes, the carefree and empty gray eyes and frail frame. He didn't look a day over 25 and a pound over 120, but Garfield would keep his distance. "Yes, actually," Raven said, "if Trigon comes back, everything you're watching right now will be gone. We need you to come with us."

Jack yawned, turning back to the TV and blowing out a puff of smoke. "No can do," the baked demon with bloodshot eyes and a generally pleased expression said, "I got a vibe right here that I'm riding out, you guys can join me if you want. The green dude looks like he's pretty chill."

"You don't even have to move," Raven said, "I'm not going to let Trigon come back, if that means destroying you then it's what I'll just have to do."

"Whoa, whoa, just take it easy man," Sloth said with a chuckle. "Sit down, relax for a bit, what you guys are doing, it's just too much work."

Beast Boy yawned, feeling woozy and dizzy from a sudden wave of dark energy along with the strange and sharp euphoria from the weed. "Raven, maybe he's right?"

"If Trigon comes back, he takes everything out, big if true," Sloth said, "but like, then we won't have to do anything, ever again. Ultimate bliss, sis."

"Maybe you won't have to do anything," Raven said, spiking black energy on her hands.

"Chill out, Rae," Beast Boy said tiredly, falling onto the couch.

"Beast Boy, no!" Cyborg said, watching purple spectral chains bind Garfield to the couch and force him to drift into a lazy sleep. "It looks like it's just me and you, Raven."

"Come on," Sloth said, patting the seat next to Beast Boy with a devious yet tired grin. "Plenty of room!"

Cyborg opened his arm cannon, aiming it right at Jack's face with a grimace. "Yeah, and there's about to be even more room in a second."

Jack didn't look threatened. "It appears we've reached an impasse, my dude," he said, "but if you guys leave, we'll both be happy. Neither of us will have to do anything."

"We already told you that's not going to happen," Raven said, "we're not going to let our world die because you're too lazy to get off the couch!"

"I can get off any time I want," Sloth said, waving them away, "just, uh, just, not now-"

"Enough of this," Cyborg said, grabbing his arm and pulling him from the couch. "We're wasting time. We have a couch back at the Tower any-" Cyborg roared in sudden pain and looked down at his hand, finding it no longer there. He looked at Sloth's arm in horror, seeing his rusting hand degrading and cracking away around it.

Jack looked at his arm as well with an upturned frown, his long hair raising on its end with a black aura crackling around him. "Not cool, bro," he said, aiming his hand at them with a green energy that stunk of rot. "Not. Cool."

Raven tackled Cyborg as the green blast passed over them, eating away at the wall with decay faster than years of neglect ever could.

"Just lay off me, bro!" Jack shouted. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

Raven felt a sharp pain travel up her legs and through her arms, pinning her to the ground. A euphoric state washed over her and her aura changed to green, followed by silly giggling. "Oh hey, Cyborg! Whatcha doin' here?"

"Oh, not you too!" Cyborg said, rolling to his feet and prepping his arm cannon.

"Don't be like that, Cy," she said with red, puffy eyes. Her hair started to turn gray and her skin wrinkly, aging at a harmful and deadly rate. "Chillax a lil', dude, you look like you need to take a breather from your arm bein' off and all."

"You should listen to her, dude," Jack said with a smirk, rushing toward him in an unexpected burst of speed. "You're gonna want to lay down in a minute!"

"I only need one arm to put you down!" Cyborg said, landing an uppercut on his bony chin that sent him right through the ceiling. Cyborg jumped through it, stomping on roaches left and right in another neglected apartment infested with them. Cyborg rolled out of another decaying shot and hit him with a chair, slamming him through the wall and into a bathroom. The back of Jack's head cracked a mirror and he dodged a punch, smashing Cyborg's face into the shards.

"Darkness take you," he cursed, whipping Cyborg back into the living room. Several shots rusted one foot over and a second grazed his shoulder, turning that entire streak reddish brown. Cyborg rolled to his feet anyway and dashed forward on one foot, grabbing the top of his head and cracking his jaw with a jumping knee strike.

Jack grunted in pain and punched him in the stomach, slamming him across the room and into the corner. He darted after him, putting both of his hands on Cyborg's chest.

"It's over now, bro!" Jack chuckled, rusting and degrading the entire chestplate until it sloughed off, revealing the wiring underneath.

"For you!" Cyborg corrected, putting his cannon in Jack's stomach and firing without a second thought. Jack flew across the room and crumpled to the floor with inhuman screeches in agony, flaking away into dust and fading away with the draft from the cracked window. Cyborg felt drained and taking another step broke his foot off entirely, making him hit the ground hard.

"Where is he?" Beast Boy shouted angrily, hopping into the apartment with Raven, both young and energetic again.

"Gone," Cyborg said with a wince, sitting up and trying to rotate his rusted arm. "He was intent on taking me out- there was nothing else I could have done."

"Don't worry about that," Raven said, opening a portal to the Titans Tower living room. "Getting any of them on our side is going to be a miracle, and we must be prepared to fight them. Let's get you home and patched up, if we're going to win at this, we need to be at our best."

"I always knew we'd get high together at some point, Rae," Beast Boy said, carrying Cyborg into the Tower as Raven closed the portal, "but not like that."