Thunder roared and woke me up. My body was sore from working out the day before. "I shouldn't have done cardio before and after lifting" groaning once again as I sat up. It was the weekend and I usually have plans for the weekend. I sometimes would go to the library with Wes, play golf with Laurel or go clubbing with Michaela. At night, Asher would always invite me to some crazy party and we would pick up partners for the night. But today, I had no plans.

Connor left the comfort of his queen sized bed and made his way to the kitchen. The studio apartment he was renting was somewhat small but he didn't really need the space as he was working most days of the week. Connor just wanted a place where he could crash. But the big bed he bought was intended for "recreational" use. And he certainly used it for recreational purposes often. He wasn't in a relationship and doesn't want to be in one either. His last relationship left a ... bitter taste in his mouth but not the kind that he liked. Most guys dated him for his looks or to use him to climb up the social ladder. The one guy that genuinely liked him was Oliver. They went to the same high school. Oliver basically begged him to be boyfriends. But one day, Oliver suddenly stopped talking to him. Connor taught that Oliver was just sulking because he hadn't had time to be together. Exams for uni took its toll on their relationship and they just lost contact. He briefly saw Oliver at their high school reunion a year ago but he didn't even have the courage to say "Hi!". Ever since then he started wondering about what could've happened if he only asked him what was wrong before they graduated. Maybe they could've been together. But they weren't. And the fact that Oliver seemed to have moved on hurt Connor the most.

As my mind was reliving memories of my high school days , my hands were searching for the remaining slices of pizza that I ordered two nights ago. 'I guess I finished everything last night.' I thought to myself when said pizza slices were nowhere to be found. I didn't have cereal either. 'I guess I'll need to get some groceries'. I didn't bother to shower, I put on a warm jacket and proceeded to head to my car. The elevator was not working due to maintenance and I had to use the stairs from the 8th floor. 'My calves are killing me.'

After what seemed like an eternity, Connor reached the 1st floor and headed to the parking lot. 'Maybe I should move a floor or two lower.' He got to his Prius and remembered that he needed to pay the ticket, a present from the meter maid. He was running late and had to run an errand before going to work! 'They could've at least cut me some slack! I was gone for 10,20 minutes tops! I just forgot to put money in the meter...' he was getting heated after mulling over the events that happened yesterday. But he calmed down quickly and decided that getting food in his system now is his first priority.

A storm was about to hit the city by the time Connor got to the store. 'I better hurry and get back to the apartment.' He went straight to the cereal isle and grabbed two boxes of fruit loops. He loved snacking on fruit loops. As he was contemplating on whether he would get pizza to go,and not looking at where he was going, he accidentally bumps into a woman.

"Sorry, my bad"
"No Problem. Just try to look at where you're going next ti-...Connor?"
"Uh, do I know you?"
"I'm Kate! Kate Sawyer?"
"I'm Oliver's best friend?"


"Hi. I'm Oliver. "
"Hey. I'm Connor"
"So uh... I uhh... do you maybe wanna go get Taco Bell? With me...?"
" I'm busy at the moment but I can text you... when I'm free?"
"I..ok...yeah I give my number or do you give me your number?"
"Heh. You're kinda cute. Kinda"
"Sure. I'll see you around then." As Connor started to walk away, Oliver reaches for his sleeves.
"I didn't really get your number."
" I haven't given it yet." Connor winked at Oliver and proceeded to walk away.

...A few nights passed and Oliver suddenly gets a message from Connor.

C:"Soooooo, I hear they have this new thing at Taco Bell. Wanna try it out?"
"I'm hurt. I didn't think you'd forget about me a few nights after asking me out."
O:"Sorry. Your number wasn't listed on my phone."
"I meant it didn't have your name."
"I meant I was just making sure it was you"
C:"You just keep on digging your own grave huh?"
O:"I'll just go to the Taco Bell near you? My treat?"
C:"Be here in 10"

(End of flashback)

Kate was staring at me. Slightly concerned.

"Are you ok? You don't look so good. Maybe that bump with me caused it?"
"I'm fine. I just remembered some stuff."
" Did you finally remember me?"
" uhh yeah. Sure"
"You're not very nice. I can see why he left you."
"Sorry. I...Oliver. Is Oliver ok? Is he doing fine? I haven't seen him since the reunion."
She looked at me surprised." oh. He, he's fine."
"Nothing. I'm just surprised that you still care for him. We thought that he was just a fling to you so..."
"He wasn't."
" Does he really think that?"


" You're not very convincing."

" I'm just gonna go..."

I spend the next week waking up early hoping to bump into Kate at the store. I needed to ask her a few more questions. Questions like what's his phone number?. I also wanted to ask her if it was possible for her to get Oliver to meet me.

Authors Note:

Hey there. this is my first fanfic so I'm still figuring things out. Hope you enjoy! also, if you find any grammatical errors, please let me know! ;)