Author's Note: While reviewing these first stories before adding the next batch, I realized that I didn't credit my prompt sources, or give an explanation for what's going on with these drabbles. So I'm back to take care of business!

First, let me thank Braxin (focused and holographic), Chara 47 (sparkling and blue), and Seacook (fishnet stockings).

I'm using these drabbles to expand a story I've been stuck on for a while. I'm not going to say which one, because I don't know how much of this material I'll ultimately use, or in what form. Also, while I've posted a portion of the story, there are several chapters still awaiting revision and posting, so, taken as a continuation, you'd be lost even if you had read the story.

Essentially, this will be my playground and learning lab, and I've invited you to play with me. So, if you've got any good words, pass them on in the comments. I especially like words that don't seem to immediately suit themselves to a Trek story, so feel free to challenge me!

Standard disclaimer:I don't own these characters or the world they inhabit. They just like whispering and shouting stories into my brain, which I share with you freely, as an act of love.

That's all the business I have for today, so on to the drabble!

"Sparkly blue fishnet stockings..." Malcolm let go of the shuttlepod controls, wiping tears of laughter away from his eyes. Jon thought about issuing a reprimand, but didn't. He didn't want Malcolm Reed reminding him yet again that he'd volunteered to play pilot and was "officially on leave, sir."

But now Phlox was watching him with an expression that said a Denobulan lecture could be in the offing. Jon focused in on what the Tactical Officer had said. "...fishnet stockings?"

"Weren't you listening, sir? Did you miss the holographic evidence?"

"Holographic evidence of fishnet stockings?"

"No sir. Sparkling blue fishnet stockings."