Full notes and disclaimer in Chapter One.

Warning - this chapter contains brief and non-sexual nudity. Just thought you should know.

Remember how I said I had more prompt words than I could use this month?

Well...turns out I can use a lot more than I thought I could! So, those of you who seem to have the words at your fingertips (Braxin? Hello?)...bring 'em on! As always, bonus points if they seem offbeat for a Trek fanfic! If I don't use them this month, I do have other fanfic projects in the works, and I'll be writing another series of drabbles in May.

My Accomplice goes back to work tomorrow, so the rhythm here will change again. He helped a lot with the hometending today, though, and we're expected to get some pretty heavy rain, so I'll probably spend a lot of the day on writing-things.

This drabble happens a few days after my previous T'Pol story, And No Peaches. Shran has a surprise meeting...

My thanks to today's contributors:

Chara 47:





great white shark

whale shark

lemon shark

hammerhead shark

reef shark

tiger shark







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Walls rose to form an arched roof. He was walking on carpet, but Shran felt as though he was in an Earth ocean, rather than a glass hall.

She was sitting on the floor just past the point where the tunnel bent, watching the marine life. She didn't seem to notice him. Shran put his focus on the signs: great white shark, whale shark, lemon shark, hammerhead shark, reef shark, tiger shark,

He took measured glances as muted light washed her face in pink, purple, green, yellow, and orange, in turns. She was beautiful.

"The wrong man. The right scent."