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NAME: Ranma Saotome Choushin
ALIASES: Zack Gray
AGE: Undetermined (Chronologically more than 5000)
EYE COLOR: Yellow pupils, blue-gray surrounded them instead of the 'whites' of a normal human's eyes
HAIR COLOR: Black, Red (depends on transformation)
RACE: Saiyajin, Choushin Kami, Masu
FAVORITE QUOTE: "If in doubt, trust your own instincts, adapt, then win. If all else fail, run away... err... stage a tactical retreat to fight another time!"

Ranma was the child of Tokimi, the Choushin Megami, and Nasu, an Elite of the Saiyajin before the planet Vegeta was destroyed. Ranma was taken from her mother's womb by Tsunami, Tokimi's sister, and was magically infused into Nodoka Masaki, later Saotome's womb. Born on Earth, he was initially Saiyajin and Chuushin Kami blood only. They were supressed by a frantic Tsunami, who hoped Ranma's mother wouldn't find the child. A mishap from the Neko-Ken at age six forced Tsunami to slow time to a snail's crawl and bring the dying boy to still-sealed Washuu. The Juraian goddess knew that even if she unlocked Ranma's power at that age, the healing process won't be enough to save him. Washuu used the last remnants of her finest specimen of the Masu, a rare breed of powerful aliens that were extinct, and infused them forcefully into Ranma's DNA. The boy's ungodly luck manifested itself with a vengeance, as the almost nil possibility of fusion finally succeeded in the end. Washuu has locked Ranma's memories of the encounter, and Tsunami returned him to the pit for history to unravel.

His true age is Undetermined. He spent more than 800 Earth years awake, while more than 5000 Earth years in stasis as he floated in the abyss during one of his time distortion accident. His physical looks varied as well, but he really should have the looks of ten year old boy, due to eating the aging mushrooms. An alternate Washuu taught him how to do her aging trick, which gave Ranma the freedom to vary his physical aging as he pleased.

Ranma is the physical manifestation of Chaos' reincarnation. Deus tried to force his brother's rebirth by instilling the chaos gems (pieces of the original Chaos' energy residue) he has in his possession into the nearest perfect match of Chaos' energy signature. Ranma's personality dominated the body, with help from Chaos' memory projection. They both merged into the Ranma of now.

So far, Ranma has eight of the Lighthawk Wings because of his mother's heritage. The wings depend on the user's will, and can be molded into different forms. Ranma has used these wings for some of his attacks, as well as defense. These wings can repel magical attacks at least. Ranma also has a few transformations similar to a Super Saiyajin. He can reach three transformations for now, but is in danger of losing control in any form he takes. He uses them only when he needs more power, else he becomes too unstable and be immersed in battlelust. He needs to expel tremendous energy when he does become too feral to return to normal. He wears five limiters: two around his wrists as bracers, two around his ankles as anklets, and one around his neck as a choker.

His mind is protected by a by-product of the Neko-ken. While his mind was cured of the fear inflicted by the technique by the goddess Bastet, some of the effects cannot be removed. As a compromise, his mind subconsciously transformed this condition into a sort of mind-shield. This shield also protects the more complicated memories Ranma has of his past life as Chaos.

Ranma also gained some semblance of control of his curse. Sadly, he still transforms whenever he gets drained of too much energy as a protective protocol of his body. He also transforms when he's distracted by cold water. But generally, he can will his body back into male from female and vice versa, courtesy partly of the Masu's inherent transformation ability.

He was also personally tutored by Washuu before his transporter incident, which gave him the opportunity to learn things he never had the priviledge of knowing before his heritage's reawakening.

Ranma wields the sword Masamune, the True Weapon of his incarnation, Chaos. The Masamune was forged out of Chaos' own energy and power. Ranma can summon the sword by will. After he spent some time in Gaia, the Masamune assimilated two Materia, the Master Summon Materia and the Master Magic Materia. The sword's full powers were still a mystery.

Ranma has four offsprings in Existence. One is Ranko from Ryoko, another is Urd from Hild (in his past life as Chaos though), and then there are the twins in Belldandy's womb at the moment.

Doesn't end there though. Not by a long shot.

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NAME: Belldandy Choushin
ALIASES: Aerith Gainsborough
AGE: 22 (Goddess-turned-mortal, reborn)
EYE COLOR: Blue-gray
HAIR COLOR: Light Brown or Platinum Brown
RACE: Choushin Megami, Cetra (Pre-apocalyptic neo-Human)
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Ara ara... cleaning, cooking, saving the Universe with my husband... what more could a woman ever want?"

Belldandy WAS the Norse Goddess of the Present, but due to Ranma's past that was unraveled, her own past was revealed. She was Tokimi's self-fashioned 'daughter', born out of the earth with no father, based on the Greek Pantheon Goddess of Love's Aphrodite's own birth out of sea foam. Kami-sama took her under His wing when Tokimi was cast out of being a Megami. Tokimi was then locked into the higher dimension by her peers.

Belldandy's memories were blocked by Kami-sama's power, and was brought up as a powerful goddess on Heaven's side. After Ranma reawakened, the seal of Belldandy's memories faded as well, giving her the full knowledge of what had happened from her past. Before she could do anything about it, she was cast out by Kami-sama from her current dimension and was flung more than 5000 years far into the future, where she was reborn into a mortal shell, under the guise of Aerith Gainsborough.

Ranma found her when the pigtailed one was flung into the future by Washuu's experiment.

She still retained her personality as Belldandy, and even adopted that name once more. She loved to clean house and cook, as well as being a good hostess. But beware... she also gained a mean right hook, and her skills using the staff were... too gruesome for words.

Her anger, if reached at that point by some miracle, was legendary in several thousand universes. Hurricane Belldandy still lived on in this girl.

Oh, important note... she's pregnant of Ranma's babies. Twins!

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NAME: Vanilla Ash Choushin
ALIASES: Rei Ayanami
AGE: 5128 (approximate)
HAIR COLOR: Light Cyan
RACE: Human, Angel, Masu
FAVORITE QUOTE: "I pray to Kami-sama as thank you for giving me another chance in life. And Kami-sama for me, is Ranma-sama."

Vanilla Ash joined the Galaxy Angels to help people. Along the way, she was drafted to take a lost technology reported in a far away area. Little does she know that it was the same place where Ranma was flung into. When they did meet, Vanilla felt something out of the ordinary for the pigtailed boy, and decided to come with him. She quit the Galaxy Angels without a second thought.

Her past was traced back to the Evangelion Wars, where she was formerly known as Rei Ayanami. As the Third Impact occured, she was saved from being absorbed into the huge goop of LCL by Washuu herself, and healed her. In doing so, Washuu had to use a bit of Masu genes, that in another universe she used for Ranma, and granted Vanilla extended life. That brought her in the distant future, where the Earth was severely damaged by unknown forces and other planets in the galaxy were colonized when Earth launched their colony ships.

She was not one to show too much emotions at a time. She considered Ranma her God, literally, after their initial meeting. She discarded everything, including her membership to the Galaxy Angels, just to be with Ranma for the rest of her life.

Her healing skills were on par with Belldandy. She loved popcorn for some reason, as well as congee. Her physical fighting prowess kinda sucked, but she has her moments.

Her personality is still being affected by her life as Rei Ayanami. She's usually cold and aloof to anyone else aside from her family, and she's a bit too sarcastic and blunt with her responses to questions. She opted to handle the battleship Rin-Ohki's navigation system.

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NAME: Emeralda Choushin
AGE: 4000+ (approximate)
EYE COLOR: Dark Green
HAIR COLOR: Light Green
RACE: Nanomachine Colony, Ctarl-Ctarl
FAVORITE QUOTE: "... I can do anything if I put my mind into it... literally."

Emeralda was the finest creation of Kim, one of Fei Wong's past lives, and Elly. She was to be the savior of the dying humanity. Some time in the future, humans will cease to bear children, and Emeralda was supposed to be the solution.

She was made up of nanomachines. She was later captured by an organization who killed Kim and Elly. After 4000 years of being stuck in the limbo of the test tube she was made in, Emeralda was reawakened by Fei.

She met Ranma when the pigtailed boy managed to get himself to their planet. Ranma helped Emeralda and her group to defeat and unravel the mysteries of the Zohar.

Recently acquired organic internal organs, thanks to Washuu. The scientist 'grew' organs via Ctarl-Ctarl genes using Emeralda's body as an organic VAT chamber. This event gave her the ability to bear children, which was the plan all along.

Emeralda is a girl of few words. She rarely speaks out loud, and usually only in the presence of family. Her fighting prowess is pretty good, and her outer dermis retained the nanomachine morphing skills she had when she was still fully nanotech.

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NAME: Lea Choushin
ALIASES: Ihadurca
AGE: Undetermined
HAIR COLOR: Pale green
RACE: Demon Goddess
FAVORITE QUOTE: "It was cold in the Evil Zone. I would not want to return there again, ever."

Lea was a sorceress from her homeworld, I-Praseru. Ihadurca used her body and became all powerful. Her former friend, Kakurine, sought out the multiverses to restore Lea as she was before Ihadurca's influence.

She was recovered by Ranma from forced sleep during the Zohar/Deus encounter. When she awakened, she pledged her existence to serve and follow Ranma.

Not much information available for this woman, other than that she's pretty much devoted to Ranma. Her staff was her personal weapon, while she can fight without a staff with some powerful magical attacks, with her staff she's very formidable. She's pretty cold-hearted outside her new family.

Her staff skills were legendary, and her magic skills were formidable. She's pretty much outspoken and direct, not one to mingle with words. She's usually the unofficial leader of the female group because of her regal bearing and dominating personality.

She was the pioneer of the 'harem' idea, of course.

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NAME: Raven Choushin
ALIASES: Rae, Raye
AGE: 36 (approximate)
RACE: Azarath-jin Sorceress, Half-Demon
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Ah! I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention! I... what... -POOF!- the hell... what are you looking at, idiot?"

Raven was a former member of the Teen Titans, a superhero group from an alternate world. Ranma was summoned by the group's arch-nemesis Slade. In that world, there was an abundance of superheroes. The most influential and glorified group, the Justice League, has mistaken Ranma for an enemy. Due to the intervention of a future version of the Green Lantern, a much bloodier outcome was averted.

She was an offspring of Trigon the High Demon Lord and Arella of Azarath from a... forced union. Raven's chakra gem on her forehead signified her role as Trigon's future gateway into the real world, but Raven held him back with sheer willpower. But Trigon deemed it Raven's destiny to destroy the universe with his ascension.

This was proven false when Ranma destroyed Raven's mental link with her father, forever severing the chances of Trigon's freedom using THIS Raven. But Raven suffered a severe backlash as a result, which forever altered her physical form. Her body randomly changes from her demonic form into an angelic version of herself, and vice versa. But Raven accepted this price against the other...

Of course, Trigon still has other ways to get out... namely, the other Ravens in different universes... but not through THIS Raven.

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NAME: Ryoko Hakubi Choushin
AGE: Undetermined
RACE: Masu, Choushin Megami
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Sure I can float, phase through objects, can cause mass mayhem and destruction most of the time... but I'm still a woman!"

Ranma met this lively woman in the Past of his original Timeline. Because of their meeting, the original timeline broke into several other paths. She was freed from her prison because of the power in Ranma's bloodline.

She's still a bit wary of people with Juraian descent, due to the fact that she was imprisoned by Juraian Crown Prince Yosho in Earth. She accompanied Ranma during his quest, and was separated for some time because of Washuu's experiment gone haywire. She was, however, pregnant at the time.

She searched for Ranma for about ten years, before returning back to the Masaki Shrine empty-handed. She was with her daughter, Ranko, at the time, and had the both of them locked in stasis to wait for any news of Ranma's current whereabouts. While in stasis, her nemesis Kagato instigated a chain of events that led to the stasis pod she was in to be acquired by the madman and used as a power source.

Ryoko met Ranma once more in the distant future of that timeline's path, and was reunited with him once more.

Ryoko is Ranko's birth mother. The woman's pretty much dismayed that her daughter adopted Washuu's quirks.

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NAME: Ryo-Ohki
AGE: Undetermined
RACE: Cabbit

Ryo-Ohki is Ryoko's very own cabbit partner. A somewhat sister to Ryoko, the black-furred cabbit is bonded to Ryoko as well. She is very much older than Rin-Ohki, and has basically the same abilities. She can morph into her ship form, fly, as well as having an obsession with carrots.

Because she is more experienced than Rin-Ohki, Ryo-Ohki already has access to her humanoid form, a half-cabbit half-human form.

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NAME: Ranko Hakubi Choushin
AGE: 30 (Physically, 8)
RACE: Masu, Choushin Megami, Saiyajin
FAVORITE QUOTE: "As long as papa doesn't know about it, it's all good!"

The uber-genius daughter of Ranma and Ryoko. She was born without her father's presence, since Ranma was involved in Washuu's transporter incident before she was born. She accompanied her mother Ryoko while the duo gallivanted around the world in search of her father. After ten years of fruitless searching, they both returned to the Masaki Shrine, where Ryoko opted to be placed in stasis to await Ranma's return. Of course, Ranko chose to be put into stasis as well.

Her growth was stunted, a trait common among those with Saiyajin blood. Add to the fact that she has Masu genes in her as well, her growth spurt was pretty much further off. She was personally tutored by Washuu, and has gotten some of the quirky scientist's weirdness in personality.

Ranko missed her father, even if she hasn't even laid eyes on him. Stories of Ranma's prowess were drilled into Ranko everyday by her mother, Ryoko.

She loved playing pranks using her intelligence, and was a bane to Yosho and the others unfortunate enough to live with her in the shrine.

Even Washuu.

So, if anyone sees this little redhead brandishing her white lab coat, they run in sheer terror of the sight. Of course, Ranma is blissfully unaware of his daughter's strange behavior when his back's turned.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O

NAME: Rin-Ohki
AGE: Undetermined
EYE COLOR: Blue-Gray
RACE: Cabbit

Rin-Ohki is Ranma's foremost cabbit partner. She accompanies Ranma in most of his journeys. Being a cabbit, she is able to transform into a powerful starship, more like a battlecruiser. She, like her master, is always hungry, and almost ate out Washuu's lab when she was left inside without supervision. Unfortunately for Washuu, Rin-Ohki also ate the unfinished Dimensional Transporter she was developing.

As with other cabbits, Rin-Ohki also has her own mental link with Ranma.

With the arrival of a certain pink pokemon, a rivalry formed between them.

Rin-Ohki has lots of skill, most which came from her cabbit heritage. But being partly made from some of Ranma's genes, she gained some power as well. She assimilated quite a bit of technology and a few rare skills in the early stages of her life. Her ship form wasn't standard cabbit, since it changed a few times during the course of the journey. Her ship form settled into something that signified speed upon ship vessels. Her main weapon, however, was very dangerous and outlawed in several different universal governments.

She has a somewhat half-sister in the form of the mecha named Anima Seraphim. They were once unified, but they got separated when Ranma willed the separation during the battle with Kagato. The Anima Seraphim has a limited will of her own, and generally follows Ranma's orders.

She was considered Ranma's conscience most of the time, though she's gotten Ranma's habit of being careless as well. Her ego was comparable to her master's.

Her affections towards her master made her very protective and possessive of him. But she learned to get along with the other females in Ranma's life.

Unfortunately for Ranma, Rin-Ohki will gain her ability to acquire a humanoid body soon.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O

AGE: Undetermined
RACE: Pokemon

Mew is rumored to be the ancestor of all pokemon. She escaped the pokemon world when she was hunted relentlessly due to her rarety and powers.

Simply put, Mew is a powerful psychic-type pokemon. Not only that, but she can actually use almost all of the abilities used by different pokemon without fail, as well as transform into the pokemon themselves physically. This ability is later proven to be possible with other life forms as well, not only on pokemon.

Her escape from the pokemon world was instigated by the combined powers of Mew and Celebi, another psychic pokemon.

Mew easily forged her own psychic link with Ranma. Due to her presence, Rin-Ohki and Mew were usually at odds with each other. But their rivalry is forgotten during life and death battles, since the two are actually best friends as well.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O

NAME: Hild, Ex-Ruler of Hell
AGE: Undetermined
HAIR COLOR: Platinum
RACE: Divine Trinity, Divine Demoness
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Maa, I'm not really a demon, you know."

Simply put, Hild was also known as the original Nightmare of the past Trinity, and was also Chaos' lover. They had a daughter together, who was actually the Norn Goddess of the Past, Urd.

Chaos gave his life up to seal the Ancient Gods in the Alpha Prime Point of Existence, formerly known as the Planet of the Gods. This left the pregnant Hild alone, though Order, otherwise known as Deus, stayed by her side during her sadness.

Deus made some... 'passes' towards Hild to convey his feelings. Hild mildly entertained some of these instances. While the two had gone into a few dates here and there, for Hild there was no real romance. The most Deus got out of Hild was a peck on the cheek.

When Deus reincarnated Chaos in Ranma Saotome's body, Hild was overjoyed at the thought. Especially since for some reason, Ranma and Chaos have similar personalities. It seemed too much of a coincidence that Ranma was to be Chaos' body. A perfect reincarnation of Chaos.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on the point of view, Ranma dominated the mortal body.

Hild doesn't care about that. She instigated a master plan that upset the balance of power in the multiverses. In a surprising action, Hild left everything partaining to her past as Nightmare, and became rogue. Deus isn't able to pursue Hild because the former Demon Queen was one of the few people exempted from the Yggdrasil filing system. To add insult to injury, Hild even took her daughter Urd with her, and manipulated her daughter's information through the mainframe Yggdrasil behind Deus' back.

All for pursuing Ranma throughout the multiverse for a 'loving' familial reunion.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O

NAME: Washuu Hakubi
AGE: 20,000+
RACE: Choushin Megami
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Call me Washuu-chan, the greatest scientific genius in the whole universe!"

Washuu is Ranma's aunt in most universes. Like the rest of the family, her ego is very huge. She was the former Choushin Megami of Knowledge, before she decided to 'retire' and live as a mortal. Or at least, something close to a mortal.

Her mortal reincarnation is already around twenty thousand years old, after all.

She took a liking in maintaining her physical form of twelve years old. Her past is marred with the trauma of being separated from her child and lover, which reinforced her will to remain in child form most of the time to forget the events of the past.

Consequently, Washuu's favorite charge is Ranma. Probably because Ranma's the only one who manages to withstand Washuu's strange exhuberance, as well as the 'guinea pig' incidents.

Washuu is a constant pseudo-guardian for Ranma when he arrives in different dimensions. She usually helps him in mundane tasks that would need a great mind to accomplish. Although, the downside is that she also attracts more trouble as she can help.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O

NAME: Tokimi Choushin
AGE: 20,000+
EYE COLOR: Blue or Black
HAIR COLOR: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red Streaks
RACE: Choushin Megami
FAVORITE QUOTE: "I am a Necessary Evil... to Balance out the scales of Power in the Universe..."

In Ranma's Home Dimension, the chaotic goddess Tokimi was his biological mother. Due to some major interference from Tokimi's sister Tsunami, Ranma was... 'extracted' from Tokimi's womb after he developed into a small fetus, and was transferred into a much more... 'loyal-to-Jurai' host with the name of Nodoka Masaki. This event caused the massive falling-out between Tokimi and Tsunami, and their huge war against one another.

Tokimi was one of the three major goddesses of the universe, one of the Choushin Megami. She was banished into an estranged dimension by Kami-sama due to her ever-growing powers and their nature.

While she seemed somewhat 'evilish' in most of her actions, her intentions were mostly for the Balance of Existence. She also rampaged all over the universe trying to find her son, but Tsunami shielded his presence with her powers.

Tokimi was recently freed by Kami-sama from her imprisonment when Ranma merged with Chaos' personality, partly due to an old debt of honor, partly also due to the fact that Ranma's emergence to Power will allow Tokimi to get out of her prison anyway. In the side, Kami-sama, or Deus, merely manipulated the situation to his advantage, making it seem that he freed Tokimi to get her under his power somehow.

And yet... it would seem that Deus greatly underestimated the power of Tokimi's love for her son after all...

Anyway, in the simplest of terms and whatnot, Tokimi is Ranma's mother.

O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O - O

NAME: Tsunami Jurai
ALIASES: Sasami (Merging)
AGE: 20,000+
EYE COLOR: Platinum Blue
HAIR COLOR: RACE: Choushin Megami
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Does Ryo-Ohki want a carrot?"

The main patron goddess of the Juraian people, she provided them with her blessings and granted them access to some of her powers. She provided noble Juraians with 'Space Trees' as a symbol of their link with her.

She was one of the divinities who... 'voted' for Tokimi's imprisonment, which led to Tokimi's well-placed ire towards her.

When Tsunami heard of Tokimi's pregnancy, with a Saiyajin no less, she immediately constructed a plan to alienate her unborn son from his mother. She has a noble reason, really, although totally misguided. She pulled out a still-developing few-months-old embryo of Ranma from Tokimi and implanted him into one of her 'subjects', Nodoka. She also manipulated some of Nodoka's memories to make the young woman forget the events.

Tokimi went into a rampage when she learned of Tsunami's treachery, especially when the Goddess of Chaos found that Earth was outside of her 'radar' so to speak.

Ah, truly, some good intentions actually yield disastrous results. Tsunami's meddling seemed to be one of the cases.

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I only put the main characters in this profile page. The others... are to be ignored. Actually, I only put Ranma, his group of females, and his daughter.

Anyway, this is just for those who wanted to know who's who.

I will be updating the profile every once in a while, if I find something lacking. Just tell me who you want to know about, and I will put them in the profile, provided they're pretty important in the fic. If not... I'll just tell you by e-mail about them.

Why are there a lot of 'Undetermined' ages amongst the profiles? Well... I don't want to be killed by those women. Females are scary, no offense to the girls who read my fic. So to be safe and all that crap, I put in a very generalized answer, to avoid premature death.

That, and it must have something to do with Aya-chan currently breathing down my neck on not asking about a woman's age.

And now... Arc One is officially complete.

A preview for Arc 2...? Hmmmm... nah. I'll let everyone keep on guessing what kind of mayhem will be revealed in there. Although... I may give a few hints here and there... particularly... rare anime crossovers, some obvious crossovers but with really bizarre outcomes...

Ahem. Well... just wait for Arc 2, Chapter 1. Don't worry, it's almost done... as long as I don't get distracted somehow.

To those interested, the crossovers for Arc 1 are:

- Ranma 1/2
- Inuyasha
- Vandread 1st Stage
- Vandread 2nd Stage
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Dragonball Z
- Super Robot Wars elements
- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
- Final Fantasy 7
- Teen Titans
- Evil Zone
- Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki!
- Ah! My Goddess!
- Pokemon
- Xenogears
- Galaxy Angels
- Slayers
- Saber Marionette J
- Cooking Master Boy
- Zoids
- Outlaw Star elements
- Summon Night elements
- Magic Knights Rayearth elements

Again, someone asked me for this. I hope this will help some who had trouble understanding where is where and when is when.


The Universe where Ranma came from. Volume 1 - 38 of the manga happened. It's a sort of continuation from the Canon, but of course some information has been revealed into light to suit my needs.


Ranma reached this dimension when Happosai threw the artifact at him during the prologue. This is approximately 700 years ahead of the Home Dimension timeline. Earth has experienced a death and rebirth, via Evangelion's plot. Dragonball Z Universe emerged in the end, where Ranma has finally popped out. This was where Ranma's true heritage reawakened. This is the timeline that went on AFTER Ranma disappeared, but since he appeared, everything in the Home Dimension's future splintered. Sailor Pluto, eat your heart out!


This Universe was reached when Ranma used the splintered Nanban Mirror. This WAS the past of the Home Dimension, until Ranma got into it. Upon appearing into the timeline, it has veered off its course towards the intended Home Dimension Timeline, creating a new path in itself. This will give Sailor Pluto all the migraine she needs. This was supposed to be approximately 500 years into the past, during the time of Yosho's time on Earth (Tenchi Muyo) and the time of the youkai, Sengoku Jidai (Inuyasha).


An accident caused by Washuu's invention entrapped Ranma in a null vortex, which acted somewhat like 'cold sleep', except that Ranma's sense of time inside the vortex slowed to approximately 97.35 percent of 'real time'. Normally, nothing survives inside the null vortex, but Ranma is Ranma. Ryoko, in her throes of despair, had herself locked in her own Cold Sleep after 10 years of searching for Ranma all over the universe. The incident catapulted Ranma approximately 5000 years into the future of Dimension B, the splintered timeline. Earth suffered into its deterioration, with constant strife and war battering the planet. It turns out that the Earth was under the siege of Kagato, who was under the guise of one of the bigwigs in the Earth's government. He manipulated events to totally dominate the world. Ayeka, Tenchi and Yosho were killed, their essences entrapped inside a special container that was later developed into an effective power source. Sasami fled, to parts unknown to anyone. Without Ryoko to help Tenchi defend Earth, the Juraians were easily beaten. Ryoko, still in cold sleep, was easily taken and converted into 'energy' by Kagato, and was transformed into a power source similar to the fates of the Juraians.

The Planet Zi, Planet Terra-Two, Solaris Planet (tentative name made by the Solarians when they took control of the land) are few of the worlds Ranma encountered in this dimension. And certainly not the last.


Mentioned a few times, here resides one of those who bore the gems of Higher Power, but still doesn't know about it. Go figure.

But as time went on, it was revealed that another one who bore the gems of power was Luna Inverse.


An offshoot from the Future Dimension B, when Ranma visited one of the planets inside a magnetic storm in order to search for Hibiki Tokai. The planet he landed on was Planet Zi, and he was unwittingly submitted into a war that he didn't want. When he neared the Zoid Eve, a power source for Planet Zi's Zoids, he was pulled out from Dimension B into THIS dimension. Later on, Ranma found out that it wasn't the Zoid Eve's fault, but a failed summoning experiment of the Universe's resident villain, Slade.

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