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This story was inspired by the cartoon TV series 'Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes'. I started writing this story back when I was fourteen, but I never properly developed the plot or the characters until now. I'm currently going through the scribbles in a notebook that fourteen-year-old me wrote a few years ago.

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Erin Harper was in a hurry, which for New York wasn't really out of place, but the girl herself was.

Her long, chocolate hair hung past her shoulders, a curtain that hid her from the rest of the world. It was straight, and was loosely braided back from her face and covered by a beanie.

Erin's small frame was bundled up in multiple thin layers of clothing that passed as 'winter clothing' at the orphanage she was in. The overcoat was barely able to be classed as a coat and was instead more of a scrap of clothing. It made her slim, willowy figure look almost average sized. She pulled it closer to her in a vain attempt to keep the howling, freezing cold wind that rushed between the buildings with the force of a small hurricane and nipped at her fingers and nose, out and away from her body. Most of the wise people had stayed indoors, and the city that never slept was practically deserted.

Her green eyes- like emeralds- sparkled in the dim light that New York's winter provided. It was the look in her eyes- not cold but warm, soft and inviting- that made her different. She always got the crazy customers, fellow passengers or the strangers that tried to give her their life story. To be honest she simply wasn't interested, but she was polite and knew that venting sometimes helped.

"Hey!" yelled a voice behind Erin as she walked down the pavement. She ignored it, knowing that it was probably wise to not acknowledge it. While most people weren't stupid enough to try kidnapping or mugging someone in such a public place and during broad daylight, there were still that select few who tried their luck. And Erin had no desire to be one of their intended victims.

"Hey!" the voice shouted again. Normally, if they shouted again, it was wise to do a check and work out whether running was the best option.

She turned around to see a middle-aged man with blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail. His muscles bulged from beneath the tight grey and black t-shirt he wore. He was limping, and from one look at his injured leg, and the way he was gingerly, quite tentatively putting weight on it, Erin knew it was broken.

"Can you help me?" he asked pleadingly, wincing as he took yet another step forward. "I have been separated from my comrades, and I fear that they may be in need of my assistance."

"I don't know you," Erin said, backing away slowly, her hands out in front of her as if she was dealing with one of the men at work who had taken a substance that was definitely banned nationwide. There were three main rules: keep hands visible, speak calmly, and get back-up as soon as possible.

Her green beanie slipped to reveal a pointed ear- something that every single one of her beanies hid from the general public- as she took a step backwards. The man noticed, but did not comment.

"Please," the man begged. "I need to get back to my friends, and the sooner, the better."

From behind the block of buildings there came a roar. A roar so blood-curdling, so chilling and terrifying, that Erin jumped and spun in the direction of the sound. Several passers-by looked in the direction of the sound and then went back to whatever it was they were doing.

"What was that?" Erin squeaked, paling considerably.

"My brother," the man murmured softly, as if unwilling for Erin to hear it, before straightening up and looking at her. "That is what I am supposed to be helping my team to fight." He said it wearily, as if that was the message he had been trying to convey, and Erin had simply not got it.

Erin sighed and checked her watch before she reached out and pulled the man's arm around her shoulders to support him. She was going to be so late back to the orphanage that Miss Hannah might just kill her this time. Erin had been on her tenth final warning. Number eleven might end up becoming the one straw that broke the camels back.

In one hand, the man held a hammer- a hammer that you could buy from any hardware store, and judging by the way he held it, it was his weapon of choice. In his other hand he held a broken wooden post, which he used as a cane.

"I'm Erin," Erin said.

"Thor," the man said. Now, if she hadn't thought he was crazy by now, that would have been the clincher. It would also explain the hammer.

Erin burst out laughing, which was also not a good idea to do to a crazy person, lest they try to kill whoever was stupid enough to insult them.

"No, what's your real name?" she asked, wiping a tear from her eye. Yes, she had been laughing so hard that she cried. So what?

"That is my real name. Thor," Thor said adamantly.

"Well then, Thor. Aren't you supposed to be an indestructible god, not a mortal human with a broken leg?"

"I used to be," Thor replied sarcastically.

"What happened?"

"The Enchantress happened," Thor said bitterly, wincing in pain as they continued walking down the street. This was his second time he had been stripped of his powers and made mortal again. And he hated it, the weakness of his mortal frame as well as the lack of his precious Mjolnir. Never again would he laugh at the mortals and their perception of pain. Nor would he laugh at Clint- not that he did after the incident involving a very pranked-up Clint and twenty cream pies made 'especially' for Thor. "She stripped my entire team of their powers."

"So, powers are real? As in, superheroes actually are in New York? Huh, I thought I was the only… never mind," Erin trailed off, looking decidedly nervous as she realised that Thor was watching her with interest.

Thor noted this reaction and stored it away in a corner of his mind, to be reviewed at a later time.

"Who is your team?" Erin asked, hurriedly changing the subject as they began to limp run.

"The team of which I and my friends make up is the Avengers," Thor replied.

Rather than question this, Erin accepted it with a nod of her head.

"It makes sense," she said, and then- a little cheekily- added: "Although you could just be delusional."

"I assure you, I am not delusional!" Thor said defensively. And loudly. Enough to make several heads turn in their direction.

All around them, people were whispering.

"That can't be Thor, can it?" Erin heard one ask.

"Who's the girl holding him up?" somebody else asked.

"It looks like Thor." That was said a little louder, which garnered more attention than either of the people in question wanted.

"Is the girl new to the team? SHIELD mentioned a few more to become the Avengers. Has to be one of those teenage freaks we were reading about the other day."

Thor turned to Erin, noting the sad expression on her face. "Ignore them," he told her. "They do not know what they are talking about."

"Thor, I love you!" a teenage girls voice screamed from the fray. Both Erin and Thor began walking a lot faster.

"We're almost there," Erin informed Thor. "It doesn't look like things went very well. Some scrawny guy with a shield is barely holding whoever you're fighting back, and the rest of your friends- if they look like they grew up in a costume shop- are lying on the ground. Either they're really good at playing dead, or they're seriously injured."

"I must help them!" Thor cried. The pair began to run, Erin holding Thor up with a surprising amount of strength.

They eventually made it to the end of the street, where the crashes of a building being torn apart, glass shattering as it hit the road, could be heard. Civilians fled the buildings and screamed as they dodged the falling bits of rubble. Car alarms wailed as they were squashed by chunks of debris, a large desk narrowly missing the prone form of Captain America, a man that Erin recognised from the comic books that were at the orphanage.

"Stay here," Thor murmured to Erin as she stood in the rubble, staring at the destruction caused by the massive shape that was standing in the middle of the street. The dust in the air helped to hide it from view, so that the only thing Erin could see was its silhouette.

"Loki, leave my friends alone!" Thor yelled as he limped onto the road.

Loki? Erin thought as she stared at the shadow of the… thing. The guy who had tried to take over the world was back on Earth? Hadn't he gone back to wherever the hell it was Thor was from to receive punishment of some kind? The megalomaniac was the reason that so many new faces had arrived at the orphanage, and why there were so many nights she had a small child- or even three- sharing a bed with her, too scared to sleep because of the nightmares that stemmed from the Battle of New York.

The monster robot thing- which Erin could see now that she'd uncovered her eyes and some of the dust had now settled- stood several storeys tall. It was made of a shiny silver metal, and had purple eyes that glowed menacingly. They narrowed as they saw Thor, and the robot picked up a street sign and held it in its monstrous hands.

"Bring it, dear brother," it growled, its voice completely devoid of emotion.

Thor limp-ran towards it, screaming something that Erin could only assume was a battle cry, or a lot of Asgardian curse words. Loki- the monster robot- swung the sign and caught the god in the side.

Thor went flying into the building beside him, the action accompanied by the sickening crack of bones shattering and breaking. His bones. The god slowly slid down to the ground and remained slumped against the brick wall, blood trickling from his leg and arms as pieces of glass and debris shone from where they were embedded in his skin. She couldn't stand it any longer- she had to do something. Otherwise many people would die.

Erin ran to him, checking to ascertain that the robot was looking at something other than her as she ran across the cracked asphalt, vaulting over a burning car and a chunk of concrete with metal rods sticking out of it. Thor was unconscious, and was in no means able to fight.

"Thor?" she asked urgently, shaking him roughly. Green light began to pulse beneath her skin, but she restrained herself, proud of the achievement. Thor cracked his eyes open to see Erin, who stood in front of him, her eyes widened by fear. Fear for him, and the rest of the people surrounding them both.

"You have to fight him," Thor muttered, looking at Loki in the Destroyer and then to the scared teenager who was watching him cautiously.

She chuckled. "Oh yeah? And with what?"

But Thor had already fallen unconscious, again, which meant that Erin was left to work with what she had.

She spotted red, blue and white protruding from the rubble, alongside a skinny blonde man with virtually no muscle tone. The man had a kind face, which made Erin ignore the rest of him as she dragged him to safety, placing him beside a man with a bow and quiver full of arrows.

"Move, and your life shall be spared," a gravelly voice behind her said. Erin froze, rotating her shoulders and straightening her spine. Her hands curled into fists as she spun around to see the robot thing staring at her, a frown line evident in the polished metal.

"What happens to these people if I do?" she asked, already knowing the answer, but using all the time she had to locate a weapon for herself. She tried to pick out any weak spots in the armour that she could exploit.

"They die. If you don't, you shall die, and then these people will follow," the robot replied coldly.

Erin shook her head. "That is unacceptable."

She reached out and grabbed the nearest object she could probably fight with. Her fingertips touched cool metal as she looked down to see Captain America's shield there. She hoisted it up over her arm, ensuring it was strapped correctly to her forearm before she looked defiantly up at the robot.

"You will not hurt these people."


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