AN: Hey guys TheTwoMind here! So this is from an idea that popped into my brain. Basically is's harry with a natural detective mode. He can do the crime scene reconstruction stuff, the basic X-ray find enemies stuff, the tracking chemicals stuff… Basically he has everything any detective mode can do, Even the Arkham knight stuff! So let's have some fun with this fic! Oh and if you could do me a favour I want to give harry his own version of the villain's batman faces so… Give me villains and who in the potter verse they'll be! I've already decided the Penguin's potter verse version but none of the others, if you could help that'd be great. Thanks! Also this is very much speech heavy since this is my version! MINE! If I want to give Voldemort a pink unicorn I will!

Batman watched from the shadows as a child stepped out from a cupboard and saw the murder scene. The child looked at the victims and grinned. "Let's see..." He muttered looking at the male victim as batman left the building with the victim's child to get him to safety. "There's a cut in the victim's sternum indicating that the killer used a sharp weapon to get through it and into the heart. They were knocked out by a blow to the back of the head… Maybe a chair? The other victim however has bits of metal lodged into their body. If I analyse them all and return them to how they were I can figure out what happened here…" He said calmly before sitting down in a chair and looking at the wall in front of him. "A detonator was pushed into the victim's pancreas detonation a biological bomb poisoning her… Both victims have been washed with a wet towel to cover DNA tracks… But I bet the killer didn't wash the taps." He walked over to the taps and stared at them. "They did… But not very well… It was Dudley… He killed his parents? But why? I need to further analyse the crime scene for anything I could have missed." He decided walking over to the table and looking through bags. "He was addicted to a drug which enhances the user's body. Highly addictive most likely. His parents must have found out and tried to stop it but he killed them, why? And how did he get his hands on the detonator? It must be connected to the drugs… Perhaps a note will tell me what I need to know." He checked the room again and found a package. "I think I know what happened. Dudley found out about the drugs through his parents talking about it and managed to get his hands on it through an outside source, overtime he became addicted to it and the supplier added a set of drugs to dose his parents with along with the detonator. It was set to have two charges but Dudley messed up and poured it all into his mother's dosage, the parents became suspicious when he kept getting the mail and went to fetch it themselves to find the drugs. When they confronted him he manged to get to the drug and use it to knock out his father before slamming the detonator into his mother, the detonator overloaded and embedded in her body. By then the father was waking up slowly so Dudley grabbed the kitchen knife and cut into him before killing him and cleaning everything as best as he could then sat on the floor pretending to be in shock." He figured out looking at the crime scene in front of him.

"My thoughts exactly." He heard someone say from behind him and turned round to see the dark knight himself next to the police commissioner of Surrey. "Jacobs get Dudley from his protectionary cell and interrogate him. I want a full search on this house done and an autopsy to check the analyse done today." He commanded the commissioner who nodded and run off. "Now then… How did you know all of this? You clearly don't have any detective mode to help you." He said to the child somewhat curiously.

"Detective mode? Really? I call it evidential collection" He said calmly and sitting down. "I've been able to do it my whole life. I started looking up different body charts to identify wounds and help with a few small cases I came across… It's actually quite fun. Before this happened I was worried I was worried I'd have to somehow organise a crime just to solve it." He admitted with a shrug looking at the bag with drug was from. "By the way do you recognise this symbol? It's familiar but…" He muttered annoyed.

Surrey Police Department

Jacobs watched as the Dursley child was interrogated and the story of what happened matched the other kid's story. "Huh… Well then. Dudley Dursley for the time being you're under arrest." He said in his most menacing voice.

Wayne manor

Bruce stood in an elevator which took him down to the batcave. "Master Bruce if I may ask what will you do with the young boy with your detective vision?" Alfred asked him curiously.

"I haven't got a clue to be honest Alfred. The only thing I could do is either set him up in Oracle's tower or set his own up where he can stay to use as a batcave and help out oracle." He said to him. "He's too young and physically weak for me to train him. Plus he admitted that if he became a superhero he'd do more of the forensics work that I do than anything else" He sighed in frustration.

"Perhaps we should contact Miss Gordon and see what she think sir?" Alfred asked setting up a line between the two bat computer terminals.

"Bruce? What's wrong?" Barbara asked worried.

"Nothing's wrong Barbara. I just need your opinion on something." Bruce told her sending her the required data and let her read it.

"Bruce this… This is incredible. I think you should set him up with a clock tower like mine in England so he can help. This way the bat computer will have three different data sources so we'll be able to get access faster!" She exclaimed in awe. "But first I want to meet him. If he's as good as you say he's going to know everyone's identity from a simple scan. I have pictures of the joker and you're able to use detective mode on them like they're a person so…."

"I know. That's why I arranged for him to meet up with Batman at the airport to meet oracle. By the way he managed to figure out your identity instantly. You're also his hero because of what you do now." He mentioned to her casually.