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Batman looked at the crime scene with a frown. Something was blocking his detective mode from finishing the reconstruction. "Oracle. Try and find the source of the block." He commanded quickly through the com system.

"On it. It's coming from… Somewhere in England I think. I'll call Seer and find out if he has any ideas." She said with typing on the keyboards coming through the call.

"Yeah don't bother. It was just a feedback loop coming from my bat computer. You need to update the cowl to take the new computer's power properly or this'll happen again. As it is I'll have to piggyback off of the Gotham bat computer and send the data for the reconstructions through it." A voice came through the com system with drinking sounds as well.

"Got it. I'll update it as soon as I have the time. Batman out." He said closing the call. "Now to finish this crime scene…"

England clock tower.

Harry sat in his chair watching something while also watching Batman through the cameras that were in almost every major building in Gotham. "Oh and Bat's? This is just the start! HAHAHAHA!" Came through the speakers as he watched Jason Todd's death video over and over checking for something he'd noticed.

"There… There's a slight jump as the camera gets picked up to leave and watch the explosion… Why? Let's see… Jason stopped breathing after the jump. It's so fast Bruce wouldn't notice! That means…" He muttered hacking into different feeds and pulling the data back by years to find what he needed. "The jump cuts only in the cameras we can ever see him in… I'll send the data to Barb to see what she thinks." He said sending it to her through the link in the bat computers. "Now what should I do today… Let's see… I might as well take a look and see what that shipment is… Huh. Joker goons outside of Gotham? Weird… Better take a closer look. Now this makes it stranger. Looks like their collecting something. Venom, I bet that's for bane since he lent them his forces. And… This isn't good. A human body… Could it be…?"

Arkham Asylum

A weak looking person was lying in the corner of a sealed wing with a knife in his leg carefully removing it. "Oh birdlet! Guess whose home!" A voice yelled from the other side slamming a door open and throwing a bag of mechanical parts at him. "Almost done with it? Great! Then as soon as you're done I'll get you some military training like I promised you! Bye!" The joker walked out with a grin on his face before going to plan his newest heist.

Abandoned GCPD building

Batman stood in front of Victor Fries with a call linked to the England clock tower. "Ok. Batman you know how we all want happy endings for those who can get them right? Well I think I found a cure for Nora. Victor if you'll trust me and Batman to do this I might be able to cure you temporarily. You won't be permanently warm again but your body temperature will be able to be at normal human temperatures for periods of time. Think of it like a medication if you want." Seer said from across the call calmly.

"You… You can cure my Nora? Are you sure?" Victor asked hopefully.

"Seer doesn't do this unless he's positive or it's the most likely answer. Since it's not a crime… He's positive Victor. I'll get you your happy ending."

"Batman… Before we cure my Nora I'll go to Arkham for my sentence." He said calmly and handing over his cryo-gun. "Just promise me you'll save her Batman. You as well Seer."

"If anything happens that isn't meant to I'll put her into stasis again and inform you. Then I'll determine what went wrong and fix it before anything else can happen. I swear." Seer said to him before transmitting the data to Batman.

1 month later

Victor stepped out of Arkham in his Cryo-suit and looked to batman. "Where is Nora?" He asked calmly.

"She's at the batcave victor. Get in the back of the bat mobile and I'll take you too her as soon as possible." Batman told him opening up the back.


Batman let Victor out and took him to Nora who was lying in a bed next to someone in about sixty cloaks and a version of Batman's cowl. "Listen Nora. Victor was in an accident trying to save you… He was forced to become a criminal to get the resources to help you. I'm working on a cure to help him…" The person said before leaving.
"Nora… You're ok…" Victor said before dropping to the ground sadly. "I'm sorry Nora… I'm a monster…" He muttered disgusted by himself.

"Victor… It's ok… I forgive you. Just please. No more crime?" Nora asked with a small smile.

"I promise Nora… No more crime!"

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A boy sat at a huge computer while another one looking identical to him ran on a treadmill. Another one was looking around curiously with a younger version of him doing the same while the final one was talking to his shadow somehow. "Hey guys! I found you!" Another voice came from the computer's speakers and revealed another version of the boy with blue eyes and hair. "And I've also figured out why we're all here… To save the world! Seriously! We need to!" He complained as they all laughed at him and revealed different versions of a lightning bolt scar. The one using the computer's scar had a much more sideways version, the treadmill one's was spiked slightly, the older one looking around had what were basically petals on it while the younger version had two other bolts on it, the shadow talking one's had a shadowy look to it and the one inside the computer's had a computer mouse over it.


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