Chapter 2

"You have to admit, that one dude Boxley was way too creepy to be in the medical field...are you sure he isn't a murderer or something?" Tony Stark conversed with one of his best friends, Dr. Bruce Banner.

The doctor, sadly some might say, looked quite tired. He had large circles under his dark brown eyes, hidden under his rectangular glasses. His skin had a tannish tint, complementing his high cheekbones. His curly brown hair, while windswept at the moment, had small streaks of grey hair, which went buried and unnoticed by the sheer amount of curls sat on top of his head. His frame was somewhat short according to modern society. He also had a little fat around his torso, giving him an endearing look to him.

The Doctor chuckled humorously. "I would have to Agree with you there, he was rather unsettling."

The two had just got back from a medical conference. Now, you might be thinking, Tony Stark isn't in the medical field, what blasphemy is this? Well, after having to watch his beloved friend go to these shindigs (as the billionaire had taken to calling-both to Bruce's annoyance and amusement) alone, so he got his medical license. It wasn't that hard, just a couple of days of studying and a few more days of exams did the trick.

Sometimes, being a genius and a billionaire had its perks.

The two were now carelessly walking on the sidewalks of London. The sun was steadily raised in the sky, setting a happy atmosphere around the English city.

"Hey, what's down that alley there?" Bruce inquired curiously, glancing at a rusted sign pointing towards a dirt road.

"I'm not sure." He looked down at his wristwatch, seeing it was only twelve in the afternoon. "Let's check it out, it's only about noon."

Little did the two know, they were entering a much darker area. It was dirty, rugged, and dangerous. Definitely, a place Bruce should not explore.

"Well...there goes my good mood," Tony grumbled and stopped as he saw a stone building. It looked to be older than him with a rusty metal fence surrounding it. A play set had one if the swings slowly moving back and forth, an audible squeak when it did so. On the very top of the building it had faded painted letters on a metal strip:

St. Marlin's Orphanage

"Why in God's name would they put an orphanage here? You're just asking for someone to be stabbed!" Tony Stark was oddly outraged by this.

Bruce sighed. "I couldn't agree with you more." He looked at the building. "I feel bad for those kids… Maybe we should cheer them up?" He smiled, children always were something he found undeniably precious. There was something about them that made both him and The Other Guy want to protect them. To make sure that nothing will hurt something so pure and innocent.

"Bruce, Buddy, that building is not the place you need. Want the Jolly Green Giant to come out and play today? Yeah, I don't think so."

Bruce gave him a look, a look that Tony gave into in a heartbeat. It was a look of defeat and sadness.

It was heartbreaking.

"Aww, Brucie Bear don't do that to me...that's not fair at all."

Bruce smiled and led his friend into the building. "Come, I bet it's just fine."

~Page Break~

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter." The little boy's voice was soft and angelic, almost dainty. He held onto Ron's hand, terrified. He was never a fan of strangers, to begin with, so being up close to one was nothing far from nerve-wracking.

The man smiled. "My name is Tony Stark, a pleasure to meet you three." He smiled warmly and thought for a moment. He pulled out three of the candies he gave out to children when he and Bruce did a quick check up (which wasn't often, but it still happened) on children. "Take your pick."

All three looked at each other and Ron was the first to be brave enough to grab a yellow one. Then Hermione grabbed a purple one. Harry seemed hesitant at first, but after a little encouragement from his Big Sister, he gently grabbed the pink one in the middle.

Tony smiled and sat down next to them. "You have a comfortable spot the fire, all nice and warm." Hermione smiled around her Lolly and looked down at her book.

"What book are you reading?" He asked, looking at Hermione curiously.

She smiled. "Robinson's beautiful if you ask me."

The genius smiled softly. "I am fond of that book as well… Who's your favorite character?"

She thought for a little bit. "Friday is really nice…"

Tony looked down at Hermione. She was a much...less arrogant version of him as a child. Her eyes were filled with an incredible amount of intelligence and sophistication that was rare to see in such a small child. "Sissy is really smart," Harry said softly.

"Is she?"

Harry nodded. "She is the smartest person in our class…" Hermione's chest puffed out in pride. Tony chuckled. "My favorite book your age had to be…." He thought for a little bit then smiled. "It had to be David Copperfield…"

Hermione smiled. "I haven't read that one yet." Tony smiled. "I'll lend you a copy of it sometime." The girl looked up at him in a shocked manner. "You-You would do that?" Hermione stuttered, a little taken aback. Tony smiled and nodded.

Ron, who had been too shocked that an adult that was actually talking to them civilly, sat quietly while Hermione and Tony had a passionate discussion. The boy, himself, felt out of place. He looked at Harry, looking at the sheer wonder filling inside of his spectacular eyes. Not once had Ron see him look this excitable and awed.
And it was nothing short of spectacular in Ron's eyes.

Bruce sat next to Ron, making the redhead looked up at the timid looking man. "My name is Bruce. Bruce Banner." The man held out a friendly hand, making the largest boy shake his hand. "Hullo." The doctor continued to smile, a glimmer of opportunity present in his eyes.

"Ron is a really cool name." Bruce complimented, and the smile on the little boy's face was contagious. "T-Thank you." Then the doctor looked at Tony and made a silent agreement with him. The genius cleared his throat and looked at the three children, a smile on his face.

"I think you three are going to come home with us."