Ron had been Ginny's first. Their first time had been almost innocent; two teenagers overcome with curiosity, a new wonderful world opening up before them as they explored each other's bodies. They had kissed before - first chaste pecks, then longer, as neither would want to be the one to end it. Then once, as they had kissed gently on Ron's bed, she had asked her brother to touch her breasts, small as they were. He hadn't a clue what he was doing, but his enthusiasm made up for his inexperience as he tried everything he could think of until she began to gasp and moan in approval. They'd learned together that a light brush along the sides of Ginny's small tits sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine, and a firm pinch of her nipple made her gasp and buck her hips against him, and Ginny had crept back to her room that night with weak knees and a burning cunt.

The next time, he had asked her to touch his hardening prick in between kisses, and she had explored every inch before looking up at him to watch his expression when she lowered her lips to his engorged tip. Ron had guided her with what he'd learned on his own, and as she'd bobbed her head quickly on his cock, her tongue lapping at its underside, she had looked up at her brother to see him clenching his jaw to contain his moans, his chest rising and falling rapidly as she pulled more and more of his hard dick into her mouth.

With her big brown eyes gazing up at him and one of her hands cupping his tightening balls, Ron had approached his climax quickly. With almost his whole length past her lips, warm liquid had spurted into her mouth, and Ginny had waited until his member stopped twitching before pulling back and swallowing his cum with a thrill as she thought about what she'd done. She realised that a heat was building between her own thighs, and slipping a hand down her skirt let her feel how wet she'd become just from sucking her brother's cock.

Ginny had stood immediately and dropped her skirt and panties, reclining on Ron's bed in only her unbuttoned blouse.

"Your turn."

She'd taken longer, but with her gentle instructions and Ron's eager tongue, she'd eventually felt the pleasure build into a flash of heat, followed by another and another as he continued rubbing his tongue against her clit, and she couldn't stop the noise that rose from her throat as she dissolved into his lapping tongue.

Pleasuring each other with their mouths had satisfied them for just a few months - they were curious teens, after all. Soon enough, they'd both wanted more. It was the night before they returned to school that finally urged them to take action; as though each sensed the other's desires, they both stripped as soon as Ginny entered her brother's room. Ron pushed her down onto the bed, kneeling between her legs as he leaned down to kiss her. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer, and the feeling of his hardening dick against her stomach made Ginny's breathing quicken. Ron began to kiss down her neck to her breasts, teasing the small mounds with his lips and sucking on her pert nipples. He went lower still, kissing down her stomach to the apex of her thighs. His tongue danced along her pussy lips before rubbing gently against her clit, making her gasp. He dipped his tongue inside her before returning to her clit, his hand rising to replace his tongue inside her.

He pushed a long finger inside gently, feeling her tight walls give way before him. When she'd relaxed a little, he slid a second finger inside, still teasing a rubbing her clit with his tongue. The pressure was building in Ginny's stomach, and Ron's fingers stretching her like never before drew a soft cry from her throat as pleasure rocked through her body. Her skin tingled and her fingers buried in his hair, squeezing tight with her pussy. Her orgasm was different to the ones which had drenched his bed for so many nights; it built in jerky snaps of increasing sensitivity, conducted by the rhythm of his fingers. It was longer, and she felt both fuller and emptier as her brother's knuckles dragged against her inner walls.

Wanting more, she pulled him up to her, tasting herself on his lips when they kissed. Reaching down, she grasped his cock - which seemed longer than she remembered, all of a sudden - and guided it towards her sopping cunt. At first, he was just as cautious and gentle as he'd been with his fingers, but when she began to moan and pull him into her with her legs, he accelerated quickly, thrusting into her with youthful abandon. The feeling was incredible to them both, as Ginny's pussy wrapped around her brother's prick like velvet and he stretched her even further beyond what she was used to.

Ron pumped in and out of her quickly, their hips slapping together with each thrust, and left hot kisses down her neck. Her nails dug into his back as she urged him silently to continue his unrelenting pace, delighting in the thought of her brother fucking her for the first of what was sure to be many times. He felt his balls tighten as his cock rubbed against his sister's smooth walls, the feeling rapidly becoming overwhelming. The muscles of his back tightened and spasmed under Ginny's hands and his thrusts grew more desperate, an urgent need filling him to keep moving and push himself as deep inside his sister as he could. He finished soon enough, holding himself balls deep inside her as he buried his face into her neck, and Ginny gasped at the feeling of his hot cum inside her. It was fast and unimaginative, but she was ecstatic nonetheless, and she was already looking forward to having her brother again in the Christmas holidays.