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Miiran (mi ir áhn ) N. Commonly known as the unicorn, it is a magical creature resembling a horse but having a single horn coming out of the center of its head and usually had wings from their shoulders. They are completely intelligent, being capable of speaking many languages and both kything and keething. They only have dealings with the ones of the Miiran song. Otherwise, they don't tolerate anyone elce near.

Kythe (kī th) V., to link minds with another being, telepathy but can also cause mind to become unaware of real world

Keeth  1. V., to open ones mind to become aware of another person's emotions and feelings, a sixth sense 2. N., a sense that allows one to be aware of another person's feelings. As the sense of smell allows one to smell, the sense of keeth allow one to keeth.

Is the juvenile form of kything.


This story must begin at the beginning, as all stories must.

There was small settlement of Sindarian elves near Eryn Vorn on the edge of the forest, it was called Maeglin, or beautiful. A woman elf named Gilraen Calaelen lived there, she was commonly known as the Queen of the Miiran: Elensar. At this moment, she was waiting impatiently by the door, pacing ever slowly across the floor. She was waiting for Lord Elendil Calaelen, her husband, to return from his royal courts. He was late, most likely busy, as most leaders are, not having come home for two weeks. She grasped her tightly swollen stomach as another pain tore through her body. Linwe Oronar, the healer, beckoned her to lie down and drink some steaming herb broth, which would numb the pain of her child's coming.


On the same night in Lothlorien, under the same full moon, Enelya Lúinwë lay with her head in her husbands lap; the hour of the birth of their son would be soon. Camthalion Lúinwë mopped the beads of sweat off of his beautiful bride's brow, her face strained as another of the pains took her. He bent his head to her gently pointed ear and whispered encouragement into it. The healer, Maranwë Vanimedlë, sent from the halls of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel, proffered herbs of healing and relief.


Back in Maeglin, Elensar lay exhausted upon the pillows. Her task was not complete, but she had no more energy.

Frightened, Linwe cried for her not to give up, for the life of her child she must not give into the exhaustion!

 Elensar lay pale upon her pillows as she cried out feebly in a tongue unknown to any other. It sounded as a song yet was not a song, the unearthly language tickling the ear of Linwe as she heard it.

Immediately a rushing of wings filled the room, and Elensar found that she was looking at her friend D'immma, the miiran.

D'imma, her wise eyes understanding and hopeful, lay beside the elf, allowing the miiran power and energy to flow into the helpless woman. With a final extreme effort, it was over. The strength of the miiran had saved both the life of mother and child.

Linwe, beaming once again, held up the delicate form of the elflet, merrily exclaiming, "It is a girl!!!" Wrapping the tiny girl in a warm blanket she set the daughter into the mothers' waiting arms.

Through dry lips Elensar murmured, "Here is my Élharma *treasure from the stars*, D'immaren Calaelen." 

Linwe's eyes snapped to Elensar's, "You choose not an elfish name for the child?"

Elensar smiled feebly, resting her head on the pearl white shoulder of the Miiran, "She is named a Miiranish name, it means 'the gifted one'."

Linwe bowed her head in understanding and backed out of the room to allow the mother and daughter begin bonding, flashing a smile to Elensar as she left.

D'imma stayed the rest of the night with Elensar, being a close friend and confidant. Early the next morning, they heard Elendil's footsteps on the stairs. Knowing Elendil would not be pleased to find a Miiran with his wife and newborn daughter, D'imma readied to leave.

Just before flying out of the open window, the miiran turned back and asked, "would you like for me to give her the gift of a miiran singer?"

Elensar enthusiastically agreed, holding the bundle out to the magnificent creature. D'imma lowered her horn to the forehead of the child and a light appeared at the point of contact. This light soon spread to engulfed both elf and miiran in the purest light known to all middle earth.

Out of the ball of flame, Elensar heard the throaty voice of D'imma sing the ageless blessing, "Though you may forget who you were born to be and though the sun may die and the moon be extinguished, ever when you sing the song of the miiran will one of my kind come from even beyond the ends of the earth to your aide"

And suddenly without further ado, it was over. D'imma was gone, the curtains wafting lazily in the morning breeze and Elensar was once again holding her infant close to her heart.

 Elendil stepped in at that moment and Elensar turned her back to him. He had forsaken her and his daughter.


In Lothlorien, the time had come. Enelya cried out, her pain enormous. Camthalion stroked her hair, encouraging her, giving her his strength to endure to the end. Within moments, a tiny cry echoed through the small room.

 Maranwe held up the squalling child, its healthy protests almost drowning out her exclamation, "I give you your son, your very loud son!!"

They all laughed. Camthalion took his son and cleaned the pink skin gently. He kissed the infants forehead and said, "I present to all the world, my beloved son: Haldir Lúinwë!" as he lovingly placed the baby on his mother's chest.

 Maranwe left, smiling to herself at the way Camthalion attended his wife and child with such gentleness and joy. He may only be the March warden of the keeper of the borders of Lorien, but his heart was made of the brightest of all gold.

D'immaren grew into an intuitive young elf, incredibly curious and sharp. Her mother taught her the lessons of life, encouraging her to learn, always exploring and asking questions. But she died when D'immaren was still very, very young in an orc raid, Leaving D'immaren to stay with her father for many centuries.

 The years under her father's iron fist of bitterness had left D'immaren's heart cold and harsh, her curiosity had been disregarded with heated scorn. Her affection met coldness and harsh anger. Her joy had been disdainful mockery. He did not have to be this way, yet he chose to, despising all things miiranish. He viewed the mark and song of the miiran as a curse.

When her father died in the battle that destroyed the small village, she traveled to Rivendell to stay with her mother's brother Elrond. In Rivendell she became handmaiden to Arwen, Elrond's daughter. Arwen befriended the younger girl, showing D'immaren love for the first time in ages.

D'immaren was frequently called Élharma, for Miiran names are difficult for elves to pronounce. Being a Sindar Elf, directly related to the Eldar, she had ever increasing keething abilities, and the song of the Miiran was ever present in her heart, yet she could never quite master it.

 Lord Elrond bided Galadriel to take Élharma as her learner. Galadriel agreed to teach the Élharma to use her abilities both as a kyther and to find the powers of the Miiran within her. D'immaren, also known as Élharma, journied to Lothlorien after she agreed to become Galadriel's learner and handmaiden.


Haldir grew into an intelligent, strong and honest elf. His father taught him the value of love and joy and the skills needed to become March warden. His mother taught him herb- lore and a love of all living things. Elenya and Camthalion had two more sons after Haldir: Rhúmil and Orophin. Unfortunately, their parents both died in an orc ambush traveling to Rivendell when Orophin was a few years away from his coming of age.


This story is where these two incredible individuals' stories come together in a tale of discovery, learning, joy and finally the powers of love.