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CHAPTER 25 Eternally

Haldir stood in a small, secluded glade, surrounded by the beauty of Caras Galadhon, holding Élharma in his arms. He had just asked her to bind with him, to spend eternity with him. Now, as he looked into her face, he saw all the blood drain from her features, and her skin went whiter than the winter's first snow.

His heart dropped. He knew that if she refused him now, he would fade, and eventually perish, dying from a broken heart.

Her bottom lip began to tremble and a single tear spilled over her thick lashes to travel down her cheek and wet his fingers.

His heart froze within his chest, refusing stubbornly to continue its rythmic pounding within his chest. His mind went numb, the anticipation of her answer paralyzing every facet of his thoughts. It seemed an eternity that they stood there, waiting, listening, and hoping beyond all hope.

His senses sharpened, and he perceived every aspect of his surroundings painfully so, the birds twittering, the sun shining upon the face of his beloved, the floral scent that always seemed to linger upon her clothing. Everything was intensified fantastically clear and sharp.

So, it was not surprising that when an incredibly loud 'crack' issued over the small glade, Haldir leapt a good three feet into the air, only to stumble and fall into the pool of water.

'THUD!" It echoed the first boom.

Two elves, both hopelessly intertwined, landed strewn upon the ground a few feet away. Immediately, Élharma recognized both as Haldir's rambunctious brothers.

"Rúmil?!!!? Orophin?" She said, shocked

Upon hearing her exclamation, Haldir practically flew out of the water, murder written plainly upon his reddening face.

"RHU…OR…MI…O..LL..PHIN!!!!" He seethed, unable to create coherent sentences in his fury.

He stood, and Élharma could not help but stifle a laugh, for he looked incredibly comical, his face changing all different shades of red, his hands fisted, and absolutely dripping, sopping wet!

He stood there, stiff as a board, staring daggers at his brothers. The glade was now completely silent, no birds sang, no animals shuffled about in the underbrush, no insects buzzed merrily along, even the breeze had quieted. He did not move, for he was so infuriated that all he could do was stand there.

Élharma, her control slipping, tried desperately to keep from laughing, but only succeeded in making a sort of choked, nasally hiccup/ gasp.

Haldir, his concentration broken by that slight noise, looked at her, "Did you just snort?"

She blushed and tried to hide the grin that threatened to spread across her face, "No," Her intonation wavered, "I don't think so." Her traitorous voice threatened to turn every word into a giggle.

He noticed her good-humor, "You think that was funny." He stated dryly.

She shook her head, unable to say anything for fear of bursting out laughing. She bit her lower lip in a vain attempt at containing herself.

"Yes, you do. You are laughing at me." He said slowly, in a state of shock.

She shook her head, her chest trembling with forbidden giggles. She walked the three or four feet over to him and simply fished one of the slimy, sopping wet leaves from his now matted and tangled hair.

He watched in interest as she drew the rather large piece of foliage from his locks, and with a grin placed it solemnly in his hand.

Still cross, he turned his piercing gaze to his brothers, who fortunately, had come to stand where they fell.

He raised a questioning eyebrow.

Orophin rolled his eyes, addressing Élharma, "Okay, so we were eavesdropping!"

Rúmil reasoned, "But we have waited so long for our stubborn, stuck-up brother to find someone, we had to know NOW!"

Orophin, his eyes hopeful prodded, "So???…"

Rúmil finished, "What is your answer? The suspense is killing me!" He made an exhausted, exasperated expression.

"… is killing US!" Orophin corrected with a playful shove.

All eyes turned to Élharma.

She did not waver, she did not pause, she just turned to Haldir, and wrapping her armed around his neck, whispered, "Yes." With a grin.

Haldir, completely forgetting the very existence of his brothers, felt ten feet tall. Suddenly, he wanted to proclaim his love for this maiden from the very treetops, in every hall, and through every field.

With an expression of jubilee, he pulled her close, and as their lips met they were enveloped in an eternity of bliss.

Élharma, for the first time in her entire life, found absolute, perfect, incredible peace in her mind and soul, as she was wrapped in her beloved's arms.

She had found her heartsong.


Now, one would like be able to say that these two little elvin love-birds would simply live the old protégée 'Happily ever after' but, as we all know, life would be boring if it were simply happily ever after. No- Haldir and Élharma live many, many more adventures, and their lives continued to be laced with love, loss, and every day a new mystery enfolded before them, begging to be embraced. And they did so, together. For an eternity together in absolute, perfect love.


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