Chapter One

All I could see was ocean, blue, blue and more blue. The sky was just as blue and bright as the sun shone through the airplane window. We were flying. We had been flying for the past five hours. Sara was reading and Mell was listening to music with "Rivers." Mike was sleeping and his head was slipping sideways off his seat. I stared out the tiny window frame watching the endless blue pass below the wisps of cloud.

We were on our way to London. It was spring break and, as a surprise, Sara had gotten us all tickets for a week in Great Britain, probably in the hopes of bumping into Sherlock Holmes again. Mell and I knew right away that wasn't going to happen. I had hoped to see the countryside. Mell had hoped that Weezer would happen to be touring England for the spring. Mike had mysteriously stayed quiet and came with us only under the impression that there would be no "adventure-going." Solemnly, we agreed but of course, one never knew when another fantasy adventure was going to take us away.

At about five in the afternoon, we landed, tired and weary. We rented a car and forced Mike to drive us to the hotel, as he was the only one of our number who could legally drive.

Our room was on the seventh floor.

We stood in silence for a few moments before walking into the room. It was a huge room and it wasn't just that room either. There were two rooms, a bedroom and a living room with a tiny kitchenette in one corner. I walked slowly into the living room. There was a set of huge windows by a window seat. Outside the windows was a tiny balcony that looked over the city of London.

"Wow," was all we could say. The couch had a lace covering over the top arch and the TV was set on a shiny mahogany table.

"Sara, how did you pay for all this?" Mell asked in disbelief.

"Well, you won't be getting any Christmas presents for the next twenty years," Sara said. We all laughed and put our stuff down.

Mike was going to sleep on the pullout couch and us girls got the two queen- sized beds in the separate bedroom.

"Who's gonna get their own bed?" I asked, flopping down on one of them.

"I am." Both Mell and Sara had answered at the same time.

I sighed. "I'll shoot for it."

We held out our hands.

"Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" Three papers shot out. We all groaned and laughed.

"Well, seeing as I paid for it." Sara gave us a puppy-eyed face.

"Fine, fine," Mell and I grinned.

After we were all unpacked, we decided just to have dinner in the hotel because it had started raining. Go figure.

"There's nothing on British TV," Mike complained and turned the TV off.

"You're such an American," I snatched the remote away from him, "Look, you haven't even put away your clothes yet!"

"I was tired," Mike stretched out on the couch. Sara, Mell and I rolled our eyes and went to the bedroom to change into our pajamas.

I heard the rain pattering on the window as I pulled my nightgown over my head.

"Look, it jingles!" Sara pointed at a tiny bell on the collar of her sleep- shirt. I giggled as she started hopping up and down, making the little bell ring. Mell grinned and rolled her eyes, pulling a Weezer tee shirt over her head.

Utterly exhausted, I climbed into bed, nearest to the window. This window had a little balcony and a window seat too and the windows had little hooks to open them. The rain had lessened and only the drip-drip of water could be heard, besides the drumming from "Rivers."

Sara turned the light off and I fell asleep almost immediately.

But it didn't last long.

I woke about an hour later to tapping on the window. At first I thought it was just the rain, but then it stopped and then a second later it started again. There was a creak and one of the windows slowly opened. I covered my mouth to keep from screaming and rammed my head under the covers. I slowly reached my hand to find Mell's shoulder to wake her up. I ended up grabbing a handful of her hair and she yelped as I pulled.

That woke Sara and Mike up too.

"Wha-wha-wha-what is it?" Mike asked through a yawn, opening the door to our room.

"The-the-the." I tried to say and pointed to the window. It was ajar.

"Oh, it was probably just the wind," Mike closed the window and turned the handle so it locked, "Go back to sleep."

I trembled and sank back onto my pillow. Mell grumbled something and fell back asleep, her glasses askew on her nose.

I tried to get back to sleep, but I kept hearing creaks and pops and taps in the room. It seemed as if the very room was alive and trying to speak.

All of a sudden, the moonlight illuminated a spot on the wall and a shadow of a small person hung there. I heard a:

"Ha! There you are!" and then a clatter as the nightstand tipped over. I sat up in fright and Mike came rushing in again. Mell rubbed her eyes under her glasses and I heard a faint jingle as Sara sat up quickly.

"Who's there?" I asked softly. I then heard something weird, like a person struggling. Mike lowered himself onto Sara's bed, keeping an eye on the corner where the nightstand lay, hairbrushes and things all over the floor. I tiptoed out of bed and peered into the darkness.

I gasped, for it was a boy. He was struggling to put something on his foot and he was trying to do it with soap. I stared at him in amazement. I grabbed a flashlight from my bag and pointed it at him. The boy jumped as the light landed on him. He squinted up at me.

It was a boy about our age or younger with short fiery red hair and a costume of woven green leaves. He wore a green cap on his head with a red feather sticking out of it and he was trying to soap something to his green boot. Then it dawned on me.

"Hey, you''re." I tried to say.

"Peter Pan, I know," he said, rubbing the soap vigorously on the bottom of his foot.

There was a chorus of 'Peter Pan!'s and Mell, Sara and Mike came running.

"Wow, it really is Peter Pan."

"Can you really fly?"

"What are you doing?"

He stared at us blankly.

"Well, I'm trying to get my silly shadow back, that's what I'm doing," he explained curtly. We stared in amazement for a moment before speaking again. Sara laughed.

"Well, you can't do it like that." She kneeled down and took the soap from him.

"You need to sew it," I said, remembering the story. I found a needle and thread in one of the drawers and handed them to Sara, who proceeded to take Peter's booted foot and sew his struggling shadow on.

"Why did you leave your shadow here?" Mell asked, sitting down on the floor.

"The people in this room before stayed a long time and they would tell stories to each other. Me and Tink came to listen to 'em and tell 'em to the Lost Boys."

"Tink?" Mike asked curiously.

"My pixie. Tinker bell," Peter stood up as Sara finished, "Where is she anyway?"

"Ya know, we got lots of good stories," I said. Mell nodded, grinning.

"You do?" Peter suddenly got excited.

"Sure. Stories of our adventures of course."

"That's sounds wonderful. Do you think.?" he started to ask, "Would you come and tell them to the Lost Boys? They sure do love a good story."

"Sure!" Sara, Mell and I exclaimed before Mike could protest.

"Well, then come on!" Peter jumped to the window seat, "Let's go to Neverland!"