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Chapter 2

Harry's POV

I can't believe this.

It had been a week since my former Defense teacher had tried to heal my broken arm. A week since my bones and eyes had been removed. A week since Dobby had come groveling, begging me for forgiveness for doing what he did. A week since Ron had turned his back on me and Hermione was brought in petrified like Mrs. Norris apparently. Several other people from my dorm had come to make sure I was okay, Hagrid making return trips every day. But since learning about my eyes, I hadn't responded at all.

I could hear the people peeking into the Hospital Wing. They whispered but my hearing had gotten better without sight. They said after I was handicapped that I must have went into a rage and made the beast from the chamber strike the closest person. I heard a few say they should do the world a favor and take me out right now. Luckily before those threats could be acted on, Madam Pomfrey would wave them away.

They were there now though and it seemed Pomfrey was busy in her office. The students were about to come in when an older voice spoke.

"What are you children doing?" I didn't recognize the voice and it didn't seem they did either.

"Uh, n-nothing sir. Who are you?"

"Your new teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Now, would you like to head off to lunch now or would you like to have your first detention from me, where we will go over all the things you did wrong when you just lied to me. We can start with the obvious stutter…" Before he could continue, I heard their feet running off towards what I believe were the stairs.

The teacher chuckled before he himself entered. I wasn't sure how he had been so quiet approaching before, but I heard him now. I could hear what sounded like a walking stick along with the footsteps. How had I missed that?

As he was wondering this, the curtains were pulled back from his bed. In reflex, he turned to the opening as if to look at his visitor but then remembered.

"Hello there. You are Mr. Potter, correct?" I nod, confused as to what he wanted. "Excellent. I will be your new Defense teacher for the rest of the year. I do hope I will make a better one than your last one who I heard put you here." He said sympathetically.

"Well, unless you make my other arm disappear, I think you'll be fine." He chuckles at this. "But sir, I don't think I'll be much of a wizard after this. I can't see and I'm missing my wand arm."

I could hear him move closer to the side of the bed my gelatinous arm was on. "Yes, I suppose that would put you in a bit of a predicament. But lack of sight has yet to stop a witch or wizard from casting. And there is another way to fix your arm other than a potion. And I believe that is one of the reasons I have been brought in." He said.

"How?" I jumped up. If there was a way I could stay in Hogwarts, to stay in the magical world I would do anything.

I felt his hand press on my shoulder as he made me sit back. "Relax Mr. Potter. Your arm will be taken care of shortly. But your eyes can't be replaced, as I'm sure you were informed.

I nod, some of my previous depression seeping back into me.

"However, if you are willing, I can teach you to use your other senses so you can direct yourself as a normal person."

I frown at this. "Would it really be enough? I mean what if I cast a spell in the wrong direction and hurt someone?"

I could hear him pulling out a bag of some sort. As he was rifling through it he responded. "Yes, well, if you were only using sound and smell that could be a possibility. But what most magical people don't realize or just don't bother messing with is what most refer to as their 'sixth sense'."

"I thought a sixth sense was a saying people use as a joke."

"Yes and most people think the same." I felt a weight drop on the bed in the form of a small bag. "But no, it's a real thing. You see, magic is within most things. Living, dead, undead, even some inanimate objects."

I heard a bottle get placed on the nightstand at my bedside. "Knowing that, you have to learn how to sense it." He continued. "Ironically, sight actually blinds you from being able to do this. So you can do one of two things. One, you can blindfold yourself and spend hours on end meditating in an attempt to reach this power. Or two, one is blinded through unconventional means and their magic begins to reach for this power itself so as to fill in the vital missing sense."

Another object, this one small and slim, was placed on the bed. "So, Professor…?"

He stopped looking through his bag for a moment and laughed. "Ah, it seems I have forgotten to introduce myself properly. My name is Daniel Warwick, soon to be professor." He then dropped one more thing on the bed. It felt a bit like a roll of tape. But before I could examine it further he patted me on the shoulder.

"Alright, I'm just about ready. Just need Poppy to come and help it along." He then walks out leaving me to my thoughts for a moment.

'Could this really be possible?' I ask myself. 'Another way for me to see? It seems so unreal. Then again, I never thought magic was real and look at me now.'

I could hear them returning quickly as I sat up a bit straighter now that hope for me was restored. Madam Pomfrey was the first to speak. "Mr. Potter, are you ready to begin the procedure?"

I nodded without hesitation. "Good. Now, fair warning, but this will involve just a small bit of pain." Professor Warwick said. "But don't worry, it will only take a minute and the pain will be gone."

I take a deep breath before nodding once more for them to begin. I felt one of them grab my arm gingerly. They moved it away from my body and placed it palm facing up on the bed. "First, a small incision at the end of the cast." I feel the slim object from before, now identified as a scalpel of some sort, cut into the small space between my elbow and the cast.

After it is cut they spread it open with two fingers. I hiss a little as the new wound opened up. "Now we place the Livingwood seed inside." Warwick continues, placing a small oblong pebble-like item into the opening and pushing it in.

"Now Poppy, be ready to wrap it in gauze after I put a drop of this in there. Alright?" She didn't say anything, so I assume she nodded. I felt a drop of liquid hit the wound, the coldness of it making me want to tense up my hand, but there was nothing to tense. Almost immediately after Madam Pomfrey began tightly wrapping the gauze around it.

As soon as she was done, I felt this tightness in my arm begin. It was spreading all the way up to my fingertips as the tightness began hurting a bit and my other hand clenched in an attempt to not scream out.

Just when it was about to get unbearable, it was gone just like that. I felt my still bound arm with my other hand. When I squeezed my finger I felt resistance. I tried moving it and it moved. I grasped my hands together the best I could with the cast still on. My hand was back.

I grin. "I love magic."

"Yeah kid, well we're just getting started. This year you will be learning a lot more about magic than most grown adults know. But right now, we should get you started on using your magical sense. Come on then." He helped me up to my feet and handed me my clothes. He and Madam Pomfrey exited as she protested me leaving yet.

"Professor Warwick, I must insist that he rest-"

"He has rested for a week straight. It's about time he got to stretch his legs. Don't worry, he won't be using that arm of his and I will guide him until he is ready." Warwick assured her. I heard her sigh exasperatedly before going back to her office.

Now fully dressed, I feel for the curtain and pull it back. "I'm ready."

I feel him grasp my shoulder once more. "Good. This way." He guided me along as we left the hospital wing.


We had been walking for a bit, so long I had given up on trying to remember the path we were taking. Eventually we went through one last door, where I felt we were in a room at last. He leads me forward and sat me in a chair. I heard him walk away to the other side of the room. I was about to ask what was going on when he spoke.

"First things first Harry. You need to access the power. Take a deep breath and focus on your core." Professor Warwick said.

I was about to do as asked, but I realized something. "Sir, where is my core?"

There was a pause and then he responded. "Well, for some it is in their mind. Others it is in their heart. Heck, I had a friend who said his magical core was in his foot. I'm not sure if he was being serious though." He said thoughtfully. "Anyway, an easy way of finding it is to do a spell and feel where it is coming from. So why not do a simple lumos."

I nod and pull out my wand, fumbling a bit with my still bound hand. Holding it in my left felt weird, but it would have to do. "Lumos." I said. All of a sudden I felt a small tug in my gut. As soon as I found it I let the spell go and began focusing on my core. "I found it sir."

"Good. Now, focus on it like I said. When you are ready, try to pull at it a little with your mind." He instructed.

I did so, and when I did it seemed to poke my mind. "It poked me sir."

"That's good. Now, pull on it again. But this time pull harder, all the way up to your head. When it's there, let it wash over you like water." He encouraged me.

I did as he said. This time the magic resisted a bit. But it gave away and moved as I told it to. When I got it to the top of my head, I dropped it and all of a sudden I felt coldness cover my entire body for a moment.

"Now, when you have done that start pushing outwards with your magic. Push it as far as you can. Don't hurt yourself though." He warned.

I did as he said, pushing the layer of magic out. When I do this though, I began to…well, it wasn't seeing but it's the only way to describe it. Where there was just darkness before, I began to see glowing. All around me there was glowing. I saw a glowing floor, the glowing walls, and the glowing windows. I could now tell that I was in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

Before I could continue enjoying my new sense, Warwick interrupted me. "Focus Harry. Keep pushing if you can." I nod and go back to pushing on the magic layer. It went out of the room, beginning to encompass other rooms and the halls. After what I believe was about a hundred feet, I stopped and dropped from the chair gasping.

"Are you alright Harry? Here, have a drink." He was at my side now, holding a canteen of some sort to my lips. I took several gulps of water before I said I was good. I then looked at him with my newfound magical sense. I couldn't see his features clearly, but like everything else he had a faint glowing outline. But right on the inside of his chest, opposite of his heart, I saw this ball of light. I realized that was his magical core. "Well Harry? How do you like it?"

I muster up the biggest grin I can. "It's amazing. I didn't think…I can't believe…" I was at a loss for words.

"Well believe it. Now, why don't we get you downstairs? I'd say it is almost dinnertime and we wouldn't want to be late for that. Tomorrow morning we will cut off the cast and see how well your arm came in."

I nod. As we get up and start heading for the door, a thought pops into my head. "Professor, how do you know about this magical sense?"

I hear him chuckle. "Why Mr. Potter, I discovered it myself. I am blind as well."


Nobody's POV

It was early in the evening and everyone was sat down, waiting for dinner. At almost all of the school tables things were tense. At the tables of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor there seemed to be an invisible line going across separating people from each other. On one side were people who believed that Harry was the heir of Slytherin and wanted to get rid of him before he killed someone. On the other side were people who still had faith in him, who didn't believe Harry was capable of hurting people, and who felt Harry was wronged by all the others. The whole student body was like a bomb waiting to be set off.

Then there was the Slytherin table which seemed to be loving every minute of the cold silence. They kept looking at each of the tables just waiting for the first word to be said. They knew chaos was coming and they were going to have front row seats to the show.

But before anything else could happen, Dumbledore stood up, gaining everyone's attention. "Good evening everyone. I do hope the past week has been as enjoyable for you as it has for me. It has been quite a while since I taught a class here at Hogwarts." There were a few snickers at this. "But I must inform you that I have now found a suitable replacement for Defense Against the Dark Arts classes."

The students began to murmur among themselves. This went on for a bit until one Seamus Finnegan shouted out, "Is he a fool like Lockhart was?" this being a dominant question among everyone's thoughts.

"I assure you this teacher has better credentials than our last one did. If you don't believe me, ask your teachers here and they will personally vouch for his skill." This caused some raised eyebrows among the staff. Now many of the teachers were trying to figure out who this person was. Except for Snape who didn't take his eyes off the closed doors of the Great Hall. "I ask that you treat him with the same respect you treat the rest of your teachers as he will not take misbehavior lightly."

This made a certain trio of pranksters grin. They might just have a new target.

"He will arrive shortly and begin teaching your classes Monday morning. Furthermore, for those of you interested in Mr. Potter's condition, I have some news." This caused some people to lean forward, curious about the fate of the Gryffindor seeker. "He has had his arm returned to him and will be back with us shortly."

And that was the ember that set off the explosion. There were shouts of all kinds from disbelief and outrage to relief and joy.

"You can't be serious!"

"Thank god!"

"How can a blind kid possibly do magic!"

The shouts continued and they soon turned to arguments between the split sides in the Great Hall. The teachers tried to reign in their students, but this storm was a long time coming and it wasn't ending so easily.

Then, a huge white figure swooped over the crowd, letting out a cry. Everyone stopped and looked up to see a white half-horse half-eagle flying high. It let out one more roar before soaring towards the Great Hall doors where it dissipated into nothingness. And right there where it flew to was two people. One was the newly blinded Harry Potter. He had sunglasses on over his empty eye sockets. But for some reason he seemed to be looking around as if he could see. This made a few wonder if he had actually gotten his eyes back.

Standing next to him was a man in his mid to late thirties. He had dark brunette hair in a close cropped style. He had on a black coat over his grey robes. His eyes were light grey, almost white. He held two different things in his hands. In one he had an ornate wooden walking stick with an eagle head on the top of it. In the other he held his wand which he was putting away.

There was a pause of silence before he spoke. "Now Dumbledore, I don't remember dinners here being quite this rowdy when I was student. I hope you didn't change things on my account."

The headmaster chuckled a bit at this. "No my friend, just a bit of a disagreement between the students. I believe they can't understand how Mr. Potter will be able to do magic now without his sight."

"Ah, I see. Well, there is a way one can use their magic so they do not need their eyesight. But that is a trade secret. Now if you knew how a man with no ears can hear or a man with no nose can smell, then we can talk. But if not, then I will kindly ask you to butt out." He said, ending it with an underlying warning tone.

None of the students said anything in response, not quite sure what to make of the man in their school.

The man then tapped Harry on the shoulder, bringing him out of whatever trance he was in. He whispered in his ear and Harry nodded in response. They then parted ways, Harry heading for the Gryffindor table while the man surprised everyone by walking up to the head table and taking the only empty teacher seat next to Snape.

The teachers themselves seemed to be caught between surprise and amusement at the new addition to the staff. Even Snape seemed to have lessened his usual grimace at the sight of the man. Dumbledore then decided to introduce the man at last.

"Everyone, allow me to introduce you to your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Daniel Warwick."

End Chapter

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