Hello everyone. My name is Wade98. Welcome to my first attempt at a Yugioh 5ds story.

Now I am sure I am not the first to attempt a 'Guardians of the Signers' story, and I probably won't be the last. But I hope mine will be a bit more unique than most.

Now at the end of the chapter I am going to need your help, but that can wait.

Please enjoy the first chapter.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Nobody's POV

In an underground subway tunnel, a young man with black hair with yellow stripes was working on a motorcycle known commonly as a Duel Runner. He was so absorbed in his work that he didn't notice the white haired man walking up beside. The man wore a brown jacket over a gray shirt and jeans. He also had two markers on his face, both as arrows pointing down under his eyes. To finish it off, he had a necklace around his neck with a silver skull on it.

"Hey Yusei. Working hard or hardly working?" The man said, smiling.

The Synchron user jumped a little bit before he came back to reality. "Oh, hey Dwight. I figured I would adjust the steering. I can feel it just barely pulling to the right when I test run it."

Dwight just shook his head. The ivory haired man had known Yusei for a few years now, going from when he was dueling him and the Enforcers. Dwight had honestly thought they looked ridiculous in the identical jackets, as did his brother…

"Yusei, I'm sure the steering was fine. You got a perfect time in the test run. You will make it through the pipeline, of that I am sure." Dwight said reassuringly.

Yusei sighed. "Yeah, I know." The turbo duelist seemed to slump.

Dwight raised an eyebrow at him. "What is really wrong? I mean I know you have this goal to get through to the city, but lately you have been kind of obsessing over the tiny details such as the steering of your runner, or how you stayed up late three nights in a row to make sure the securities did the same route as usual."

Yusei scratched his head, realizing his embarrassing actions the past week. "Sorry, it's just…now that we're this close to getting over there, that I'm so close to getting Jack back for what he did, I'm feeling a bit nervous."

Dwight punched his friend in the shoulder in a friendly way. "Come on Yusei, you've got nothing to worry about. As long as you keep a cool head, I'm sure you'll win. Besides, all the guys are pulling for you and I'll be right there rooting for you."

Yusei chuckled. "Yeah, I suppose you're right." He said, though he still seemed a little unsure.

Dwight frowned at his friend before a thought crossed his mind and he grinned full force once more. "Well, since you are so nervous about your runner's capabilities, why don't we test it?" Dwight suggested, heading over to a Duel Runner covered with a tarp.

Yusei raised an eyebrow. "How exactly do you want to test it?"

"With a turbo duel of course!" The white haired man said, yanking the tarp off to reveal a sleek white Duel Runner. "What better way to test a runner than to duel with it. So what do you say?"

Yusei seemed to think about it for a second before giving a small smile. "Sure. Let's go."


Meanwhile, at the same time in Neo Domino city…

A man in a white riding suit was doing laps in his personal Duel Runner course on the most unique of Duel Runners. Now you may ask who this person was to have his own race course. Many people would laugh at you for not knowing 'the King', as they called him. He was supposedly the best Turbo Duelist you would ever find.

Off to the side of the track, a black haired man stood, timing the rider on his laps. The man wore a simple black suit with a gray button up shirt. A tie hung loosely around his neck and part of his hair covered his right eye partially. He stared at the track boredly, mildly noticing the watch ticking.

As the rider past the finishing mark one last time he slowed to a stop in front of the man with the timer. The rider took his helmet off to reveal the blonde hair of 'the King', Jack Atlas. "How was that?" He asked.

The man rolled his eyes. "Congratulations, you were officially a second and a half faster than last time. A new record. Yippee."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong with you?"

He snorted. "You mean other than the fact that this is the fifteenth time you've made the same run and you've only made the smallest progress every other attempt. I mean really Jack, what's up with you? Why are you so obsessed with trying to go faster now?" The irritated man asked.

Jack glared at the man. "You know why Blake."

Blake rolled his eyes once more. "If this is about Yusei getting closer to getting to Neo Domino city, so what? In case my memory is failing me, you are kind of called the King of Turbo Dueling for a reason. And I haven't seen one person in the city beat the master of faster in the speed department."

"Yeah, but Yusei isn't in the city yet, now is he?"

"And? From the sound of it, you beat him in the last duel you had. Plus, you've gotten even stronger since coming here. So I don't see the big deal." Blake said, crossing his arms.

"Because, if I've gotten stronger, so has he. Which means I have to train harder if I am going make sure I beat him." Jack explained, glaring across the view of the sea towards the Satellite island.

Blake raised an eye at the blond duelist. "Hmm…well this is strange. I have never seen you, of all people, insecure in your abilities before Jack."

Jack snapped his glare back to Blake. "I am not insecure. You and I both know I am fully capable of taking on any and all challengers. I am just exercising my abilities to make sure I am ready."

Blake stared back into the glare, unflinching. "Fine, if you really want to test your abilities, I can easily think of a better way to do it." He clicked a button on a little remote as the nearby garage door opened up to reveal an almost completely black Duel Runner sat. Blake walked over and slung a leg over it. "So, are you ready?"

Jack put on his usual cocky smile. "The real question is, are you?" He said, revving up his Wheel of Fortune.


And like that, both duels were on.

End Chapter

Okay, I would've made this longer and included at least half, if not the full duel. But I had one certain difficulty. I could not find a viable dark-attributed synchro arch-type. In fact, the most I could find are the ones used by the Dark Signers and a few ones here and there that barely fit into any sort of normal synchro deck together.

I suppose I could go for the zombie deck for Blake's deck, but then that's just it. It's a zombie deck, not dark. So I was hoping for the slim chance that someone could send me a few ideas for dark attributed monsters, mainly tuners and synchros. Maybe if you think of something or come across something on a cardmaker site you could send me the link or idea. I'll be looking as well but I could really use your help.

For any ideas concerning the decks of the two new characters introduced here, I plan on making Dwight's a Lightsworn with Light End Dragon as his ace. As you may predict, Blake's ace is Dark End Dragon.

Thank you for reading my first chapter of this story and I hope for a good response. Thank you and see you next time.