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Ghost Rider/DC Universe

Being thrown out of a GroundBridge was not something he did not want to do ever again.

Lying down on the ground, his bike lying on its side a little ways off, Jack could not help but wonder just how he had gotten in this mess in the first place. Oh right, Megatron laid a trap for the Autobots when they were out mining for Energon. It was a close call, but they had not only managed to mine enough Energon to last them for a few months if they ration it right, but he managed to leave a large gash across Megatron ugly bucket head.

Getting up from the ground groaning, Jack looked around to find that he was in an alleyway. Shaking his head to get the cobwebs out of his head, he made his way to his bike and propped it upright and climbed on before driving out of the alleyway and out into wherever he was.

The first thing he noted was that he was in a city he had never even seen or heard off. Everywhere he looked he could see nothing but trash and litter, the building were run down and the atmosphere of the area just reeked of desperation. Driving through the streets, Jack finally found himself in front of a large shopping mall. Parking his bike, he was about to enter when he noticed a newspaper stand nearby. Going towards it, he paid for a bottle of water and that days issue and found a bench to sit on before starting to read.

Gotham City News.

4 February 2017

The minute Jack saw the title of the newspaper, Jack was glad that he had not taken a drink from his bottle or he would have done a spit-take. He was in absolute shock, not only was he in another city but he in a totally different dimension! If anyone asked how he came to that conclusion, he would tell them that he had never heard of Gotham City, not only that but something must have gone wrong for him to be stranded here.

"I did not expect that." The Ghost Rider said.

"Neither was I. And I should be used to weird shit by now." Jack replied in his head.

"We better find a way back home." The spirit said.

Jack was about to answer when he suddenly heard gunfire, hysterical laughter and explosions. Getting on his bike he sped off towards the chaos, weaving past the traffic as he did so. As he got closer to the disturbance, so too did the chaos as he heard screams from civilians and more explosions. As he turned the corner of the road, Jack could not help but feel the evil being projected from the direction of the chaos.

"Holy Shit! The amount of evil being projected is just insane!" Jack thought as he grabbed his head.

"You don't say. I'm going to have fun punishing this person" The Ghost Rider said.

As he continued to drive his way towards the chaos, he started to transform into his Rider form, by the time he got there his transformation was complete. When he had arrive, he could see a lanky man with green hair in a purple suit looking much like a clown firing off a machine gun at a another man, this one dressed as large bat. Off to the side, he could see a woman that wore a costume of a red and black harlequin. From the hysterical laughter it seemed that the man seemed to enjoy the carnage he was causing and the innocence he was putting in harm's way, while the giant bat man seemed to be trying to stop him while also dodging automatic fire.

Deciding to interfere before someone died, the Ghost Rider revved his engine to get their attention and sped towards the clown. Unfurling his chain as he did so, the Spirit of Vengeance started to swing his chain, much like how a cowboy would swing a lasso, before snapping it at the clown and, wrapping it around him as it did so, started dragging him across the road towards him. Just as the clown was about to crash into him, the Rider braked his motorcycle, causing the clown to fly past him and fall on the road across from him.

Getting of his bike while still holding onto his chain, the Rider started to drag the clown towards him.

"Ohhhh. And who are you Mr. Flaming skull man? No wait don't tell me…'re the Grim Reaper." The clown joked as he got dragged closer to the Rider.

Once he was in front of him, the Rider grabbed hold of him by his jacket and hoisted him up. "Close enough. Your soul is stained with the blood of the innocent." He said.

"Really! All I wanted was to spread some joy to the world. HAHAHAHAHA!" the clown joked. "Acid flower!" he said grabbing the flower on his jacket and squeezed, spraying the Rider in the skull.

Expecting the Rider to let him go and cry in agony from the acid, the clown did not expect for the grip on him to become tighter, and when the smoke cleared, he saw that the Rider was unharmed by it.

"Feel their pain." The Ghost Rider said, using his Penance Stare.

The clown simply laughed and laughed until he died from the pain he was under, his eyes turned to black, his soul forever punished. "Never have I encountered a soul so….disgusting and repulsive."

With that, the Ghost Rider got back on his bike and drove off.

Darkseid and his minionswere tearing through Metropolis.

The Justice League was called into stop Darkseid from destroying the city. But with the Parademons wreaking havoc across the city, their numbers were stretched thin. Even with the other heroes being pulled in and the army, Darkseid was determined to bring Earth to its knees.

Superman was trying to deal with Darkseid, but every time he seemed to gain the advantage, Darkseid would simply beat him back down. With the other heroes preoccupied, and Superman on the ground, Darkseid was about to deal the finishing blow when he was suddenly wrapped up in chains and swung above and across from Superman.

Looking up Darkseid saw a flaming skull on a motorcycle, holding onto the chain. Suddenly he could feel himself burning, and it was coming from the chain around him. He was then thrown from one side of a building to the opposite before being thrown up again and then brought back down.

Driving up to the gaint, the Ghost Rider looked at the small crater that had formed around the creature. Commanding his chain to return, the Ghost Rider dropped down into the crater and kicked the giant in the abdomen as he was trying to get back up. Standing above him, he proceeded to beat the living hell out of the creature until it started to bleed, before grabbing onto him.

"Your soul is stained with the blood of the innocent. You are guilty of countless deaths, and I'm here to avenge them. Feel the pain of a billion, billion extinguished souls. Experience the pain of eternal guilt." The Ghost Rider said.

The gaint started to scream in pain as it clutched its head. It did not take long for the gaint to succumb to the guilt and pain and before long he was unconscious, then dead. Staring down at the giant, the Ghost Rider started to leave only to be grabbed a woman in skimpy red and gold armour with silver gauntlets on her wrist, red boots, a blue and white starred underwear, a golden circlet and a golden lasso on her hip.

"Please wait, we wish to thank you for defeating Darkseid." The woman said.

"You're thanks are welcome, but I was only punishing the guilty." The Rider replied, shrugging off the woman's hand and climbed onto his bike.

"And again we thank you, but please tell us who you are." A man said as he landing in front of him. The flying man wore a blue spandex with a giant red S on his chest with a red cape and boots.

"I am the Ghost Rider. I am summoned when innocent blood has been shed. I punish the wicked and spare the innocent." The Spirit of Vengeance answered.

"You just managed to kill what many of his people called a god." The man said.

"Even gods must answer for their sins." He replied.

The flying man was about to continue when a green vortex appeared and out stepped a Japanese teenager with black hair tipped at the edges in pink. She looked around the carnage until she spotted the Ghost Rider and ran up towards him. As she got nearer, the Ghost Rider disappeared and in his place sat Jack Darby, the host of the Spirit of Vengeance. Getting of his bike Jack ran towards Miko and gave her a hug when she reached him, then giving her a full blown kiss.

Let's go home Jack." Miko said as she held onto Jack's hand.

Jack simply smiled and led her towards his bike. Getting on with Miko holding onto Jack, they sped off into the GroundBridge and back home.

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