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Viviane looked at her friend who sat feebly in a hospital bed and her first concern wasn't for her health or the health of her baby. No, it was the unkempt look of her hair, her chipped paint fingernails and the lack of a foundation on her face.

"My love! Oh you poor thing! Those lazy nurses don't bother to help brush your hair and keep you kempt?" Viviane asked as she quickly engulfed the stunned Odette in a hug before she had time to take in the quick, multilayered insult.

"Viv! What are you doing here?"

"We all heard through chatter what had happened and I know we haven't spoken much since after your honeymoon, but you're my oldest friend. I had to make sure that you were alright."

Odette gave a small smile. It was true that she and Viv were thick as thieves as children, she'd always been the more vapid one, caught up fully in society. While she wanted to believe good intentions of the visit, she also figured it was another way to have scoop on the other gossips. "Thank you, but that was unnecessary. My mother could have told you that I'll be fine. I'm actually delivering in just two weeks."

"Oh wow," Viviane responded with faux enthusiasm. "I'm impressed that you look so well considering everything with Logan."

"Yeah, I have moved on."

"Do you mean with that handsome man I saw walking out as I came in here? He's the artist who you were having the affair with before you moved out to New York, right?"

"We didn't have an affair. Logan and I were over before anything happened with Marcus. But yes, he is handsome," Odette giggled, successfully diffusing the tension of the insult from her friend.

"Well you're doing much better than Isabel. She got married 6 months before you and she still hasn't managed to get pregnant by her extremely old husband. She was considering having an affair with the maintenance man, thinking it was his shriveled old penis, but he managed to get his secretary pregnant."

"Oh my," Odette gasped.

"Yep. Of course, the secretary was willing to be paid to end it, it was the sensible thing to do. But now Isa is taking these awful shots and she's moody. Her husband feels guilty so he's bought her any and everything she wants so I guess that's the bright side."

Odette just looked at her friend in awe. If this were a year ago, she'd happily trash Isa and even agree the secretary should abort, but sitting in this hospital bed with her own child's life in danger, she wouldn't wish even the fear of that loss on anyone.

"So how have you been Viviane?" Odette redirected the conversation.

"I'm engaged!" she exclaimed showing her a big rock like the one she'd had during her engagement to Logan. This one was probably a half carat larger than hers. Knowing Viviane's competitiveness, she made sure the diamonds were larger.

"Congratulations," she offered genuinely. "I wish you every happiness."

"Thank you. I'm glad things worked out for you even though it's not what I'd choose. I mean, usually it's hide or buy off the mistress but you chose to let them be together. Hopefully she doesn't have the audacity to contact you. That happened to Maribel's sister with her first husband. The woman wrote a long apology letter and said she felt guilty. Mistresses have no business contacting the wife. It's improper but these men, they go for the lowest hanging fruit. Absolutely no class I tell you."

"Viv, I'm not feeling well. I think I'm going to rest. You don't mind do you?"

"Oh no, I actually wanted to go shopping while I am here. There's a wedding gown designer I made an appointment with and if I get her to custom make a dress, I'll be in the best wedding dress of the year."

"That sounds lovely. I wish I could go with you."

Viviane got up to leave. "I know," she feigned a pout. But I'll come back to show you anything I might pick out before I leave the States."

"Bye Viv," Odette replied as her friend hugged her and left.


Sitting in her room alone, Odette realized something awful about herself. She was Viviane not that long ago. If it wasn't for her sweet child and the things she'd been through this year, she would say the exact same things as her friend. Sure she'd always viewed herself as more cultured and intelligent than the rest, but she held that same attitude and it sickened her.

Moreover, she realized she'd been blaming Logan and Rory alternately but that she had more blame in the situation than she'd realized. If Rory had gotten an abortion or none of this came out publicly, she'd probably still be with Logan in their stupid flat preparing to have this boy and bring him up in that same vapid social world that says affairs are okay.

She'd known he'd probably been having an affair and yet, she never stopped it or mentioned it. She'd been complicit in the whole thing assuming that everything would turn out like it did for Isa. She'd never expected true love or happiness, and yet, even though she was devastated and embarrassed in her high society circle, she'd found it twice over.

Maybe she had more thinking to do about their situation. Maybe she'd offer her apology to Rory. She'd let the other woman shoulder all the blame and she was just realizing how unfair she'd been.