Chapter 5

Back at the zoo the animals had all calmed down when Clayton began to talk.

"Comrades it is half past six and we have a long day ahead of us. Today we shall begin the hay harvest. And let us make it a point of honor to do it faster than in human times. Now line up to revive your instructions".

So all the animals walked out the gate to the fields where to food was grown. But soon the Reindeer who had been loaning for some time collapsed on the group moaning in pain. They hadn't been milked for 24 hours and their utters felt like they were going to burst. Clayton and Julien grabbed some buckets and began to milk the reindeer while the other animals went to the fields. Minus the bucks which stayed to help comfort the does.

Once the other animals had reached the fields Tarzan signaled one of the elephants to attach themselves to the plow that was sitting nearby some hay. Hathi tried to put it on but was struggling until Molly helped put the rope the plow was attached to around his neck. With that he began plowing. Along with the other elephants in tow. It all started out difficultly for all the other animals. The tools that they had were more designed for humans and not for wild animals. But the primates and their cleverness helped instruct the other animals and the work was done like magic. Oh how they worked in fields. The flamingos used hooks to slice the grain of the ground. The kangaroos used rakes to help pull it all together so it can be put in a cart pulled by a hippo that the platypus would help smooth out. The antelopes helped push small bales of hay into bigger ones for the reindeer, once they arrived after being milked,push into hay stacks that the koalas and giraffes helped put hay into. The primates did not actually work but more directed and supervised. The closest they did to working was walking next to an elephant say 'gee up comrade' or 'or whoo back comrade' as the case may be. Hathi was the inspiration of everybody. He had been a hard worker in Percivals time but now he seemed for like 3 elephants than one, and he and the others knew the fields better than the humans could after a month working in them.

They had just returned back from their first days work when they noticed the pails of milk that the reindeer produced.

"What is going to happen to all that milk?" Some one asked.

"Percival used to mix it up in our mash." Said one of the warthogs.

"Never mind the milk comrades said Clayton, who the animals never saw all day. He placed himself in front of the buckets before continuing. "The harvest is more important and we have a big day tomorrow so go get some sleep, we start back up at dawn." So the animals all went to their enclosures to sleep. And come next morning the milk seemed to have vanished. They were just about to leave when a voice called out to them.

"Ahoy Comrades!" They turned around and were in shock. Tobias was outside of his tank. He was in a flat crate full of water with wheels attached to it that he used his flippers to move. Tarzan then came out form behind him and began to talk.

"With some knowledge and research on wheelchairs we were able come up with one for A dolphin. This comrades is the beginning of the wild comrade assist comity. The first of many commutes to come".

The days following along with harvesting was the work of comities for animals. There was the clean stripes comity for the zebras. The egg laying comity for the ostriches, the wild comrade assist comity as mentioned beforehand, the clean milk comity for the camels and Reindeer, the smoother skin comity for the snakes and lizards, and the long nose comity for the elephants and tapirs. So far all these comities were a failure. The wild comrade assist comity was dropped almost immediately as the wild creatures didn't seem to understand what they were told, along with the facts that only herbivores took part in the comity and the wild creatures only took advantage of their generosity.

The only real success was the reading and writing lessons. These lessons went off much more successfully. The primates could read as well as humans and had decided to dedicate some off time to educate their fellow comrades. The cats, wolves, bears, and raptors could read fairly successfully, but most had no interest reading anything other than the seven commandments. The Cobras couldn't spell out words without the letter S. Kaa, Ike and Tobias could all read as well as any primate. Kaa would sometimes read some newspaper and magazines she found in the trash to other animals, though Ike never exercised this faculty, as to him to seemed there was nothing worth reading reading. Molly, Rachel, and the other giraffes and elephants could memorize the whole alphabet, but couldn't put words together. Hathi couldn't get past the letter D. He would write out the letters A-B-C-D in the dirt with his large foot. And then stand staring at them with his ears pressed against his head trying to remember what came next. He did eventually learn E-F-G-H but at that time he had already forgotten A-B-C and D and once he remembered them again he forgot the next four letters. He eventually decided to just stay with those four letters, almost always tracing out the letters in the dirt with his paw, even during working hours, to help remember. Joesph only wanted to learn how to spell his name. Once he learned he would form these out of pieces of twig, and decorate them with a flower or two, then walk around them admiring them. None of the other animals could get past A. And some of the stupider ones had a harder time remembering the seven commandments by heart.

Tarzan declared that the seven commandments could be simplify to a simple term of 'four legs good, two legs bad'. It was said that this was the principal of animalism and any animal that could remember it was safe from human influence. The birds first objected to it, thinking they also had two legs. But Tarzan was able to clear things up for them.

"A wing comrades is a form of movement for those that can fly. Therefore it should be considered as a type of leg. The mark of the human being is the hand which is the instrument used for his evil deeds." Aside from the Hawks and eagles the other birds didn't exactly get it at first but trusted whatever it was that Tarzan said. The phrase four legs good two legs bad was painted above the seven commandments in large letters that could be read father than the actual commandments. The zebras seemed to develop a likening to the phrase and would spend hours sitting in there enclosure saying "four legs good two legs bad" without stopping for hours. However Clayton showed no interest in Tarzan's comities . He felt education for the youth was more important than those that were already grown up. So he spent most of his free time teaching Rachel, the flamingo chicks, and the bear and lion cubs.

The harvest also was a success. It was managed to be completed in 3 days less time than it took the humans. It was also the largest harvest as the smaller animals like Geckos and Eagles were able to locate any left over hay with there sharp eyes. There still was some difficultly for example when it was time to harvest the corn they had to blow the chaff away the old fashion way with the breath since hey had no access to a thrashing machine. But the primates with there intelligence and Hathi's muscles pulled them throw. Their would be days it seemed all of the work rested on his enormous shoulders. He even arranged for one of the bats to wake him up an hour earlier than the others to get some extra work done. His response to any questions why would be "I will work harder" which he adopted as his personal modo.

Life seemed to be better for everyone. They had more food without the presence of humans. And it seemed to taste better since it was by themselves for themselves. No one stole, no one grumbled over his share. The only one that didn't seem to change at all was Ike. When asked if he was happy or not he would respond.

"Rhinos live a long time, none of uses ever seen a dead rhino". The behavior of Joseph annoyed everyone. He would always leave work early claiming something like he had a pebble in his hoof and never really did much at all when in the field. The sloth was also partaking in some interesting behavior. During the working hours she would vanish with out a trace and only reappear when work was done. And every time she was asked about her location she would just fall asleep.

The primates when not working were in the control center which they made their personal head quarters. There they researched animal and medical care and learned how to use computers. It was also where they planned the work schedule for the week. On Sunday's there was no work. Breakfast was an hour later than usual and after breakfast would be a ceremony that took place without fail. The hoisting of the flag.

All the animals gathered round the usual flag pole with Tarzan sitting on the high platform.

"Now comrades". He said it is time for us to raise the flag of freedom" after he finished Hathi pulled the rope he had in his trunk and a blue flag, that was a great able cloth from the apes headquarters, was risen with a hoof and horn. Tarzan then explained the flag.

"The blue color is meant to represent the blue earth. And the hoof and horn represent the republic of the animals which would rise when the humans have fallen". They all would then march around the flag singing Beasts of the World. And then head to Busaras former enclosure for a general assembly known as the meeting.

This was were the work for the week was announced and plans were debated. It was the primates who put forth the resolutions. The other animals could vote, but couldn't ever think of any resolutions of there own. Clayton and Tarzan were always the most active in these meetings. But it was seen that they could never agree on anything. Whenever one made a suggestion the other was sure to oppose it. Even when it's something as simple as a retirement place for animals beyond work there was a stormy debate over the retiring age for each species of animal.

It was also eventually discovered what had happened to the milk and the apples, which fell from there trees during a great wind storm. Tarzan had just explained there plans for the week and asked for any questions when an otter came out and asked.

"One thing I would like to know is who keeps stealing the milk and apples. Share and share alike isn't that animalism. Well where's our share!" Soon they all began to chant "who had the milk and apples" until Tarzan finally gave in.

"We have them!" He cried out in a bit of shame and regret. This managed to stop the chant and Tarzan was able to explain. "I'm sorry I had to keep this from you comrades. We wanted to share honestly but-

"But it simply couldn't be done". Julien interrupted. "Don't think that we enjoy stealing all the milk and apples. In fact most of us including myself actually dislike milk and apples, especially together. But you see we apes are the brains of the zoo and milk and apples help the brain function. Would you imagine what would happen if we weren't able to do our work. Well Percival would come back, yes Percival. Surely none of you want Percival back do you?" That was one thing they all agreed on. None of them wanted Percival back, so it was decided that the milk and apples would go to the primates alone.

Though not all of the animals were convinced. Rachel and her father were discussing it on there way home.

"It doesn't seem fair to me". Mumbled Hathi "I like milk and apples. All the herbivores do". Rachel thought for a bit before asking her father a question.

"Dad the primates are always telling us what to do".

"We must have leaders."

"But what if there wrong?"

"Clayton is never wrong."

Back at the bar Percival was suffering from a hangover when Alan and his Deputy mayor appeared and walked straight to him. Alan slapped him in the face to wake him up.

"All over in two weeks you said two months ago". He said once Percival was awake.

"This is what happens when you let a week man run a zoo. At the other zoos there are no week men." The deputy replied.

"Odiously the animals are managing better than we expected. We'll have to do something." Commented Alan

"I'll do something I'll rig his drunken throat". Threatened the deputy. Alan calmed him down

"We need information". Percival opened his mouth and began to talk. Though he was so drunk he was having issues trying to talk.

"W-w-why don't you send in a spy". Alan thought for a minute then had an idea. That night when everyone was asleep they snuck by the outer wall and put a microphone in a small hole in the wall which was into Busaras Enclosure. They quickly ran away and set up the both back at the bar.