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Burden of Lies

Chapter 1 – Unexpected Visit

Confident and prepared for battle, Videl landed her copter just feet from the situation. There was a yet another bank robbery ongoing at Satan City Bank. She was slightly irritated that she was called out so late in the evening but being the heroine of Satan City, she was always on duty.

Videl jumped out of her copter and approached the situation and noticed police cars surrounding the bank. Surprisingly, Saiyaman hadn't arrived at the scene, but she didn't have time to think of him. She nodded her head at the Satan City Police Chief and made her way to the entrance of the bank. She peered through the window and saw several robbers holding guns up to the bank tellers. Wasting no time, She decided now was the time to make her move.

Quickly busting through the door, the robbers turned their heads at the unexpected outburst.

"Put down your guns right now!" Videl yelled.

"Hah, like we would listen to a little girl," one of the robbers yelled.

Not liking the response, Videl quickly sprung into action, and immediately charged the robber. Not having time to react to her speed, the thief found himself knocked out on the ground. The other robbers were flabbergasted at the display of speed and strength.

"Get her!" One of them yelled.

Videl immediately jumped and performed a roundhouse kick knocking one of the robbers out. Another one was preparing to shoot her with a gun, but yet again, Videl's quick reaction time proved too much for the robber.

"What is she?" one of the remaining robbers yelled. "Let's get out of here!"

The remaining three robbers jumped the front bank desks, and with their bags overflowing with money, they ran out the back exit of the bank. Videl pursued them, but they had a little bit of a head start. She wasn't concerned because these criminals were very unprofessional lacking much of a plan.

Rounding a corner, she saw the back door exit open while the bank security alarm blared. She ran outside and in the back into a side alley. None of the police were out in the back to help her deal with the thieves. She saw the robbers go separate directions, which presented a problem. She decided to go for the closest thief and easily caught up to him within a second. She knocked him out with a kick to the back. Wasting no time, she turned around and saw one of the two other robbers that went the other direction on the ground as if they had been knocked out.

Must be Saiyaman, she thought. She looked up and saw another fighter, but he most certainly wasn't Saiyaman because he didn't have an absurd looking outfit. The last remaining thief appeared frightened seeing his comrade on the ground.

"W- Who are you?" the last remaining thief asked the mysterious new fighter while taking a step back.

"It doesn't matter. Stealing is never worth it," he said. The thief smirked feeling confident, remembering he had a weapon.

"In case you've forgotten, I have the gun!"

Not while I'm here, Videl thought. No matter how strong this new fighter is, he couldn't stop a gun like Saiyaman. She was about to make her move to help this mysterious hero.

The remaining thief was about to aim his gun, but the unknown warrior immediately made a flawless roundhouse kick knocking the thief to the wall of the bank knocking him out. He collapsed to the ground.

Videl immediately halted her charge, flabbergasted at the impressive show of strength from this fighter. She had never seen such a perfectly performed kick. Videl knew that this warrior must be incredibly well trained. The mysterious fighter dusted himself off and looked at her.

"Are you okay?" The fighter calmly asked.

Her mouth gaped open as she wasn't sure what to say. First, she was completely surprised at the display of strength but also, she wondered why he was asking her if she was okay. Shouldn't she be the one asking him?

"Y- yes fine, but shouldn't I be asking you that question?" stammered Videl. The mysterious warrior slipped her a smile.

"I'm good, thank you. I guess I should be going," he said.

The fighter turned around and began to walk away from the back of the bank. It all happened so fast, but she wasn't about to let him off that easy. How could the up and coming teenage fighter simply allow someone with such extraordinary strength leave without her at least introducing herself?

"Wait!" She yelled.

The nameless fighter stopped, turned back around, and stared at the young lady. "Yes? What is it?"

"You can't just leave after that! At the very least, you have to tell me who you are!" Videl explained.

She was slightly peeved that this person took some of her credit taking out the robbers because Saiyaman does plenty of that, yet she was mostly intrigued. She could tell that this fighter possessed significant power and that was of great interest to her. Not only that, the fighter seemed very serious yet calm.

"It's better that I don't tell my name. I usually like to remain under the radar if you will," he sternly said.

It was now that she finally got a good look at his face. It looked so familiar as if she had seen him before a long time ago. Now even more interested, Videl wasn't about to let him go without knowing a few details.

"I saw you do that roundhouse kick. That was incredible! You must be quite the gifted fighter," Videl complimented.

"And you too," he said ready to take off. "That was brave of you, but I must be going."

"Please, can I have your name? You look so familiar," Videl observed.

"Which is why I like to be under the radar. You probably recognize me from the old tournaments," he said. She straightened once she remembered. Videl knew exactly who this person was.

"Tien Shinhan, winner of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament," she confirmed.

How could she not know? The unique three eyes gave it away. She was slightly embarrassed it took so long to recognize him. If anybody recognized him, it would be Videl Satan. She made it a point to know the winners of the past tournaments, but something was different about the older ones. There was little information about them unlike her father's era of tournaments where the media was all over him.

"Yes that is me," he confirmed.

This was just too perfect for Videl Satan. She had always wanted to meet a champion from the previous tournaments, but this was her first. She was almost ecstatic. Who would have thought that this humdrum robbery would present such a unique opportunity?

"Where have you been? Why aren't you in any of the recent tournaments?" Videl asked. She had a ton of questions for him. She wanted to learn about him, but this was the most important of the questions. Tien walked up toward the young warrior.

"Mostly because they have changed so much since back in the day. Things are just too different now."

Videl responded, "What do you mean? If all the greatest warriors aren't there, then the championship doesn't mean as much."

Tien nodded, "Exactly. The new crop of warriors is nothing like it used to be."

"But, I want to be able to test my skills against the best fighters and you are one of them!" she complained. Tien looked down at the confident young warrior.

"A championship only serves to boast one's ego. Although I was the former champion, I know of several warriors far stronger than I am. I can seek them out any time which is much better than a tournament."

Videl had mixed feelings regarding what he said. It was almost as if he dissed her father yet it partially made sense.

"You know my father is the current champion."

Tien was a bit taken back. He had eyed the young fighter when she took out the robbers, but he would never have guessed that she was Mr. Satan's daughter.

"Mr. Satan?" Tien asked.

"Yep," Videl said confidently.

"I have heard of your crime fighting in this city. Good for you. I know many who would deeply respect your desire to help those in need," Tien praised.

"Wow, thank you!" Videl beamed. She had a huge smile plastered on her face. It's not every day you get such an incredible compliment from a former champion! She thought.

"Well, I must be going now. It was a pleasure to meet you Ms. Satan."

"But wait!" Videl called out. "Can we meet again? I would love to hear some tips from a former champion like you!"

Wow, she is nothing like her father, Tien thought. She eyed the young fighter trying to determine if she was worth his time.

"Very well," he said and suddenly, Videl's face brightened.

"Really? Awesome! I can come where you live, so it's not inconvenient for you," Videl explained.

"That won't be necessary. I live very far from here so we should meet in Satan City at this same time on Friday," he explained.

"Okay, but where?" Videl asked.

"You decide," said Tien.

Videl pondered where would be the best place. Maybe somewhere with not that many people. He doesn't seem like the type of person who wants to attract attention, Videl thought.

"How about Satan City Park?" Videl offered. "It's just a few minutes away from where I go to school."

"Sounds good. See you at this same time in Satan City Park next week," Tien explained.

"Awesome!" Videl said grinning.

"Well then, until next time Ms. Satan," he said.

"Can I ask you one quick question before you leave?" Videl pondered. She just couldn't wait to learn a little about the former champion.

"What is it?"

"Umm, who was your most challenging opponent?" Videl asked.

He smiled. "Easy. Son Goku is by far the most challenging opponent. I had the honor of fighting him twice, once in the 22nd tournament and once in the 23rd tournament. For all intents and purposes, he beat me both times. I just got lucky in the 22nd tournament."

Videl was surprised by the praiseworthy answer. Maybe she could find a way for Tien to introduce her to the other former champion, Son Goku. For now, she was quite content with meeting with Tien Shinhan.

"Son Goku, huh?"

"Yes, now I must be going," Tien said and started to walk away. "Until Friday Ms. Satan."

"See you Friday at this time in Satan City Park," Videl said to Tien's back as he walked away.

Videl had a lot to think about. Not only did she have the honor of meeting a former champion, but she was also able to entice him into meeting with her so she could learn more about him. Today is turning out to be far less boring than she believed it would be. She looked back at the robbers on the ground. Time for clean up. She ran back inside the bank and then out the front entrance. She motioned to the police who were waiting patiently for Videl to finish rounding up the robbers.

"Three of them are in the back, and a few of them are inside the bank. They are umm all kind of knocked out, so you might want to send some ambulances. Just make sure you round up the guns," Videl said.

"Great work Videl!" The Satan City Police Chief praised.

"Anytime. Until next time," Videl said as she got into her copter, closed the door, and took off back to home.

She had a lot on her mind with the fact that she ran into a former martial arts tournament. In the back of her mind, however, she was wondering why Saiyaman didn't show up. He seemed to only show up during the weekdays. Doesn't he know that crime can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Her life up to this point had been pretty consistent. She would train to measure up to her father in strength, fight the bad guys when the police needed her and go to school like every other teenager. However, within the past few weeks, a new fighter named Saiyaman arrived and without her consent, forced her to be on a team to fight crime in Satan City. It was so unexpected and out of the blue that he would show up and start fighting crime, frequently alongside her.

Videl was amazed at Saiyaman's power and unnatural abilities. He had super strength and could fly like those at the Cell Games. Her father always claimed that those were tricks, however, according to her, Saiyaman seemed to hide his tricks very well. Videl had even paid close attention to his shoes wondering if there was some sort of mechanism such as a jet that could make him fly. She wondered if his suit was special that it could create all this strength. They were only theories though.

She wondered about the brief conversation she had with Tien Shinhan. He has to be a gifted fighter. I wonder if he is as strong as my father? Her thoughts wandered to the other great fighter mentioned. Son Goku. Her father didn't speak highly of the former champions, but she had heard amazing things of Son Goku from others. She knew that he was only a child when he competed in the tournaments. It was unprecedented that a child could beat the world's best fighters, but Videl was also quite confident in her abilities as she beat the junior division of fighters. With that in mind, she knew that there was no such division back in the day which made his victories even that more impressive. She had always wondered how it was possible for a child to get so far. Videl was excited that she might have the chance to learn more about the former World Martial Arts Tournaments.

That Monday, she landed her copter on school grounds, excited for the new week because she had something to look forward to the weekend, a conversation with Tien Shinhan. She walked in the classroom, just a few minutes before the start of class.

"Hi Videl."

She looked up after putting her books down. It was the new kid that Erasa had been so willing to let into their group. She observed the new kid, suspicious of his positivity and friendliness.

"Gohan," was all she said.

"Did you have a good weekend?" He said in a cheery voice.

"As a matter of fact, I did," Videl said as she sat down in her chair.

"Well, that's good to hear," Gohan said nervously rubbing the back of his head.

Videl had to admit that she was skeptical of the new kid, Gohan. The very first day he arrived, a mysterious gold fighter also appeared, said to be wearing the same clothes as him. It almost seemed too much of a coincidence for her, but there was a blatant problem, Gohan's hair was not gold. That didn't matter to her so much because she had a more important person to deal with, Saiyaman.

"Videl!" Erasa broke in as she scooted herself down the row and sat next to Videl.

"Hey Erasa," Videl greeted.

"You do anything this weekend?" Erasa asked.

"Umm, not really," Videl explained.

"Dang girl. You know what we need to do?" Erasa suggested.

Videl sighed, "Please don't say go to the mall."

"Go to the mall!" Erasa confirmed.

"What's this I hear about the mall?" Sharpner said as he sat down next to Gohan.

"The mall next weekend with Videl. You in?" Erasa asked.

"Hey! Don't I get a say in this?" Videl retorted.

"Nope," said Erasa.

"I'll pass," Sharpner said.

"Gohan, what about you? Will you go to the mall with me?"

"Ummm," was all he could say.

"Well if another guy is there, I might go," Sharpner explained.

"Great! At least us three will have fun," Erasa said sticking out her tongue at Videl.

"That's so childish Erasa," Videl moaned.

"Gohan, you don't know what you are getting into," Sharpner warned.

Gohan smiled. "Mom was always saying that I have to make friends now that I go to school, so I guess I'll have to try, even though, I have never been to the mall." Erasa, Sharpner, and even Videl all looked at Gohan as if he just told them he was half alien.

"What? That's crazy Gohan," Sharpner noted.

"Well then, I guess you definitely need to experience the amazing mall," Erasa teased and winked at him.

Videl pondered this. I guess he really is from the middle of nowhere in the mountains if he has never been to a mall before.

The rest of the school day went by without anything interesting happening. For Videl, it was one more day closer to meeting up with the former champion, Tien.

"Bye Sharpner!" Erasa yelled out as Sharpner began walking home.

"Gohan, before school, did you never like go to the city when you live in the mountains?" Erasa asked.

"Umm, not really, except to West City where some of my family lives at," Gohan explained.

Videl was intently listening to the conversation. She needed to learn more about the new kid before she could trust him. Heck, she didn't seem to trust anyone these days. She barely trusted Sharpner even after all these years.

"Well, umm, guess I'll see you tomorrow guys," Gohan said.

"Yeah, see you!" Erasa explained.

"Say Gohan, how do you expect to get home? It almost seems like you are walking home," Videl asked.

"Heh, umm, I like to walk a little ways out before I decapsulate my plane," Gohan stammered. Videl didn't say anything after that but for some reason, her gut instinct was telling her that he was lying.

"Anyway, see you!" Gohan said as he begun walking down the street. Videl intently stared at the boy as he continued walking wondering if she should trust him.

"Earth to Videl!" Erasa said waving her hands in front of her.

"What is it?" Videl said slightly annoyed.

"You know Videl, if you come to the mall with us, you'll get to learn more about someone we know so little about," Erasa hinted with a smirk.

That is true, Videl thought. "Whatever."

"I don't think I have ever seen you stare at a boy like that," Erasa teased.

"What. Are. You. Talking about?" Videl said quite annoyed.

"Come on Videl, you know exactly what I'm talking about," Erasa suggested.

"Please. Whatever you are thinking… Its just absurd," Videl retorted.

"Uh huh, whatever you say. If you come to the mall, I'll know the truth," Erasa chuckled.

Quite some distance away from Orange Star High, Gohan landed on his front lawn area outside his house.

"Mom! Goten! I'm home!" Gohan said.

"Big brother!" Goten charged his older brother before he could even make it through the front door.

"Hey! Settle down there. Big brother is tired after such a long day!" Gohan explained.

"So did you do anything cool today at school?" Goten asked mesmerized by the concept of school.

"Umm, not really," replied Gohan as his mother came in to greet him.

"Gohan!" Chi Chi greeted.

"Hi mom," said Gohan.

"Goten, I want you to leave your brother be while he finishes his homework," his mother explained.

"Aww, but mom!" Goten whined.

"No buts! After he is done, you two can play," she said.

"Okay!" Goten chirped.

Gohan's little brother ran off elsewhere in the small house. Gohan peered up at his mother, wondering if now was the appropriate time to ask something of her.

"Mom?" Gohan asked.

"Yes, what is it, son?"

"Umm, would it be okay if I go to the mall with some new friends this weekend?" Gohan said apprehensively.

Chi Chi's eyes lit up. "Of course! But you better be home at a reasonable time young man!"

"Thanks mom!"

Maybe school wouldn't be so bad for him. He was ambivalent about going since he wasn't sure he'd make any friends because he thought people would just think he was awkward and weird. The only peers he spent time with were her father's friends, so there was hardly anybody his age, but things were going well so far.

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