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This fanfiction is loosely based on: The Other Twin by Ordinarily Prudent. I'd tell you to go read it but that would mean you read some spoilers so maybe wait till this is done? :P Naturally I received permission for this.

Expect a Grey/Dark Hadrian Black, there may be some Weasley/Dumble bashing. I'll have no mercy with James, and Lily will at least get a slap on the wrist for the way she behaves in the first chapter. Although she won't be bashed later. We'll see what my mind comes up with.

Pairings: It'll be Susan/Daphne for sure, I'm pretty sure I'll expand the pairing though. Right now I'm thinking maybe Hannah and Tracey? Maybe Fleur, maybe Hermione... maybe all of them? Maybe just one? Once again, we'll see how the thing writes itself.

Cliché Warning: Expect liberal use of whatever I think fits. I usually don't care about including the usual stuff in my fics. For example: While Hadrian will not be the Goblins sweetheart. He will make friends with some of them.

And because I think it needs mentioning. My Goblins will always and forever, be based on Harry Crow by Robst. If you haven't read it, get out of here and do that right now.

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Invictus Maneo!

Very few people believe I remember anything of that night. It's not like I go around trying to spread the truth of what happened. There is no point. I was taught to keep my cards close to my chest. I learned that only family is supposed to truly see you for who you are. Some have caught glimpses of my darkness and the light next to it. But they are few, and they are those closest to me. The general public, in my personal opinion at least, has always rather kissed the ass of light families instead of truly seeing the use of someone like me. Society needs those working and walking in the twilight. Without us... you would never function.

I remember opening my eyes, being disoriented. I remember staring in awe at my own hands. Who'd ever heard of such things. My mother had them... my father did. But mine were so very small, so tiny. What was I supposed to do with these?

I remember Nips... loyal little Nips... a house elf only rivalled by my truest friend. I missed her most the following years. She was changing me at the time. I touched and pulled her nose while laughing at the faces she made. The house elf chuckled at my antics.

Lily and James had left the house. My 'father' had convinced her that it would be fine to go out just for one night. My mothers work had not been completed. She'd complained about it before leaving for the evening. Lily Potter made her husband swear that he would let her finish once they came back. Just one night... one night, that changed everything for them, for me... and for my brother.

At those moments... when I close my eyes and listen really closely into the dark... I can hear a cloak moving about the ground outside. I hear the rustling of leaves as it drags behind the man who'd come for us.

I see Nips narrowing her eyes as suddenly we both disappear from the changing room. I'm back in fresh diapers. My brother is still tight asleep. He's always been a deeper sleeper than I.

"You is not harming the young Masters." Nips declared placing me gently into the crib. Her voice carried out of the room easily.

A throaty laughter erupted from down stairs. "An elf... of course it's an elf." I heard his footsteps, coming up the staircase, the moving fabric of his robes with every confident step.

"Is this all the great Albus Dumbledore has given his greatest champion? An elf protector. You should laugh as well... it is funny." The snake faced man with the red blood shot eyes stepped forward carrying himself with all the confidence he'd built over the years. His eyes narrowed at Nips who stood there with her arms crossed challenging the Dark Lord... daring him to take one more step. "Out of my way creature." He declared at last. Lord Voldemort had come so far... his choice was clear. It was within his grasp to end all possible threat to his rule. And then the world would be his to do with as he pleased. The ICW wouldn't do anything... not until it was much too late.

Ministry of Magic, November, 1st. 1980

The ministry was in uproar. They had just received word that Lord Voldemort was on his way, launching a full on assault to take magical Britains seat of power. The evacuation was in full effect, parchment and quills flew around the place as people hastily made for the exists.

"Fabian, please make sure everyone gets out." The raven haired man asked looking at the younger man with sharp eyes.

"Yes Sir." The young man hurried away to find his brother Gideon.

"Minister, we don't have much time." How he hated addressing Harold that way. They'd served together in the war. He sighed looking around. No one cared today at least.

"I'm staying." Harold Minchum simply said.

"I should have listened to you Charlus. The fuck up from Azkaban is my doing. And I'll be damned if I let the bastard take my ministry too. I'll die standing in his way."

"Listen Harold."

"Potter..." The old man growled. Charlus sighed.

"Stubborn old fool."

"And what does that make you?" Charlus Potter brushed his hand through his hair but gave a nod.

However many came, whoever came. He could keep them occupied long enough for the reinforcements to drop in.

"Nips!" He declared.

"Master called?" The houseelf bowed to her master.

"Bring this to Barty Crouch, he needs to gather his people. Tell him we'll hold the Death Eaters off as long as we can." She saluted and disappeared with the note to Barty in hand.

"Dad!" The old man cracked a smile. It had taken a war for James to resume contact with his parents. All the lost time...

"You should leave." He declared looking over his son.

"What's going on?" James asked worriedly.

"I assume he wants the prophecy, you have to leave James." The red haired womans eyes grew wide, this wasn't good. They were part of it. Or a possible part anyway.

"Jamie, come on." Lily demanded in a low voice carrying her twins. Daniel was sleeping and she didn't want to wake him.

"You're staying, aren't you?" James asked already knowing the answer.

"I can keep him back. At least long enough so Barty can set up an ambush. Perhaps that can be enough." There were tears in his sons eyes.

"I can help." Charlus shook his head. "You have a family now, you don't get to make that choice."

"WHAT ABOUT YOUR FAMILY?!" Charlus reached out and grabbed his son, his eyes swimming in violet magic. Daniel was crying now, having been woken up by his fathers loud voice while Hadrian on the other hand seemed to watch attentively.

"It's the Grandparents prerogative to protect those of younger Generations. When the time comes that you have the opportunity to protect Hadrian and Daniel and their children, you will understand. You will look after them, always and whatever the cost." His grip on the front of his sons robes tightened. "Are we clear?" James gave a quiet nod quickly.

Letting go Charlus turned to Lily. "I still can't believe he got you to where we are." Charlus laughed as the young woman blushed fiercely. "You look after him and your sons."


"Good..." He sighed looking at her consoling Daniel. "Can I have a moment with Hadrian?" Lily was always careful not to give her 'Harry' away, he was small and defenseless and these days that put you directly on the death list. Yet, if his grandfather was to die, perhaps this once she could allow it. Of course she also needed to calm Daniel down...

They were barely a few months old but big for their age. Harry seemed to focus his eyes on his grandfather the moment he was taken from his mothers arms. He didn't enjoy that at all and wanted to be given back immediately. That was until the older Potter began cradling him. "We'll wait outside." James said taking Lily's hand. She looked as though he was insane and only a fairly strong curse would make that happen. "That's the only entrance Lils, it'll be fine."

They left and Charlus sat down. "I know it'll be one of you Harry. Because there is one difference between you and the Longbottom." Magic gathered around them as the rune for -Light- pulsed across the elder mans forehead. The child felt the warmth and giggled excitedly extending his tiny arms to try and grab for the magic. "We're the last of the Runemages, and it won't be easy. Perhaps you'll be the one... perhaps your brother. We're so close to our emotions, to our instincts. Work at them early, discipline and a calm mind... nothing is ever more important. Whether you are to be a Runemage or a politician like your Grandfather." He laughed again.

Just then he saw a flicker of magic. The child clapped as his body glowed of the same white colour as his grandfather. A small rune visible on his forehead. "Demand their respect Hadrian. Allow your family close but your enemies closer." He smiled. "Oh how I wish I could see you grow up. With parents like them... the two of you are going to be outstanding. Your first rune... and you're no older than 3 months." The door opened again and the magic died.

"It's time." James said as Lily dashed past him picking up Harry.

He had kissed them goodbye and now, it was just him and Harold Minchum. The minister of magic. There were many, Voldemort hadn't held back on the amount of followers he brought.

"Swear your loyalty to me... it's your only chance." The minister gave the Dark Lord the finger.

"Screw you."

"Avada Kedavra!" A high pitched voice yelled immediately.

"Bella... did we not talk about restraint?" Voldemort asked in nothing but acted disappointment.

"He was being disrespectful." The woman simply said with a pout.

"And now..." Voldemort said stepping forward. "For the elder Potter. Didn't I just murder one of you?" Charlus raised his Pear wand.

"My brother and his wife." He said as a tear stole it's way down the side of his face.

"Fleamont Potter and Euphemia... a Longbottom, good stock once upon a time. But she threw in with blood traitors. What can you do." A jet of green light hit two of his followers behind him.

"That's a start." Charlus growled savagely.

"Where's the pacifism I've come to love so much?" Voldemort asked amusedly.

"You will join your brother shortly."

"I have no doubt about that, but before I go I'll try and take as many of them..." His hand waved towards the Dark Lords followers. "As I can with me. Or would you rather duel me yourself Voldemort?"

"You are not afraid... I can respect that. Why not... let's match the power of the great Lord Charlus Harrison Potter, Butcher of Walpurgis against the heir of Salazar Slytherin, the greatest of the Hogwarts four. You stand against the greatest wizard of all time Potter, you face Lord..." He dove to the side as another jet of green light nearly hit him.

"Moldyshorts." Charlus closed smirking. "Less talking, more dueling." Bellatrix had crept closer, close enough to be sure. The killing curse would have hit him...

"NIPS!?" The elf smirked as the curse impacted on a slab of marble. "I told you to go... why are you here you stubborn old elf."

"Protect my family." She said proudly.

"Protect it by caring for the boys! Go!" With a look that spoke of admiration and dedication to the last, the elf disappeared, shimmering away while knowing full well it would be the last time she would see her true Master.

Perhaps only Tom Riddle felt the sudden outpour of magic as the elder mans body covered itself in runes. He pointed the wand without looking. "Bombarda." Had it not been for Rudolphus Lestrange throwing one of the other Death Eaters in front of the spell it would have been the end of his wife. Charlus waved his hands, great boulders rose from the ground to shield him from the Dark Lords more dangerous curses. Yet he was old, and the times where his body could easily cope with the pressure of the runes was long since past. He'd slacked off a bit after the war... the warriors greatest downfall... peace.

Many died that day. Finally Tom Riddle richochet a spell of a wall and hit him in the back.

"The good you could have done with skill like that..." Charlus coughed up blood as Voldemort held his arm in pain. His followers had retreated, he'd been loosing too many of them. And they couldn't be allowed to see him take a hit. For to them he was a god and he wanted it to stay that way. "Go on then, I'm dead anyway, whether now or in 10 minutes."

"Foolish old man."

"It's never foolish to stand against evil Tom. Never that." The Dark Lords eyes grew smaller.

"Oh don't look like that, I took my Defense against the Dark Arts Newt right next to you. It's like I told you back then, you could have a bright future, do whatever you want. But not anymore Tom... you are going to create your own worst Nightmare. Just you wait." His lips curled up into a smile. "Invictus Maneo! The Potters Stand!" With a blinding flash the rune for -Annihilation- pulsed to life covering his body whole in the time it took for Voldemort to take a breath. The following explosion destroyed nearly the entire atrium leaving behind only rubble and dust.

Present day

Voldemort swiftly moved into our room. It hadn't really taken him all too long to disassemble all the wards Nips kept putting up. Daniel slept through it... like a rock... I didn't cry as snake face showed his terrible visage. I remember Nips falling over just after Voldemort used a cutting curse. I can still hear the wheezing of the life fleeing his body. "Your end has come." Voldemort gloated. He pointed the wand first to Daniel who was still sleeping and looked at me. "Don't worry, you will join your brother soon..." A terrible smile crept across his face. "Thus I kill the prophecy. Avada Kedavra!" The moment he spoke the spell, the rune for blood flared to life a hundred times all over me. The rune threaded through what I now know to be protection, feedback runes and a nearly complete blood ward. From my body the runes went out and connected to those my mother had painted and engraved into the walls of the room around us. And then all the Dark Lord knew was pain. And all I would know for the next few days was darkness. I near drained my magical core attempting to protect my family. Honour Thy Blood... always, and forever.

It was clear at the time that something had changed the night we survived, my parents were all over Daniel. A lightning bolt like scar now displayed on his forehead. Dumbledore was there... talking about the chosen one. I will say that my parents argued for me... but ultimately gave in to the old fool. He wanted me gone from the house, while training Daniel to stand against the Dark Lord for surely he would be back.

I was 3 and a half years old when my father, James Potter. Took me to his estranged mother who looked him over with a look of disappointment I'm glad to say has never been directed at me.

"James, to what do I owe this... pleasure." The woman drawled making no moves to open the door wider as she stood there looking out to us. I liked how her long black hair framed her stern face. Although a smile flickered across her face when she saw Lily behind James, holding on to me.

"I'm here to ask for a favour. Could we talk about this inside?" The woman sighed.

"As the Lady Black, I invite you inside." I liked the lights that flickered around us and laughed bringing her attention to me. She quirked a questioning eyebrow towards Lily Potter... my mother. Who quickly explained.

"This is Harry."

"Short for?" The woman asked stepping aside to allow them entrance.

"Nothing, just Harry." I swear I heard her mumble: "A Muggle's name." It still makes me smile. My Grandfather called me Hadrian a name I would shortly be going back to. Until that day she'd never met me, and only heard about me from my grandfather. When the war had led James to attempt to reconnect with his family. Only Charlus had tried. After he'd died... she had wanted to make amends and honour her late husbands memory by bringing the family back together. James told her no.

The house we entered was illuminated by candles and the sound of a well played piano accompanied us into the living room where the elder woman motioned her hand for my parents to sit which of course they did.

"May I offer you refreshments?" She asked obeying the etiquette of a Pureblood home.

"No thank you." James said wanting to get this over with quickly, while he'd kept in occasional contact with his father, his mother was another story. They'd never seen eye to eye and his pranking in school had only served to drive them apart more and more.

Back then, while Dorea would still sent letters, and Christmas gifts they hadn't been in the same room for years. James had always been keen to ignore those letters. Wanting distance from that part of his 'family'. The Black name had also put a strain on his friendship with Sirius, as they'd grown older he had become more of an... heir. Something that James simply didn't like. He took a deep breath, not waiting for Lily to speak he hastily continued.

"There is a prophesy about a child destined to defeat Voldemort. Albus is sure that the child is Daniel, having survived a killing curse from the Dark Lord himself." The woman simply watched him. She had of course heard the news of Voldemorts demise but had taken it with a grain of salt. The idea that a baby could resist the killing curse was ludicrous.

The woman, Dorea Potter-Black had worked half her life with the unspeakables. And the only thing that might be able to see someone survive a killing curse head on, was if someone else offered their life willingly in exchange for the victim. It was based on the common Alchemy law of Equal Exchange. A willing participant... but how many people would truly willingly die to save the life of another?

It was Blood Magic and was considered extremely dark in the magical circles of Britain.

"Nips died protecting Daniel." Dorea smiled sadly. There it was. Nips had so loved Charlus and had only agreed to work for James because it was her Masters dying wish. The question was how had the elf managed such a thing. But it wasn't time for this now. They were here to speak about something else.

"Albus wants to train Daniel to fight." The woman chuckled.

"Albus... doesn't train people. He leads them where he wants them before leaving them to themselves." A loud smack was heard on the table as an extremely angry James Potter glared at his mother. "Keep your temper in check boy, before I take my wand to you. You came to my home to ask for help, now regardless of our different opinions concerning certain people, after hearing you out. I have to assume that you have come to the decision that it might be best to give … 'Harry' up for adoption and focus your efforts on his brother." James withdrew his hand from the table and gave the woman a nod.

"So naturally you came to me... I have to say I'm impressed." James looked at her questioningly but surprised. That was until she continued and his face fell into a frown. "I wouldn't have believed you had the balls to come here and actually tell me... to my face, that you were going to abandon your son."

Both young adults felt the temperature of the room drop suddenly. The woman looked increasingly more furious with every passing moment. "You James Potter, should thank whatever deity guides your life for the gold Charlus left you, because if it had been up to me... I would never have declared you Lord Potter. Thank them, that your father had faith in you... even after everything you got up to in school, even after cutting us off from your life. If it were up to me? You would be penniless and on the street for what you came here to do. And you..." Dorea Potters eyes now went towards Lily, there was something vicious in them. "I guess I can finally see how you two worked out so well in the end. You are both without honour, integrity and Merlin help me, you deserve each other. Now give Hadrian to me, he will never again be called a Potter, nor will he carry any name you wished to give him. He deserves better than to be reminded of the failures he once called his parents." Without waiting a moment longer a swish of the elders womans hand, and a light violet glow that surrounded it. I was lifted from my mothers arms.

"Be gone James and Lily Potter, you are no family of ours." Dorea held up one hand while catching me with the other. A piece of paper appeared in it. Something I would come to know as my adoption papers.

Magic does work in strange ways. Intent is nearly everything. My parents intended to give me away to her, she accepted. So their magical signature on the contract was as good as any signature they could give by hand.

I remember crying as I watched my parents be removed from 'our' home. It would be the last time I saw them for many years to come and the beginning of my life as Hadrian Black. Loved and cared for by my Grandmother who before long I would proudly call my mother. Lily Potter could never hope to measure up to Dorea Potter-Black, if nothing else the first year grades of my brother and I would prove that.