Bonfire Night is a traditional British event, taken place on 5th November each year. As well as fireworks going off everywhere, it usually consists of large bonfires, sometimes with scarecrows in, sparklers and hot greasy food. This is a SPLAT! Bonfire Night without the fireworks and sparklers.


The six children gathered around the home-made bonfire, the flickering flames lapping at the night air. The fire warmed their bodies, and they watched as their chosen scarecrow burnt, the smoke making them back away in disgust, noses wrinkled.

The chosen scarecrow had been plucked from Ian's neighbour's front garden. He had been chased off by the neighbour, the scarecrow battering him on the back as he fled. His father had been informed, and Ian was due round tomorrow to slave over a mountain of chores that the neighbour had delightfully given him.

To him, it had been worth it. Standing amongst his friends in the field that housed the SPLAT shed, dressed up scarecrow melting in the flames, Ian felt happy, despite the long labouring day ahead of him.

It had been Lloyd's idea to dress the scarecrow up, as was the tradition on Bonfire Night, but Ingrid had been the one to pipe up wickedly that the scarecrow should be dressed up as the Headmaster and that their creation should be burnt as an effigy.

Mandy had dressed up the scarecrow, trimming black cloth and plonking her sister's old glasses onto the face. She had stood back and shuddered at her work, glad that they would be burning the effigy later.

As the scarecrow burst open, straw alight, SPLAT walked over to their shed and settled down onto their deckchairs that they had dragged outside. They watched from afar as the bonfire swelled, and continued to watch until the fire had simmered.

They then made a group decision. No Bonfire Night was complete without hot, juicy burgers. Along the high street was a takeaway shop, and after quickly darting over and ordering their food, SPLAT jogged back to their deckchairs and huddled together, cramming their burgers into their mouths. Sloppy fingers and the harsh cold air didn't ruin their night, and they all jostled into the Hunter's car, stomachs full and the defeat of their Headmaster in scarecrow form, providing them with comfort.