The lights went dark inside the Eastridge Theater, and all was silent, Then, a quiet synth drone began to fill the theater, growing in volume as smoke covered the stage. A sillouette of a man started playing a slow, atmospheric synth melody, with chimes and atmospheric guitar joining in as the intensity began to build and build. Snatches of melody started coming through, such as the familiar synth opening to "Shine on You Crazy Diamond". Then, finally, a guitar started playing an epic, slow riff, before the drums and wooshing synths kicked in, and the stage lights went on, revealing 4 teenagers on their instruments, as they launched into a blistering version of Rush's "Xanadu".

And one of those four teenagers, the lead vocalist and keyboardist, is me: Tom Franks. I'm 15 years old, and me and my two brothers, Scott, my older brother, and Matt, my younger brother, are in a band entitled Cygnus X-2. As you can guess by the name, we're a Rush cover band predominantly, but we play other music too, such as Queensryche. We play a rotating setlist, never the same on every night. Scott plays guitar, Matt plays drums, and a friend named Dan Allan plays bass. We have recieved local popularity due to my strong voice and our instrumental skills, and after winning a High School talent contest we started getting concerts in small clubs and theaters. We live in the town of Eastridge in New York, 'MURICA!

After "Xanadu" finished I gave my customary opening speech. "HOW YA DOING TONIGHT, EASTRIDGE?" I screamed out, an army of cheers in response. "We have a lot of great stuff for you to do tonight, and we'd like to keep things up with a song about the current state of politics." Laughter in response. "This is The Big Money".

That night, "Xanadu" and "The Big Money" would be the start of a ripping set of Rush classics and deep cuts. "Subdivisions", "Mystic Rhythms", "Something For Nothing", "Secret Touch", "Anthem", and "The Spirit of Radio" would play in the first set, as well as a couple of songs by another band, Queensryche, with "Revolution Calling" and "Operation: Mindcrime" getting play, as well as "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zeppelin, and we'd close out set 1 with a firey version of "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. The second set would open with "One Little Victory" before going through a softer set, consisting of Queensryche's "No Sanctuary", Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" and Rush's "Resist". We'd close out the set with epic upon epic. "Natural Science", followed by "By-Tor And The Snow Dog", followed by "Cygnus X-1", followed by "Hemispheres" followed by "Working Man", with an encore of "2112" sending things off. My voice was in top form tonight, as I belted out all the notes with no trouble, except a few cracks. And many songs had their own unique twist. At the end of the "Big Money" we'd interpolate a bit of The Who's "I Can't Explain", for example, and most of the instrumental jams would be significantly extended, some adding up to 10 minutes extra. Several songs would be played a half-step higher, since I feel it makes them sound better. Clips of Sonic The Hedgehog, Pokemon, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (yep) would be synched up to the songs.

After the explosive "2112" end, I yelled out "THANK YOU EVERYBODY, GOODNIGHT!" and the show came to a close.

Backstage, we started chatting about how we did.

"So, what do you think?" I said.

"We were great tonight. However you cracked really bad on the ending note of "The Spirit of Radio". said Scott.

"Oh yeah. Thanks, Obama!" I said in response.

"Um, you know" Matt said, "Obama's not president anymore. Those jokes are kinda getting old".

"He's still in my heart" I replied back.

Our parents, Steve and Lindy, greeted us with hugs. "You were so good!" They said.

"Thanks!" I replied back.

The car home was mostly spent joking and bantering, as well as rocking out to music. We dropped Dan off at his house and went home. It was very late at night, 11:30, so we went to bed.

However, little did we know that the next day an event would spark a cascade which would cause our lives to change forever...