Disclaimer: Sadly, the wonderful characters of both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings do not belong to either of us. The plot, however, which was thought up during a long, boring block of Spanish, does.

Warning: In later chapters there will be slash which means male/male pairings (such as Draco/Harry, Legolas/Aragorn and a few other implied relationships). If this bothers you then click the back button now! Oh...and if you don't like the story don't bother to leave a review…flames are mean and pointless.

Summery/Plot: Voldemort and Sauron get together in order to enforce their angry wrath upon the 'heroes' that often cause the failure of their evil plans…Sadly, it doesn't go the way they planned and chaos ensues!

When Worlds Collide

Chapter 1: Pub Full O' Villains

A solitary, darkly cloaked figure sat at a small round table in the dimly lit, mildly crowded bar.  The darkness suited him; it fit his purpose, which was also dark.  He looked around the room at the others gathered there, their darkness was nothing compared to his. If measured with his, their darkness would be much smaller. He was pure evil and yet he was here, at a bar for villains who were either a) down on their luck or b) dead. Sadly, he was the latter--dead but since evil never truly dies, not gone.

"Sauron! You gotta hear this," cried another cloaked figure as he stumbled over, a drink in hand, "Sephiroth just gave me the best idea!"

"What is it now Voldemort?" asked Sauron.

"Listen, we do a spell that *giggle* will trap Potter and all his meddling friends *giggle* in Hogwarts castle. Got that? Okay, here's the best part--Then *giggle* we put that short fellow and all his little friends *giggle* in there with them," said Voldemort, "Isn't that great?!"

"And then what?" asked Sauron.

"What do you mean and then what?"

"What will we do once you have them all in the castle together?"

"I don't know, I haven't gotten that far," said Voldemort, shrugging, "Besides that's what you're for?"

"I'm dead Voldemort, retired. I don't do the whole evil plan thing anymore."

"Well, think of it as revenge then."

"I've never done revenge before," mused Sauron.

"You never know, it could be fun," said Voldemort, smiling.

"Yes, it could…"

"Then you'll do it?" cried Voldemort, clapping his hands excitedly.

"Do you know what we're going to do tonight, my dear Voldie?" asked Sauron and then at Voldemorts clueless shrug he continued, "We're going to try to take over the world!"

"Ah, no we're not."

"Oh right…umm, we're going to seek revenge upon Harry Potter and the Fellowship!" cried Sauron, standing up.

Sauron looked Voldemort up and down and smirked, "It appears your darkness is as big as mine."

Voldemort giggles "Thanks....I think."