Chapter 2

Kitty was admitted to the hospital and the doctors got ready to take care of her.

The Rangers arrived a few minutes later and waited for twenty more minutes before a badger doctor approached the Rangers.

"Danger Rangers?" The doctor asked as the Rangers got up.

"How is she, Doc?" Squeaky asked.

"Well, she has a concussion, not serious, but we're going to keep her overnight for observation. Also, she'll have stitches for the cut on her head. " The doctor explained.

"Can we see her?" Sully asked.

"Yes, you can." The doctor answered as the rangers walked towards Kitty's room.

She was still unconscious and had a bandage patch on her head where the cut was as Sully grabbed a chair and sat near the bed as he grabbed her hand and held it with tears starting to flow down his face.

"We'll leave you alone, Sully." Burble said as the Rangers left the room.

GB and Fallbot arrived at the hospital as the Rangers returned to the waiting room.

"Squeaky!" GB exclaimed as she flew up and hugged Squeaky.

"Are you guys okay?" GB asked.

"We're fine, GB." Burt responded.

"Where's Sully?" Fallbot asked.

"He's with Kitty." Burble answered.

"How is she?" GB asked.

"She's got a concussion and a cut that required stitches, they're going to keep her overnight for observation." Burt explained.

"¡Dios mio! (My goodness!)" GB exclaimed in spanish, which she rarely spoke it.

"Doan wawhry. Kitty's a fightuh, GB. She'll pull through. Right?" Squeaky responded.

"I hope." GB said.


Sully was holding Kitty's hand as started talking to her.

"Hey, Kitty. I know you probably can't hear me, but i wanted to let you know, i'll be here for you." Sully said as his emotions took over and started choking up as he buried his face in the bed.

"I-i shouldn't have let you go in, if i d-did interfere, you wouldn't be like this, and i think i won't be able to confess my love for you." Sully said as continued to confess.

"I do have a crush on you, but i was too afraid to confess or you wouldn't return the love even if i did. But now, you're in the hospital and it's all my fault." Sully said, crying as the GB and Fallbot came into the room and saw Sully.

"Sully, are you okay?" GB asked the sea lion.

"Yeah, *sniff* I'm fine." Sully responded as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Sully, you aren't fine, what's wrong?" GB said.

"It's my fault that Kitty was injured. if i stopped her, S-she…" Sully responded before Fallbot put his hand on Sully's shoulder.

"Sully, this wasn't your fault, you couldn't have predicted this to happen." Fallbot told the distraught sea lion.

"Wow, that was really Insightful, Fallbot." Sully responded.

"You're welcome." Fallbot said before he clumsily tripped. "Ow! Who put that there?"

"Oh, Fallbot. Don't ever change." GB commented as Fallbot got up.

"Is there any other things that makes you feel this way, Sully? Like a certain crush you have?" GB asked.

Sully finally gave in. "Yeah, i was going to confess to her tomorrow, but i won't be able too."

"Don't worry, Sully. She's a fighter." GB said as her and Fallbot left the room. "We'll wait for you to head back to HQ."

"Okay." Sully responded as got up and gave her a kiss on the forehead and left the room.

The Next Day…

The Rangers were now giving out their Valentines to each other, with Sully going to the hospital to visit Kitty and their Valentines in a pile.

"Hey, GB?" Squeaky started to say.

"Yeah?" GB responded.

"I wanted tuh give yuh dis. Happy Valentine's Day, Gabriela." Squeaky said as he showed GB a red jewelry case he was hiding behind his back, which made GB cover her beak with her wings and started to blush.

Squeaky gave it to her as she got ready to open it.

"What is it, a ring?" GB asked the mouse before he chuckled in response.

"No, but it's somethin' closely beautiful." Squeaky said as she opened it to reveal a heart shaped ruby gemstone.

GB gasped in shock at the sight of it. "Squeaky, this is beautiful. Thank you."

"You're welcome, GB. I also wanted tuh confess somethin'." Squeaky responded.

"What?" GB asked.

"I wanted tuh know dat, i've had a crush on yuh fawh awhile and i wanted tuh know, i really like yuh." Squeaky said.

"So do i, Squeaky." GB responded as she closed the case and put it down and approached him.

"Yuh do?" Squeaky asked as GB grabbed his shirt and mashed her lips with his.

Squeaky closed his eyes to embrace the kiss as his surrounding turned heavenly.

The two broke the kiss and both were fully blushing.

"Yes, i do." GB responded, causing Squeaky to smile embarrassedly.

At the hospital, Sully was sitting next to Kitty's bedside as she started to wake up.

"Sully?" Kitty said groggily.

"Kitty! You're awake!" Sully exclaimed as he hugged her.

"What happened?" Kitty asked after the hug.

"You got knocked out during the accident yesterday. You have a small stitching, though." Sully explained.

"Thanks, Sully." Kitty responded as she kissed him on the nose, which made him blush.

"Kitty, why did you do that?" Sully asked.

"Don't think i didn't hear you, you really have a crush on me, huh?" Kitty commented.

"Yeah." Sully responded embarrassedly.

"Well, i feel the same way." Kitty responded as she held his hand and the two were about to kiss before the doctor walked in and the three stared at each other.

"I'll leave you two alone." The doctor said before he left the room.

Sully and Kitty chuckled as Sully got up and started to leave.

"Sully, wait." Kitty exclaimed.

"What is it?" Sully asked as he approached closer and Kitty locked her lips with his.

Sully closed his eyes and the surroundings turned heavenly for a minute or two for the kiss broke.

"Hey, i wanted to give you something." Sully said as he gave Kitty a stuffed bear with a red ribbon and a gold necklace with a K pendant.

"Happy Valentine's day, Kitty." Sully said.

"Thanks, Sully." Kitty thanked the sea lion as he and the doctor approached each other in the doorway.

"So, how is she?" Sully asked.

"Well, given now she's awake and no damage to the brain. She'll be released in a few hours." the Doctor explained before Sully gave a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Doctor." Sully said.

"You're welcome and good luck with your relationship." The doctor responded as Sully walked back down the hall.

Meanwhile in a prison in Massachusetts, a figure who resembled a duck looked at the newspaper of the pile up and Kitty being hurt.

"Ready or not, Danger Rangers...I'm coming for you all!" the figure menacingly exclaimed as he started laughing and the light revealing himself to be Quinten Manderbill.

The End

Unfinished Business, coming soon