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The Hive

Chapter 7

Alice handed me off to Kap and she walked up on ahead towards the train. The bullet wound was so god damn painful! I tried to focus on something else, I did, but no matter hard I try, my focus kept on coming back to it.

"When we get on the train," started Kap. "We'll try our best to wrap it."

I nodded weakly. Beside us, Matt was carrying Rain bridal style and she looked worse. I manages to focused on red when we stopped and I could see Spence, laying here with blood smeared and a puddle under his legs.

"Start it up." Alice spoke. "I'll go get the anti virus."

Kap limped- I had just now realized that he was limping- and leaned me against the wall before going up to the controls. Matt set Rain down against the wall before going to me and leading me towards Rain and making me sit beside her. He painfully pulled my vest off before doing the same with my shirt, making me whimper.

"I know AT, I know." Matt murmured. Luckily, I wore a muscle shirt and where the bullet had hit, I didn't need to take it off.

I watched as he slipped his button up shirt off and tore a strip out before wrapping the best he could around my wound tightly. I bit my lip, gripping my pants.

"That should help for now." Matt stated before running his fingers through my hair. I leaned my head back, gently leaning against the wall behind me with a deep breath. I felt a damp arm slide up against mine and I instinctively leaned until my head came into contact with her shoulder. I felt the train start to move after seeing Alice jumped onto the train. She made her way towards us, making me straightened up and setting a silver case down and opened it and took out a needle that had tube of green stuff in it before grabbing Rain's arm and injecting it into her.

"I don't'...want to be one of those...things." Rain mumbled. "Walking around… without a soul."

"You won't." Alice reassured her.

"When...the time comes… you'll take care of it."

"Hey, no one else is going to die. Okay?"

Rain just looked at her.

"I have to go give Kap a dose." Alice stated before grabbing the gun and handing it to me and walked towards Kap.

It was silent between Rain and I before she shifted and held her watch out to me. "Here."

I took it and stared at the ever changing numbers before looking at Rain, only to see her head bowed.

"Rain. Hey, Rain, don't do this, come on." I tried to keep my voice steady. When she didn't say or do anything, I lifted up the gun. I was still sitting right beside her so the muzzle was pointed at her forehead. I cocked it and just as I was going to pull the trigger- a hand snapped up and grabbed my hand and the gun, turning it away.

"I'm not dead yet. Don't be so trigger happy." Rain joked as she turned her head towards me. "I think I'll have that back now."

I let her take it from me and released a breath that I didn't know I was holding. I tilted my head back against the wall and closed my eyes with a small relieved smile. "I could kiss you, you fucking bitch."

After a moment I felt her shift before her arm disappeared and I frowned. I opened my eyes and suddenly, Rain was staring right at me, crouching over me with a foot on either side of my legs and a hand bracing herself on the wall beside my head. It was at this time that I saw that color was coming back to her face and her eyes seemed livelier than a few minutes ago.

She closed the space between us and her lips pressed against mine. I didn't move for a moment until my brain caught up what's happening. I slid my arms up and around her neck, ignoring the still wet blood and being careful of the recent bite before kissing back. I felt her free hand gripping my hip, tilting her head slightly, deepening the kiss.

The moment ended when we heard two chuckles. Rain pulled away and glared over at Matt and Alice playfully while I just had a dust of pink on my cheeks. I had forgot that the others was still there.

Of course, this light atmosphere didn't last long.

Claws suddenly ripped through the wall that Matt was leaning on, cutting him. Rain quickly grabbed me and pulled me away.

"What the hell's going on back there?!" Kap shouted.

"Get us the fuck outta here!" Matt shouted to Kap as the claws ripped into every inch of the train.

"Any faster, we'll go off the rails!" Kap replied. A screeching of metal getting ripped off sounded and I heard Kap shout. Matt was quick to shot and locked the door that lead to the controls and backed up a few feet.

The thing climbed on the roof and was heading to the back. Matt suddenly ran to the back door and managed to lock it but the creature rammed into it, making Matt fall back.

The door flew off its hinges and it slammed into Matt who was trying to get him, sending him onto his back again. The thing- I realized that it was the same one that was trying to get into that other room- roared at Matt.

Alice quickly shot at it, making it turned to her. It's tongue flew out and wrapped around Alice's ankle. Matt quickly thrusted a bundle of pipes at it, making it let alice go and made it hit the wall. Of course, it didn't stay down though.

I glanced around, trying to figure out how to help when I saw trap doors under it. I stared at it before an idea lit up in my head. I stood and scooped up a pipe- it was a small sized pipe so it wouldn't cause trouble to the train- and, ignoring the protests of Rain, bolted and jumped on top of it's back. I rose the pipe over my hand before slamming it into the things neck, just behind it's head. It screeched and thrashed, trying to get me off.

"Open the doors, hurry!" I shouted as I held onto the pipe for dear life. It took them a minute to open the doors. I quickly let the pipe go and held onto the side, making sure my legs were close to my torso so they didn't drag on the tracks. It's claws clung to a side which ended up being its downfall. It burst into flames and its claws let go,and it was out of site.

The trap door swung upwards and closed, making me become horizontal again.

"I am going to beat your ass." I heard Rain growl as she helped me to my feet.

"It worked though." I grinned lopsidedly, making Rain roll her eyes.

Before long, we made it to the station and we quickly got out just as the door closed. We got into the mansion and into a small section. Matt, who was helping Alice, fell to the ground with her. Rain, who was helping me, sat me next to them before sitting herself.

"I've failed…" Alice mumbled. "...All of them…"

"Listen to me, there's nothing else you could have done." stated Matt. "The corporation's guilty here, not you. We finally have the proof."

Matt didn't get to finish his speech as he fell to the ground, the skin of his shoulder and bicep moving . Alice started to get the dose reading when a set of double doors open and people in white hazmat suits came streaming in. I tried to scramble away but I was grabbed by two of them.

"Don't touch her!" I heard Rain snarl. I squirmed trying to get out of their hold but to no avail. They started to pulling towards the opened doors and as much as I tried, I couldn't get out. I felt something prick the back of my neck and I felt myself starting to get tired.

The last thing I heard was Rain calling my name before sleep overtook me.

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