Hello this is itachiuchiha8788 I'm new to the writing scene but I've had this idea in mind for quite sometime so all I ask is that everyone is nice in their reviews of this story and possibly give me a few pointers if they think I can improve.

I do not own either Naruto or Final Fantasy 7 they belong to Kishimoto and Square Inc. Have a nice day.

Summary: The time finally arrived for Itachi and his little brother Sasuke to clash at one of their clan's hideouts. Itachi had waited for this for so long he wanted to die after all he had done to his family, clan, and most of all his little brother. He went into battle with his brother expecting to die in the end but did not expect the true out come of it.

Disclaimer: Personally I love Zack Fair but this is my take of how the world of Final Fantasy 7 would be with Itachi being in the world of Gaia as Zack Fair. Also I probably will not be very good with fighting scenes just giving a heads up if you think I stink at it. Now lets get on with the story and as I said earlier I own nothing.

At the Uchiha Hideout:

Rain poured onto the Uchiha Hideout both Sasuke and Itachi were on the roof thunder cackled from the clouds above them at the beginning the sky was clear and the air was cool but the intense heat from Itachi's Amaterasu caused the storm clouds to form and caused the rain. Sasuke stood up at the highest point of the roof with his hand up in the air with his affinity to lightning he called upon the lightning from the storm to form a massive dragon up above in the clouds.

"I know I have run out of chakra but with the conditions as they are now and with the help of my lightning affinity I can use my newest jutsu against you. Kirin!" Sasuke shouted as he brought his hand down pointing towards Itachi. There was a booming roar before a dragon made up of pure lightning flew down from the heavens towards Itachi. Thinking fast he brought up is Susanoo just before the impact. The impact caused an unforeseen event due to the mixture of chakra in the air from the battle and the natural energy from the lightning caused a massive explosion, an explosion so powerful it caused a ripple in between dimensions, one that sucked Itachi into it and vanished.

At the same time on Gaia:

May Fair had just gotten the worst news she could ever receive from the doctor in Gongaga Village, surrounded by a tropical forest. She had just learned that she and her husband cannot have children. They have been trying for years now with no success and thought to see if anything was wrong with either of them they learned that May was barren and couldn't have kids. As she walked to her home closer towards the edge of the village when a strange noise caught her attention. When she followed the noise it lead her to a young boy unconscious, bruised and battered her motherly instincts kicked in picking up the child she took him to her home.

After getting the child to her home she started to treat his wounds and bandage him up, she wondered what happened to him and why he was so injured and wondered where he came from. She doesn't recognize him from anywhere and doesn't know anyone that looked like him. He was so pale skinned he looked sick as well. After patching up his wounds she sat in the chair next to the bed to watch him if condition got better or got worse. If she couldn't find out who his parents were or where he came from she hoped she could talk him into staying with her and her husband to raise him. With that in thought all she could do was wait.

About how Itachi got to Gaia, I just came up with it. With Naruto I believe under certain conditions anything is possible.

Itachi will still have his memories from the Elemental Nations, he will still have is Sharingan, Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan but not till he is older.

With that said leave reviews if you enjoyed this and want to see more or if you think I can improve anything just let me know I will take criticism if you disliked this just give me advice on my writing Thank you!